Pie Filling-2

“May we go with IrPne, corporal?”


“Trooper Caspar, corporal. We introduced ourselves back a few minutes ago.”

The group spilt, Alice pointing out the direction of the house and barns, invisible from their present position. She and Bonny, with looks of appeal at Irene, followed her at a distance as she prowled through the knee high grain, peering down the narrow rows. Her “gun” pointed wherever she looked. They walked slowly over the almost level field, the two civilian women doing their best to search where it seemed that Irene had missed a spot.

The troopers, Bonny and Alice converged on the house, finally. They had seen nothing stir in the fields save for insects and a cat, maybe a rabbit or two. Corporal Haight, as Bonny and Alice had learned she was named, held her tranquillizer gun at the ready while the other three cautiously circled the house as though about to flush a hardened criminal from his lair.

“All right, Warner, come out, if you’re in there!” bellowed Haight with surprisingly powerful lungs. Alice was astonished to see that she was carrying a tiny microphone in one hand and that the sound apparently emanated from that.

A shadow was discernible behind one curtained window. The shadow moved to the front door and a man stumbled from the house, a big headed man, looking surprised. His astonishment was as nothing to Alice’s when she realised that he was naked and had an erection. She covered her mouth, unsure if she wanted to laugh or shriek.

Bonny doubled over, laughing hysterically. As Alice looked at her in amazement, starting toward her to help if she could, Bonny gasped,

“That’s the biggest hard on John’s had for years, Alice!”

“You know him? That’s Jake Warner! I . . . think.” Alice couldn’t be absolutely certain, the man’s head was so swollen. It was the size of a small . . . pumpkin.

“Yeah, I know him, but I never knew him as Jake, uh-uh!”

“Hey, Warner!” shouted Corporal Haight.

The man made no sign of recognition but started to stroke his penis as he stopped and looked dazedly around.

His head lolled as though it was too heavy for his neck, From its increasing size, it might have been.

« He certainly does have a nice erection »thought Alice, suddenly wondering what it would have felt like sliding into her.

« Now why am I thinking that? » Despite her attempt at self control, she blushed and then blushed even more as she caught Bonny looking at her.

“Like that, Alice?” asked Bonny, trying to keep a straight face.

“Bonny, I thought I might marry the man I think’s standing there, one day a while ago.” Alice found she could talk at Bonny’s level easily, then grinned and Bonny broke into a smile.

“No chance of that now. Look at his head! You can see it swell!” Indeed Alice could. She called to the staring Corporal Haight.

“Corporal, you were right. The heads do grow. What do you suppose causes . . .?”

One of the other troopers spoke up.

“Corporal! I think it’s the cloud we saw twice this morning. I don’t know what it does for men, but I know that it’s making me feel real strange. How ’bout you gals?”

Alice looked at Jake Warner, now sitting on the ground and playing desultorily with his shrinking erection.« He must have ejaculated »was her thought for a second. Then the trooper’s question got through to her

« Do I feel different? Hm. » She looked at Jake again, but decided that she had no feeling about him or his silly, flaccid penis.« He did come, by gum! » was her last thought about Jake.

She looked at Bonny, who was looking at her as though she were going to use that “come hither” voice on her any minute. Before Alice could make up her mind just how she did feel different, Bonny motioned to her with a raised eyebrow and a quick glance at the door to the house.

« Drat! Does she want me to go into the house and . . .? »

She couldn’t complete the thought consciously, but her subconscious yelled at her,« She’s good looking, she’s looking at me like a girl looks at someone she wants . . . »

Alice sidled after Bonny as the troopers gathered around Jake, exclaiming in low, horrified voices as they watched his head slowly but discernibly swell to the size of a big pumpkin. Jake lay quite still, his hands by his sides..

Alice saw no more as Bonny pulled her into the front doorway and up the stairs. She was tiptoeing, for no reason she could understand, as silently as Bonny.

“Alice,” Bonny whispered, “There was more in the cloud I saw before I met you than just insects. There was a big grey shape and it landed right the other side of town. I was so scared I ran real quick and found you and the guys, and Albert, at the garage. I didn’t dare tell those troopers . . They’d think I was crazy.!”

“A grey shape? What do you think it was, Bonny?”

“I don’t know, but it was hissing and I think it was making the cloud then, Alice!”

“Oh, my goodness. Hah! ‘Invaders from Outer Space,’ you think?” Alice remembered that Bonny had loved “trashy” comic books and lurid fiction, even in fifth grade. She was half joking, but Bonny was serious as she said,

“Maybe something like that, Alice. I’m scared.” She came close to Alice and murmured in a little girl voice,

“Hold me, Alice, hold me tight.” Alice put her arms around Bonny and held her. Bonny’s body felt firm and wonderful to Alice, and she moved herself so that their bodies were as tightly together as possible.

“Oh, Alice,” muttered Bonny, “you feel so good. Can I . . . kiss you, please?”

Alice was just a little shorter than Bonny. She glanced just past her own nose at Bonny’s lips and they were so appealing. As she raised her lips the slight distance to Bonny’s she thought« Now what am I doing? I am not . . . but the men are all gone, or going. Let me see if I am. »

The kiss strengthened and after a few moments of their tongues’ searching each other’s mouths, Bonny leant back and said,

“Alice, we can’t, not here! Those troopers . . . .”

Alice released her, but went to the window to stare down at the bizarre scene below. Her heart jumped. “Bonny, come here. Don’t lean out, stay back, but look!”

Bonny could not repress a gasp as she saw what had startled Alice. The four troopers were lying open legged, naked, each one facing opposite the next, in a ring around Jake Warner who seemed oblivious to their presence. Their uniforms, their weapons, lay in a scattered circle around them.

“Migod!” grated Bonny, “a fairy circle!” Each trooper was licking and sucking at the wide open crotch of the one next ahead of her in the little circle. The two women above could hear moans and little gasps of pleasure, as they watched, fascinated.

Bonny’s arms were suddenly around Alice and the two slumped to the big bed.

“I am so hot, Allie,” moaned Bonny. Alice didn;t even mind the misuse of her name, her mind in a whirl, but she concentrated on how to get Bonny out of her sweater, shorts and panties while desperately shedding her own clothing. Her lower belly itched and ached at the same time. Her tongue kept licking and protruding from her open lips and she wanted very much to . . . what? She knew then that she had changed , . . was no longer confused.

« I am! I do, I want to make love to Bonny! Ah, God, she feels so smooth, so nice, so warm. . . She’s hot! Ooh, so am I! »

Bonny was quicker than Alice to join them in a sloppy, torrid kiss and her fingers were first to go to Alice’s sopping labia. Bonny rubbed and fondled Alice’s labia for a moment or two, tongue wrestling Alice, no falls, Alice winning on points, by gum! Alice’s movements convinced her that Alice had to have more than a finger.

Alice’s body convulsed as Bonny moved her face down to her crotch. To her surprise and immediate, unexpected pleasure and thrill, Alice found herself between Bonny’s legs, lapping at Bonny’s cleft, the already damp labia becoming wetter as Alice’s fevered tongue penetrated and touched the clitoris. Alice was astonished briefly by the increasing rigidity of that little nub, but her fervent lapping and sucking, the sloppy slither of their mutual embrace and the tension that ever mounted soon had Bonny writhing and squeaking beside her. Alice was panting between suckles, her body becoming more and more tense as she unwittingly approached climax, a climax which she had never before contemplated. The fact of it almost blanked her mind for seconds as Bonny screamed at the same time as one or more of the naked women below them climaxed noisily, as well.

“Oh, oh. Bon-ny, oh.” moaned Alice as she felt suddenly different about everything B her body, her mind, her . . . her looks? The two staggered to their feet, Bonny gazing quickly out the window to check on the women below. Two of them lay sprawled, breathing hard, beside a supine, huge headed Jake, while two were just starting to attempt the long, long journey to their feet.

“Look, look, Allie! Look at their faces!” Allie thought briefly« I like that nickname »and then she witnessed the looks of astonishment and joy on the faces below. All seemed blissful. She looked at Bonny to see the same look on her face, while Bonny grinned and nodded, as if to say, “You, too!”

There was a sudden noise, so loud that it was like a explosion and both women in the upstairs bedroom staggered back to the inside wall as they were buffeted by the shock. Allie crept to the window, raised herself cautiously and looked at the four women and Jake below. The women were supine, one struggling to raise her head. The corporal was trying to reach her weapon.

“What the Hell was that?” suddenly yelled the corporal, at least Allie thought it was she by her deep voice. God, she as a good looking, slightly large woman, wasn’t she?

Two strange creatures entered the farmyard. The were perhaps seven feet tall, bulky and slightly humanoid. Allie , as did the others, seemed to hear them, although there was no sign of lip movement.

“You have a mickerlon and we will care of it. Care now all mickerlon. Be safe!” The two looked at Jake. One turned and went out of sight for several moments while the other stood without movement, what might have been eyes fixed on Jake’s body.

Jake suddenly jerked, then sat up. His eyes in that horrible yet absurd head were open, but Allie had the distinct impression that he saw nothing. The other odd creature appeared holding something suspiciously like a spatula, no, two spoons, in one long arm which ended in what appeared to the human watchers as tentacles or very flexible, too numerous, fingers. In the other hand was what looked very like two pie crusts.

The odd feeling that they were being spoken to came again. “Mickerlon very good. We hunger, care all mickerlon. Mickerlon be us.”

The creature with the “pie plates” walked over to the upright torso and held them spread apart in those long “fingers” next to Jake’s head. There was no sign that Jake was even conscious, Alice thought as she watched, fascinated, yet repelled. The other alien « They must be space travelers, they are certainly alien » bent forward and tapped at the huge head, appearing to listen. Then it said something to the one with the “pie plates.”

The sight was so oddly humorous that the six females could not help a grin or a smile, but they suddenly gaped in horror as the creature with the “spoons” swiped them across the top of the big round head and sliced it off. The two calmly dipped their tentacles into the pumpkin sized monstrosity that had been Jake’s head and extracted . . . the girls knew not what, but whatever it was the weirdos transferred the gooey looking matter to the pie plates and then appeared to savor it, tasting little bits on the ends of their spoons, like interplanetary gourmets. They continued to dip their tentacles and transfer the goo until the pumpkin fell off the now headless shoulders and smashed on the ground. The inside was yellowy-orange. The corpse remained seated as though frozen in place.

The inner communication came once more. “Do no worry. We care only mickerlon. You be make more no mickerlon. Two make one. Be calm.”

With that the two were walking back the way they had come. A moment later the six gagging, retching women felt their ears pop and then a momentary hurricane.

“How . . . what? did they take all the men? Are they going to . . . ohmigod, I can’t . . .” gasped Bonny as she wiped her mouth free of vomit. She held onto a door frame to steady herself. She retched.

Allie had mustered sufficient self-control to wipe the drool from her chin and answer the unspoken questions. “Yes, dear one. They changed and took or will take all the males. They will eat whatever replaced their brains, if they have brains left.”

Bonny was sick again, but managed to gasp, “Then how . . . will the human race . . .?”

“Parthenogenesis,” answered her former school teacher, her lover. “Pregnancy in one of a couple initiated by mutual sex . . . ,” she paused, thoughtfully, “. . . or possibly one of two will be an oviparous female. I wonder if monogamy . . . no matter. All female descendants, though, but we know now how to make that a pleasurable existence, don’t we, Bonny?”

Alice walked unsteadily to Bonny and cradled her head to her breast. It felt good there. Bonny gulped and looked up.

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