Chronicles of Danny Ch. 05-3

Now that Ashley could see Natasha close up, her mouth was open as she stared in awe. Natasha’s hair was a frazzled mess, her back had long red marks from the flogger and the cum from Drew was still down the center of her back. Most stunning was her ass, completely red from the assault … Read more

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 05-2

“Turn it up.” Mistress Victoria said as she leaned close to Natasha’s ear.” The noise from the wand got louder and Natasha’s voice cooed out in a long high pitched whine as she pulled against her ropes so hard it made her wrists sore. “You want to come for me?” Mistress Victoria asked. “Oh yes! … Read more

A White Tiger and The Wolf Ch. 02

Chapter 2 At Work When she got there she went to her locker took off her dress and sandals and put on her black and white checked trousers and white jacket which is the uniform she always wore at work. Put on her safety shoes and pinned her hair up and put on the hat … Read more

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 05-1

Ashley and Danny left campus to drive to the downtown area after spending an hour going through Ashley’s wardrobe. “Are you sure this is something that they’d wear at a BDSM club?” she asked looking down at her long black strapless dress. Her hair was straightened and tied into a neat bun and she had … Read more

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 04-3

“Oh honey it’s not a problem. It’s my job.” Mistress Victoria said with a smile. ***** That night, Brianne stood in the study surrounded by the sorority with her hands covering her breasts and crotch, she had just been forced to strip completely naked. “But it wasn’t my fault!” Brianne said. “Shut up Brianne.” Kara … Read more

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 04-2

“Okay.” Ashley said with a smile as she playfully bumped against Danny. Once they sat down she said, “You know, I never asked you what your tattoo means.” “It’s sort of like the symbol for genderqueer.” Danny said, “A sea horse has both female and male organs so it makes sense.” “I like it.” Ashley … Read more

A White Tiger and The Wolf Ch. 01

Chapter 1: Early Childhood Kay’s life started off badly and continued that way until she was grown and left home. Her parents were always fighting, and there never seemed to be much happiness in their relationship. When she was a little girl, she remembered her dad taking her and her brother, Paul, to a few … Read more

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 04-1

Danny and Ashley met with Natasha at lunch the next day. When Natasha saw the two of them walking together she raised an eyebrow and gave a wry grin. “Sooo…did you two have a good night?” Ashley lowered her eyes and smiled while Danny said, “Yeah I guess you could say that.” The two of … Read more

A White Mom and Two Males-3

I slowly removed my finger from her ass hole and let my cock deflate. We both were dripping with perspiration and panting. When she finally pushed back from me she said, “Jake that was awesome. So much more so than I was anticipating. My God, Mike’s dad never got me off like that. How did … Read more

A White Mom and Two Males-2

If I was a white guy, I would have been pink hearing that. She looked at me, smiled and said, “It’s okay Jake. I understand. I’m a mom. Moms are supposed to have understanding.” “Good night Maggie and thanks.” “Good night Jake, sleep well,” accompanied with a wink. “What was that all about mom?” “Oh … Read more