Pie – I Just Love Them-2

‘Pardon dear?’ I said not quite believing what I had just heard her say.

‘I was wondering how we could arrange for my pussy to get so messy for you to clean’ Mand said to me in almost a whisper.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked not daring to actually believe what she was saying to me.

‘Well you have told be about your little fetish and I have been researching on the Internet some more. I have seen films of husbands watching their wives being fucked then being made to clean up the mess afterwards and I have read many stories all about it. You seemed to like it when I sat on your face with your own mess inside me, and I think the correct term is when I ‘snowballed’ you in the kitchen.’ She laughed. ‘So now I want to know how you think we can move on and involve someone else for you to clean up after.’

I was shocked and stunned and what Mand was saying to me. She was asking how she could cuckold me. She was asking how we could move on and involve someone else in our fun. She had obviously been exploring on the Internet and knew terminology such as ‘snowball’- I wondered what else she had seen and read about. My cock was at full hardness now. I felt excited, embarrassed and jealous all at the same time. It seemed as if a million thoughts were racing through my head.

‘You really want to do something like that?’ I asked her.


‘Are you sure?’

‘Oh yes. I have been researching this whole thing. I really do not understand it at all. I don’t know why you want to do it and why it turns you on, but it clearly does. To start with I thought it was dirty but the more I’ve looked into it and the more I’ve thought about it the more I want to do it. Yours is the only cock I’ve had since we were married and it would be quite exciting to experiment with some others, and the thought that you want to see my pussy afterwards is disgusting but also arousing’

‘Really?’ I said. I could not quite believe what I was hearing my wife say.

‘Yes, It makes me quite wet and horny thinking about it.’

‘Wow.’ Was all I could think to say as I placed my hand over her hairy pubic area and slipped a finger into a very sopping wet pussy. ‘It looks like to you have been thinking about it a lot then!’ I joked.

My wife had not mentioned anything about this matter for weeks and I had not brought up the subject with her for fear of upsetting her, yet here she was actually talking about it. She was openly talking about having sex with another man and wanting me to agree to it and then clean her up afterwards. Although it was what wanted I was really quite shocked. My innocent wife was actually entertaining the idea of being unfaithful to me and behaving in a very sluttish manner.

‘But I don’t really see how we could do it. I am not sure how we could work it out?’

‘I knew there would be a ‘but’ to this’ I said.

‘No! It’s not a ‘but’ it’s just I’m not sure how we could sort it out. I don’t want to go out and pick up strangers from bars or somewhere. You don’t know what you might catch, or how nice they are’

‘I don’t want you to fuck with strangers either,’ I said. ‘It wouldn’t be sensible or safe.’

‘So basically if we can find someone who we think is ok it would be alright for me to have sex with them as long as you know about it?’

‘Yes,’ I replied after barely a moment’s thought. ‘You know I have been thinking about this for a long time and yes it would be ok for you to go ahead and do something with someone else. I know it would only be for the sex because you love me and I know you would always come back to me afterwards. I don’t think I would like it if I didn’t know what was going on and you did things behind my back – but if we were always open and I was involved it would certainly be ok.’

‘So you want me to mess around as long as you know about it and are involved?’

‘I suppose that is it about it. Yes, I would like you to ‘mess around’ as you put it as long as I can see your used messy pussy afterwards. That is what I want for you to have a messy dirty pussy for me.’

‘You really are a dirty little cuckold aren’t you?’ Mandy said. ‘But you’re my cuckold.’ She laughed

‘You would really do that for me?’ I questioned her.

‘If it made you happy and we were both ok with it sounds like it good be fun. How involved do you want to be?’

I thought about Mand’s question. I had not really thought through the finer points of this. ‘The thought of you coming back to me used is what really gets me going. The thought of your dripping wet and messy pussy from someone else really turns me on. I don’t really know why but as you know the feelings for this have been getting stronger and stronger over the last few years. I don’t think that at the moment I really want to watch you with another man. I can cope with knowing you are with someone else but don’t want to see it. I just want you after he has finished with you.’

‘That’s ok then’ Mand said. ‘I don’t think many blokes would like performing in front of the husband!’

We talked about this for a little longer as we lay in bed. It was now clear that my lovely wife had come round to the idea of what I wanted and what turned me on. It seemed she was starting to get enthusiastic about doing what I had wanted for so long now… providing a used pussy for me to feast on. As I drifted off to sleep I felt so happy and realised how lucky I was to have a wife like Mandy.

Over the next few weeks we occasionally mentioned what we had talked about that night. Mand drove me wild by now and then calling me her ‘cuckold.’ Sometimes she would text me when I was at work; her texts were usually short and would just say ‘I bet you can’t wait to taste me when I have been fucked!’ Or sometimes ‘I bet you wish my cunt was dripping full of spunk now.’ She seemed to know just what to say to tease me and hearing her use dirty words was such a big turn on.

A little time later I was at work one afternoon when I received an interesting text from Mandy. It simply said ‘problem sorted for cuckold – talk later tonight xx.’ I wondered exactly what she meant and could not wait for that evening when we were both at home after work. I was intrigued, excited and very nervous.

I got in from work that evening before Mand so waited for her to arrive home then raided the fridge and poured her a glass of her favourite chilled Pinot Grigio to drink. It did not take long for Mand to settle down and start to feel relaxed after her day at work.

‘I suppose my little cuckold wants to know about the text I sent him then?’ Mandy asked me.


‘Well I have good news for you’ she said.

‘Go on.’ I enthusiastically replied.

‘Well every month I have a regional meeting with the area sales managers from the southern sector to discuss targets and anticipate problems. There is one manager who always stares at my cleavage and openly tries to flirt with me. Up until now I have just ignored him and his advances, and just laughed it off. But after our recent conversations I have given the matter a bit more thought.’

‘Ok.’ I said as Mand came to a natural pause in the conversation. I think she had stopped talking to gauge my reaction. Realising she had my full attention she carried on.

‘Anyway his name is Nigel. He must be about thirty and is quite handsome. He has been coming to my monthly meetings for nearly a year now and every time he always has a bit of banter with me and usually compliments me on my blouse or something while he is staring at my breasts. He always finds a way to make a suggestive comment or make an innuendo.’

‘Sounds interesting,’ I said.

‘Well, after the meeting today I asked him to stay behind after the others had all left.’

‘Ok.’ I said as the conversation paused again. I was wondering what was coming next.

‘So I just thought that I would pluck up enough courage and tackle our little problem head on. So I told him I was actually a horny little slut and asked him if he wanted to have a drink and a private meeting with me after our next monthly regional managers meeting.’

Mand looked up and smiled radiantly at me as she finished telling me all of this.

‘Oh my God.’ I said. ‘What did he say?’

‘He said he loved the idea of a horny slut, especially one with large breasts, and would look forward to next month, and then he winked at me!’

‘God!’ I said. Now I know this is not an original response or one that conveys much meaning but I just didn’t know what else to say. My stomach was churning over and over mostly with excitement. It seemed that Mand had taken matters in hand and had gone up to the next level. I was so proud of her. I kissed her and held her.

‘Is that ok then my cuckold?’

‘Yes my love.’ I answered immediately. I did not even have to think about it. This was what I had been thinking about and wanted Mandy to do for some considerable time.

‘Good then, that’s sorted.’ Mand said very matter of factly. ‘The next meeting is scheduled for the morning of the 15th next month, can I leave to you make some arrangements such as a hotel, as we will need somewhere to go? Perhaps you would like to book a room or something next door so you can be close.’ Mand said giving me one of her very knowing looks.

‘Ok. Leave all that to me.’ I realised I was now in a position where not only was my wife going to commit adultery with my blessing but I was going to arrange it for her.

During the next week I spent some time making plans as I had told Mandy I would. I phoned a local hotel and made reservations for two rooms next to each other. I told them that myself and my sister – in – law and her husband were travelling a long distance for a family event and would be arriving at lunchtime and would like two rooms adjacent to each other. I booked the afternoon off from my work also giving them the excuse that I had to attend a family event. I even went shopping and bought some new lacy black lingerie for Mandy to wear if she wished.

On the 14th which was the night before her next monthly managers meeting I wrapped up and gave her the lingerie as a present and told her that room 24 had been booked in the Claremont hotel for one o’clock onwards and that the reception desk would be expecting her tomorrow afternoon. I also told her that I had made a reservation in the adjacent room number 25 and would be expecting her after she had finished her private meeting with Nigel. I told her I would leave the door open.

‘You are a very good cuckold to make all those arrangements.’ She said with her blue eyed gazing right into mine. ‘I will look forward to seeing you tomorrow with what you want. I had better go to bed and have an early night as I am obviously going to be very busy tomorrow.’ She said in a very cool business-like manner. We both made our way to our marital bed and although we did not say much to each other held each other before sleep drifted over us.

When we woke in the morning once again we did not say much to each other. I did notice that Mandy spent a considerably longer amount of time in the shower getting ready for work than she usually did in the mornings. As she left for work I noticed she was wearing a very smart white blouse, which even with her white supportive bra underneath accentuated her womanly curves. A neat short skirt completed her look with impeccable makeup and perfectly styled hair. She looked gorgeous. Mandy left the house for work only slightly before I did and as she went she turned, gave me a soft peck on the cheek and said, ‘see you later dear, ‘and gave me a sexy look and knowing smile. I was not sure how I would make it through the morning at my own work knowing what we had planned for later on that afternoon. The morning dragged on and on and seemed to go so slowly. I did not get much work done and as the time approached lunch time I made my excuses and left.

I lay on the large hotel bed waiting. Waiting was the hardest part. I knew she was in the room next door as I had heard their footsteps in the corridor and I heard the click as the latch snapped shut and locked the door of the room adjacent to the one I was in. I had been lying on the bed in only my boxer shorts waiting for a long time now. I had tried to listen for any sounds emanating from the room next door. I did think I heard some moans and squeaking bed noises once but could not really be sure. For a hotel unusually this one seemed to be really well soundproofed. Maybe I should have booked into a cheaper hotel where I could have heard more of what was going on?

I was waiting for Mandy to return to me. I was full of anticipation but feeling nervous and jealous at the same time. My stomach was churning butterflies thinking about what was going on in the room next door. Although my head had so many thoughts racing through it my cock was straining hard against the thin cotton of my boxer shorts. It was almost as if it was something delicious yet painful at the same time and it was strange feeling all these new emotions.

Mandy had been gone in the room next door with Nigel now for nearly an hour. I was so turned on thinking about what was happening. I was playing various scenarios over in my head and wondering exactly what he was doing to her – and whether she was enjoying it. This was the first cock she had had since we met that was not mine. I hoped that she was taking good advantage of it.

Just when I thought that the wait was almost unbearable I heard the door from the next room open and some quiet voices. A minute later the door to my room was pushed open as I had not locked it. Mandy had returned. She quietly closed, and locked, the door behind her and walked to the dressing table and placed her keys and handbag on it. She then turned and stood before me at the end of the bed.

‘Hello my love, your naughty naughty wife is back.’ She said with a big smile on her face.

Mand looked gorgeous. Her face was flushed and her styled blonde hair was not as tidy looking as when she had left for work earlier that morning. She was not wearing her bra and I could see the purple colour of her large aureole through the thin material of her blouse. I could also see the shape of her obviously very stiff aroused nipples as they pushed against the flimsy material. Mandy seductively undid the buttons down the front and slipped the blouse from her shoulders showing me her large pendulous breasts. She kicked off her high heeled shoes and expertly unfastened the zipper on the side of the black skirt she was wearing causing it to slip silently to the floor. She then quickly slipped onto the bed by the side of me.

‘I have been a very naughty girl Alan,’ she said. ‘Do you want to know what I have been doing for you?’

‘Oh yes’ I said. I almost had to whisper as the words did not want to pass my dry lips.

Mand kissed me. I could smell the heady scent of her perfume that she had earlier dabbed on the nape of her neck.

‘Tell me what he did to you.’ I almost pleaded with her.

‘Do you really want to know Alan?’

‘Oh yes, please tell me.’

‘Well we arrived at the hotel after our morning meeting and had a quick drink in the bar then came up into the room. It was a bit awkward at first but we got undressed and got onto the bed. We kissed and caressed each other then I sucked his cock.

‘What was his cock like?’ I had to ask.

‘He had a nice cock.’ Mand said. ‘He was uncircumcised like you and quite thick. Thicker than you and probably a bit longer. He tasted nice.’

Here I was lying on a hotel bed with my near naked wife who was looking into my eyes telling me about the size of another man’s cock she had been with only minutes ago. If you had told me a few months ago that this would be happening I would not have believed you.

‘Carry on please.’

‘Well I sucked him for a bit until he was really hard, then he flipped me over and spent a long time between my legs licking at my pussy and arse hole. He kept telling me what a lovely hairy wet pussy I had. He made me come fingering and licking me. When I had come he rolled me over and took me deeply from the rear pounding his cock into me and reaching under me to pinch my nipples. After a while we changed position and with me lying on my back he spread my legs wide apart and entered me again. This is when he came in me. As his cock went soft and fell out of me I asked him to leave like we arranged. I put my panties and clothes back on and here I am.’

‘Did you like it?’

‘Yes.’ Mandy replied instantly. ‘Do you want sloppy seconds or do you want to eat my messy cunt?’ Mand asked me teasing and laughing. She was obviously very happy.

I pulled her to me again and we kissed, our tongues probing each other’s mouths. I realised that not long ago another cock had been sliding past the lips that I was kissing. Strangely that thought really turned me on. As we kissed I massaged the soft flesh of Mand’s breasts and pinched her nipples between my fingers. Her nipples were huge and erect. I slipped my own boxer shorts off to reveal my cock. Her hand slipped down and she grasped it between her fingers feeling my hardness.

I slowly moved down and took each of Mand’s large nipples into my mouth gently nibbling on them between my lips. I took some time circling each of her nipples with my tongue, teasing and nibbling on them before moving down the bed planting small kisses on her belly and licking her belly button as I made my way down. I could now see the small black panties she had put back on next door. They were the ones that I had been shopping for and bought her as a present. I noticed that the lacy front and gusset was completely wet. I could see the shape of her puffy love lips through the wet silky material

I moved between her thighs taking in the sexy view right in front of me. Her panties were soaked through with a mixture of her own and her lovers combined juices which were obviously freely flowing out of her. I inhaled a deep breath and smelt her musky arousal mixed with the clear scent of male sperm. I will never forget the sight as I pulled her panties to one side to reveal her hairy bush. As I pulled gently at the material a long string of sticky sperm bridged the gap between her glistening wet love lips and the silky material. As I pulled the material further away from her body the long string of sticky sperm broke and fell back onto her matted pubic hair. I think at that point I had never felt so turned on in my whole life as I did at that moment.

I could not wait any longer. I pulled the flimsy wet panties down her legs and slipped them from her ankles discarding them to the floor. She was now completely naked on her back on the wide hotel bed. I pushed her legs apart and upwards towards her large breasts. This revealed her thick matted pubic bush, and as her legs parted her pink open hole was revealed. Her long love lips fell to the side and I could see deep into her stretched wet sticky pussy. The dark pubic hair surrounding her pussy was matted together and I could smell the results of her recent lovemaking. I willingly slid my tongue deep inside her and for the very first time tasted another man’s fresh sperm from inside my wife.

As my tongue made contact with the sensitive wet flesh of my wife’s pussy I heard her mutter above me over and over again ‘you dirty, dirty bastard.’ I carried on running my tongue from the tight dark star of her puckered anus up to her stiff little clit licking up any sperm leaking from her pussy into my mouth. I savoured the salty musky flavour as it coated my tongue. I pushed Mand’s legs further apart and as her hole gaped even wider she pushed out a large wad of pearly white sperm from deep inside her used sticky hole. I watched mesmerised as it dribbled from the bottom of her pussy and ran down the crack of her buttocks towards her arsehole. Greedily I poked out my tongue and scooped up the sticky mess feeling it coating the inside of my mouth and savouring the flavour before I swallowed it down.

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