Pie – I Just Love Them-1

This is a story of my own private relationship with my wife and the start of my journey into becoming a cuckold. This story contains graphic description of cream pies and how I enjoy cleaning them up. If a story regarding adultery and cream pie eating is not for you then please move on and find a story to read more to your particular liking.

I just love it! I really do. I love seeing my wife’s used hairy pussy up close; I love smelling her messy pussy when it’s just been fucked; and best of all I love tasting her sticky juices. Having her grind her wet abused pussy on my mouth making me lick and taste the spent seed of another man. I love it and I love her for doing it for me.

So I bet you are wondering how it came to be like this? I bet many of you are revolted by it, or can’t understand how I can willingly sanction my wife to commit adultery. I expect I will come under attack for being a weak gay man. In fact I am none of those things. I just really get off on my dominant wife feeding me cream pies from her pussy. I get off on smelling them. I get off on seeing them, and best of all I get off on eating them. I find it wonderful that my wife will spend time with another man just for sex, but will always come home to me and share the result. We love each other very much and are happy to please each other like this. It seems to work for us and we are happy with the situation. I am certainly not naïve enough to expect that everyone else will understand.

My wife Mandy is in her early thirties and we have been married now for quite a number of years. Unfortunately we don’t have any children, as much as we would like them because Mand is unable to conceive. It was difficult at first but we have now both worked through and accepted this situation. We both have well paid responsible jobs so we are able to enjoy a large house in a nice area with a reasonable standard of living. Mand is good looking for her age. She is very tall at about five feet ten inches and very curvy. I would not call her fat but she is well built and has seductive curves in all the right places. She has large pendulous breasts with large aureole and long stiff nipples and amazing plump buttocks. I think that she looks absolutely amazing when she dresses in well-tailored tight fitting clothing. When she dresses for work in her expensive business suits she looks so sexy. She has shoulder length hair which she dyes blonde. She also has a natural thick bush of pubic hair which she occasionally trims to keep it looking neat. She says that a woman in her thirties can do without all the shaving, waxing and itching involved with keeping a smooth pubic area, and prefers to leave that all to the younger generation!

So how did we get to the situation where my wife becomes a dominant whore and sits on my face and urges me to ‘clean up the sticky mess left by her lover’? Well it certainly took a long time and much perseverance on my part.

Before we were married Mand was definitely not innocent in the ways of sex, but certainly not the cock greedy slut she is today! When we were courting before we married we had discussed our sexual preferences and fantasies. We were an open honest couple that could talk about most things in life. However at that time fantasies were probably all that they were. However as I got older the fantasy of eating cream pies from my wife got stronger and stronger. Instead of it being a fantasy I realised more and more that I actually wanted it to happen. With porn becoming free and more easily accessible on the Internet I spent more and more time on fetish websites reading stories about men eating cream pies and downloading videos of cream pie eaters. As time went on I began to realise what I was and what I wanted – I was a cuckold. As my fetish became stronger and stronger I would bring up the subject with Mand more and more often. To start with she just laughed it off saying she could never participate in anything like that. She said it was gross and she could not imagine any man finding it exciting to be confronted by a used messy pussy. She said that although sleeping with another man was an exciting thought, maybe it was better remaining as a fantasy as she felt she could not actually bring herself to do it. However over a period of time I kept bringing it up and going on and on, not letting the subject drop.

I remember one night a couple of years ago. We had been out for a meal in a decent restaurant in the next town. I cannot even remember if we had been celebrating something or if it was just an ordinary night out as we do sometimes. I do remember that Mand had enjoyed her food and had consumed a little more Pinot Grigio that she usually does. When we returned we wasted little time before we made our way upstairs to our marital bedroom and I remember her being in a strange mood as we made the usual preparations for bed.

I still remember vividly the events of that night, even though it was quite a while ago now. I was lying in bed waiting for Mand to come out of the bathroom after washing and brushing her teeth. When she did she was wearing a long red silk robe, which I think was a new acquisition as I had not seen her wear it before. She turned off the main room lights and clicked on the softer glow of the bedside lamps. She stood next to the bed and seductively slipped the robe off while I watched. As she stood next to me by the side of the bed and I noticed her nipples stiffen and crinkle as she was obviously becoming aroused. I watched as she seductively ran her hands over her belly then slightly parted her legs and caressed her fingers through her bushy pubic hair before slipping them into her moist slit. Quickly she suddenly pulled the quilt which was covering me onto the floor – this sudden movement startled me a little as I certainly was not expecting it. ‘Now fuck me!’ she assertively said. ‘My cunt needs some attention!’ My cock quickly grew to full hardness as I realised my lovely wife was in one of her very rare dominant moods. I was also shocked to hear the dirty words coming from her mouth; she had never spoken like that before.

Mand slipped onto the bed next to me and I slipped my arm round her and began to massage the large area of her soft breasts, pulling at the stiff nipples between my finger and thumb. Mand traced her mouth over my own much smaller stiff nipples then down over my belly until her face was level with my cock. The hardness soon disappeared in to the warm wetness of her mouth and I felt the exquisite sensations as she circled the head of my cock with her tongue. As Mand sucked on my cock she swung her body round so that her round buttocks were positioned above my face. Her long matted pubic hairs framed the pinkness of her pussy. I poked my tongue out and gently lapped at her wetness. I used my hands to part her buttock cheeks and spread apart her love lips which were hanging lewdly down, exposing her gaping wet pink pussy hole. My tongue licked up and down from the puckered little brown star of her anus up to her stiff clit, dipping into her sticky hole with each pass. Mand was moaning above me as she still bobbed her mouth up and down on my cock.

Suddenly she pulled herself away from me and turned her body round to face me straddling me. She held herself above me, my cock straining upwards and brushing the soft dark hairs of her pussy. Gently she spread her love lips apart with her hand and impaled herself on my cock. Sliding herself down its length until our bodies met and she was full up with my hardness deep inside her. She moved forward and let her breasts swing against my lips and mouth. ‘Suck my nipples,’ she almost commanded as she brushed the stiff crinkly purple peaks against my lips. I did as I was told and took the crinkly stiff peaks into my mouth making Mand moan in appreciation. I was on my back with this beautiful creature riding and grinding her pelvis on my cock and telling me to suck on her nipples. It felt as if I was in heaven.

Mand arched her back and leant back. She looked beautiful with her large breasts freely swinging in front of me. I watched as she used her own hands to rub the soft flesh of her breasts and pinch the very erect nipples. As she caressed herself she rhythmically rocked back and forwards on me obviously feeling and enjoying my length deep inside her. As she stared intently at me Mand started to fuck me. She rocked backwards and forwards on my cock using me to stimulate her pussy. She was moaning very loudly as she did. This was so sexy – I had never seen Mand so vocal before in our lovemaking. As the intensity of her movements increased I knew I would not last much longer and would soon come inside her. I reached up with my hands and brushed hers away so that I could roll her enormous nipples between my thumb and index finger and massage her breasts. My own thighs were pushing up from the bed to meet her downward thrusts as our bodies slapped together. I felt myself reach the point of no return and I filled her pussy up with my load, my cock pulsing inside her as my balls let go of their heavy sticky load.

As soon as I finished coming I heard Mand say ‘now eat it.’ To start with I did not realise what she meant. Then as she pulled herself off my cock she moved herself forward and as she did said ‘you’re gonna eat it all up now.’ I was on my back and she was moving upwards towards me. She was straddling my face now with her hands gripping the top of the headboard above my head. I looked up and saw her pink hole gaping wide open. Her pussy hair was wet and matted and sticking to the sides of her long heavy love lips. I could smell the scent of our sex. Her musky arousal was mixed with the metallic slightly bleachy smell of my ejaculate. ‘Eat my cunt out,’ was all I heard as she lowered herself onto my waiting mouth and lips. Without hesitation I placed my hands behind her plump buttocks and pulled her onto my open mouth. I slipped my tongue into the folds of her wet slit and for the very first time tasted our combined juices. Mand rocked above me grinding her pussy across my mouth and tongue moaning loudly. I probed inside her with my tongue and felt the juices flow into my mouth. I know I was tasting and swallowing my own sperm and the sensation was incredible. As I lapped at her sticky slit and sucked the mess out from deep inside her I also flicked her stiff little bud of her clit with my lips and tongue. Mand was now writhing above me and moaning constantly and loudly. It did not take long for her to utter a long guttural moan and I felt her body shake and shudder above me. I could feel her pussy spasming on my tongue as a huge orgasm ripped through her. As her orgasm subsided and she stopped shaking she slid from me and laid next to me her blue eyes gazed into mine and she wiped some mess from the corner of my mouth with her finger. ‘Wow’ was all she whispered.

‘That was the best orgasm I have ever had Alan.’ Mandy told me as we recovered from our exertions.’ That was so dirty, you naughty boy,’ she almost gave a little giggle. ‘You are such as disgusting sperm eater.’

‘Did you like it?’ I causally asked even though it was very apparent that she had.

‘You bet, it was one of the dirtiest sexy things you have ever done to me.’

‘What made you do it?’ I asked.

‘Well you have been on and on for months now about cream pies and I just got so fed up so I thought that tonight I would give you what you wanted. I never realised it would be as good as that though.’

‘Thanks,’ I said.

‘Did you like it? Mandy inquisitively asked me, giving me that strange look where she sort of raises one eyebrow higher than the other.

I thought about her question for a moment before replying. I had been fantasising about what had just happened for many months now and it had not really sunk in what we had just done. I was not expecting her to become dominant and feed me my own cream pie, in fact my fantasies had been about Mand sleeping with someone else and letting me see and taste the results. ‘Yes, it was really good.’

Mand sensed my reticent reply. Good….. but?’

‘Yes it was really great …but…

‘But what?’ Mand asked.

‘But I think it would be much better if it were someone else’s mess!’ I managed to blurt out.

‘So your own mess isn’t good enough for you then?’ She retorted angrily.

‘No, it’s not like that,’ I told her. ‘It’s just I want you to go with someone else then come back to me. I want to know what you did, I want to see it, and I want to taste it. It’s all about your power over me and domination I think… It’s all too hard to explain.’

I knew that Mand did not quite understand what I was getting at by the look on her face. She was staring at me in a very strange sort of way.

‘So let’s get this absolutely straight, you are giving me permission to sleep around as long as you know about it and can join in and taste me afterwards? Mand slowly asked.

‘I suppose sort of like that.’ I answered.

‘What do you mean sort of like that?’

I looked at her and said ‘I don’t want to join in – I want you to just do it and come back to me used.’

‘This is all too much,’ Mand said. ‘You were a lovely sperm eater and I had a great orgasm, I want to go to sleep now.

This is how we left the situation and nothing was mentioned about that night until a few weeks later. In fact I thought that Mandy had drawn a line under the situation and was not going to mention it again. It was obvious that although she tried to understand she could not quite seem to get her head round my needs. We had made love several times since that night but she had not been dominant since and it had always been me making love to her.

‘I’ve been looking on the Internet.’ Mand said out of the blue some time later. ‘There are words for you dear.’

‘What’s that then?’ I inquisitively replied, not knowing what she was going on about, or was about to say.

‘You’re called a cuckold apparently.’

As Mand said that word I felt my cheeks flush red with nervousness and embarrassment, ‘I suppose that could be true. ‘I replied hesitantly. No one had ever mentioned that word to me before, let alone my own wife. It seemed to touch on something deep inside of me.

We were standing in the kitchen. We had just enjoyed a late supper and rather than turn the dishwasher on for such a few things Mand was washing up the few pots and plates and I was standing next to her drying up. A pretty scene of domesticated bliss that was probably happening in many homes across the country at this very moment. Although I doubt that in many homes events were going to unfold as in mine!

‘I have been reading stories about people like you,’ Mand said. ‘You like your wife to go out and fuck men while you watch, then you like to clean up the mess after they have come.’

I was embarrassed hearing Mandy talk like this, she had obviously been spending time online researching my fetish. I wondered to myself exactly what she had found out and how she felt about it.

‘You like the thought of my cunt stretched by a big cock don’t you?’ Mand said almost taunting me. ‘You want to see my stretched horny cunt full of spunk don’t you?’

This was virtually the first time I had heard my wife openly use words like these. Usually Mand would never let a word such as ‘cunt’ pass her innocent lips. I found it strangely arousing listening to her talk dirty like this.

‘You want to watch another cock filling my cunt up with spunk and making it messy don’t you?’ Mand was almost giggling now as she spoke. ‘I bet you want a huge load inside me so you can clean it up and taste it don’t you? I bet you would be a great cuckold and clean it all up sticking your tongue in my cunt to taste it. I bet you want me to sit on your face with a messy pussy and let the spunk drip out into your mouth.’

Mand was really getting into it now. She knew that I was feeling embarrassed as my cheeks were flushed red, but kept on, almost taunting me. As she stopped talking she turned and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and I could still smell the expensive perfume she had dabbed on her neck when she left for work earlier that morning. As she kissed me I felt her hand make its way to my crotch and feel my hard cock through the thin material of my trousers.

‘My, it looks like your cock likes the thought of my juicy messy well fucked cunt,’ she laughed.

Mand then dropped to her knees on the tiles of the kitchen floor in front of me and undid my belt buckle letting my trousers fall to the floor round my ankles. She released my hard cock from my underpants and quickly slid it between her lips into her warm wet mouth. I moaned as her head bobbed back and forth on the tip of my cock as she used her tongue to swirl round and stimulate the sensitive glans. I looked down and saw that Mand was looking up at me as she gobbled on my cock, staring into my eyes as she sucked on me. This was the first time that she had ever sucked my cock like this fully clothed on her hands and knees on the floor. She looked so hot with her blond hair and lips stretched over my shaft. As she sucked me with increasing urgency I knew it would not take long until I reached the point of no return. Less than a minute later as Mand used her mouth and tongue on me I moaned as I came. I spurted jets of my sticky come into her mouth which she seemed to enjoy and lap up with relish, using her hand to squeeze my shaft and suck up every last drop of ejaculate from me

When I had finished pumping my load into her mouth Mand stood up in front of me. Once again she put her arms round me and pulled me towards her and we kissed. As our lips met and Mand pushed her tongue into my mouth I tasted a salty metallic taste and realised my tongue was coated in a slippery layer of goo. I recognised she had not swallowed my mess like she usually did after a blowjob, but was passing it back into my mouth. Instinctively I tried to pull back but Mand’s hand was on the back of my head and kept me in position. She carried on kissing me passing all of the glutinous sperm she had in her mouth. I swallowed the salty mess and felt it prickle and line the back of my throat as I swallowed. We kissed until all the warm sticky liquid had gone.

As we broke from our kiss Mand giggled and said ‘I hope you liked that because if you want to be a cuckold you will have to practise swallowing hot sticky come!’

I just looked at her somewhat amazed at what she had just said and what she had just done to me.

Once again nothing was said about what happened in the kitchen that night. It was almost as if there was an unwritten rule between us that we should not talk about these recent sexy events. Things continued as normal as we got on with our daily lives. I felt too embarrassed to bring up in conversation what had taken place in the kitchen or to even mention the dirty language that Mandy had used. We made love a few times but without any sperm sharing. In fact it was as if the incident in the kitchen had never happened.

A few weeks later we had been out for one of regular meals again in the next town and had a really nice evening enjoying each other’s company. When we returned we were in bed reading before we went to sleep. I had put my book down and was just starting to reach that comfortable state where sleep was imminent when Mand turned to face me and started talking.

‘Well my dear little cuckold.’ She said.

This had my immediate attention and I quickly jolted out of my drowsy sleepy state.

‘So now we know that you like eating your own sperm from my pussy and mouth so how do you think can we move on so that you can clean up someone else’s?’

Mand had my full attention now as I lay in bed next to her. I could hardly believe what she had said and my cock was already beginning to stiffen.

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