Pictures to Remember Me By-2

“Nope, it’s true.”

Bella went to refill her glass, then changed her mind and just drank out of the bottle. Rick realized she was really drunk. He should probably cut her off.

“Ya know what? I gotta really good idea.”

“What’s that?”

“A really good idea. Um, what was it? Oh yeah, we should fuck. I haven’ been fucked in three weeks an’ you . . . you haven’ fucked in years and years an’ we’re both all fucking horny and shit. Isn’ that a good idea? I think it’s fucking stellar.”

“Great,” thought Rick, here he was, his cock standing at attention and a gorgeous girl asking to fuck him, but there was no way he could follow through with it. She was too drunk to know what she was saying and he just couldn’t take advantage of her like that. “Sucks having a conscience,” he thought to himself.

“I don’t feel so good.” Bella ran to the gunwale and hurled into the harbor.

Rick cleaned her up and helped her below deck to the bed. “Time to sleep it off.”

He came back out and finished the last glass of wine. He spread out a sleeping bag on the deck and slept under the stars.

Rick had just made a pot of coffee when Bella woke up.

“How are you feeling?” Rick asked.

“I’ll tell you after I’ve had some of that coffee.”

After she finished a cup, she turned to him. “You know, I actually feel a lot better than I thought I would. I’m starving.”

Rick took her to a breakfast place up the street. Bella picked out a booth, then excused herself to go to the ladies room. When she came back, she slid into the booth next to him and sat Indian style on the bench.

When they were just finishing their meal, Bella said, “Rick, I know I should thank you for being so sweet last night. I don’t think I remember everything, but I’m pretty sure I offered you sex.”

“You did.”

“See, here’s the problem.” She locked her eyes on his. “I wasn’t looking for sweet.”

She reached out and took his hand and guided it too her leg. She steered it up under her miniskirt. He kept going until he reached wet folds of flesh between her legs. She wasn’t wearing panties. She gasped a little and leaned into him until her lips were at his ear. She whispered, “I want you to make me cum right here.”

Rick looked around. He realized Bella had chosen this booth for good reason. It was around the corner from the rest of them and offered privacy from the other patrons.

His heart was racing as he fingered Bella. She squirmed and moaned quietly in his ear. The illicitness of what they were doing was scary and thrilling.

“Oh my god that feels so good. Don’t stop.”

“Bella, the waitress is coming over.”

“I don’t fucking care, I’m so close. Don’t you dare stop.”

The waitress came to the table, looking down at her pad. “Can I get you two anything else?” She looked up. “Oh . . . what are you two doing? . . . oh my god.”

Bella climaxed at that instant. “Oh yes, oh fuck yes!” she whispered.

The waitress just stood there with a broad grin on her face.

“Damn that was good,” said Bella. Turning to the waitress, she said, “I hope you’re not offended.”

“Not offended, no. A little embarrassed, but not offended. That was hot. I’m going to need to change my panties after that little show.”

Bella laughed. “Live a little, just lose the panties.”

“Is she always so raunchy?”

“I don’t know yet. I’m looking forward to finding out.”

They got in the car and headed back toward Bella’s apartment. Rick could barely keep his mind on the road with Bella’s tongue in his ear and her hand in his shorts.

Back at the apartment, Bella pointed to the couch and said, “Take a seat.”

She stood in front of Rick and began a strip tease. Gyrating her hips, she lifted her polo shirt over her head. She turned her back to Rick and removed her bra. She turned back to face him with her hands over her breasts, her body still undulating erotically. She spread her fingers to let her nipples poke through then dropped her hands.

“My god you have a hot body.”

“You like what you see? C’mon baby, show me you like it. Take that hard cock out and stroke it for me.”

Rick happily complied.

“Mmmm, nice,” said Bella. She shimmied out of her miniskirt, exposing her bald pussy. She licked a finger and ran it over her slit.

Bella stepped up to Rick and dropped down to her knees. “Give me that beautiful cock,” she said. She wrapped a hand around it and licked the head.

“Oh, Bella,” groaned Rick.

Bella slowly worked her mouth down his shaft, engulfing it in exquisite wet warmth. Bella gave Rick head for a few minutes.

Bella turned around on the floor and pointed her ass at Rick. “Come down here and fill me up.”

Rick knelt behind her and guided the head of his cock into her waiting opening. He pushed his way into Bella, her hot pussy gripping his cock tightly. It felt so good after his three year drought. Rick reached around and rubbed Bella’s swollen clit.

Rick fucked Bella for several minutes as her moans slowly increased in volume. “Oh god Rick, fuck me baby.”

Soon the pressure reached a peak and a wave of intense pleasure swept through his body. At the same time Bella’s pussy began to pulse involuntarily. “Fuck yes, I’m cumming!” she cried out. Rick couldn’t hold back any longer and he emptied himself into her. They collapsed in a heap on the carpet.

After resting a few minutes, Bella said, “Let’s take a shower.”

They gently caressed every inch of each other’s bodies with soapy hands under the warm shower.

Rick watched Bella appreciatively as she dried herself. He was overwhelmed with a desire to touch her again. He walked over, swept her off her feet, carried her into the bedroom and deposited her on the bed.

He got between her legs and lapped at her sweet pussy until her hips bucked and she cried out in ecstasy again.

Rick climbed back up beside her and kissed her gently, sharing the taste of her own juices. Bella sighed.



“I know I should have brought this up before we had sex, but I was so horny I couldn’t think straight. I want you to understand that there are no strings attached, OK? What we just did doesn’t mean I’m your girlfriend. Don’t assume you can have sex with me whenever you want. It may never happen again. Or we both might decide we want each other again sometime. I’m not making any promises.”

“So what if I said I wanted you again right now?”

“Do you?”


“Oh fuck, me too.”

They soon brought each other to climax again.



“Did you want to keep this just between us?”

“Why? Are you ashamed of having sex with me?”

“Oh god no. I don’t think there’s a man alive that would be ashamed of having sex with you.”

“Good, I’m not ashamed either. I’m not suggesting you should go around boasting of your conquest, but I’m not asking you to keep it a secret. We’re just two consenting adults that decided to have casual sex. It’s no big deal.”

“What about Elise?”

“What about her? You want to fuck her too?”

“Well that’s not what I meant, but I certainly wouldn’t turn her down if she offered. No, what I meant was that she didn’t seem very happy last night when you were flirting with me. She tried to get you to leave with her. I was wondering if she had some issue with us hooking up.”

“Oh, that’s just Elise being Elise. She gets jealous sometimes. Especially when she drinks. She already texted me this morning and apologized, then begged for the juicy details.”

“But why would she be jealous? She has a boyfriend.”

“Yeah but she’s tired of him trying to control her. I think the idea of casual sex with no strings attached was what she was jealous about.”

“Who knows, by the time I finish dishing to her about your talents, she may just want to take a lap around the block with you.”

“OK, now you’re just teasing me again.”

“I can’t help it, it’s what I do.”

At the bar on Monday the relationship between Bella, Rick and Elise seemed back to normal. It was about two weeks later, just as Rick was beginning to think that his adventure with Bella really was going to be a one-time thing, that she came on to him again. Just as they got off work, she simply grabbed him by the hand and said, “Come with me.” She led him to an empty room in the resort and they made love.

This became a pattern.

One cool, rainy afternoon, the beach bar was empty and Rick and Bella were hanging out with little to do. Bella looked at Rick and declared, “You need a girlfriend.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because you’re a great guy and you deserve to find love.”

“I find love every couple of weeks when you get so horny you can’t stand it anymore.”

“That’s not love, it’s just sex. Really great sex, but still just sex.”

“OK, but where are you going to fill that need if I go get a girlfriend? She probably wouldn’t approve of our ‘friends with benefits’ relationship.”

“At the risk of sounding conceited, I think I can find another guy willing to attend to my needs.”

Rick had to concede the truth in that. Men came into the bar every day and drooled over her.

Bella added, “It would be selfish of me to keep you off the market just so you can be my occasional fuck-toy. Look, the truth is, I do love you, but not as a boyfriend. You are a great friend and I care a lot about you.”

“Well, that’s sweet of you, but I think what I’m hearing is that you are shutting me off.”

“No, I didn’t say that. Until you are spoken for, I’m probably going to come knocking every time my needs get urgent.”

“Well, I’d say that’s pretty powerful incentive for me to avoid finding a girlfriend.”

“I’m sure if you got yourself a girlfriend, you’d get plenty of sex.”

“Maybe, but what are the chances she’d be as hot as you? I’ve been working here for three months now and the only girl I’ve seen that’s even close is Elise.”

“You really think I’m hotter than Elise? . . . Dammit, Rick, now you’ve got me all horny. Let’s close this damn bar and go back to my place.”

A while later, Bella lay naked in Rick’s arms on twisted and sweaty sheets. “So about finding this girlfriend . . .”

Rick got suspicious. “You already have someone in mind, don’t you.”


“Spill it.”

“Well, she’s closer to your age, but she’s in really good shape.”


“. . . she’s smart and funny . . .”

“Who, Bella?”

“. . . and she’s lonely and really horny.”

“Dammit Bella, who?”

“My mom.”

Rick couldn’t help it, he started laughing.

Bella looked angry. “Why is that a fucking joke? You’ve never even met her.”

“I’m sorry, Bella, I didn’t mean to upset you. You don’t see the absurdity of this situation? We are lying here naked after just having sex and you’re asking me to date your mom?”

“OK, I guess that is kind of funny. But I really mean it. You two would be good together.”

“So how do you know your mom is horny? No, don’t answer that; some things I’m probably better off not knowing.”

“Will you at least meet her?”

“Sure, convince her to show up at the bar. Just don’t tell her you’re trying to fix us up.”

About a week later, Bella’s mom did come into the bar.

Rick didn’t need to be told who she was, it was obvious. She looked like an older version of Bella; same dark hair, same pretty face, same striking green eyes and the same athletic build. In fact, Bella’s mom looked like a serious athlete.

“Hi, I’m Rick, can I get you something to drink?”

“A glass of Chardonnay, please. My name’s Katie.”

She held out her hand. Rick took it and raised it to his lips. “I can see where Bella got her good looks and killer body.”

Katie smiled seductively, “And I can see why you make her weak in the knees.”

“Did she really say that about me?”

“She didn’t have to. She’s a sucker for dashing older gentlemen like you.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that, she won’t date me.”

“No, but she’s perfectly willing to hop into bed with you.”

“She doesn’t keep any secrets from you, does she?”

“Not many, except she wouldn’t tell me why she wanted me to show up here.”

“Maybe she thinks you need to get out and socialize more.”

“Mom! You came to the bar.” Bella came over and gave her mom a hug. “I see you’ve met Rick. Isn’t he charming?”

“Quite. He’s already trying to charm the pants off of me.”

“Is he succeeding?”

“Well, I’m still wearing pants.”

“I guess I need to try harder,” responded Rick.

“Mmm, yes, harder is good,” Katie said.

Apparently shameless flirting was another trait Katie shared with her daughter.

“So tell me, are you a runner?”



Katie and Rick talked as he tended bar for the last hour of his shift. He found out that she was the head nurse at the local hospital. She caught him off guard when she asked him about his career. He stumbled over an answer, before finally saying he was retired. It wasn’t exactly true, but what else was he going to tell her? She responded with raised eyebrows, likely wondering why he retired at such a young age.

Rick found himself increasingly drawn to her. In a purely physical sense, Bella was more attractive; youth did have its advantages, after all. Still, Katie was not short on sex appeal and Rick liked her quick wit.

Rick approached Katie at the end of his shift.

“Katie, can I interest you in dinner tonight?”

Katie agreed. She wrote directions to her house and her cell number on a bar napkin and gave it to Rick.

As soon as Katie left, Bella came over to Rick. “Well?”

“Your mom is hot.”

“I told you.”

“I’m taking her out to dinner tonight.”


Bella hugged him. As his body responded to hers, Rick realized his relationship with her could get complicated. Bella did not seem the slightest bit conflicted by the situation.

“Down, boy, I’m off limits now.” She laughed.

As they left for the parking lot, Rick was suddenly hit with worrisome questions. He called over to Bella as she was getting in her car.

“Bella, wait up.”


“Bella, I haven’t dated in 20 years. I don’t know what to do.”

“Relax, it’ll be fine.”

“Where should I take her?”

“Nothing too fancy, she likes Mariani’s”

“What should I wear? Jacket and tie?”

“No, way too formal. Go with a pair of khaki’s and a polo shirt.”



“Rick, relax and just be yourself, you two are going to get along fine.” Bella gave him a peck on the cheek.

Nevertheless, Rick was a bundle of nerves as he entered Katie’s neighborhood. His unease increased when he saw the upscale homes in the development. Katie was apparently wealthy. He pulled into the driveway of the elegant Georgian colonial, next to a late model Mercedes sedan. His old convertible looked like a piece of junk in comparison.

Katie met Rick at the door, looking stunning in a simple spaghetti strap flowered sundress.

“Hi Rick, . . .what? No flowers? No jacket and tie?”

Rick’s heart sank, Bella had apparently given him all the wrong advice.

Katie laughed, “Relax, I’m kidding. Bella told me the advice she gave you. You are perfect just as you are.”

Rick was relieved at Katie’s reaction to his car. “Oh cool, I love convertibles.”

The date went well. They engaged in animated conversation throughout dinner. The only awkward moment for Rick was when Katie brought up his career and asked why he retired early.

“I got tired of the stress,” was the best answer he could come up with. It was basically true. He knew she could tell there was more to the story, but thankfully she didn’t push it any further.

After dinner, Katie and Rick took a walk on the beach, hand in hand. When they stopped to watch the moonlight dancing on the incoming waves, he slipped an arm around her. She turned to face him. He felt like a nervous teenager as he leaned in for a kiss. Their lips met softly, gently exploring each other.

Katie pulled away after a few moments and took his hand, leading Rick back to the car.

When they got back to her house, Rick walked Katie to the door. They turned to each other again. Katie’s body melted into his and she met him with a more passionate kiss than the one at the beach. She slipped him her tongue between her parted lips. After a little while, Rick broke off the kiss and gazed into Katie’s mesmerizing green eyes. He leaned back in to kiss her again but she put her hand up.

“That’s enough for a first date, lover-boy. I’m not quite as easy as my daughter.”

Rick scheduled a second date for three days later. He agreed to pick her up at 7:00.

This time there was no trepidation as he headed out onto the highway to pick her up. Halfway there, he checked the directions to confirm his cranky memory was giving him the right exit. He pulled out her paper napkin directions, but the wind from the open convertible ripped it out of his hand and it blew away. He had a moment of panic, but when the exit came up, he recognized it.

He got off the exit and took a right at the end of the ramp. “Four lights down Main Street and a left onto Maynard,” he recited from his memory. Except that four lights down was Williams Street. He went a few more lights and still didn’t find Maynard. What the fuck was wrong?

Soon Rick was hopelessly lost and it was already after 7. He’d have to call Katie and confess he was lost. That’s when Rick realized he had forgotten his cell phone on the boat. He pulled into a gas station. He thought he could ask for directions, but what the hell was the name of the street she lived on? Rick cursed his affliction. He could ask to use their phone if he could remember her number, but that wasn’t happening either. Rick sat hopelessly in his car, paralyzed with indecision. He finally decided to ask for directions back to the highway.

As he headed back, he spotted the Maynard Street sign. He turned down it and began recognizing the landmarks. After a few more miscues, he finally found Katie’s house.

He knocked on her door at 8:00.

“Where the hell have you been?”

“I’m so sorry . . .um, something unexpected came up and. . .”

“You could have called!”

“I’m sorry, Kelly, I . . .”

“KELLY?! The names Katie! You know what? Fuck you!” Katie slammed the door in Rick’s face. Rick was ashamed and embarrassed. He knocked on the door a couple of times but Katie wouldn’t answer it.

Sadly, he drove home. When he got home, he checked his cell phone. There were three texts from Katie, but all from before he had seen her, wondering where he was. Rick was trying to decide whether he should call Katie when his phone rang. It was Bella. He picked up the call.

“Rick, what happened? Mom is furious with you.” She sounded as upset as he felt. Rick explained what happened.

“Rick, you need to tell her the truth about your condition. She will understand.”

“Bella, I can’t. I went through this with my ex-wife. As soon as she found out about my condition, she lost all respect for me. All I got from her was pity.”

“Give mom more credit than that. Look, I know and I still respect you.”

“I know you do. That’s why you’re such a good friend.”

“Give mom the same chance.”

“I don’t know . . .”

A week later, Bella still had not been able to convince Rick to reveal his secret to her mother. Not that he could have told her directly anyway, because she refused to take his calls. Bella gave up and stopped talking about it.

One day, Elise came to Rick and said, “You know, my mom told me there’s an Alzheimer’s support group that meets at the hospital weekly. She goes sometimes when she’s having trouble coping with Grandma. Maybe you should go. I’d be glad to go with you if you didn’t want to go alone.”

“I’ll think about it,” said Rick. Initially he was a little annoyed that she brought it up, even though he knew she was just trying to help. Still, he had been in a serious funk since the incident with Katie and the more he thought about it, the more he realized it might be good to talk to some people that understood what he was going through. He approached Elise the next day.

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