Pie Dream

Nichole guides Katie through her dream of self-discovery

It was a great day for Katie. Her latest issue of Thick and Creamy Pies magazine had just arrived; she loved the magazine. She loved looking at the soft, fluffy pies in an amazing assortment of sizes and flavors. As a young girl helping her mother bake, Katie had an elated fascination when she was around pie. Before her mother would catch her, she would always manage to smear the warm pie on her hands. If lucky, on her face and in her hair too! Katie didn’t understand why she did this or why touching these pies gave her such a warm flush feeling. Her youthful mind felt this desire was wrong though, and she learned to suppress these thoughts as the years passed.

Katie grew into a beautiful 19 year old and was never lacking in the date department. She was the epitome of the “hot girl next door” with her chestnut hair worn tousled in a sexy way and full lips that were begging to be kissed. After graduating from high school, she decided to take off a year before going to Florida State. She got herself a nice job and moved into an apartment with Nichole, who she found in the “roommates wanted” section of the local newspaper’s website. Nichole was a few years older at 22 and had a classically beautiful face. Her lithe body, killer smile, and hair the color of the moonless night sky would catch many long glances from both genders. Their personalities were quite different; Katie a dreamer while Nichole was the practical one.

Moving out of her mother’s house gave Katie a newfound sense of freedom yet she often found her thoughts returning to the days of making pies with her mother. Her lovely thoughts of pie were becoming an obsession. Today she was particularly excited when her magazine arrived. Still clad in her green-colored silk pajamas, she took her Thick and Creamy Pies and sprawled on the sofa to peruse her latest indulgence. The more she looked and touched the pictures of the pies the more she felt that familiar flush go through her body and settle in the soft area between her legs. It wasn’t long before she started to absent-mindedly explore her body with her free hand.

“Are you reading those magazines with the pies in them again?” a voice said. “You really need to stop that. It’s getting to be a bit much.”

Katie’s head shot up. It was Nichole.

“I can’t help it” said Katie. “There’s something about the look, the smell, the feel of pie….”

Katie wished Nichole would understand. She wished Nichole would get that same hot flash that shot through her own body when she thought about pies, that same hot flash that she sometimes felt when she thought of her roommate.

“I suppose you’re right. I may have become a little obsessed, I’ll stop Nicole…I promise.” Katie reluctantly responded.

Nichole really loved Katie, kind of like she was a little sister and had become very fond and protective of her. Sometimes though when Katie would brush against her she wished that maybe it could be more.

“Good.” Nichole said sounding a little relieved. “I need to run some errands. I’ll be back in a little while.”

After saying goodbye Katie took the magazine and went to her bedroom. Laying on her bed she again slowly, lustfully absorbed every detail of the pies displayed on the pages. Her breathing became heavier. Her hands roamed over her body more passionately with each new pie she saw. She unbuttoned her top and slipped her left hand in to caress her breasts. Her nipples were harder than she could ever remember them being. This is crazy she thought, but she couldn’t stop. It was as if her body and soul were taken over by her desire. Her hand slowly slid down past her navel and to the top of her pajama shorts. Katie knew this was the point of no return. She knew that if she went any further she would lose what little control she had left. It didn’t matter. Her hand slipped under the waistband and her fingers began inching towards that place of ultimate satisfaction.

As she started to play with that sweetest of spots, her thoughts returned to those wonderful pies. The thoughts of how it felt when she was a child in her Mother’s kitchen. When she would dip her hand into the warm pie, scoop up a savory glob and smear it on her face and in her hair. Katie’s head was spinning. She was incredibly wet as she started to finger her pussy with increasing intent. Needing something more, she reached over into her nightstand for her favorite dildo. Long, thick, and blue in color, she pulled her shorts aside to expose her wet pussy and plunged it in as far as it would go.

She was in a world of her own now – a world of warm pies where she was alone with her creamy mess. Yet she wasn’t alone in her dream state, someone else was there too. She fervently worked the dildo in and out of her pussy as thoughts of pies and cream consumed her. Her mind could only see warm luscious gigantic pies. Pies smashed into her by someone. By Nichole. No wait, that’s not right, she’s not supposed to… Katie’s brain and her body could take no more. She fell asleep from pure, lustful exhaustion.

The Dream

“Where am I? How did I get here?” Katie stands up and looks around.

She couldn’t tell if where she was large or small. All she saw was that the floor, the walls, and the ceiling were covered by thick sheets of plastic. She felt closed in and scared, everything was so strange. She started to get panicky. “I don’t know this place.” She murmured. Light shone through the plastic and cast eerie shadows in the room. “I want to go back…I want to go home.” Katie breaks down. Falling to her knees, she buries her face in her hands and begins to sob uncontrollably.

After a bit Katie somewhat manages to pull herself together. She again stands up. Looks more closely around the room and notices something odd. It was a small table with a pie on it. Unable to resist, she slowly walks over to it. The pie looks exactly like one of those big luscious pies from her magazine. She starts to feel that familiar warmth between her legs. She smells the sweet chocolate pie aroma. Her hand moves to the top of the pie and enters the creamy mass. Katie scoops some up, and then slowly slides it down her face and neck enjoying the feeling of its smooth texture on her skin. Her breathing quickens as she opens a couple of buttons on her top. Katie takes another handful of warm pie, slips it under her top, and starts to massage it into her tits. The floodgates had opened. All those years of repression evaporated into a pure lustful craving for more. She takes an even bigger handful and slides it down her stomach, inside her pants and onto her pussy. Her body stiffens as she hears the swishy sounds and feels the soft cream pie being rubbed on her pussy. It feels so right she thought, after all this time I’ve finally….

A hand gently touches her shoulder.

Startled and embarrassed, Katie pulls her pie covered hand out from her bottoms and covers her breasts; she turns around. Being in the state she was in and the strangeness of this place, Katie couldn’t exactly make out all the features of the face, but she knew this had to be the most incredibly gorgeous women she would ever meet. She had long black wavy hair, a perfectly curvy body, and long slender legs that were covered only by a very short silver mini skirt. She had on a black top that was cut down to the navel and showed off most of her full, firm breasts.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean, I’m not like this.” “Do I know you?” Katie blurted out. “No, I don’t. I’m so confused.” She starts sobbing again.

Katie feels arms gently pulling her closer and wrapping her in a warm hug. There was something about that hug however, about the closeness, the feel that was all too familiar. In her heart she knew this person and knew that now she was ready to fully embrace her love for her. This person was Nicole.

“Now calm down the soft voice said reassuringly. “Everything’s going to be ok. I’m here to help you.” She gives Katie a deep passionate kiss. Katie was on fire.

“Did you like the pie?” She asked.

Katie came out of her trance. “Oh yes, very much, Can I have some more?”

“Of course.”

Katie closes her eyes and receives a thick pie in the face. She opens them but could not see through the pie that was covering her eyes. Taking a breath she feels the soft goo in her nose. It smells so good. She smiles; it enters her month and coats her tongue. “Heaven,” thought Katie. She then feels two pies hit her at the same time, one on each side of her head. She could no longer hear but she could feel two hands tenderly working the pie into her hair, massaging it so that every strand right down to the roots was covered in soft creamy pie. She only wished she could see herself now.

“Did you like that?” Katie heard as she was finally starting to hear again.

“It was wonderful” she said.

“Would you like to hit me with a pie?” Katie was asked.

“Oh yes. Please.”

Katie carefully took a pie and with a big smile pushed it into her face. Katie could not be happier. The pie slowly slid off, and she watched as the eyes, the nose, and mouth became distinguishable again. Katie picked up two more pies, moved behind her and squished one onto each side of her head. She sunk her hands into the pie and spread it so it completely covered all of the lovely black hair. Using her fingers like a comb, she ran them through it a number of times so that the long hair was no longer wavy but rather a series of straight, white, buttery strands. She slammed a pie into Nichole pussy, stepped away and admired her work.

Then impulsively and uncontrollably, she moved toward Nichole, getting her mouth closer and closer to those velvety pie covered lips. She was so close. She felt her warm breath. There was barely any space between them now and Katie’s heart was racing. The ache between her legs was unbearable and she knew she would need relief soon. Then it happened, their lips met. The passion, craving, and lust from these two pied covered women spewed out. Katie felt their lips move in glorious harmony and she feasted on the taste. When Nichole’s lips parted Katie accepted the invitation and plunged her tongue in deeply. The pie and saliva from the two of them combined for a delicious mixture that they both swallowed, bonding them together, forever.

“Can we get a little naughty?” Nichole asked breathlessly.

“Sure.” Katie manages to get out.

Katie feels the rest of the buttons of her top being undone. She takes a quick breath as the top falls off her shoulders, exposing beautiful breasts and impossibly hard nipples. Her pajama shorts went next, sliding over her firm, round butt and down to the floor. She was naked. Katie jumped, not expecting a pie to be slammed onto her pussy. It felt so good.

Now it was Katie’s turn. First things first thought Katie, as she prepared to strip this gorgeous creature of her clothes. She looked deep into Nicole’s eyes and with unsteady hands she slid the garment up. She laid her eyes upon the most luscious tits she had ever seen. It was as if the gods had blessed these breasts above all others. They were large, but fit her body flawlessly with such beautiful brown nipples. Katie wanted so much to suck on them. Stay focused Katie said to herself as she finished pulling off the top. She then started on the silver skirt. It was tight and she had to tug hard, which caused Katie’s head to get close to Nichole’s pussy. The harder she pulled the closer her head came until Katie smelled something else intoxicating besides the scents of the different pies. She realized where that delicious scent was coming from. Katie got the skirt down past Nichole’s knees and looked up. She could see the left over pie cream around her pussy and she could also see something else. She could see the trails in the cream made by the succulent juices that flowed from this woman.

How much more can I take?” Katie thought as she stood up.

They were both standing now. Katie started laughing, and soon they both were. It was the carefree laugh of inhibitions being washed away, of feeling free. They held hands to keep from falling on the slippery floor. There was a passion now between them and their touch was electric. Their breathing became heavy as their desire continued to build. Katie felt something hit her. It was a pie. Suddenly more pies were flying at both of them. In the face, the butt, the boobs, the hair. Where were they coming from? Another pie hit Katie in the face and caused her to completely lose her balance. Down they both went.

The laughing stopped. Katie landed on top and started slowly sliding down Nichole’s body. She knew the time was near for her to exorcise forever the repressions, denials, and embarrassments of a lifetime. The time had come for her to leave her childhood behind and enter the world of a confident and self-assured adult. Katie inched her way back up but now it was no longer a beautiful dark haired woman. That woman had a name and her name is– “Say it Katie. Say her name out loud, let go of your fears. Say it! Please “, the voice shouted inside of her. Katie couldn’t. Katie was humiliated and crushed by what just happened. “Why couldn’t I say her name? What’s stopping me?” Katie looked down and saw a loving, caring, pie covered face. “Be patient, you weren’t ready yet. It will come, you’ll see.” With that they kissed again.

As the moments went by and their kissing became deeper and more passionate, the feelings of frustration and humiliation were replaced by desire and lust. Katie started to heat up. The wetness returned between her legs. Soft lips started navigating down Katie’s neck, past clumps of pie filling and crust and toward her breasts. Katie could feel every curve, bump, and muscle over her smooth pie covered body. She could feel a breast slide down her chest. She felt a hard nipple making a nice long path on her creamy skin. A leg slipped between hers and she spread them further apart. She felt a hungry mouth sucking and licking her breast. Katie grabbed a handful of pie and smacked it on the back of Nichole’s head. Then a pie landed on her breast. Katie’s nipple was being mauled, sucked on, teased and sucked again. Katie grabbed two handfuls of pie and covered her breasts in self-defense. She could no longer lay still. Turning and squirming in the warm pie from her breasts being attacked and a thigh pressing against her mound she was reaching her limit. She took two more handfuls and smeared it in her face.

Katie flipped Nichole on her back and slowly slid her body up down and around, giving a sensuous pie massage. She could feel the warmth emulating from both their bodies. She pushed her leg down and two legs opened to welcome her. A pie landed on Katie’s butt then another hit her in the back making her wonder again where they were coming from. She pushed her leg down harder, now feeling her pussy folds sliding on Nichole’s pie covered thigh. I have never been so wet, Katie thought.

Now it was Nichole’s turn. She rolled Katie on her back and straddled her. Two pies dropped down, one landing on her head and the other hitting Katie in the face. She reached around with a handful of pie and worked it into Katie’s pussy. Katie reached up with two handfuls and smeared it onto those magnificent breasts. She looked at Katie and smiled while slowly sliding down her body until their pussies touched. She straightened her arms, arched her back and pressed her pie covered pussy against Katie’s. She loved this girl and now the time had come. Nicole wonders if Katie would be able to take that next step or would she forever deny who she really was. Nichole knew this was her last chance with Katie. She had taken a gamble entering her dream, a gamble that could cost her everything.

More pies were raining down on them. Katie was getting closer. She was pushing back harder, moving her hips trying to get in rhythm, trying to reach her precipice. She took a hard pie hit to the face then another to her butt. “My god!” she cried, “why can’t I cum?” Katie rolled over one more time and positioned herself so they were lying with their pussies facing each other. They both opened their legs. Katie slid one of hers under Nichols so their pussies would be in full contact. They moved closer. Pies slammed into them. Then they met. They each pushed hard and grinded. Their pleasure was overwhelming. The smell of sex and pies permeated the air. The pies kept coming. Each hit being more forceful. They held hands and pulled toward each other so that even more pressure could be applied to their aching clits. To Katie though something was wrong, something was missing. With all the sex and pies, she somehow felt detached and knew it shouldn’t be this way.

Then it dawned on her. She knew, she finally knew. The sex, the pies, they mean nothing by themselves. She had repressed and denied what pies meant to her and how they were part of her. She realized how wrong she was. Pies were her passion and she loved everything about them and didn’t care who knew. It was her, it was who she was. As for the sex, it was sex without love. Great sex but just sex… That’s why she couldn’t cum. She had to say it. She had to tell Nicole, tell her how she felt before it was too late….

They kept up the frenzied pace. Pies were dropping down faster. Their pussies were grinding against each other with uncontrollable intensity. She was nearing exhaustion, unable to catch her breath. “Nichole needs to know that I’ve loved her since the first day we met.” But she couldn’t get the words out. Katie felt light headed. She was losing consciousness. “I can’t leave. I have to tell her.” Katie passed out.

Nichole gazes at her beautiful Katie lying before her. She had lost her gamble and now she lost her Katie.

“I love you Katie.” Nichole says and gives her a sweet kiss.

The Next Day

Nichole walks into Katie’s room to find her in bed tossing and turning.

Nichole puts her hand on Katie’s shoulder, “Wake up Katie. Are you alright?”

“I had the most amazing dream.” Katie says, “I was covered in pies, and you were there too Nichole. I know it was you.”

Nichole just smiles and says. “It was a dream Katie”. Nichole could not take any more heart break.

“What’s this?” Katie says. She takes her finger and wipes a bit of crème from Nichole’s neck just below the earlobe. Katie smiles and looks at Nichole. “You were there!” She puts her arms around her and at last she was able to say it, “I love you Nichole.” Katie shuts the bedroom door, and gives her the first of what would be countless messy kisses in their new life together.

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