Pie Contest

There was consternation in the county when the news about the accident got round. Old Joe Higgins had driven through the red light and hit Missus Willums fair and square. Neither was badly hurt but they’d both be laid up in hospital for the next week.

As far as the fair committee was concerned this was a tragedy of the highest order. The fair was on in a couple of days and they’d just lost both judges for the pie contest. Who could they get to replace them in this short a time?

The replacement for Missus Willums was easy, they decided. Harriet Bunkley had won every pie contest for the last five years. Making her judge would show how much they appreciated her efforts and would also take her out of the running. That decision would be popular with everyone.

The replacement male was a harder choice. Finally Judge Knally made a suggestion. Agreement was made with one proviso. The name of the male judge would have to be kept secret or some of the woman might try to persuade him to vote for them by unfair methods. Old Joe was past anything a woman might try and did love his pie judging job, so couldn’t be enticed, but the new man? He was a lot younger and some of these girls….

Judge Knally smirked and made another suggestion. Amid general laughter the second suggestion was agreed upon. The committee sighed with relief. Judges had been selected and the crisis was averted.

As happens in small towns, the names of the new judges started to get passed around. Everyone agreed with Harriet Bunkley being a judge. That woman knew her pies and besides, it would take her out of the running.

The second name that was being whispered raised a few eyebrows. A bit young for it, isn’t he, was the main objection. Maybe, but that man do love his pie, was the standard rebuttal.

– – –

Peter was a little surprised when Betsy-Sue came knocking on his door that evening.

“Hi, Peter,” she said, brushing past him. “Can I come in?”

“Why certainly, Betsy-Sue,” said Peter, watching her vanish into the kitchen. “You don’t need an invitation. Walk right in.”

“And what the hell does she want?” he wondered.

“I was making some pecan pies, Peter,” Betsy-Sue said happily. “I have too many and I know how you love pie and I thought you might like one.”

“Well, that’s very thoughtful of you, Betsy-Sue,” murmured Peter. “Thank you very much. I must admit that I’m a little surprised.”

“I don’t know why you should be,” said Betsy-Sue, pouting a little. “We’ve been friends for ages. We even went to school together.”

“Yes, and you treated me like dirt at school and haven’t stopped since,” thought Peter.

“Maybe,” he replied, “but it seems to me that we hardly even know each other. Why, you’re a married woman now and me, still single. Wouldn’t Joe like to have ate this fine pie?”

“Don’t worry about Joe. He gets lots of pies from me. I’ve been practicing for the pie contest and Joe’s been tasting all my attempts. I’m getting real good and expect to win this year.”

“Well, I thank you again. I’ll be able to sample this and see what sort of entry you’ll be submitting.”

“I’m sure you’ll just love it. I’ve even brought over some whipped cream to go with it. Once you taste it you’ll know you can vote for me without any worries about me deserving the prize.”

“Vote for you?” asked Peter, looking puzzled. “I’m not quite sure I understand.”

“Oh, don’t be silly, Peter,” said Betsy-Sue with a little laugh. “Everyone knows that you’re one of the new judges.”

“Who told you that?” demanded Peter. “Judge Knally assured me that no-one would know who the male judge was. Not that I’m saying it is me, because it isn’t.”

“Come on, Peter,” protested Betsy-Sue. “You know how these things always get out. You couldn’t keep a secret in this town for more than thirty minutes, tops. Your name was being passed around almost before the committee meeting ended.”

“Well, I’m not admitting to anything,” said Peter firmly. “But if I was a judge it would take a lot more than an extra pie to get me to vote. I’d get as much pie as I could eat at the contest now wouldn’t I?”

“Oh, really,” purred Betsy-Sue. “And what would persuade you?”

Peter glanced at Betsy-Sue. She had on a short skirt and a short top, midriff showing. Long delectable legs and a very nice bosom. He let his eyes ravel down the length of her and then back to her face, saying nothing.

Betsy-Sue flushed.

“If you think I’m going to let you kiss me, you’re crazy,” she snapped.

“Wasn’t thinking of kissing you,” said Peter, smiling a nasty little smile, one that he knew would irritate her. “Feel free to toddle back home anytime now.”

“I am going to win that competition,” snapped Betsy-Sue, “no matter what it takes. What do you want? Me to show you my boobs?”

“Forget it,” said Peter. “I already said I’m not a judge so you don’t have to strip to please me. Better run along little girl.”

Betsy-Lou’s eyes were hot with anger. Lying swine. And he expected her to get naked? She’d call his bluff.

Peter battled hard to keep a straight face as Betsy-Sue reached down and unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall. Her top promptly joined it. She flicked a glance at Peter, seeing him just looking at her with mild interest. Biting her lip, she let her bra and panties join the rest of her clothes and then stood their proudly. She felt a niggle deep inside her. She was being stared at and she was naked. The niggle started burning, warming her.

“Very nice,” said Peter. “If I was a judge I’d almost be tempted to vote for you, seeing you like that. Good thing I’m not.”

“Almost?” Betsy-Sue hissed. “What do you mean almost? What’s a girl got to do to get your attention?”

Her eyes opened wide as she watched him lower his zip.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she whispered. “You’re not serious?”

“Now Betsy-Sue,” said Peter. “You know you’ve always been sort of mean to me, and after this contest I expect you’ll go right back to being mean. Now I’m going to have a little fun and afterwards, why I absolutely guarantee I will not vote for anyone else.”

Betsy-Sue’s eyes widened even further as Peter calmly pulled his erection clear of his pants. She stared at it, feeling the heat burning deep inside her step up a notch.

“Make up your mind, Betsy-Sue. Either get dressed or turn around and lean over the table.”

Slowly, breathing hard, Betsy-Sue turned around and leant over the table, legs spread.

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this,” she gasped, feeling her lips being eased apart.

“Oh, god, I’m not doing this, am I?” she whispered as she felt Peter starting to ease into her.

“Gods, how big is that thing?” she demanded as Peter continued to push deep inside her. It hadn’t looked all that big when he’d taken it out of his pants, but it suddenly occurred to her that Peter was a very large man. His size had apparently fooled her as to his cock’s real size.

“God,” she squealed, feeling him plunge deep enough to apparently be able to directly probe the fire inside her.

Once in, Peter started his action, pulling out while Betsy-Sue gasped and thrusting back in hard while Betsy-Sue squealed. Betsy-Sue, he noticed, knew just what to do with his cock, pushing back to meet it even as she squealed her protests.

Peter continued on his way, not desperately hammering against Betsy-Sue, but building up a nice rhythm that she was more than willing to match. Her squeals of protest had stopped, he noted, but her gasping and pushing against him seemed more heated than ever.

Picking up the pace a little, Peter was pleased to see how Betsy-Sue matched him. He’d had idle dreams about Betsy-Sue in the past and she was more than living up to them. His hands reached around her and took hold of her breasts.

He heard a squeal of “Yes” as he squeezed them, and then he was hitting Betsy-Sue hard and fast, determined to drive her over the edge before he came.

Betsy-Sue was writhing and panting, desperately pushing against the cock that was doing such wonderful things inside her, eager to reach the next step. Hands were teasing her breasts, sending additional little shockwaves of pleasure through her, lifting her, pushing her, driving her wild.

Peter suddenly groaned and thrust deep, feeling his seed surging forth into Betsy-Sue, hearing her scream as she shuddered against him, riding his cock as her own climax swept away her inhibitions.

A little later Peter stopped Betsy-Sue as she was reaching for her clothes.

“Better take a quick shower first,” he suggested.

Betsy-Sue gathered up her things and vanished into the bathroom, returning in due course fully dressed.

“Just remember we have a deal,” she said as she left.

“Not a problem,” Peter replied. “Like I said, you have my guarantee I won’t vote for anyone else.”

– – –

Next day was Friday, the day before the contest. Festivities for the weekend fair were already gathering momentum. Peter had wandered around the fairgrounds checking things out, slightly surprised to see how many women seemed to know him and were willing to smile and wave to him. Amused, he headed on home.

About eight there was a rap on his back door. Answering, he found Kathy waiting to see him.

Kathy was Betsy-Sue’s rival in all things. In Peter’s mind there wasn’t much difference between them. Both very pretty young women. Nice to their friends but just plain nasty to anyone they considered a lower form of life. People like Peter, for instance.

One thing Peter was sure of; Kathy hadn’t come visiting him because she wanted to win the pie contest.

Kathy came straight to the point.

“You’re the new judge for the pie contest. I want to speak to you about that.”

“So I could be wrong,” thought Peter. Aloud, he pointed out a couple of facts to Kathy.

“Kathy, the judges to the pie contest have not been officially named. Until Judge Knally announces them I can’t claim to be one. And what does it matter to you? I actually sampled your cooking once, and everyone remembers that peach pie you entered a couple of years back.”

“That wasn’t my fault,” flared Kathy. “No-one told me you were supposed to take the stupid stones out first. If Old Joe hadn’t been so greedy he wouldn’t have broken his teeth. And the committee had already appointed the judges and we both know who they are.”

“I know nothing of the sort. All I’ve heard are rumours,” said Peter. “You really need to wait for the official announcement.”

“Like Betsy-Sue did?” asked Kathy sweetly. “She didn’t hang around waiting. She was here last night trying to get you to promise to vote for her, wasn’t she?”

“Even if she had been, I wouldn’t comment on it,” returned Peter. “But like I said, why does it matter to you?”

“Oh, I know that I’m not going to win,” admitted Kathy. “I just don’t want Betsy-Sue to win either. Especially when she’s trying to bribe one of the judges.”

“And the purpose of this visit is????”

“I have no underwear on under this dress. I’ll take it off if you promise not to vote for Betsy-Sue,” stated Kathy, smiling.

“I’ve already pointed out that I haven’t been officially named as a judge,” said Peter. “My promise wouldn’t mean much if I’m not a judge.”

Kathy smiled, confident in herself. She reached up behind her neck and undid the bow, letting her dress slither to the ground.

Peter nodded appreciatively. She was indeed nude under the dress, and now just nude.

“You are tempting, very tempting,” he murmured. “But surely you can’t expect me to promise not to vote for a legitimate candidate just for a little peep show? Betsy-Sue is quite a good cook you know.”

“What more do you want? You don’t think I’m going to let you grope me do you?” snapped Kathy.

Peter smiled and deliberately lowered his zip.

“It’s a seller’s market,” he observed, “and you came to me.”

Kathy’s eyes darted down to where she could see his trousers suddenly bulging. She licked her lips, totally unaware of how provocative it made her look.

“You’re not serious,” she said. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Peter promptly unbuckled his belt and let his trousers drop. His underpants followed.

“Now you tell me if you think I’m serious or not.”

Blushing, Kathy snatched up her dress and held it in front of her, trying not to look at Peter’s erection, but horribly aware of it all the same.

Peter stepped across the small space separating them. His hand went around her and clasped her bottom, drawing her firmly against him. Kathy could feel his erection pressed firmly against her lower stomach. There was, she decided, an awful lot of it.

“I’m going to give you a choice and I’m quite willing to abide by your decision,” Peter told her.

Tightening his hold on her bottom, Peter lifted Kathy, dragging her up against his cock until it slipped between her legs. Lowering her slightly, he felt himself pushing firmly against her lips, just edging them apart slightly.

Kathy had given a small squeal when she felt herself being lifted. Her arms had gone around Peter’s neck while her legs went around his waist. She held herself firmly against him, feeling the tip of his cock pressing against her.

“Wh-what sort of choice is this?” she demanded. “Put me down.”

“The choice is simple. You can settle down onto my cock and I’ll guarantee not to vote for Betsy-Sue. Or you can push away from me and get down.”

“B-but if I let myself settle down you’re going to, to…”

“Oh, yes. And quite enthusiastically, too. You’re a very desirable young woman, and it’s all I can do not to just take you right now, no matter what you decide. However, your choice. No hurry.”

Peter stood there, comfortably bearing Kathy’s weight and smiling down at her. Kathy dithered. She really didn’t want Betsy-Sue to win but she was quite sure she didn’t really want Peter to be able to say he’d had her.

To make matters worse, she could feel excitement rising within her. Peter was really quite strong (and large) and he had picked her up as though she were a child. What’s more she was conscious of his erection pressing lightly against her, pushing at her lips.

Kathy gave a faint gasp as she realised that Peter was no longer pushing at her lips. They’d parted, letting him start to slide between them. If she didn’t decide soon the decision would already have been made for her. Even as she went to tighten her grasp on Peter, ready to lift up and off, she found herself slipping down a little more.

She groaned and paused for a moment more, just long enough for Peter to move higher into her. Or was she pushing down onto him, she wondered.

“You definitely won’t vote for Betsy-Sue?” she gasped.

“I won’t,” confirmed Peter and then gave a gasp as Kathy relaxed and sank down, neatly impaling herself on his erection.

For a moment Peter just stood there, enjoying the feel of Kathy clinging to him and enclosing him. Then he headed for his bedroom. He wanted to lie her down while he drove down into her, ravishing her pretty body.

Deliberately treading heavily, each step sending a jolt up into Kathy, Peter stalked down to his bedroom. Kicking the door open he marched over to the bed. He could see Kathy watching him, expecting to be lowered onto the bed while he maintained contact. Lowered nothing; Peter just fell forward onto the bed, pinning Kathy beneath him.

Kathy squealed as she jolted against the bed, and squealed again as Peter crushed her, cock driving in harder than ever.

Kathy found that when Peter had said he would take her enthusiastically, he hadn’t been kidding. She squealed as he pulled back and slammed down into her, grinding hard against her. His hands sought and found her breasts, mauling them roughly while his cock started up a rough rhythm, forcing her to respond in a like manner.

Kathy was no virgin but this, she decided, was the first time she’d been taken as a female animal being dominated by a rampart male. There were no gentle caresses, just a hard driving need, and she loved it. Finding no reason not to, she forgot any inhibitions and thrust herself hard against Peter as he ravished her, doing her best to ravish him in the same way.

The pair of them bucked against each other, Kathy clinging desperately, hating the thought that he might slip away before she was finished. Her climax, when it came, was shattering, and she yielded to it happily, gloating in the feelings washing over her, not worrying if Peter had come or not.

Slowly Kathy came aware of her surroundings again. Warmth running along her leg answered the question of Peter’s coming. He had apparently filled her and overflowed. Slowly she turned her head and looked at him.

He smiled at her. “Shower through that door,” he murmured, and watched with admiration as she rose and walked through it. Getting up he went down to the kitchen to collect her dress and his trousers.

“I’ll see you at the contest tomorrow,” he told her. “And like I promised, I won’t be voting for Betsy-Sue.”

— –

After the contest Peter was at home, relaxing, when his front door crashed open.

“I knew I should have locked that,” he muttered to himself as Betsy-Sue stormed into the room.

“You swine,” she shrieked as soon as she spotted him. “You knew damn well that you weren’t a fucking judge. That rumour was all a hoax. How do you think I felt when Knally announced that he was the second new judge?”

“Um, relieved that if you won it would be fair, with no bribery of the judge involved?”

“Oh, very funny. What’s the idea of promising to vote for me when you knew you weren’t a judge? You even made me…” Her voice failed from sheer fury.

“I didn’t promise to vote for you. I said I wouldn’t vote for anyone else, and I didn’t. As for making you, as you put it, anything you did was of your own free choice.”

That was the point when the front door slammed open again and Kathy came bursting in.

“You bastard,” she shrieked at him. “You knew you weren’t going to be a judge. You rotten….”

Her voice died away as she became aware of Betsy-Sue standing there.

“You couldn’t have been hoping to win the pie contest,” said Betsy-Sue, ice forming around her. “Why were you here to see Peter?”

“More to the point,” came the catty reply, “is why a young married woman would be seeing one of the contest judges? What did you promise him for his vote?”

“Nothing,” came the airy reply. “I knew he wouldn’t be the judge. I just brought him an extra pie I’d cooked. The sort of thing old friends do, as you’d know if you had any. Why did you say you were here? I’m sure it wasn’t to give him anything you might have cooked.”

“Ah, ladies,” Peter chipped in. “I’ve had an energetic couple of days recently and not in the mood to referee a fight, no matter how polite. Why don’t you continue it outside. But come back anytime. My door is always open.”

Betsy-Sue and Kathy left, throwing suspicious glances at each other and angry looks at Peter. Peter rather suspected that they’d both be back at some stage. Neither was going to be happy until they gave him a piece of their mind. It would be interesting to see what happened.

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