Picnic in the Woods3

The day was perfect, warm and comfortable enough for the pair to take a horseback excursion. The riders guided their mounts toward a beautiful section of the woods where very few went to visit. After a three-mile ride to the pond at the foot of a beautiful thirty-foot waterfall, Gabriel and Celina needed a rest. They dismounted their horses and tethered them to a nearby tree. The couple looked around the cool blue pond while they listened to the energetic sounds of the cascading water and the chirping of the birds.

Gabriel watched his lovely companion spread a blanket on the ground a few yards from the pond. It was far enough from the edge of the pond to enjoy the complete panorama of the falls and pond. Celina set down their picnic lunch in the shade, out of the bright noon day sun. After finishing, she walked over to the edge of the pond to sit. Once comfortably seated on a large boulder, she took off her riding boots and socks to dip her warm feet in the cool water.

For the past several hours, Gabriel had watched her and longed to taste her rosy lips. All that was on his mind right then was the need to take those lips and savor them. Watching from the blanket he saw how sexy she looked dipping her feet in the pond. He just could not wait a second longer; he put his sandwich down on the blanket and got up to walk over to Celina.

She was now standing by the edge, of the water up to her knees, watching the waterfalls spill into the pond. He removed his pants to reveal a pair of swimming trunks. He joined her in the water and embraced her in his arms. Celina turned her body to offer her lips in a passionate kiss. Gabriel’s kiss was powered by all the intensity that was bottled up inside him, and by what he felt for this woman. Their hands caressed each other’s backs, feeling the tense back muscles start to relax. During their second kiss, his hands reached for her tushi. He found it very soft to his touch through her split skirt.

Celina’s hands found his tushi to be quite firm, yet very nice to squeeze. As she pinched the flesh of his bottom, she got the delightful surprise of his hardness growing against her body.

Gabriel guided his partner back to the blanket; his muscular body moved smoothly and slowly to lay her down. Tenderly he began to kiss her delicious lips. His mouth traversed her neck and continued downwards to her breasts. He began to unbutton her blouse to uncover her chest as his kisses moved further down her breasts to the hardening nipples. The large round areolas started to grow tiny little bumps under her sexy bathing suit top. His fingers manipulated her breasts beneath her top, eventually drawing them out into the open air as he pushed the suit aside. The stiffening nipples were made full erect as his tongue flicked one then the other.

Gabriel continued to play with her right breast nipple with his tongue, lips, and hand. Celina’s head rolled against the blanket with moans of pleasure as his tongue sent thrills through her body. His other hand wandered over to the left breast making her gasp and take a deep breath of delightful surprise. Her moans became louder, stemming from the growing fulfillment in her groin.

Celina began to pull on her lover’s shirt, but kept losing her grip as he moved over her during his sexual enticement. Trying once again, this time she slowly managed to pull the shirt over his body. She itched to run her fingers over his chest hairs and the flames became stronger with each touch of his tongue. Celina’s fingers danced on his back until they reached his sides.

Gabriel moved his hands to her shoulders in a soft touch as he pushed her blouse off. They lay in each other embrace as they caressed each other’s warm skin. Gabriel’s reached behind her and his hands moved in a tickling motion up her spine in a soft and caring manner to the hook of her bathing suit top. As the hook became undone, the straps fell off her shoulders with the top being withdrawn to reveal the fullness of her breasts. Her large pink areolas highlighted the nipples, which were hardening further from his teasing and the cool air that surrounded them. Her soft ivory flesh ached for a more powerful touch of his fingers.

The aroused couple shed their tops together as Gabriel rolled onto his back. Celina sat up and moved over him as her fingers slowly moved stealthily through the individual hairs on his firm chest, until the fingertips reached his nipples. Her long nails scratched circles on his tan areolas, causing them to become firm with her teasing. His nipples stood as erect as hers did.

He pulled her closer to his lips to commence a long wet kiss. They panted together for a moment before her lips slowly moved in the same direction as his had earlier. She blazed a trail of wet kisses down his neck to his muscular shoulder, and down his chest to find a stiff, warm nipple, the warmth calling for a playful bite. Her left hand weaved a path across his chest to fondle his suntanned skin. Finally, her fingernails found his other nipple, to teasing him, then moving slowly to his stomach area, and at last playful going to the trunks waistband. Acting shyly, she withdrew her hand, moving it back up to his chest.

Slow moans escaped his lips at her vivacious teasing. His manhood was getting disturbingly harder by the second, and when he could stand no more he sat up pushing her backwards. Carefully, he placed her head on the ground, making sure her neck was well supported before he started to nip at her breasts again. He ached to play with her, to suckle her, and to use more of his tongue against her ivory skin. His nibbling compelled her to shudder and chirp with pleasure from the erotic stimulation she was receiving.

Gabriel’s hardness grew within his swim trunks, making him uncomfortable, which made him speed up his own activities. His hands moved to her waistline to undo her split skirt button and zipper. She raised her bottom just enough to allow her split skirt and bathing suit bottom to be pulled down her legs and off. As the split skirt came off, he saw her love mound slowly being exposed to the light of day and to his eyes for the first time that day. He enjoyed the erotic sight that was solitarily his and his alone. For his consumption, her fully engorged lips, awaited his fingers manipulation.

With her split skirt tossed aside Gabriel moved in-between her legs. He moved her legs just enough to get a great view of her Mount Venus. He anticipated the moment when his tongue would investigate her sweet juices. First, his fingers moved lightly over her outer lips, making her writhe at his feathery touch. He loved teasing her love knot as his fingers found the split between the lips, revealing the point of entry to her pleasure domain. He could smell her beckoning essence, admiring the wetness that started to leak out of the waiting love bud.

His trunks became even tighter, to the point he could not take the rigidity any longer. The magnificence of his throbbing shaft demanded to be released. Not being able to stand the confinement any longer, he pushed his trunks out of the way, releasing the head of his shaft and working the trunks all the way off. He was getting hotter by the second, impatient for his desires to be fulfilled.

Gabriel returned to a position where he could reach Celina’s moist entrance once again. Sliding his fingers into the awaiting amusement cavern, he began to slowly circle and play with her clit. His fingers and tongue played too, making his partner thrash uncontrollably and squeak at his mere touch. After a short time, the couple repositioned themselves on the blanket with her legs over his shoulder. Their playing continued for what seemed like an eternity, as he fingered her soft flesh and in turn suckled and enjoyed her hot juices. She provided for all his enjoyment and delightful pleasure, with her moans of ecstasy and cries of encouragement.

When Celina could not take his foreplay any longer, she begged him to enter her body. Gabriel started to push his figures inward as he smiled with great enjoyment at the squirming and loud chirping that she achieved. For several torturous minutes he played that way before pulling the fingers out to taunt her a little more. He reinserted his fingers to gather her flowing juices; rubbing them on his manhood. Then he lay back on the blanket making her come to his sexual center. Her mouth found its way to his hardness for a delightful torment of his pleasure center. She moved into a better position, of being able to see and touch his erection covered with her juices. With help, it stood straight up into the air, in the midst of her fingers grasping at the base of his cock. Her little fingers entwined in his pubic hair, simulating him further. She smiled to herself at the pleasurable sight, which she would soon appreciate even more when it was inside her.

Celina slowly licked the outside of his cock, up and down the shaft. Concentrating her attentions around the head, she placed her tongue where his pre cum was glistening on the tip. Her lips slid down over the head and stem, taking it as deep as she could in her mouth. She moved up and down his hot rod several times before she placed a lingering kiss on the head. She moved down the side of his rod with her tongue before starting to kiss him up to his belly, then his lips. Once Celina placed a passionate kiss on Gabriel’s lips, the combination of their juices were on both of their lips. The steamy couple wanted more then just this teasing that they were doing to each other.

Gabriel rolled Celina on to back, playing with her awaiting bud while he prepared to enter her with his hardened manhood. He could not wait to feel the wet warmth of pleasure that awaited his manhood. He pushed himself into her love hole to start a slow rhythmic movement that worked its way up to a hard and furious pace. Their bodies gyrated together, pounding pelvis to pelvis. Picking up the pace allowed him to finally explode with great pleasure, releasing the gratifying emotions that had been pent up within him. He released his seed in total joy to mix with her hot juices. He gently lay down upon her body and encircled her with his arms.

Kissing her passionately, he rolled their bodies onto their sides with her still in his arms. They slowly relaxed for a few moments, until their sexual desires began to arise once again. Gabriel cock was ready for more action, causing him to respond by entering her love cavern as they lay on their sides. Their legs were entangled, which gave her the ability to start riding his cock. Before they knew what was happening, she was riding hard and furiously on his cock. Her taut cavern clamped tighter around his cock until he exploded, sending her into a frenzy. Celina still continued to ride him, milking every ounce of sex fluid out of him.

After reaching her own orgasm, she collapsed with her back on the blanket with her head on his arm. Gabriel and Celina laid there for a while, softly petting each others bodies. They fell asleep in each other’s arms. They slept for a short time under the shade of trees, and then awoke to take a stroll to the water’s edge. Playfully splashing water at him, he returned the splashing by tackling her into the water. Under the water they went in each other’s arms. They were now swimming in their birthday suits in the pond.

In the water, they cheerfully swam together until they reached the waterfall. Just under the falls, they sat beneath the cascading water, just enjoying the pleasure of the sound from the falls.

Gabriel decided he wanted to have a little more fun with his pulsating cock. He pulled Celina behind the waterfall. There was a shelf under the waterfall where they were able to cuddle and embrace each other. Slowly, their bodies reawakened the arousal they induced in each other. His hands moved across her back teasingly, causing her to tease him back. They started to enjoy the pleasure of each other’s sexy bodies anew. As they began to play and move around, the slippery surface under the waterfalls caused them to slide right into the water laughing. They swam for the surface, needing air. As they broke the surface of the water, they laughed at each other, while starting a splashing fight.

The End


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