One & Two Make Three Ch. 2

All characters in this story are 18 and older.

* * * * *

Well from the bad experience of my sister when she lost her cherry I decided to do it right. And as it turned out the perfect guy happened to be Jake my next door neighbor.

I asked a lot of questions from my girlfriends who were fucking about what they thought about different guys they had fucked. I never asked about the guy they were currently going with. I didn’t want to break up any ongoing relationships.

I had always liked the guy next door. We lived a little out in the country and he was always working in their back field weeding the irrigation ditch or in the summer harvesting big juicy watermelons they grew to sell at a stand in front of their house. He was okay looks wise and had nice muscles from all the farm work. He wasn’t a real hunk that all girls were chasing, or so I thought. He just seemed nice and kinda shy. I was soon to find out he wasn’t shy in the dark!!!

When it came to love he had a real international technique. Roman hands, a French tongue, and a BIG cock that like to be in the “united state” all the time!!! …But I’m getting ahead of my self. I didn’t find about that until I got him alone in his “pup tent”

As I said I kept asking girl friends about guys to find one that would make losing my cherry to him a loving experience. No I didn’t want a guy to marry. That would come later when I had a little experience. One of my best friends was Sindy Jake’s younger sister.

What she told me about Jake sure surprised me. She said at their church it was an open secret among the young single girls that he was very well equipped and knew how to use it. He would sing in the choir in the morning service flirting with the girls in the congregation. They had certain hand signals that the single “in group” knew about. All the guys and girls used the same code. A guy or girl in the choir wiping their lips with their finger in any manor and looking at some one of the opposite sex in the congregation was saying “Hi sexy” to that person. Rubbing the outer edge of your eye meant you were asking the person they were looking at if they wanted to sit with them in the back vestibule in the evening service.

Either of the two back vestibules were sort of the place to sit in the evening service for the young singles. What the deacons and minister didn’t know was that lots of hot sex action was going on in the two back rows during the main service. The preachers daughter, Kelly, sat there and she was usually in the hottest action.

One time she had even given a guy a quickie blow job as her father was delivering a particular intense “hell fire and brimstone” sermon. She had worked her boyfriend up to the point of no return with her hand and then acted like she was picking up something on the floor. As she bent over she pushed aside the lesson book he was hiding his cock from general view with and took him in her mouth and swallowed his load of cum as she pumped and sucked furiously. When the guy closed his eyes and leaned his head back the preacher probably thought he was carried away with the sermon. Kelly’s head came back up thirty seconds after disappearing. Only the couples on the back row around to her knew her closed mouth was full of fresh cum. She put her hand to her mouth. In her had she was hiding her tiny bikini panties. She had removed those the minute they sat down as most of the girls had. You don’t think the guy she was sucking on was just letting her do all the work do you. His fingers were busy massaging her clit and plunging as deep as they could into her hot quim while her hand pumped.

She gave the cum filled panties to the guy and made sure his hand was tight against her pussy. It was her turn to get off. She got off just as her father reached his sermonic climax as she usually did. Throwing her head back and swooning as several of her boyfriends fingers lodged deep in her very non-virgin hole and his thumb massaged her love button clit, Kelly bit her lip to keep from screaming our loud.

Her father, assuming she was swooning because of his words as he always did, probably had some very impure (in his religion any way) thoughts as he watched her writhing in unison with his shouted exhortations. It was almost like to him the only audience that mattered was Kelly.

Wow I got so carried away with that story I forgot what I was telling you about, my deciding on Jake to take my cherry.

Sindy told me one of the reasons for Jake’s popularity was his nine inches and that it was kinda thick around too. She said not only was he well equipped but he knew how to use it. She told me how he was very good when it came to foreplay and getting the girl he was with off as well or better than he got off. I didn’t ask Sindy how she knew so many exact details of her brothers love life. I would find that out later. (keep reading hehehe).

I quickly decided after listening to Sindy that Jake was the perfect guy to deflower me. Hey SIZE matters. I learned that from watching my sister. She moaned the loudest when they were the biggest. I knew from the wetness in my panties when Sindy talked about Jake that I would be lubricated enough when the insertion time came so the entry pain would be minimal. Besides I had already inserted the tips of some of my sisters big dildos inside me when she wasn’t using them.

It took me a while to formulate my “Seduction of Jake” plan. Of course he would think he seduced me. Don’t all the guys. My dad always said I was the biggest flirt in the family. He said as I even flirted with the boy babies in the maternity ward. Now I was going to do the most serious flirting of my life.

Jake loved jet planes and rockets. He had them suspended from the ceiling in his room and tree limbs in the yard. He had a tent in the back yard under a big fig tree too. He would peer at the heavens some nights through a telescope and sleep in the tent if the weather was nice.

If he loved rockets I would give him rockets! If he wanted to see stars, I would help him see stars. I would take him to heaven with my angelic moans! (Maybe that was my NOT SO angelic moans!!)

I got all the books I could on rockets and stars from the library. I made sure Jake helped me carry them off the bus for a week so he would know I was interested in them. I seemed to work. Every day Jake talked more and more to me about the latest rocket stuff. At last the time was ripe for the final event that would insure Jake and my cherry met.

I had made mom get me a package of water rockets. You put water in them and pumped air into them and pulled back a plastic sleeve. They were supposed to swoosh skyward. There was a big one and a small one and launchers for each.

I waited till late evening when Jake was outside in his yard. I played around with the rockets for several minutes playing like I couldn’t get them to work very well. I knew Jake was watching me. He always did. (Did I mention big tits run in our family.) I was wearing a low cut short dress that showed off jy legs like I usually did if Jake was around. Even from a distance I knew Jake liked the view.

Finally as if in exasperation I picked up the rockets and launchers and headed for Jake.

“Hi Jake, how are you tonight. My mother got me these rockets and I can’t get them to work. Can you help me, maybe?”

“Sure can, I used to have ones just like them. Let me see how your doing it.” He said as I set the little tub of water and the rockets down.

“Well I put some water in this little spoony thing and pour it in the bottom of the rocket.” I said as I showed him my technique while I knelt at his feet. I knew that gave him a real nice view of my cleavage. I knew he could even see part of my nipples.

I didn’t get enough water in the scoop and made sure I spilled most of it too.

“Yeah I see your problem.” he said looking at my tits and not the rocket. I guess he had real good peripheral vision.

Besides you shouldn’t shoot them off here near the house. They’ll land on the roof and you’ll have to go climb a ladder to get them. Of course I would have had HIM climb up and get them but I knew he was thinking of the view up my dress as I climbed while he steadied the ladder.

“Your not using enough water and your spilling most of it. Lets fill up this pail with water and go up in the back field.” He told me as he filled the bucket. I let him take the rockets in it while I carried some lawn chairs to the field. I had a reason for the chairs.

I knew that night I would return home a woman. I also knew the biggest rocket would be shooting in me very soon. What I didn’t know was the fun Sindy would be adding to our experience. Changing our duo into a trio.

To Be Continued…

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