The door swung open on the construction trailer and the sun outlined the broad-shouldered man that filled the open door.

The same smile came to my face every time I laid eyes on him. I loved that man fiercely.

“My darling granddaughter,” he said, flashing a smile. “You make all my work problems fade away.”

His teeth were even brighter against the dark-tanned skin. High cheekbones and a sculpted face were his heritage. Thick black hair that had not one silver strand. He was slim-hipped, and wide shouldered. A body that was sculpted by hard work.

“Grandad, you’re just in time,” I said, returning his smile. “I have some papers for you to sign before you go back out.”

He hefted a beefy thigh across the corner of my desk and looked at me, his eyes so black you couldn’t discern the pupil from the iris. Just like mine. Just like my mom’s. I imagined that my Grandmother might have had the same.

“You’ve been here since you graduated high school. What, almost a year now?”

I nodded, twisting the long black braid that hung over my shoulder. I sat back in my office chair, elbows on the arms laced my fingers over my stomach. I heaved a deep sigh, which pushed my breasts even further out, tightening the white knit t-shirt.

“Yes grandad,” I smiled. “And no, I like working here and don’t want to go anywhere else. If you want me to go to school to help me learn more about the business, I will. Otherwise, I would have no interest in college. I want to stay right here.”

This was a repeat of a conversation we had regularly. I know he worried that I would get tired of working in his construction company and want more. It was in fact quite the opposite. I loved it. I was learning about his business on the job.

Grinning, he took my hand and pulled me back into his office. “I need some downtime.”

He sat on his big, oversized black leather recliner that held a special place in the corner of his otherwise utilitarian office. He sometimes napped there, worked on plans, or just daydreamed. The foremen had their own job site trailer so Grandad could have his privacy.

He tugged and I squeezed between his big body and the arm of the chair. This was my favorite time. He made me feel so secure. So, loved. I slid my leg over his thighs, my arm across his chest.

His arm was around me, his hand on the side of my breast. Just how he holds Mama, I thought. I’d often felt left out of their affection, but now that I was working here, and we saw each other more often, I felt the closeness that he and Mama had.

There must be such a special relationship between father and daughter. Mama told me that my dad died before I was born. Grandad tried to fill in as best he could through the years.

I snuggled my face in his neck breathing in the scent of maleness, a hint of his morning shave, and a tease of the coconut sunblock I make him put on every morning.

“You smell so good,” I breathed. His eyes were closed but he smiled at my words.

He hugged me tighter to him, my breast mashing into his side, the other on his chest. His hand still on my breast, his thumb softly rubbed back and forth on the sensitive curve.

“You’re like your mother you know. Just like her when she was your age,” he murmured.

“Tell me about her.”

My hand was splayed across the hard wall of his chest. So warm through the thin blue chambray.

He sighed. “When your grandmother died, Tama had to grow up quickly. The responsibility of the ranch at that time was full-time for us all. We had more cattle, consequently more work.”

I remember Mama telling me that back then the ranch was much bigger and a seven-day-a-week job. Through the years grandad had downsized until he got his construction company up and running. She knew he wanted to take responsibility off the family.

“And then that was when Mama met my dad?”

There was a long pause before he began.

“Yes, it was about that time, my love,” he said, kissing my forehead and pulling me closer.

He moved his hand, and I missed the warmth.

“I love you, grandad,” I murmured, kissing his jaw.

He moaned softly as my lips trailed down his neck.

The ringing phone broke into my reverie, and I pushed up and away from him to get back to my job.

“Maralah, you look beautiful tonight,” Mama said when we sat down to dinner.

Grandad’s eyes settled on me, and he said, “You do my love.”

I blushed at the attention. I felt different. I didn’t know why. Or maybe I did. I had walked into the kitchen earlier when Grandad and Mama were there, but they hadn’t seen me.

He leaned against the counter, she stood between his spread legs. He trailed the back of his knuckles over her cheek while she smiled up at him lovingly.

It was the same way he looked at me today. It made me feel included. They were like this for as long as I can remember.

He reached back and pulled the pins from the intricate knot of hair on the back of her head. It tumbled down like a sheet of black satin that nearly covered her butt. I heard the tinkle of her laugh and his deeper chuckle.

Suddenly she turned and saw me. “Just in time, Maralah. It’s almost dinner,” she said, slow to pull away from him.

I remembered him doing the same thing last week. He stood behind her and let her hair down, then wrapped his arms around her. His big hands were below each breast.

Mama and I were the same height and weight. Slim figured with large thirty-four D breasts. Grandad always said we could be twins. He was right.

Last week when I saw them, I was jealous. I felt left out of their affection.

We finished dinner and Grandad poured after dinner liqueur for each of us.

“Maralah, the painters are coming tomorrow and will start with my bedroom. I’ll have to bunk in with you for a bit if you don’t mind?”

We didn’t live with Grandad. Mama had bought a small house on the outskirts of his property. I was never sure why we didn’t live there since we seemed to be there most of the time.

“No, it’ll be fun. Sleepover time,” I giggled. She grinned and nodded.

I saw them exchange a look and a flare of fire flashed in Granddad’s eyes.

“Maybe it’s time to consider moving back in here, Tama,” he said in a tone that had more meaning than the words.

When we arrived home mama and I moved her furniture and covered it up, ready for the painters in the morning.

“This is fun!” I said when she slipped into bed beside me.

“Come here baby girl,” she said, pulling me against her and wrapping her arms around me. “We don’t hug near enough anymore.”

Our breasts mashed together through the sheer fabric of our nighties. Our breasts were full and plump with matching browning black nipples.

I ran my fingers lightly over the top of her breast.

“These gave you life, my love,” she said softly.

I moved back to uncover more of her breast. I ran my thumb over her nipple and as it beaded, she sucked in a breath. I glanced up at her and she smiled.

“Feels good.”

I was a virgin. She knew it.

She ran her thumb over my nipple and got the same reaction out of me.

“Oh my!”

“Umm hmm,” she agreed.

She pulled her short nightie up over her head baring her breasts to me. Her skin was so soft. Her complexion was olive as mine is. Her black nipples were large around, and the nugget poked out of the center.

I glanced up at her and she nodded.

I kissed and ran my lips over her plump breast. I teased the tip with my tongue, and she moaned softly.

“Suck it,” she whispered.

I wrapped my lips around her nipple and sucked. I sucked and tugged at her nipple. She arched and moaned, pushing her breast out for more. I tugged it longer and harder with my teeth.

I learned by listening. It should have felt odd. Being with my mama like this. But it didn’t. It seemed so natural.

“Oh my god,” she moaned, arching and undulating her body next to mine.

She pulled my nightie up over my head and pulled my naked body against hers.

“Mama,” I murmured, sucking and feeling as though I couldn’t get close enough to her.

“Put your thigh between mine,” she ordered.

She squeezed her breasts together so I could suck each nipple. The heat of her pussy felt as though it was burning into my thigh. It was steamy and hot and wet.

She began to rub on my thigh, smearing her hot juices. She moaned and rode my thigh faster.

I pinched her nipples together and pulled them. She groaned louder and began a long low wail at the same time burning wetness flowed out of her onto my thigh.

She groaned louder and collapsed onto the bed on her back bringing me with her.

“Oh mama,” I whimpered. My pussy was tingling and flowing with sticky heat.

She leaned up on an elbow, looked down into my face, and stroked a finger between my legs. I had masturbated, but it never felt this good.

I dug my heels into the bed and arched my body, spreading my thighs. She carefully slipped a finger into my wet canal to feel the barrier still in place and smiled.

Suddenly a finger flicked across my tender bud, and I shouted my trip off into the stratosphere.

Waves rolled through my body. Just when I thought it was over, it picked me up and flung me back over the edge again.

My chest heaved and I had to catch my breath.

I spent the night wrapped in my mama’s arms. Our naked bodies are woven tightly together.

I floated through the next day at work.

“You seem so distracted today, my love,” Grandad asked questioningly.

“I–Last night we— Nothing.”

I turned and left his office before seeing the knowing smirk that was on his lips.


I wasn’t sure how a man could get so fortunate in his lifetime. I mean I’ve had my share of some pretty fucking bad things, but they were overshadowed by the good.

I had a beautiful daughter that I had a phenomenal relationship with. And Maralah, the gorgeous mirror image of her mom. Soon Paytah would be home and the family complete again.

I sometimes wished that my wife would be around to see their beauty. But then it would be much much different if she were.

“Esa,” my job foreman brought me out of my daydream.

He left just as Maralah came back from her lunch.

“I brought you a sandwich,” she said, plopping a bag on my desk.

I leaned back in my desk chair taking in her sweetness. The black hair was nearly as long as her mama’s.

The white tank top was stretched across her full breasts, gaped when she leaned over my desk. I couldn’t help but give a glance.

“You seem more, ummm, calm this afternoon. You were in another world this morning,” I grinned.

We talked while I ate my sandwich.

“I think I need a snuggle again, grandad,” she said, almost shyly.

I looked at my watch and thought about my afternoon schedule.

“You’re in luck. I just talked to the foreman, and I gave him his afternoon schedule. Let’s go, baby girl!”

She settled in next to me again. After spending last night naked in her mama’s arms, she seemed to be braver. Or maybe it was that I knew what she wanted now.

Tama had called me early this morning to describe what happened between them the night before, so I started my day with a resoundingly loud orgasm. Which made me wonder what Maralah sounded like when she orgasmed.

I felt the familiar stirring in my pants. It happened to be under the soft thigh that was draped across me. There was no hiding it, no explaining it away.

Just then she rolled against me, her breast on my chest, more pressure from her thigh on my hard cock. She slipped her fingers between the buttons on my shirt and stroked my bare skin.

I pressed my lips against her hair and moaned softly. I ran my hand up and down her thigh, from her knee up over her hip. She sighed softly.

I pulled her tighter against me that brought her breast into my hand. While my thumb stroked the side of her plump tit, the tips of my fingers were light on her beading nipple.

She rolled her hips, moving her thigh further across me and opening her pussy on my hip. I could feel the steamy heat through my jeans.

I sighed. My breath caught. My arms were full of my beautiful Maralah.

She whimpered and pressed her hard nipple against my fingers. I teased the hard nub through her t-shirt and bra. She groaned in frustration.

She pushed up and pulled her top over her head. I unhooked her bra and her bared tits spilled out over my chest.

“Mama… Last night… I need…” she breathed the words out.

I cupped her soft tit in my rough hand and pinched her nipple. She was looking at me and her eyes flared with desire.

Suddenly she moved to straddle me, thighs spread over my tented jeans, her knees on each side of my hips.

I slid my hands up her thighs, my thumbs at the steamy hot junction. She wore thin knit shorts that were already soaked with her juices.

She arched her back, thrust out her tits, reached behind her, and pull the band out of her hair. That mass of silky black hair tumbled over her shoulders, down her breasts.

“Oh Maralah,” I sighed. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

She leaned over to kiss me, her breasts dangling on my chest. She reached between us and ripped my shirt open, the buttons popping everywhere.

She ran her hands over my bare chest, pushing my shirt wide open. She dropped her tits on my chest again and rubbed to abrade her nipples on the fur.

The more she moved, the more she rubbed her fiery cunt on my throbbing cock. My jeans were the only barrier to keeping my cock from sliding ball deep into Maralah.

This wasn’t the time for that. There was a lot we had to talk about first. There was much she had to learn about our family.

I pulled her higher and she dropped a nipple into my mouth. I groaned around that huge, sweet nipple. Her soft breasts surrounded my face.

I slipped my hand into her knit shorts and cupped her hot cunt. My middle finger slipped into the dripping hole; my thumb rubbed her clit.

She wove her fingers through my hair and whimpered and I sucked and chewed on her nipples. I kneaded her other breast and took her higher.

Her sweet little gasps were driving me wild, and it was all I could do to hold onto my control.

I wanted–No I needed my cock deep inside her. Watching her riding me. Those plump tits bouncing. Big black nipples hard and long. A black curtain of hair fell over her naked body. Her cunt milked my cock with every stroke, bringing my balls to a boiling explosion.

Right then her cunt pulsed around my finger, and she shouted out a long shuddering orgasm. Hot juices soaked my hand as she fell apart in my arms.

Someday, I thought. Someday soon.


It was time to get Paytah home from Europe to us. He had been gone for so long, and although I had traveled to see him, I needed him here with his family. Not too much longer and we’d all be together.

Maralah walked into the bedroom.

“Ohhhh good, you’re here!”

She hugged me tightly to her and I ran my hands up and down her back.

“I was going to shower; do you want to join me?” I asked.

“Mmm, perfect!”

She left a trail of clothes across the room to the bathroom.

The warm water washed over our bodies. Looking at her was like looking in the mirror. We were close in age, and I was too young for my body to show age. My hands on my daughter felt like they were on me.

“Oh mama,” she sighed.

She dripped jasmine-scented body soap over her breasts, and I watched it trail down her stomach.

She pulled me into her, and our bodies slipped and slid together most erotically. She turned and slipped her ass and back over my front, then she turned me to do the same to her.

We slipped and slid together wavering between moans and giggles. Like me, she was playful and sexy.

As we spent more time together, I realized just how alike we were. Dad noticed it, but this was the first time I understood what he meant.

We dried each other off and dove under the covers, giggling.

“Mama, I love this so much. I don’t think I should, but I do.”

“You’re like me, love. You’re very sexual. And that’s not a bad thing. For us,” I said smiling at her.

We kissed and played and teased until she was begging for release.

“Mama, I don’t think I can stand it anymore,” she whimpered.

Her sweet pussy was soaked and steamy hot.

“I have a surprise for you.”

I opened the drawer next to the bed and held something up.

“Oh…” She looked at it curiously. “OH! It’s so big!”

I licked the tip of the cock shaped dildo. “It’s not sweetie. It’s a pretty typical size.” I had to smile at how big her eyes were while she looked at it.

The head easily slid through her wet slit and teased her clit. She immediately arched, pushing against it.

“I want you to enjoy your first experience with a man, baby. This will help ensure that.”

“Please! Yes. I’m ready now,” she whimpered.

I slipped the head into her tight canal, and she tensed.

“Relax sweetie. I’ll take it slow and easy. It’ll only hurt for a moment, then you’ll experience the most pleasure you’ve ever had.”

She spread her thighs and I could see her relaxing. I pushed it in a bit more. She was so wet it was difficult to slowly ease it in. I pulled it out and stroked it back in several times.

“Oh my god, mama. Feels so good. More, I need more.”

She pushed up quickly and took the dildo deeper. It bounced off her hymen, but she thrust up again and I felt it give, then slid into the hilt. She moaned in pain, then it turned to pleasure.

“Fuck me with it, mama,” she begged.

I let her set the pace and stroked in and out. Her body tensed again, but this time it was the build-up to orgasm. She kneaded and squeezed her tits, while she pinched her nipples long and hard.

Suddenly she started a low wail that built louder and higher. She gripped the sheets and rode out a long hard orgasm before collapsing on the bed.

“Oh my god, mama. I never thought it would be like that. It only hurt for a moment, then–WOW. I can’t imagine a man will feel inside me,” she sighed.

“Like nothing you can imagine, love. Once you join together, your relationship will never be the same. It’s the closest two human beings can be.”

The next morning, I put in a call to dad. He was pleased. Very pleased. And began to make plans.

Now all I had to do was get Paytah home.

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