Pictures Never Lie: A Love Story Pt. 07-2

She was married and she had two teenaged kids and she led a very ordinary life with her husband, who was the chemistry teacher at the local high school. Her husband was a decent, if not tremendously exciting guy who was close to my age.

It was obvious from the times we had talked man-to-man, that Rebecca was the first and only woman he had ever fucked. My guess was that the same went for Rebecca.

Sharita was the second hottest looking woman in the entire school, only eclipsed by my beautiful wife. She had an adventurous sex life to say the least. She was telling the others about a date she had had the weekend before that involved a trip to Atlantic City.

It sounded exactly like the sort of thing I should have been doing with Janet for the past ten years. And Janet was eagerly soliciting the gory details. It turns out that Sharita and her date DID take in a show and DID do a little gambling but most of the time was spent in the room making the two backed beast. Janet actually said, “Wow! That sounds exciting!” I really didn’t like her wistful tone of voice.

Marcy, who was brand new to the school and looked like she was about 14 suddenly announced, “I have to get home. My husband will be back from work and I want to have a good dinner waiting for him.” Needless to say Marcy was a newlywed.

I heard the sound of chairs scraping and they all proceeded out the door. Janet went straight across the parking lot and got into the sporty Mercedes E350 that I had bought her at the beginning of the summer. She drove off with a breezy wave to her friends. I have to admit that I breathed a sigh of relief.

Marcy and Sharita had ridden together and they walked over to Marcy’s sensible Camry, backed out and disappeared.

That left Lance and Rebecca standing together next to Lance’s car, which was an Escalade. I actually thought, “Perfect car for a stud like him.” Lance and Rebecca were still talking.

Because I use Bluebugging a lot in my work, I had a directional antenna built into the back of my tablet. The antenna enhanced the range out to about 300 yards. Lance was only about 70 feet away so he was still well within the effective radius, even with the glass in between.

Lance surprised me by pulling Rebecca around behind the back of his SUV, out of the line of sight of people in the restaurant. I heard the sound of a long, sloppy kiss followed by a loud moan. My eyebrows collided with my hairline and I actually said out loud, “What the fuck??!!”

I instantly suspected that this surprising turn of events would be significant and I wanted to follow the play-by-play. Bluetooth is way too limited in range and I REALLY had to know what was going on with the two of them.

I did a little tapping and dropped a virus called “Flame” onto Lance’s smartphone. Thanks to my little minion his phone was now my personal Internet enabled camera and listening device.

His data plan might take a serious hit. But since he had just spent the entire afternoon eyeing Janet like she was prime-rib I felt like I had a serious dog in the fight and I needed to know where the situation between him and Rebecca was going.

There was some rustling that was probably body pressed on body and then Rebecca said, “God Lance, I have to have your big cock in me. I need it now!”

Lance said, “Over here!” And they emerged back into my line of sight.

The two of them got into the SUV and I heard the sound of driving as his vehicle disappeared from sight around the back of the restaurant. That area was deserted most of the time.

Since I owned his phone I could still plainly hear what was going on in the front seat of the SUV, even if I couldn’t see it. I activated the recording feature on my tablet.

All of the time Lance was driving I could hear the slurping sound of somebody sucking his cock. I drew that conclusion because he was giving out the occasional loud grunt, which made Rebecca go to town on him even harder. She was moaning loudly even though she sounded like she had her mouth full of fresh dick.

Then there was the sound of parking, rustling and a couple of minutes later I heard, “OH MY GOD, IT’S SO BIG!!!” That was Rebecca’s voice.

Then she said frantically, “Wait, wait, wait, I have to adjust!!!”

To which Lance growled, “Take it bitch!!! Take it all the way!!!”

Then there was a loud groan and the prolonged sound of very liquid slapping. Rebecca’s moans were getting louder and louder until she exploded in a shriek and there was the sound of frantic movement.

The slapping and moaning continued for another couple of minutes until I heard her say in a panicked voice, “You have to come in me! Come in me NOW!! I can’t take it anymore!!! Come in me please!!”

That was followed by a loud basso-profundo groan and a long satisfied, “Yesssss!!!” Then there was nothing but the sound of strained breathing.

Finally Rebecca said, “God I love your big cock.”

Lance said, “And I love your big tits.” It was a truly romantic moment in the world of cheating spouses.

In my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine that frumpy Rebecca could be such a wild-thing. More important I had just discovered that anybody, no matter how unlikely, can cheat.

I wondered how long THAT had been going on and whether Janet had a clue about any of it.

There was the sound of things being put back on and zipped then the car started. The SUV reappeared from around the back of the restaurant. Lance was talking to Rebecca. He said, “So you think she is really split up with that husband of hers?” The subtext was, “Is she available?”

Rebecca said with a certain amount of self-loathing in her voice, “She really loves him and she would never do anything like we just did.”

However Rebecca did not actually say that Janet might not be willing to do it someplace else.

Lance dropped Rebecca at her car and the two of them drove happily off leaving me with questions to mull over. As he moved out of range I programmed his phone to include mine in the conversation, if he called a certain number.

I paid for my own meal and drove home in a state of extreme disquiet. I had learned a lot over my evening’s meatloaf and I had to factor it into my thinking.

It was clear that I had been selfishly complacent with Janet. Beautiful women get flattery and lots of excitement from men. That is the way the species is hardwired. And a husband who loses track of that natural fact is dangling his own spouse out there for any shark to take advantage of.

Janet had given me an understandable and easy to accept explanation for her actions with Murphy, no matter how unwittingly. The fact that she didn’t know I was listening only made what she said all the more believable.

In simple terms, I might have satisfied her as a provider. But I had not given her any satisfaction whatsoever when it came to showing her how special, beautiful and desirable she was.

Murphy had done ALL OF THAT for her.

I had given her that kind of romance for the first ten years. But, sometime after that I had simply drifted into routine.

That might have had something to do with me moving well into middle age. I was definitely not the man I had been seven years ago. Instead, I had turned into a TV sitcom husband.

It took a perfect storm of treachery in conjunction with her feelings of lost romance to turn her toward Murphy. But I could see what Murphy had probably seen for a long time. Janet had been so starved for any form of excitement in her life that she would respond to a full-court press.

That situation could be acted on and I was going to do that this weekend. But as I drove back to my lonely house I also had the startling events of the past half hour to think about.

My first thought was, “Seriously?! Rebecca?!” She DID have giant jugs but overall she was really kind of dumpy. She had thin mouse brown hair and a round pink face. She wasn’t fat but the words “sturdy”, or “utilitarian” tended to come to mind when you looked at her body and her short pudgy legs were anything but sexy.

She was definitely NOT the sort of woman you would go out of your way to seduce. Especially a player like Lance who could get any woman he wanted.

What I HAD learned though was that Lance could turn her into a total wildcat, even in the parking lot of a popular chain restaurant. At the same time, she seemed to regret the hold that he had on her. I could sense that in her voice.

Lance must be a very skillful cocks-man to establish and maintain that kind of a spell on a woman who was essentially about as exotic as a married 40 year old schoolteacher.

He had obviously been working on her in school, but the question was, “Why go out of your way to seduce Rebecca?”

Then it came to me in a blinding flash. Rebecca was Janet’s best friend and confidant. And Janet was as stunningly HOT as Rebecca was ordinary.

They had probably already shared everything about Rebecca’s affair, including Lance’s amazing skill with his weapon of choice. And it would be reasonable for Lance to assume that Janet would want to sample his wares, especially after hearing glowing testimonials from her best friend. He was probably thinking that Janet couldn’t wait to try a taste of what he had to offer.

I actually shook my head in wonder at the long game that Lance was playing. It was Deja-Murphy all over again. Janet was sitting out there in the wild without me around to guard my investment and she was probably lonely.

After what she had just told the group she was longing for excitement and romance and my guess was that Lance was planning on providing all of that and MORE for her.

And as I had that thought, right on cue my cell rang. I had dropped a little something on Lance’s phone that would always include me as the man-in-the-middle on any call he made to my wife.

Looking at the caller ID I could see that I was about to get a chance to listen in on the events that would no doubt define the rest of my life. So I activated my phone and put it to my ear.

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