Sexual Awakening

I am a complete and total whore… Now that I have your attention. My name is Derick. I’ve been married for several years to a wonderful woman named Cinthia, we have our problems like anybody, but we’ve been very happy for a long time. Our sex life is generally very fulfilling. We are comfortable with each other and have shared any and all fantasies we have with one another, or so I thought until recently.

Cinthia has always been more submissive as a lover, wanting me to take control and be the aggressor in the bedroom, which is fine by me as it’s always highly enjoyable. She loves it when I give her a lustful look in the middle of the day or come up behind her and grab her ass, kissing her firmly on the neck as I cup a breast in my other hand. She just melts and on a few occasions has fallen right to her knees to suck me off right where we are standing.

Like any guy, I also enjoy watching porn, lots and lots of porn. I particularly like the internet because it’s such a cornucopia of possibilities. One site in particular I like has a “feeling lucky?” option which randomly selects and shows a video from it’s collection, so you never know what you are gonna get. The other day however I think I got more than I bargained for.

As I sat down at my chair in my small office library, the “man cave” as my wife likes to call it, with the door locked and the kids and wife in bed, I went to my favorite site and clicked on the “Feeling lucky?” button as I often do. Would I see some hot gang bang action, or some girl on girl, or maybe a hot chick tied up begin made to cum by her master? Low and behold however as the video queues up I am met with the site of a woman in leather gear and a man wearing a variety of restraints including a ball gag, wrist and ankle straps, and a harness around his body that had handles at his hips and was tied tightly around his cock and balls. He was also wearing a collar. Instinctively I rushed to click the pause button, but in my haste bumped the video forward a few minutes beforehand and ended up with a frozen image of the woman forcing the man to suck another man’s cock. Now I’m adventurous don’t get me wrong, but I had never entertained these sorts of fantasies before, but something inside me was compelling me to investigate more. Maybe it was the hard on I already had, but it felt a bit like something inside me was awakening. I was like a teenager seeing online porn for the first time. I just couldn’t look away.

Glancing over to the door to make sure it was in fact locked, I turned the volume just low enough that I could hear it but have it not carry to hapless ears in the house. Then I clicked play again. The woman was shoving the guy’s face down into the lap of another man who was totally naked and sitting in a chair. She stood back and watched then told her man slave to stop and pull back. She then told him to stuff the cock all the way down his throat with his tongue out so he would lick the man’s balls once he reached the end of his shaft. He was to do this three times and on the third time hold the cock down his throat until she told him to stop or he would be punished.

I had seen plenty of BDSM stuff before, but never in this fashion, and something about the exacting nature of her request, no in fact her demands was incredibly erotic to me.

The slave man did as he was instructed and slid the other man’s cock all the way down his throat, all 8 inches or so, the whole while his tongue out touching the man’s balls. The slave man looked as if he must have been experienced at cock sucking, because it didn’t seem to phase his gag reflex much to take that massive rod down his throat. On the third insertion, he did as his mistress told him and held it down. The woman then told the man in the chair to fuck her slave’s face til he was ready to cum and to be quick about it.

The man in the chair grabbed the slave man’s head and thrust his hips against his open and willing face, never pulling the cock back more than an inch or so, so that he was in fact fucking the slave man’s throat and not merely his lips. Once he was about ready to cum, he signaled the woman who instructed the man in the chair to stand. She placed one foot up on the seat and told the man who had been sitting there to cum on her foot. He did so almost immediately, drenching her foot and the chair with a rather sizeable load of hot cum, all the while the slave man was recoiling from the harsh throat fuck he had been given.

The woman then grabbed the slave man by his collar and pulled his face right down to the seat of the chair and demanded that he lick her foot clean of the cum. He did so without reluctance, sucking her toes clean of every drop of sperm that had been shot upon her order. Once she was satisfied that her foot was adequately cleaned. She pushed his face against the seat and told him to lick up the rest like a good little slave boy. By this point I had such a raging hard on I could hardly stand it. I was stroking my cock hard and furiously, but there was a certain tension that I couldn’t manage to relieve myself. Noting the name of this video, I closed my browser and headed off to the bedroom.

When I arrived I slipped into the room to find my wife suddenly covering herself as if hiding something. She gives me a shy and slightly embarrassed look as I ask her what was up.

“Nothing.” She says to me, shifting uncomfortably. I see her rummaging around under the blanket a bit and I notice the “sex guilt” look on her face that she gets when she is thinking of something naughty. Without a word, I grin at her and yank back the blanket to reveal her in her lightweight lavender colored teddy hiked up over her hips and the top strap draped over her shoulder, exposing her breast with a pert and aroused nipple. Her legs are clamped tightly shut together, but do little to conceal the glimmer of her liquid that is dampening the sheet and glistening off her thighs. One hand is under the pillow and the other shyly tries to cover herself.

“Just what have you been up to you little minx?” I ask her with the sensual tone she enjoys so much. I lean over her and reach behind the pillow and fight with her to seize whatever it is she is hiding from me. I finally manage to wrestle it from her hand and pull it back to reveal a nicely contoured and decently sized vibrating cock, still wet from its use inside her pussy.

I don’t know exactly what I was thinking, maybe I was so super horny that all my inhibition was gone, or maybe that video did something to me, but I immediately grab her chin and demand that she stick out her tongue. She does so with some reservation and I run the edge of her little toy along her tongue so she can taste her own juices.

“You bad boy, what are you…” She says with a little flinch, but doesn’t recoil to try to stop me from doing what I’m making her do.

“Quiet you. You need to taste how wonderful you taste. I enjoy the taste of your pussy a lot, so should you,” I say with a devilish grin on my face. She continues to smile as I slide the toy cock up and down so she can lick it lustfully looking into my eyes as she does. I feel my cock throbbing in my shorts with every movement of my hand, with every titillating stroke of her tongue on the blue plastic toy. I turn my hand and dip the tip of the toy into her mouth slightly and her eyes go wide with surprise. We’ve always enjoyed sex and been free minded, but this is beyond anything we’ve done before. I feel like a man possessed.

With each slow plunge of the toy into her mouth, which is dripping with her sweet saliva, laced with her sexual juices, I probe ever deeper until I get a gag reflex from her and her eyes begin to water. I just grin slightly and begin to slowly slide the toy down her body, first along her neck, turning the knob at the base of the cock to start the low vibration mode. Then I move the toy along her chest, between her breasts, pausing for a moment to toy with her hardened nipple with the tip of the cock. I continue down her body along her stomach to the top of her neatly trimmed body and pause, teasingly, mere inches from her clit. She rolls her hips and shifts desperately. I run my other hand along her neck and chest, and with a smooth, sharp motion, grasp her breast firmly as I hook the toy and plunge it into her ripe and dripping pussy. No pause in stroke, no more titillating her clit or easing it into her. I want to throw her over the edge.

She bucks in surprise and lets out a sudden scream. Her eyes explode wide open as she shutters. “Oh my God!!! You just made me cum!” She says in a breathless whisper as I start to probe the toy in and out of her with reckless abandon. She writhes and wiggles in a desperate fashion, her hands groping randomly at the sheets, my arm and her own body. I slip the toy as far into her pussy as I can and shove her legs closed.

“Keep those legs tight and clamp down on the cock, don’t let it go.” I say to her and she obeys me, continuing to gasp, pant and moan. Her hips writhe around and she bites her lower lip in that way I love as she has another orgasm while I move to tie her hands to the headboard with my belt.

As she feels the total loss of control hit her, she opens her mouth wide and lets out a huge guttural moan, one which I could only imagine is like that of an over fucked whore.

“Now I want you to let go.” I say to her seductively as I remove the toy from her and replace it with my hand, fingers gently massaging and roaming about her ripened pussy.

“Oh but I am.” She says with a satisfied smile and closes her eyes.

“No, I mean, really let go. That feeling you have deep inside when you feel like you are going to cum and you say that you think you need to pee. Just let it out.” I tell her and she gets an embarrassed look on her face.

“But that’s embarrassing, I’ve never done that before, you know that.” She implores me between little yelps and moans.

“Just breathe deeply, and enjoy the feeling, and really own it, I want you to gush for me, and a little love slave like you should do just what I want.” I tell her and her legs automatically spread wide and her pelvis arches up to allow my hand full access to her pussy.

I slide my middle and ring fingers into her pussy and hook it up behind her pelvic bone to find that soft, swollen patch up in side her that drives her wild. I apply some firm pressure and begin to gyrate my hand up and down, firmly massaging her cunt. She bellows like a sex-crazed slut, thrashing around and shouting “Oh God! Oh fuck yes!” Until she finally goes still, she tenses up every inch of her body and I can tell she is about ready to cum. Without thinking I bury my face in her wet sloppy hole and massage her clit, throwing her over the edge. I tell her once more to let go and I feel a cascade of zesty, hot fluid rush out of her and into my mouth. It’s so hot and sexy. Some drips down my throat as I try and keep as much of it in my mouth as I can until she is finally spent. I immediately climb on top of her and lock her legs over my shoulders so I can deeply penetrate her. Plunging in, there is almost no resistance, but her gushing liquid has made her pussy so hot that it’s just as stimulating to my swollen cock as a tight pussy. I plunge into her with my cock and lock my lips with hers in the same motion, letting her warm cum from my mouth flow freely between us as I fuck her. I’m so utterly beside myself with arousal that it takes no time at all to cum inside her deep cunt. I pound so hard into her and so deep that it throws her over the edge one more time as I spray my hot sticky load deep inside her.

As I fall to the bed beside her, untie her hands and she spoons up beside me completely fulfilled, I can’t help but think, “wow, we’ve now done the most kinky stuff we could ever do.” Oh how wrong I would be, how wrong and how grateful.

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