Pictures Never Lie: A Love Story Pt. 10: Final-2

Nonetheless, if half of what Tom told me about Lance’s present condition was true, that wasn’t going to happen again. And I was going to find out the details of the whole sordid thing as soon as I was released tomorrow.

I had a feeling that Rebecca would need a shoulder to cry on, even though getting out of the clutches of that slimy bastard was really the best thing that ever happened to her.

I actually sympathized with what she would be feeling. I remembered several times in my past when it felt like I was coming off an addictive drug after I broke up with a lover who really rang my chimes. But I also knew that you get over it. That is, if you are even halfway well-balanced psychologically.

Rebecca had too many good things in her life; husband, family and career, to want to ruin it over a low-life like Lance. I am sure like all cheaters she believed that she would never get caught. But illicit things have an inconvenient habit of surfacing eventually and the chickens had all come home to roost for Rebecca.

Fortunately, Tom and I were the only two people who knew about her affair and our lips were sealed. More importantly, thanks to Tom I was pretty sure that Lance would not be using his equipment for a while. So Rebecca couldn’t cheat with him if she had wanted to.

Moreover, the self-loathing that came through in her voice told me that she had no feelings for Lance whatsoever, just his cock.

Unfortunately, women will sometimes do things that make them absolutely hate themselves. But they are unable to stop because of their emotions. Women just experience emotion too deeply and our passions put us in situations that we know are wrong. It was evident that Rebecca was suffering from that problem.

It takes nothing more than recognizing that what you are feeling is self-destructive. Then you use your intellect to impose a little self-control. Fortunately, I have been to that rodeo a lot of times and as her friend I was going to make certain that she never strayed again.

Rebecca never had a flock of guys trying to get into her panties. Consequently she never developed strong protective instincts. Due to the way I look, I had plenty of opportunity to practice that skill before I turned 20. So I was a master of the art.

As I dozed off I was thinking about the new life that was growing in my belly. I felt like equilibrium had been restored to my life. I had gone through one of those dark passages that life always requires you to transit.

But, for every dark passage there is a sunny one. And I knew that I was emerging into the sunlight. There was no challenge that could beat me now, even though I was about to become a mother at 42.

The inexpressible joy that I felt at the thought of bringing a new life into the world made the horror of the other thing evaporate like the proverbial summer dew.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We checked her out of the hospital the following morning. She was in perfect health at that point but the hospital’s orderlies had to do their usual trick of whisking her down to my waiting car in a wheel chair.

She looked totally amused as she approached, seated on her wheeled throne. I kissed her fondly and said, “Enjoy your ride your Majesty?” and got whacked for my trouble.

I had a maid service over at the house most of the day yesterday. They were cleaning and resetting everything in the house to pristine condition.

The last thing I wanted was for Janet to be confronted by any evidence of her trauma of three days ago. I had done a thorough inspection before picking her up and the place looked like OUR home again, not the place that I hadn’t lived in for the past two months.

I also checked on Lance’s condition. He was out of intensive care and in a regular room. The Asp strike that I had laid on him had been extremely painful and he was still on drugs but there was no permanent damage to his reproductive system.

His prostate was swollen to a point where they still had him peeing through a bag. But there was every indication that he would return to full functionality as a man. That didn’t mean that he still wouldn’t be spending the next five to twenty-five years behind bars.

It was essential that I build an unbreakable emotional firewall between Janet and the heartbreak of the past two months. My main aim was to ensure that she was protected from any further pain.

I did not want Janet to be interviewed by anybody official. So I had my lawyers talking to the police. They told me that they would take care of the negotiations and if our presence was required they would shepherd the process.

More importantly if her testimony was needed they would handle all of the coaching. They said that the prosecutor thought that he had Mr. Jones so dead to rights that there would be a plea deal.

Of course I was also still seriously lusting after revenge. I wanted Mr. Lance Jones to experience the sensation of rape up-close-and-personal. I was thinking that making him some 300 pound inmate’s personal sex toy would be a start.

The first prerequisite for being part of my legal staff is to be slightly more ruthless than a Doberman-Pinscher in a suit. So I was certain that my guys would make that happen.

Murphy had actually made it all the way down to Havana. It was a classic needle in the haystack problem. There are way too many medium sized sailboats moving up and down the East Coast’s Inland Passage to pick one boat out of the crowd.

Of course the Cubans handed him right back to us, since he was of no use to them without the intel. It was gratifying to see the Cuban’s pay off Murphy’s betrayal with a little treachery on their own part. They deserved each other.

Naturally, I never saw the $4 million that he embezzled from me. But that was mainly due to the fact that, as soon as he arrived back in Miami every trace of Mr. Murphy had disappeared. It was money well spent.

I assumed that he was presently enjoying an all expenses paid lifetime stay in ADX Florence.

Janet was a little nervous as we entered our house. The last time we had been together there as husband and wife had been over two months ago.

In that time she had been manipulated into believing that I had betrayed her, been seduced by another man, separated from me and then raped.

I was finally home. It had been a trying time but we were together again and I was completely happy.

My old condo would make a dandy tax write-off for my business. I was never going to leave her again and we could always use a place to put up visiting dignitaries.

She walked through the house like she was just visiting. She sat down on the same chair in our kitchen that she always sits in. In fact, she was sitting in it when she confronted me with the pictures.

She looked lost. I said, “Tell me honestly, what’s going through your mind right now?”

She said, “First of all, this is very disorienting. I was sitting in this chair when my world fell apart. I was sitting in it when I discovered how wrong I was about you. And I was sitting in it two days ago when Lance drugged me. It’s almost as if some kind of evil vortex is hovering over it.”

I laughed and said, “We can change that.” And I got up took her hand and steered her over to my usual seat. Then I sat down in hers looked at her brightly and said, “Problem solved!”

I said, “I love you and that will never change. No evil vortex is going to affect us again. I don’t know what ever possessed me to deny the fact that we were meant to be with each other, but we will be together forever, I promise.”

I got up and she stood too. I knew what we both had in mind. It’s the way we have always re-connected after any trouble.

I held her at arm’s length and looked into her infinitely deep and beautiful hazel eyes. I could see the intellect and strength playing across her soul like summer lightning on the horizon of a hot summer day.

I could also see her immeasurable passion crouching there like a predator. I felt her gaze pulling me into her with the feminine power that is the essence of woman, enfolding, and nurturing, ardent, restorative and strengthening.

The power of her mind and her absolute humanity were all open and on display in those unfathomable eyes.

I put just one finger on her perfect cheek. Its healthy natural beauty glowed like a ripe orchard on a sunny fall day.

I slid the little visitor past her narrow little nose to her wide sensuous mouth. Her lips were lightly colored with cosmetics, moist and full and at this stage of the exploration slightly parted.

I touched her generous lips and she let out a very slight gasp, enfolded the tip of my finger with them and lightly touched her tongue to it.

Then she released it and my little traveler passed on over the exquisite point of her chin. I traced down over the solid ledge of her jaw to that perfectly muscled neck. It felt both soft and hard at the same time, smooth dusky and exposed.

It was exceptionally hot to the touch as the blood pulsed through it. She let out a much louder gasp and then a long sigh, steadily holding my gaze from the depths of her soul. Her gaze was telling me about her unshakable fidelity to me.

My finger moved across her collar bones, which anchored the chiseled muscles of her dancer’s body, to caress her womanly shoulders. I felt the urge to kiss those vulnerable things, so small in proportion compared to the power of her hips. She was gasping her need, but the time was not quite right.

We turned and walked holding hands into the master bedroom. This was the place where her defilement had taken place. We were going to make new memories now. She knew it.

She solemnly and silently unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it and her bra off. She unzipped her skirt and let it drop. She peeled her panties off as she slipped as gracefully as usual onto her side of the bed.

I had undressed faster than she had. I was already lying on my side next to her on the bed. She was panting in anticipation. I traced her shoulders again, still looking into those intelligent and now slightly amused eyes.

I moved up the swell of her left breast to the aureole. It had wrinkled to a much smaller area as her nipple hardened. But it was still as expansive and brown-fertile as a newly turned field. The nipple itself stood there, proud and quivering, round and high as a solitary castle at the top of a great mountain.

I circled my finger around it, wondering at its symmetry. It grew redder and wider as her hot blood engorged it. This feature would require considerable special attention at a later time but the exploration wasn’t done yet.

The breast itself was heaving with increasing passion as I passed down the impossibly long slope from the nipple to her ribs, where the breast folded in to create a vast horizontal space like a long crack in a canyon wall.

My finger traced uphill along her rib cage, which rose rather than fell away from her breasts. My little traveler came to the highest point on her rib cage, where he encountered the deep drop off to the wide flat plain of her belly and hips.

It was a breathtaking vista, like coming to a cliff after a long journey and seeing an incredibly broad and fertile valley spread out below you. The hip bones stuck up far in the distance and framed the valley’s end. Her mons pubis stood out in the middle of that valley like a prominent distant hill.

She had not started to show yet but there was another soul sleeping under that exquisitely round and fruitful landscape. The reminder of what she was carrying there set off the most astonishing feeling of arousal that I have ever felt.

My traveler lightly skipped down from the height of her rib cage across the smooth muscles of her stomach. The terrain that those muscles formed rippled wildly as my finger passed and little gasps and cries of sheer passion followed its progress.

It stopped to explore the deep crater of her belly button, eliciting a short and very profound gasp and loud moan as it did. There was a small golden artifact attached to the skin at the rim, perhaps placed there by some ancient civilization to mark a special place of devotion, I would return there myself to worship.

The traveler moved over the undulating swell of her lower belly and into the exceptionally broad and bountiful expanse directly between her hip bones. It began to climb her mons. As it climbed the solitary finger passed across a well maintained lawn, like you would see if you approached a grand estate.

On the other side of the crest of that little hill I encountered a hypnotically enchanting fissure. It was wide and deep, the folds were slightly brown reddish and they were unfolding like a flower in front of the traveler’s eyes begging to be explored. The female scent coming from that place was intoxicating in the extreme.

The agitated moans and cries urged the traveler to plunge into the fruitful space between. But there was still considerable rich abundance to be experienced before that could happen. So the traveler pressed on across her pubic bone to the considerable space at the juncture between her thighs and her hips. The traveler had a decision to make, right, or left?

The traveler chose left. He traced down an extraordinarily full and well-muscled thigh. The skin covering each of those highly defined muscles twitched violently as he passed, while she groaned in an agony of sensory overload.

Because the traveler was in no hurry the passage took some time. She gasped, cried and loudly panted during all of it, but she allowed the traveler to proceed. At the knee cap he traced around to the right bypassing the top of the knee and jumped over to the silky smooth skin of the shin of the other leg.

His change of pathways caused a yelp, a loud groan and a bucking of her hips. At that point the exploration included a short detour to trace the extraordinary bulge of the calf muscle.

That exploration was complicated somewhat by the uncontrolled flexing of her powerful leg. The moans, gasps and pleadings became more frantic.

The traveler paused to examine the feet. Because of the dance training, these were real working appendages not delicate little attachments, very muscular and utilitarian, high arching and solid with neatly painted red nails at the end of the toes.

The toes themselves were tightly curled at the end of her feet, which were frantically pushing into the bed as she began to wildly gyrate her hips, back bowed in the grip of a powerful orgasm.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He came around the table and raised me to my feet. He gazed into my eyes. It was as if he wanted to merge his soul with mine. When he looked at me that way I knew that he could see the truth of my love for him in my most secret place. The longing and passion that I felt was flowing out of me in torrents.

I normally cannot look him in the eye when we he is gazing at me like that. That is because when he is in the process of loving me I am so totally lost in him, that I am afraid I will disappear entirely into the vast terrain of his penetrating eyes. But this was special so I quaveringly held his gaze.

He regarded me tenderly and placed a single broad finger on my cheek. I know it is a cliché but the only way to describe that touch was “electric”.

He traced gently across my cheekbone, then down past my nose to my lips. He traced lightly along my upper lip and then moved down. I had already begun to pant so his finger slipped neatly between my lips. I gave it a faint kiss and touched it with my tongue.

That simple gesture aroused me more than any kind of oral stimulation that I have ever given any man in my entire life and I began to feel very hot and wet. However, he did not stop with my lips. His finger continued its feathery trace down and under my chin and onto my neck.

He shifted his glance to follow his finger and released from the thrall of his eyes. I closed mine, or maybe they just rolled up in my head. I began to experience his light touch on my neck. I felt a series of incredibly hot flashes pass through my pussy like lightning strikes.

The little lady in my head said dryly. “If this is the way you’re reacting when he touches you in your kitchen, imagine what it is going to feel like when he gets you some place a little more convenient.” All I could think of was how much I needed to merge with him.

I broke the embrace and took him by the hand. I led him to the malevolent place where I had been despoiled two days earlier. I couldn’t remember a second of that event. But I was going to completely overwrite any vestige of it in my memory by means of an epic fucking of this man.

I flew out of my clothes and lay down on the bed in the approximate place where it must have happened. He undressed even faster and was lying propped up on one arm as I snuggled against him.

He moved over my collar bone still tracing with his one finger, across my shoulders and down my breast to my nipple. It was so painfully tight and hard I was afraid it would fall off.

I expected him to start tweaking or sucking on it, like all other men I have made love to would have done. But instead he just traced a circle around the aureole.

I sincerely thought that I would lose my mind at that point and I felt the juices just leaking out of me. My need to have him inside was getting to code red status fast and he had to be aware of that fact, but he refused to stop and I didn’t try to stop him.

He continued to trail one finger down my breast to where it folds over on my rib cage and then down my ribs to my belly where he hesitated. No doubt he was taking in the scenery down there. Then he traced down my stomach to my belly button and dipped his finger into it.

That was the most intimate thing anybody has ever done to me. I would have totally lost it if he had remained in there for about a millisecond longer. But he abruptly continued down across my belly to the folds of my pussy.

I was loudly moaning and gasping and begging him to put his finger, or tongue, or anything in it. But apparently torture was on the menu today.

He continued down the top of my thigh. Every muscle he touched contracted like he had tasered it. The sheer physical sensation of each touch was driving me nuts. Added to that was the fact that I had been building a pent up need for sexual release from the time that he had first caressed my cheek.

So each time he touched a new muscle I felt like I was going to light up in an orgasm to end all orgasms. When he reached my kneecap I was begging him in in very explicit language to fuck me. And I was also telling him in no uncertain terms what would happen to him if he did not get immediately to that task.

Instead he started tracing the length of my other shin. At that stage I was holding myself in a rigid bow, with just the crown of my shoulders and my heels touching the ground. My insides were churning like the Atlantic in the middle of particularly violent hurricane and I was about to come in ways that cannot be expressed in human language.

I estimated that the energy driving my first orgasm was roughly equivalent to that of the super black hole at the center of our galaxy. I could feel it coming from miles away and as it began to build my little voice was sitting up there fanning herself saying, “Whew boy! This is going to be a BIG ONE!!”

When it hit, it felt like I was dematerializing. I have no rational memories of what happened for the next couple of minutes. But when I finally got my brain restarted I was absolutely mortified. I was thinking to myself, “You selfish little bitch! You just came so hard your back teeth melted out and he never even got inside you!!”

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