“A Soldier’s Diary” It was in the fall of 1966. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Elliot shuddered from the chill in the air as he stepped off the streetcar on Haupt Strasse, in the Schoneberg section of Berlin. In the waning light of the late afternoon, he glanced in either direction, then quickly made his way … Read more


Relaxing house style music played in the background as I prepared dinner. I wasn’t a world renowned chef, but I did know my way around a kitchen. Currently, I had the penne pasta boiling, the chocolate cake baking, the freshly made salad mixed, the white wine chilling, and the well-seasoned marinara sauce cooking. Everything was … Read more


Keith and I have been together a little over three years. It’s all good, but he and I don’t want the same things in life. I dream of having a husband some day, a house and kids; he dreams… well, I don’t think he dreams all that much. He’s happy just being Keith. We’re lovers, … Read more


I started at the Law firm after graduating from Depaul University of Chicago law school second in my class. I Moved into a lush downtown apartment and settled into my new career. One night quite by surprise I found a new love, my neighbor/friend Lisa, Dancing with her at a club on Rush Street, our … Read more


“Hey! This is Kelly…Jordan told me about you and he thought we might hit it off”, I rewrote that line about ten times before hitting send. I anxiously await a response, seconds felt like days. Jordan, a friend of mine, and apparently also a friend of Crystal’s, gave me her number and told me to … Read more


I had a dream last night. Want to hear it? ha ha, I know you do :-p You are a bad “Daddy.” First some background. At night, I wear one of my Daddy’s old T-Shirts. They are comfortable and don’t bind me as I try to sleep. When I was younger, Dad didn’t want me … Read more


Chapter one – The Sad News I was packing to travel to the funeral of a university friend, a sorority sister, losing her painful battle with cancer. The phone call had come from Savana in tears she had been taking care of our dear friend/sister. I had not seen Savana since her visit to Chicago … Read more


“I didn’t mean for it to happen, it’s just that… I mean look at her, her arm there, you see it. I thought she was… a… fembot.” I looked up at the holocop, his image flickering slightly in the rain. “If I knew she was… I wouldn’t have…” “So you claim you thought she was … Read more


“Ready?” “Ready.” “4” was sitting in her quarters, the massive screens embedded in the walls providing her the illusion of being back on Syla. She was actually writing a letter by hand, a rarity indeed by Human standards, and as I watched on the primary monitor, I wondered what she was writing. The decorative flourishes … Read more


I’d been talking to Kelly on the phone for months. I’d discovered her on SexStreet online, her profile describing her as a Taboo and domination specialist. And she never failed to disappoint. I’d email her a scenario and then I’d ring her up so that she could talk me through it. Kelly never repeated my … Read more