Picnic in the Woods2-1

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The warm afternoon sun begged to be basked in. The light filtered through the grayness of the light fog that had settled in the woods, it’s heat not enough to burn away the haze, but warm enough to caress bare skin with a soothing eroticism. Sister Mary of St. Catherine’s decided to take advantage of the rare afternoon and have a picnic in the woods near the Lake. She also managed to convince her three closest friends at the monastery, Sisters Louise, Margaret, and Catherine, to venture out into the woods with her. It didn’t take much convincing, as long as they’d be back by Mass, of course.

The quartet went walking through the familiar woods, Sister Mary had the picnic basket slung over her arm, the other three falling in loose rank behind her. The air was sweet with the smell of blooming honey suckle and the richness of life that comes with the first warm breaths of fresh spring air. It was a delightful switch from the musky convent, its ancient stones seeming to mildew from the inside out.

The path they took wasn’t questioned as they marched lazily to the lake. The water was pure and clean, the lake deep, but not deep enough to be too cold to swim in at this time of the year; the sun warmed the water quickly, as well as the slate and shale that formed its shores and basin. After a short and lovely march, the sisters arrived at their destination. The picnic basket was sat down, a red checked ground cloth was unfolded and the sisters sat in the sun, enjoying the feeling on their faces and hands; everything else was covered by their habits.

“I don’t know why we have to wear these things,” Sister Louise said flatly. The others turned their concerned expressions to their distressed sister. This was not the first time she had expressed discomfort while wearing her habit, but they at least understood what she was talking about. Their dress was designed for simplicity, complacency, and obedience, as well as not a little sacrifice of comfort. It was not designed to be loose, open, airy, or easy to wear; they were Nuns, not whores, and they had pointed this out to Louise several times in the past. Margaret was the first to point it out this time.

“We wear these habits to keep our minds pure and free from concern over material things like clothes and to keep our bodies chaste,” she said, nodding. The other two followed along, with a patronizing smile warping their faces.

“What are we keeping chaste out here? There are no men present to gaze upon us! We are alone in God’s creation, why should we not experience it with the bodies that God gave us?” Louise said and pulled her hair free of its confines, its dark, loose curls shaking free down past her shoulders. Margaret gasped at the brazenness of her friend.

Louise shook her hair out, glad to have it open and flowing in the wind. Every breeze and every breath of air flowed through it unrestricted, the feeling making Louise warm in her center.

“She has a point,” Sister Mary said, standing up and taking her hair out as well. Her red locks fell loosely about her shoulders, just a little shorter than those of Louise, but burning bright as copper in the sun light. She, too, reveled in the feeling of the warmth of the sun and the breeze through her hair. Sister Catherine followed suit, her light brown hair shaking out to the middle of her back, hanging straight from her head. She tucked it behind her ears and tucked her knees up to her chin. Three sets of eyes moved to Sister Margaret.

Margaret sighed deeply and let her hair down as well, shaking her thick blonde hair out, letting it hang wildly about her shoulders. All four let out a happy sigh, all four letting the sun warm their bodies, taking rapture in the almost forbidden joy of being not completely in their uniforms. They sunned themselves like kittens for a few moments before Louise broke the silence.

“I feel like swimming,” Sister Louise said and stood up.

“I do, too, but we didn’t bring our…” Sister Catherine began, her words fading to a mumble while she watched Louise strip quickly out of her habit. She was bare beneath, her alabaster skin shining lightly in the sun. Three pair of eyes were devouring Louise’s body like hungry lions at a feast, and all three pairs were drawn to her freshly shorn pubic hair.

“Sister!” Margaret exclaimed dreadfully, pointing at the bald mound of Louise’s pussy. Louise looked down, separating her delectable bosom, taking the opportunity to thumb her nipples as she did so.

“What?” she asked innocently.

“Reverend Mother has explicitly explained that we are not to shave our pubic hair; that is a mark of harlots and harlots have no business being in convents!” Margaret half-shouted, her voice gone shrill from excitement and anger.

“Reverend Mother also caught me fucking Father O’Malley and Bishop Grady,” Louise said, sticking out her tongue. “She said if we’re going to have whores in St. Catherine’s, they will look the part and I was instructed to shave my pussy at the beginning of each day as punishment. God doesn’t hear the prayers of whores, but she feels that it will ease my place in Hell.”

“Sister Louise!” screamed Margaret. Louise was sure that if she was any louder, they’d hear her five miles away the Monastery. “When we return I shall tell the Reverend Mother of your blasphemy!”

“What about it? She’s the one that caught me fucking them. Or is it blasphemy you’re going to try to get me in trouble for?” Louise asked, rolling her eyes.

“Yes,” hissed Margaret. “For the blasphemy, you, you….harlot!”

“I’ve already been punished, and apparently I’m going to Hell, so don’t you presume…” Louise said, threateningly. Sister Catherine stood abruptly, cutting Louise off.

“I want to swim, too,” Catherine said, and she started stripping as well. Margaret was flabbergast and her eyes turned to face Sister Mary, who, not to be left out of her own party also stood up and began to take her habit off. After a few moments, all three were naked, their clothes piled neatly on the warm rocks. Margaret was so furious she had turned bright red, and much to the enjoyment of the rest of the girls, was seemingly unable to speak.

“We are going swimming,” Sister Mary said, her self-assurance and defiance of Margaret was loud and clear. Margaret managed to shut her mouth but still said nothing. The three girls turned toward the lake and headed for the shallows, each of them starting to talk among themselves and giggling.

Margaret sat still, still lying on the rocks, her black robes taking in the heat, but she noticed as she watched her 3 sisters walk away, she was also getting warm some place else. Rather warm indeed, as a matter of fact, and not a little moist. The three asses swinging and jiggling in front of her was having an effect on her that she hadn’t anticipated; it sure didn’t do this to her in the showers when the girls were all together. When she was on night-rounds and door checks, she never had the inkling at all to do anything or think anything about any of the Sisters. However, right at that instant she wanted to do nothing more than lay down beside each of them and softly caress and rub every inch of their skin and massage every muscle. Especially those which the eye cannot see….

“What am I thinking?” Sister Margaret mumbled to herself. She rolled over in the sun and noticed that her nipples were slightly tenting her habit, regardless of how warm the sun was. She felt herself open as her thighs parted and she wanted to do nothing more than touch herself until the warmth went away. “No, I must not!” she whispered harshly. She quickly rolled over to her knees and began to pray for strength and forgiveness for even thinking such thoughts. Through her prayers, however, she could hear the girls splashing in the lake not 100 feet away, and their naked bodies kept prancing across her otherwise clear mind, inviting Margaret to do all manner of unspeakable things to them. She prayed harder.


The other 3 sisters, in the meantime, had begun swimming and splashing each other, playing in the pristine water like teenagers.

“Did you really let Father O’Malley and Bishop Grady….you know…” Catherine said with a hushed voice, her embarrassment in even talking about it made her blush beet red. Louise smiled coyly.

“Yes I did, and it was….wonderful,” she said, getting lost in the thoughts as the last word poured from her throat like honey. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip softly as she recalled that day.

Both Grady and O’Malley were easy targets, and Louise hadn’t been properly fucked since she’d been at the monastery. She’d fooled around with some of the other sisters, but a slow diddling with their fingers didn’t compare with the feeling of a fat cock stroking in and out of Louise’s drenched pussy. She could almost feel the slapping of O’Malley’s sack on her clit from when he fucked her from behind and Grady’s hairy balls rocking against her chin as he slammed his long thin rod down her throat at the same time. Just thinking about it made her want to cum again, it made her want to finger herself, right here, right now. All she had to do was reach down and…

“Hey, you okay?” interrupted a voice. It took Louise a second to realize it belonged to Catherine. Louise half-way opened her eyes, their usual clearness replaced with a glazed over dreaminess. Catherine laughed and pushed Louise on the shoulder. Electricity burst from her fingers to Louise’s nipples and to her pussy, riding her cunt like a bucking bronco, teasing her clit enough she shivered.

“Yeah, hon, I’m fine,” Louise said, coming out of her dream. She realized that she felt fingers sliding down her side around to her shaven snatch and a split second later she realized they were hers.

“It must have been good,” Catherine said, giggling. “Oh, how I wish I could know the touch of a man,” she said and started swimming on her back. Louise got a good look at her curly brown pubes, the water that was captured in them glistening in the sun light for an instant before her hips sank back below the surface of the water. But for that instant, Louise saw her sweet, delicious, undefiled pussy and could think of nothing better than to pull her to shore and eat her out, preferably right in front of Margaret.

“That’d show that prudish twat,” Louise said, a little louder than she thought. Catherine swung her feet under her immediately and waded back over to her friend standing chest deep in the water.

“What did you just say?” Catherine asked, knowing that her friend would be honest with her.

“I said ‘that’d show that prudish twat,'” Louise said, making a note to stare at Catherine’s breasts under the water. She hadn’t noticed that they were larger than her own before, and it made her jealous and hornier at the same time. Her pussy was leaking cum into the water at a slow, maddening pace, and she knew if she were back in the monastery she’d almost hear herself dripping on the flagstone floors.

“What would you show who?” Catherine asked, face twisted into a mask of confusion. Silence filled the air between them, the only sounds around them were nature and Sister Mary, swimming up to them.


Sister Margaret could hear the girls splashing around. She hated being the responsible one and she wanted to join them, but she couldn’t throw caution to the wind and go naked. It certainly wasn’t against God to do so, but it was just so dirty to enjoy being nude the way the other sisters did. She finished her prayers, completing her Hail Mary’s and she stood, her knees popping slightly as she inhaled the fresh outside air deeply.

She opted to not look at the lake, and especially not the hussy who had…how had she put it? Fucked Father O’Malley and Cardinal Grady.

“Dear God! What succubus have we allowed into your house!” Margaret said in a whisper. She walked along the tree line, skirting the expansive beach and staying on the broken shale, enjoying the feeling of it under her feet.

A sound caught her attention: a giggle, and not from the lake. Her sharp eyes flashed to the trees and she scanned through them, attempting to pin-point the source. She heard it again, this time to her right, near the picnic basket.

“Who’s out here, show yourself!” Margaret said, her fists going to her hips and her back straightening defiantly. The giggle was heard again; but this time it was quieted by distance and way to her left. “Nothing can move that fast,” Margaret said. “At least not one of God’s creatures,” she added, her brow knitting. Her face suddenly lit up in fear and surprise and her head snapping back square on her shoulders. “Nymphs!” she croaked out in a whisper what was intended to be a scream of warning. The sound barely reached her own ears before she saw an extremely beautiful woman walk out of the woods.

She had skin the color of rich honey, her hair was blonde, and almost white, hanging in loose curls down past her shapely hips. Her eyes were intense, both friendly and hungry at the same time, and they were locked on Sister Margaret’s; the Sister unable to look away, the nymph staring with intent. She smiled brightly, her white pearls showing between as the pink flesh parted. The Nymph looked up and down at Sister Margaret, seemingly staring through her habit as if it were made of nothing more substantial than the air itself. The effect was intoxicating, and Margaret felt the warmth return to her body like a thunderbolt; the lightening accompanied it a split second later as her whole body became ticklish and excited all at once. Even the wind seemed to caress her body and whisper sweet nothings in her ears. Every bit of exposed flesh she had broke out in waves of goose bumps, each assaulting her senses and sending her higher while making her hotter.

As the Nymph’s eyes returned to Margaret’s, Margaret felt the intense compulsion to drink in the beauty before her. She traveled down from the creatures’ almond eyes, which as she approached Margaret was able to discern that they were a silver color, reflective and dazzling in the sun of the afternoon. Her thin neck swelled out to her shoulders, the proportions more perfect than any Greek or Roman sculptor could ever hope to mimic. Her whole body flowed like water, from her shoulders to her thin arms, from her collar bones to her generous, firm, and unnaturally youthful breasts. Her nipples were the only distraction on her flawless body, capping her honeyed mounds with small, coin sized areola and nipples which were three things; small in diameter, long, and very erect, all of which making Margaret have a compulsion to put them between her lips, bite them and suck until the creature’s lust was sated.

Her eyes tore themselves from those perfect breasts on top of those perfect nipples and traveled lower to her taut abdomen, not marred by a single freckle or mole, and not even a belly button. Perfectly smooth skin and toned muscles made the Sister uneasy; it wasn’t natural to not have a belly button. The thought flitted through her mind in less than a thundering heart beat and her eyes moved along their path to the generous swelling of the creature’s hips and then back along her pelvic ridges to her small, perfectly formed bush which was just a tear drop around her wanton sex. The straight, short fur was the same color of blonde as her hair, almost hypnotically white in the sun’s light. Margaret noticed that she walked with her willowy but muscular thighs slightly parted, flashing the distended lips of her sex as they barely peaked out from under that snowy nest of fur. Margaret’s view lower down this forbidden beauty’s figure was cut short by her hand reaching out and touching Margaret’s chin and lifting it back to look her in the eyes. Her body exploded in orgasm. Every sensation, every heart beat only intensified the fire in her belly and the wetness seeping from her core. The wind blowing across her cheeks was giving her micro quakes in her pussy and she could feel her uncovered sex throbbing, aching desperately to be touched so she could ride the feeling faster and higher. What felt like hours, but could have only been seconds past and she forced her eyes back open against the powerful feelings rippling inside her.

“You’re a Nymph,” Margaret said, forcing the words out right before biting her lip. The sensation almost sent her to her knees, imagining that her teeth were the teeth of the creature in front of her. Margaret never wanted the feeling to end, but a very small part of her was screaming “You’re consorting with a creature of the devil!” That very small voice was growing more and more feint with every delicious quake and every delirious pulse of her pussy, squeezing her hot cum down her trembling thighs. The Nymph laughed.

“Yes,” she said, her voice sounding like the tinkling of a thousand tiny bells. The sound sent shivers up Margaret’s spine and she tried to suck in enough breath to talk again.

“What? How?” she managed to choke out. The Nymph stroked the cheek of Sister Margaret and then let her go, walking around her. Margaret collapsed, barely catching herself as she fell to her knees, landing in an obscenely penitent position as she panted to catch her breath. She could feel the air cooling her sweat-soaked habit and she was only wishing that it was cooling something else. The thought of the wind tickling across her needful pussy lips sent her off again. Another pulse of her girl cum rushed from her quim, joining the rest of her honey as it ran down her thighs.

“500 years ago, your Church elders decided to build a temple here. They found our standing stones and that we were here. They brought in powerful elders and invoked power enough to bind us in the standing stones of our site,” the Nymph said, her sexy little voice fluttering against Margaret’s ears and senses like velvet. “The stones were chained with iron to the bottom of the lake, trapping us there for all eternity until something special happened,” the Nymph said, coming around in front of Margaret again.

“And what was that something special?” Margaret breathed out, her lungs on fire and her body still betraying her.

“We needed the cum of a Nun in the act of committing adultery,” the Nymph said, bending at the knees to get on Margaret’s level. “Your companion, Sister Louise, came in the Lake only moments ago, setting me and my two sisters free,” the Nymph said with a giggle.

“But how?” Margaret said, looking up from the ground, straight into the ready pussy lips of the Nymph squatting before her. They looked so good, so delicious, all she had to do was… The Nymph laughed, and Margaret’s head snapped up to look her in her captivating silver eyes.

“She was thinking of having sex with some of your church elders. Your own religion spells out two things; elders remain chaste, married only to their religion, and any thought of a sinful act is the same as doing that act. Your friend was imagining ‘fucking,’ as she so delightfully puts it, two men married to the church,”

“That adulterous little twat!” Margaret said, her voice back to a whisper. She pounded the ground with both of her fists, her head slamming down with them, her chin landing on her chest. She looked up again and it was not the Nymph that was squatting before her, it was Sister Louise. Everything was perfect; every freckle was in place, every muscle of her cat-like frame, even the breasts were those she had dreamt about not 20 minutes ago. And then there was that shaved pussy, still open wantonly with beads of her dew gathering in small droplets.

“What did I do?” Louise said, looking hurt. “How long have you been here? We saw you hit your head and we were worried!”

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