Pictures Never Lie: A Love Story Pt. 06-2

On the other hand, the physical side is just a matter of deciding whether you want to be intimate with the other person or not. My vote was for continued intimacy.

In the end the physical part of any marriage is just sex. Obviously a loving relationship turns the sex into something much more special than simply fucking. But in the end it is still a function of the body, not the mind. No emotions are involved.

I wanted to see if we could use the simpler mechanism of sex to sustain the complex repair process we had to undertake in order to keep the rest of the marriage alive.

So I said tentatively, “Could we at least go on ‘dates’ and have sleep overs once in a while?”

He smiled like he thought I was joking. Then he looked at me angrily and said, “You are not going to get me to change my mind by fucking me”.

I said with some annoyance, “That isn’t the point here. I am more committed to making this work than you are. After all, it’s MY life we are talking about here. “

“I know that sex between us is a hot button. And you might think that I am nuts bringing it up when my fucking somebody else was what caused the problem in the first place.”

“But this is a circumstance where I want our physical connection to buttress our emotional bond through the times we are apart.”

“I accept that we are living separate lives now. And I totally want to prove my fidelity. I can control my sexual urges for two months or however long it takes in order to do that. And I can do it without you fucking me during that time.”

“After all, the thought of going outside of the bounds of holy matrimony never crossed my mind in the 17 years I spent with you. And if you remember, you traveled a lot at the beginning of our marriage.”

“I know to the depths of my soul that there will never be anybody ELSE but you. And I know that we can make this rebuilding process work. But the thought of being apart from you in my day-to-day life just devastates me.”

“If you are really sincere about us getting back together, I don’t see how having an occasional love-making session during the time we are leading separate lives will have any impact whatsoever on my learning to become a stronger, more confident person.”

“In my mind it will do nothing more than sustain both of us in our efforts to make this work.”

“The one thing that I am absolutely confident of us my own sexuality and I know with certainty that I can separate our profound husband and wife concerns from the simple physical act of love.”

“Don’t you think that YOU will feel a lot better if you have some passionate loving from me to tide you over during the time we are repairing our emotional ties? Or are you so committed to us being completely apart that you can’t share anything with me?

He considered what I had said with his usual seriousness and then said. “This is against my better judgment since it should be obvious to both of us that a physical relationship does not represent a clean break.”

“But I am NOT trying to make a permanent break with you. I am trying to regain my faith in what we used to have.”

“You know that I’m a guy. All guys can separate the physical from the emotional aspects of a relationship and you are so remarkably hot that you could give a stone idol a hard-on.”

“But if we DO have sleepovers those would truly just be sex, not love. Can you do that?”

I think the eagerness in my voice convinced him that I was sincere when I said “absolutely!”

To underscore that, I stood up, walked to him, and aggressively threw my arms over his shoulders. Then I kissed him. I didn’t hug him. I completely opened my body and pressed it against him and the kiss reflected my need for him, nothing more. He was still holding a little back so I went looking for his tonsils.

Finally, we broke the kiss and looked deeply into each other’s eyes. We could both see that our deep physical bond was there as strong as ever. And then the passion took over. It was more overpowering than I had ever felt it.

There is a relatively large bed at the end of the galley. We more-or-less fell through the cabin door, with me yanking at his belt and him tugging at my blouse as we stumbled toward the bed.

He had unbuttoned most of the buttons of my blouse by that point and my boobs in their fancy lace bra emerged. He gazed at them like he had never seen them before. I shed the blouse and reached frantically behind me to unsnap my bra.

My breasts fell out and he took the time to worship each breast individually, licking and nipping, which gave both of us the opportunity to clear the decks below.

His attention to my nipples was turning me into a raving beast. We were now completely undressed and he was on one elbow next to me gawking at my naked body.

I was looking at his face, now totally lost in his own desire. He moved between my legs which I gracefully raised off the bed to the classic fucking position.

As he did so I could smell the fragrance coming off of his upper body. It was the golden smell of good health and masculine strength, like fine leather but with overtones of woods, fields and sun. It was erotic as hell; while my womanly scent was driving us both insane.

He hesitated like he wanted to savor the moment but it had been too long since I had had him inside me and I needed him. I reached between us and impatiently jammed him into me.

Then I opened myself to him totally. I spread and raised my legs even wider and rotated my hips so that he was touching bottom deep inside me. At the same time I kissed him with a fully open mouth that invited him inside the other end of my body. We were intimately joined at both ends.

I came the second he entered me. I have never had that happen before in my extensive, sexual experience.

The little part of me that was still rational whispered that it was the re-affirmation of the connection. But frankly the reasons were secondary to the sense of completeness that I felt as he slid up into me, and the sense of loss that I felt as he withdrew.

He has told me that my pussy is the hottest and wettest one he has ever fucked. It clamped on him and didn’t want to let him go and then I began to breathe very loudly and deeply and came again, a little bit harder.

The instant he slid into me he had set off flickering contractions that were like heat lightning on the horizon on a hot summer evening. I gasped loudly as he began to move my hips, emitting little ahhhs with each stroke.

Oddly, I could hear a woman moaning loudly in the background. I knew it was me. But all I could think about was how to jam him further into me. I wanted him to be so totally a part of me, deep inside where I could hold him and love him, with every ounce of my soul.

I felt conscious control slipping, my hips were bucking and spasming like they belonged to somebody else and I could feel my big butt muscles clenching and unclenching like a berserk machine.

The moans and gasps and frantic bucking continued for a short time and then I came for the third time.

It was nothing spectacular, just a loud groan, a tightening of the grip of my thighs on his hips and the clenching of my internal muscles.

In the meantime he had picked up the pace. When I stopped coming I went back to moaning so loudly that I was sure that anybody within a two mile radius of the boat could hear me. And the boat was rocking so hard from his pounding me that it was like we were trying to create a tidal wave.

I was making so much noise telling him to fuck me that the little woman in my head, who I have always suspected was my mother, tut-tutted about my unladylike behavior. I didn’t care. I was lost in feeling him move inside me and I wanted him to know that I was his forever.

My legs, which were at that moment spread eagled widely, began to wave restlessly in the air and my feet were flexing continuously with his thrusts. That told me that I was winding up to another much bigger orgasm.

I wanted it to never stop. But stop it did and in an unquestionably remarkable fashion. I could feel a contraction coming from a galaxy long-ago and far-far-away. When it arrived I totally blew up, like the death-star in Episode four.

All rational thought ceased while my psyche processed the sheer, raw sensation. It was so profound that could feel the contradiction of teetering on the brink of unconsciousness while wildly throwing myself around underneath him at the same time.

I heard myself began to yell, “Ahhh yes, mm, mm!! Fuck me baby!! I’m YOURS baby!! I’ll ALWAYS be YOURS!!”

Meanwhile I was in the grip of some kind of nuclear orgasm. I was bucking all over the bed, grunting gasping and panting, while my pussy convulsed with spasms of ecstasy and I wildly clawed his back. Then I sank my fangs into his deltoid, like a Civil War soldier who is told to bite on a bullet while is leg is being sawed off.

If the sensation of coming had lasted a few more seconds I would have actually passed out. But luckily things peaked just as I was slipping away and I was left doing the passionate deep breathing that I do after I have finished a particularly intensive physical dance routine.

My contractions and rapturous shaking went on for several minutes.

He rolled off me and said, “Whew!”

I said, “Whew!”

He said, “You have always been the hottest fuck in America if not the entire universe. I had forgotten how incredible you are.”

I said, “Well put that memory right in the front of your brain because I am going to fuck you like the free and independent woman that I am now.”

“We are going to make me stronger but that is a process not a destination. On the other hand, I know that I simply can’t live without you fucking me throughout the project.”

He looked serious for a minute and said, “I am never your fuck-buddy. I am still your husband and you are my wife. We have issues to resolve but remember that we pledged to exclude all others.

I said, “There will be no others but you, ever! Keep in mind that I am a passionate woman though. I will live without sex if that is what it takes to keep you. But think about how much you would be helping me if you are willing to give me what I need with no strings attached. We are both adults and we can separate what that part of our relationship means.”

“In my mind you fucking me regularly is just part of you helping me on my voyage to self-discovery, which we both concede I need to make.”

“This is absolutely NOT some veiled attempt to fuck you back to me without my resolving my problem. I give you enough respect to know that you are not that weak and I don’t even WANT you under those conditions.”

He dressed slowly. I had some serious cleaning to do and so when I stepped out on deck to join him I was showered and fresh as a daisy and happy for the first time in a fortnight. That happiness lasted exactly ten more weeks.

That was when I knew for sure that I was pregnant.

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