One Cage to Another Pt. 05-2

“So, just so you know, you have no one to blame but yourself for this. If you had just behaved and accepted your new lot, you could have had a relatively pleasant day.” The wizard spoke quietly, knowing she could hear every word. He lowered his gaze to meet her angry, fearful one. “But I will have you eating out of my hand. I will have obedience and politeness from you, even if I have to beat out that attitude of yours.” He went to a wall and took something down, then turned back towards her. Amara gulped slightly, swallowing a whimper as he held up a large leather paddle. “You responded beautifully to just my hand the other night. I wonder how quickly your behavior will change after I start disciplining you with this.” His voice remained low and quiet the entire time, but flowed with an intensity that scared Amara. “First, though…” he stepped in close and Amara squeezed her eyes shut in fear as she felt him untie the strings around her neck, the sheer pink top falling to the ground. “Mhmm… The bruises I left the other night haven’t even had a chance to fade yet. Your skin is so lovely when covered in my marks,” he whispered in her ear, making her shudder.

His hand slid down around her waist and travelled to her hips, one finger hooked around the black thong he had dressed her in. She winced as he touched the purple and yellow bruises left from his fingertips when he had taken her. “Still a bit sore, pet? That’s alright. When I’ve finished, your whole body will be so sore that you won’t even notice these.” He dug his fingers into the bruises, smirking as she whimpered slightly. Her legs gave way again, leaving her hanging from just her wrists as he roughly pulled the panties down, letting them fall around her ankles. He grabbed her braid and pulled it up and out of the way, then swung the leather paddle. It landed solidly on her round ass, earning him a choked scream as her body rocked, sharp pain rocketing down her arms and up from her ass as she strained to pull free. He pulled the paddle back and reached out, trailing his finger nails over the bright red skin as Amara fought her bonds, desperate not to get hit again.

“You threatened me, insulted me, broke my property, broke my nose, and spat in my hair,” the wizard said, sending the paddle flying at her ass again, the leather slapping into her right where the curve of her ass cheeks met the rise of her thighs. Amara cried out in pain, cursing as she started to cry. “That’s five things to be punished for. How long do you think you’ll last before you’re begging me to stop? ” Amara opened her eyes when Kiernan stepped in front of her, meeting his gaze when he raised her chin up with the paddle. “Well? “

Amara took a trembling breath and Kiernan grinned widely as she opened her mouth, the amusement gone in a flash and leaving his eyes dark and angry as she says “Go jump off a bridge. I hope the trolls eat you,” her voice thick with tears but steady with anger.

“You’re going to be difficult after all,” he snapped, raising the paddle. “Fine, then. When you’re ready to behave, just apologize,” and then he swung the paddle at her exposed breasts. Amara shrieked, thrashing helplessly as he started to land blow after blow, moving around her body in a circle. Over and over, the smack of the leather biting into her skin mixed with the sound of her cursing, crying, and screaming. Kiernan remained silent the entire time, his breathing the only audible sound from him as he swung his arm again and again. After fifteen minutes he stopped and took a minute for himself, drinking deeply from a water bottle as he stared at Amara, hanging from her wrists and sobbing. Her perfect skin was colored all over from his punishment, an angry red flaring brightly from every strike. He stepped forward and stroked her braid slowly and softly. She was all cream and lavender and red, and it was a breathtaking sight. He leaned in and kissed her cheek, a small smile blooming on his face as she whimpered and turned her head away. “Not done yet? You’re only making this harder on yourself, you know,” as he stepped back and, without preamble, began beating her again. Her breath caught in her throat, Amara tried to cry out and choked as the leather found her again.

She was going to break, she knew it. She had never suffered anything as physically painful as this. She couldn’t even feel her hands anymore, she couldn’t even focus on one specific part of her that hurt the most. Kiernan was careful to never hit a spot twice in a row until he had made a full circuit around her, and her body showed it. Dark red marks flowered on her breasts, her hips, her legs and back, simply everywhere. He even ducked down to the floor and tucked her feet up, resting her knees on his thigh as he brushed the paddle over the bare, sensitive soles of her feet before delivering a quick slap to each, grinning as her voice cracked during the loudest scream yet. He stood upright, letting her feet fall to the floor, eliciting another broken scream of pain. He began spanking her ass again, enjoying the way the abused fleshed jumped and jiggled with every smack of the paddle when he became aware that her cries were forming actual words.

“Stop…please, stop. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, just stop, please…I’m sorry,” every word choked out between sobs as she hung limply from her wrists, tears rolling down her face and splashing down onto her tender breasts. “I can’t, no more, I’m sorry, please!” Kiernan rested the paddle against her ass as he listened, then pulled on her braid until her neck craned back so he could see her face. Tears left silvery trails down her flushed cheeks as she kept crying and whispering for him to stop hurting her. He let go of her braid and her head fell forward as he stepped around, dragging the paddle across her red and sensitive skin. He stood in front of her and slid his fingers up her thighs, the anger completely gone from his face as he found the wetness he had been searching for. Amara’s crying increased in volume as he slid a finger inside of her and pulled it out, slowly licking the taste of her from it.

“You’re sorry, huh?” he asked, cupping her chin and holding her face up. “We went over this yesterday. How are you supposed to address me?”

Amara squeezed her eyes shut as she whispered “Please, please don’t…please just stop…”

“Wrong,” Kiernan said, frowning. “But I think we’re done with this part of your punishment. You taste like you’ve started to enjoy it.” Amara tried protest but fell silent as he stared into her eyes, her cheeks red from exertion and embarrassment while the wizard slid his hand back down to her sex, one finger gently sliding into her lips and brushing over her clitoris. Amara let out a tiny moan, and her crying intensified as he lifted the finger up and gently drug it across her lips, painting them with her own arousal. “I’ll have you apologizing properly in just a little bit,” as he reached up and unlatched her wrists, catching her before her limp body can hit the cold concrete.

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