Pie and a Pint?

This story contains creampies, watersports and humiliation. If its not for you then you may want to select another story to read. Otherwise enjoy and let me know what you think…..

We had met Brian in the bar of the hotel as agreed. He was a decent guy, about 5′ 10″ short blonde hair, athletic build and relaxed easy to talk to. Now I was watching him fuck my wife.

After meeting on-line this was our first “live” meet. We had chatted over a couple of drinks. I could see Katie liked him, the glances, the flirtatious behaviour, all signalled that our first time, with a third person, was going to happen. And now it was.

I was naked, on the chair in the corner, watching my young wife scream, (in pleasure) and curse, and claw this stranger’s back as he banged into with such force it was hard to believe She had already cum twice and was heading for her third. It is difficult to explain just how turned on I was watching this, listening to the obscenities flowing from Katie’s mouth.

One final assault, Katie was going again, only this time so was her lover. The slower more deliberate strokes, together with the guttural noises heralded their mutual cumming.

He paused, then almost collapsed on top of her, kissing passionately whilst regaining their breath. After a moment he withdrew his now flagging (but still substantial) cock from her swollen pussy. “Just wipe it off on me” Katie told him. As instructed he took his cum coated cock by the base and wiped it of over my wife’s little hairy patch then rolled off and onto the side of the bed.

For the first time since entering the room I was now introduced into the proceedings. “Did you enjoy that honey?” She asked and then looking down to my swollen cock “I see that you did” She giggled. Katie now swivelled her hips and opened her legs so as to give me a clear view of her fucked cunt. “And what would you like to do?” She asked as her hand reached down. The bright red finger nails so vivid against the small pubic area and whitish cum which was beginning to trickle out.

“Me? – But you know what I want” I stammered, totally mesmerised by the scene in front of me.

“Then tell me” She replied slowly inserting a finger into her cunt, removing it slowly, thick nasty cum running of the end of her finger, dripping back onto her cunt. “If you don’t tell me I won’t let you do anything!”

“I…. I.. I want to go down on you” I just about got out.

“No you don’t – and speak up – I want to hear you, tell me exactly what you want to do or you’ll get fuck all!” She barked.

How could I? How could I tell her exactly what I wanted to do with another man lying next to her? Then again if I didn’t, it may never happen. So, blanking out our “extra” from my mind as much as possible, in a loud clear voice I told her.

“I want to clean you out, I want to suck and lick all that nasty cum out of your sweet cunt and, afterwards, I want you to abuse me, to use me as you toilet and then for you to toss me aside for your real man” There I had said it.

“Good” She replied lying back on the bed “then you’d better get started before it all leaks onto the bed.”

I moved over to her, focused on her filthy cunt, the cum running out of her down towards her ass. I grasped her thighs and pulled them apart as my hungry mouth made directly for her leaking hole and began lapping and sucking as quickly as I could. The smell of sex was intense, the taste wasn’t that bad, bit salty but ok, the texture was awful, like a yoghurt left in the sun, runny with thick almost oily areas and the odd lump.

Continued cleaning as much as I could, moving outwards onto her matted pubes I sucked and licked clean swallowing every drop as my cock itched to explode and add my own mess onto the bed sheets.

“Clean my arse” She commanded rolling over as I quickly moved my head out of the way.

More had escaped and run directly down there than I had realised. As instructed I pulled her cheeks apart and licked every drop clean.

“Good” She continued “but I have more deep inside – get on your back – on the floor.”

Lying on my back she came and squatted over my face. “And fucking hurry up, I don’t have all day” She snapped pressing down heaving covering my mouth and most of my nose making it difficult to breathe.

Now in the upright position the cum from deep inside slid down quickly. Lots of it, it seemed to fill my mouth. My tongue was deep inside frantically darting in and out collecting all the cum I could until it was finished. No more and I eased up.

She started to get up. “No!” I exclaimed, “No please!”

She only uttered one word in reply “Beg!” and my humiliation was complete.

“Please” I began “Use me as your toilet, piss in my mouth, make me drink your sweet piss, let me take it all, let me dry you up and send you off to get fucked again, please!, please I need it.”

It hit the back of my throat a hot gush of nasty, strong, foul piss. This was no trickle, no little shot, it was a full-on stream. She sat down hard making it impossible to move as She filled my mouth over and over. I was gulping as quickly as I could so as not to spill any when I felt her reach behind and grab my aching cock. She dug her nails in and began violently wanking him. As the piss came to an end I erupted, the warm sticky mess landing on my stomach as I finally relaxed with a smile on my face.

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