One Cage to Another Pt. 04

Amara slowly started to come down from the high of that last orgasm. She took stock: her jaws ached, her legs were weak, and her ass was so sore…her ass! She had let him…he had made her cum from fingering her ass. Her entire body jerked from the realization, and she felt the wizard’s hand gently cup her face as her eyes flew open, dazed gold meeting steady dark brown. “There you are! Had a bit too much fun, did you?” he asked with a chuckle. Amara tried to look away but his grip tightened on her cheek, so she reluctantly turned her eyes back to his. “Do you want a break from the anal play?”

She blinked, her eyes frightened as a confused, inquisitive sound made its way out around the gag. He was asking…? What kind of rapist asked if their victim wanted a break? She took so long with her befuddled thoughts that it began to annoy the wizard. Kiernan frowned at her. “I asked if you wanted a break. Don’t misunderstand, I am still going to fuck that ass.” Amara made a small, choked sound. “But if you want, we can take a break from it for a little while.” She felt like her ass was on fire. Yes, he had used that oil, but he had also used two fingers, and he had not done so gently. She almost felt like she could still feel the tip of his middle finger, moving in slow circles just inside her ass, one of the most intense sensations she had ever experienced. And then the way he had just slammed his index finger in as well, the roughness of his thrusts and the way she had felt completely stretched out. She nodded, hesitantly. She did not think her body could handle anymore violations there . His erection was impressively large, and Amara honestly did not believe he would ever be able to “celebrate” the way he seemed to want to.

He smiled and leaned back against the couch, draining the last of his water. He sucked an ice cube into his mouth and crunched down, staring at Amara. “Well, if you want a break, all you have to do is ask!” He chuckled, watching Amara’s brow furrow. How could she ask for anything? He had gagged her, didn’t that mean he didn’t want to hear her? He brought her attention back to him with a soft tap to her forehead. “No, see, when you want something…kiss me.” He grinned widely as Amara’s perplexion turned into embarrassment. “That’s right, little pet. Kiss your Master, and I’ll leave your ass alone for a little bit.”

Amara closed her eyes, trying to cry quietly. Sobbing with the gag on made breathing incredibly hard. She couldn’t believe this…didn’t want to believe this. Why did he have to keep humiliating her? What was the point of it- was he just that big of a bastard? She felt like she had escaped one cage only to trapped in another. In the Court, there were people above her, people she obeyed, but no one called themselves her Master. And no one had demeaned her with terms like slut or whore or pet. Like she was an animal. “Pet. I’m waiting,” the wizard said, in a tone that let her know he was just about done waiting. Amara unfolded her legs to rise up and closed her eyes, choking back a sob as she gently pressed the ball in her gag to the wizard’s lips.

O’Ryan smiled and patted Amara’s head, as if she were a dog that had performed a trick well. “Not so bad, now was it?” he asked as Amara started to slump to the ground, her shame burning in her face. He reached out and grabbed her by the upper arms. “Nuh-uh! Up we go!” he sang out, pulling Amara to her feet. He took a moment to enjoy the sight as her knees shook while she tried to support herself. “C’mon, step out of the panties…good…” he encouraged her, his gaze following the slip of white and pink fabric as it slid down her legs to puddle around her slender ankles. He slid a knee in-between her legs and shoved them apart, then yanked her forward towards himself. “Now I’m going to fuck that wet cunt,” he said as he held Amara up, rubbing the head of his cock against her slick opening. She moaned and tried to support herself, to keep from sliding down onto his waiting length. Kiernan reached down and pinched one nipple, twisting it. Amara whined and looked at him with a pleading expression in her eyes. He could see the conflicting emotions in her mind: fear, shame, anger, desire, confusion.

“I said we’d take a break from your ass. You’ve got two other holes to fuck as well,” he laughed as Amara shook her head frantically. “Don’t look so frightened. You’re dripping wet, it shouldn’t be too painful. Your body wants this.” He let go of her arms, leaving her to support her entire weight by herself. Her legs buckled and she slipped down, slick, tight wetness wrapping around his cock. He moved his hand to her shoulders and pressed down, forcing her to stretch, to take in most of his cock in the first go. “So fucking tight,” he grunted, resting in her for a moment, then thrusting upwards. Amara began crying from the pain and the intrusion, from being stretched so much so quickly. Her body clenched around him and forced a gasp from his throat. His fingers dug deep into her arms and shoulders as he started to fuck her faster, thrusting his hips upwards and shoving her body down onto him at the same time.

The pain was killing Amara. Every thrust felt like a lightning strike to her innermost self, while her breasts and ass hurt with every bounce. There was a large, violet bruise forming on her right breast where he had bitten her, and every time his cock slammed into her, it felt like he was biting her tit all over again. Kiernan was not being gentle, she was sure her thighs would be bruised after this was over. But as she cried into her gag, the pain turned into something else. A coil of heat and eagerness unspooled in her center. She began to crave the next moment his cock would fuck her. The combination of the pain and the blooming pleasure made it impossible to form coherent thoughts. Her cries became moans as her hips ground down against his, her cunt tightening around his cock while her body reached for something she barely knew about or understood. “FUCK.” Kiernan groaned, lifting the rutting faery off of his twitching dick and laying her out on the couch. He had only meant to fuck her a little bit, he hadn’t expected her body to react positively quite so quickly as it had.. She was obviously a sexual masochist, although he’d place good money she had no idea what that meant, he mused. Perhaps it went further than physical enjoyment? A naturally submissive toy could be fun. It would certainly be easier on him if she realized that she enjoyed his attentions and decided not to fight him. She blinked up at him, her eyes hazy and unfocused, hips giving one last vain thrust before she whimpered, her pussy empty and desperate.

Amara lay on the couch, her breathing heavy. That feeling, she had been so close to it! That amazing pleasure, the one that took her out of this awful experience, even if only for a few moments. But Kiernan had pulled her off before she could reach that point and now she ached with need. Why hadn’t he finished? He had been close, too, she had felt it. Why did he deny himself? She did not understand what had happened and bitterly cursed her censored upbringing. She had a feeling that if she had any experience with these passions, it would have been easier for her to counter him, to fight back. How could she defend herself against an assault like this if he kept overwhelming her body, turning it traitor against her?

“That was close,” he muttered as he took a deep breath and ran a hand through his dark, mussed curls. “Wait here.” He rose to his feet, then laughed under his breath. “Not like you can move anyways, huh?” he smacked her hip on his way to his coat. He grabbed the coat and vanished down the hallway, his footfalls heavy. Amara closed her eyes and tried to slow her breathing. Wearing this gag was going to kill her; her lungs felt starved. A sudden shiver ran over her exposed skin as she heard the wizard’s voice rise in a chant. The lights flickered off and on, and she cursed, silently and wearily. He was using magic again. Magic she had no idea how to fight. She opened her tired eyes as Kiernan walked back into the room, wiping chalk dust off his hands. Amara winced as he reached down and grabbed her, half-carrying and half-dragging her down the hall. She tried to get her feet under her, to stand, but her legs were uncooperative, and the wizard moved with a sense of determination that had no patience for her pleasure-weakened limbs.

He shoved her towards the bed and she stumbled, falling onto it as Kiernan made a hand gesture while muttering “Cerrar.” Amara felt a circle of energy snap closed around her, the bed, and Kiernan. She flung her head from side to side, eyes wide in fear. She felt more trapped than she ever had back at Court. The bedside lamp and overhead light flashed white and then sparked out. Her work computer whirred and then made a crackling sound, and the light on her alarm clock faded to black, leaving the room in darkness. A firm “Ahora, inicio!” filled the air, and suddenly there was light. A ring of floating candles, each with a set of runic characters chalked on and glowing white. Kiernan took a calming breath, letting the magic flow out of his hands, into the candles, fulfilling the circle. He looked over and smiled at Amara, who had struggled into a sitting position. Candlelight looked lovely on her bruised and marked skin. The contrast between her natural, pale cream coloration and the bright red marks of his hands was very fetching, at least in his opinion. He knelt onto the bed and reached for her. She flinched and closed her eyes, but didn’t move. He deftly undid the buckle holding the gag in place, and gave a soft tug. The ball popped out of her mouth, surprising her. He set the gag aside and reached for her, gently grasping her chin as she whimpered from the pain in her jaws. Her eyes teared up as she felt the drool she had been trying to hold in spill over her bottom lip. Kiernan reached out and ran a rough thumb over her chin, wiping the slick mess away. “I don’t think we need that anymore, do we? You’ve learned who’s in charged here?” Amara nodded, her eyes downcast and shoulders shaking. Kiernan frowned and forced her chin up. Frightened gold eyes met angry brown ones. “I asked you a question. How do you think slaves should answer questions from their Masters?” his voice stern, his stare unforgiving.

Amara looked panicked for a moment, her shellshocked mind unable to understand what he wanted. But then she blinked and the panic left, replaced by shame. She cleared her throat and looked down while whispering, “Y-you’re in charge, Master,” her voice rough from crying and screaming, thick with tears.

The wizard smiled and chucked her under the chin. “Good to see you’re a quick learner. This will make your new life easier for you. I’m not a very patient teacher.” He moved away from her and off the bed, reaching down to grab something on the floor. He stood back up holding a small bottle as he walked to the foot of the bed, and then pointed at the mattress in front of him. “Come.” He reached down and started stroking his cock, which had gone soft while he had been preparing and working his magic. While Amara awkwardly crawled to the foot of the bed, he opened the bottle and poured a honey-like substance onto the head of his cock. He closed the bottle and dropped it out of sight while Amara looked on apprehensively. “Now…lie down, on your back.” He rubbed the substance all around the tip of his dick, watching as Amara struggled to lie down in the correct position. Once she had gotten there, he reached down with his clean hand and grabbed a fistful of hair. He used it to pull her body toward himself, till her head was hanging off the edge of the mattress. “Open your mouth. I need to get hard again, and I’m not jacking off when you have a perfectly good set of lips and a throat.”

“Not…not that, please.” Amara whispered, her voice breaking. “Please, I’ve never…I don’t know how! I’ll choke!” Kiernan grunted in displeasure at her hesitance and gave a sharp tug to her hair, making her yelp. She was going to have to learn to stop worrying about her comfort and focus on his needs and desires, he thought.

“I’ve already thought of that. A new toy like you wouldn’t know how to suck cock properly yet,” he said, his dark eyes boring into her light ones. “What I put on my cock will numb your throat so I can fuck your pretty little face.” She whimpered, her lips trembling. “Now OPEN.” Amara closed her eyes and squeezed her lips tight. Kiernan muttered a curse under his breath and his expression darkened with anger. He twisted his hand in her hair till his knuckles were digging into her scalp, and growled audibly as the little faery groaned in pain but refused to cede to him. So there would be resistance to iron flat after all. He placed the palm of his hand over her mouth, his rough and callused skin brushing her lips while his thumb and forefinger pinched her pert nose shut. Her eyes flew open just as he pressed down roughly, grinding his palm into her face. His grip in her hair and on her face kept her head completely still as her body thrashed weakly, panicking at the lack of air. He counted to fifteen, glaring down at her as her struggles weakened, and her eyes flicked up to his, tears pouring out.

He removed his hand, her mouth flying open, gasping hoarsely. He slipped the head of his cock between her bruised lips, and all she could taste was overwhelming tartness. Her lips and tongue began to tingle, and she heard Kiernan say, “If I feel teeth on my dick, accident or not, you will be the sorriest little faery in any of the realms.” The wizard closed his eyes and pushed more of his cock into her mouth. He was half-erect, so it wasn’t too much to handle just yet, the tip just touching the back of her throat. He leaned forward and began fondling her breasts again, his fingers rough and cruel. Amara moaned as he flicked her tender nipples, and her tongue, partially numb from the wizard’s cream, pushed against his cock. He grunted and she could feel the flesh in her mouth begin to lengthen and harden. Kiernan grasped the back of her head to hold her in place, and began thrusting his hips forward, sliding his cock into her throat. She gagged slightly, drool pooling in her mouth and running in thin lines down her jaw as his cock slid in and out of her mouth, crushing her lips with his roughness. He leaned forward to bite her breast and she screamed, the sound gagged around his engorged dick, her throat convulsing around him. The wizard grunted and yanked himself backward, leaving behind strings of drool and pre-cum to decorate her swollen lips.

Kiernan used her hair to pull her upright, causing the gasping faery to nearly pass out from the head rush after being upside down and face fucked. The wizard flipped her onto her stomach, her bound hands thrown out in front of her, and yanked her up by the hips. He let out a throaty chuckle at the sight that greeted him, a sopping wet cunt. “You’re wet again? From me fucking your face?” He laughed as he spread her thighs apart. “Once you accept your new life, you’ll be one happy little faery. I’ll give you all the beatings and fuckings you need.” He shuddered as he shoved his cock into her slick heat, and slowly began rocking his hips back and forth, taking her from behind. “Mmmm so fucking tight,” he whispered. “And so hot. You’re meant to be fucked like this,” he groaned loudly, his fingers digging into her hips.

Amara moaned, her quivering legs barely able to hold her ass up. That heat was building again, that pleasure that would take her to the mindless place. She closed her eyes and let the head rush and the sensation of his cock moving inside of her pussy lift her away. She could feel every inch of him inside her, his skin incredibly soft against her walls, stark in contrast to the hardness of his erection. Amara threw her hips backwards, meeting Kiernan’s furious thrusts. He grunted, his breathing becoming labored. He leaned forward, continuing to fuck his new toy, and brushed the hair off her neck. He kissed the nape and murmured “Reclamo,” before biting down hard. The ring of candles burned bright enough to light the entire room as a wordless scream tore from Amara’s throat, her body reaching her climax. In the midst of her passion, Kiernan found his, his cock slammed deep into her, cum splashing all over the inside of her cunt. Amara collapsed to the bed and the wizard moved down with her, releasing her neck from his teeth and closing his eyes as she shuddered around him. Aftershocks were still setting off little bouts of clenching in her pussy, and he enjoyed the feeling. She was wrapped so tightly around him, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to pull out just yet anyway.

After a few minutes he breathed deeply and slid out, then leaned over to look at his handiwork. He trailed a hand lazily over her hip, noting the marks blooming from where his fingertips had dug into her soft skin. He lifted the hair off her neck, and smiled with satisfaction at the glowing white symbol, shining where a bruise ought to have formed. It had worked. He had just gained control of Wyld fae magic, and a gorgeous piece of ass to accompany it. He stroked her hair and marveled at the tangles and knots that had formed during his assault on her. “We’ll do something about that…” he whispered to her unconscious form. He gave a few seconds thought to using magic to wake her and go again. He still wanted that ass wrapped around his cock. As he got up and started to get dressed, he decided against it. He needed his energy for the clean up and the move. He’d save her ass for another night.

After all, he had all of her nights from now on.


~ So here’s the fourth installment. Hope you all enjoy it! I tried to keep in mind the helpful comments about adding more details, but let me know if I still haven’t hit that metaphorical sweet spot between “too much” and “not enough” The fifth is started and should be submitted soon! ~

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