Pie – I Just Love Them-3

I felt Mand’s hands behind the back of my head and I realised that she was pulling me closer in to her pussy. I probed and licked at her sticky wetness as she ground her pubic area onto my mouth. She was pushing her hips up off the bed to meet my tongue and moaning constantly. I recognised the signs and soon a huge orgasm washed over her causing her whole body to shake. I carried on licking and probing her pussy until all visible signs of her lovers sperm were cleaned up from within her. Her pussy was left gaping wide open and was well used – but it was clean!

‘My God, that was incredible.’ Mand said with me still in between her parted thighs. ‘That was so dirty, you are such as dirty cuckold sperm eater’

I did not answer her. I was so turned on and my own cock was throbbing and painfully hard. I moved up the bed and covered her body with mine. I entered her easily. My length smoothly slipping inside her. I don’t know whether it was because Nigel’s larger cock had stretched the inner walls of her pussy or whether she was still lubricated with remnants of his come but it was so easy to slip deep inside her. I used my arms to support my weight and as we gazed face to face at each other I roughly thrust into her very wet hole. The only sounds you could hear in the room were our heavy breathing and the slapping noises as I banged into her thighs with my thrusts.

Mand reached out with her hands and gently caressed each of my small stiff nipples. She knew this really excited me as my nipples are extremely sensitive when I am aroused. As I thrust deeply into her I could not help myself anymore and let out a long moan as I felt the release of my own orgasm. I spurted several long strands of my come deep into her enjoying the release of the sexual tension that had been building up in me since she had returned from being with Nigel in the room next door.

We lay spent together on the bed in each other’s arms. I think we both knew that this was a huge milestone in our relationship and the start of an even bigger journey. We did not leave the hotel that evening. We sent for room service for something to eat and after talking through the events of the afternoon made passionate love again.

Mandy sees Nigel most months now after the area managers meeting. I always book a hotel for her and wait for her in the room next door. We both seem happy with this new arrangement in our life. Mandy gets regular monthly cock from Nigel and I get to regularly taste her and clean up her dirty sperm filled used pussy.

Mandy has now started texting me at work again. She has told me she is going to tell Nigel about me. She says she wants to me to watch them fuck. She says she is going to buy some silk to tie me up with, and that she has great plans. I am unsure and nervous, yet excited, about where we are heading.

I think I may be writing down more about our life for you all in a few months’ time!

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