One Cage to Another Pt. 03

O’Ryan waited until the last tremble moved through her limbs before he pulled his hand free and glanced at it. He had intended to lick her cum from his fingers, sure it would be pure and sweet, but he paused. A slight sheen of blood covered his fingers, and he looked down at her thighs. Slick with her cum and adorned with pale red smears of blood. “You’re a virgin?” he voiced, sounding astonished. A frown began to form on his face. “I thought you were some Seelie bitch the King chose…but you have gold eyes… You’re a WyldFae…a virgin WyldFae.” A slow grin spreads over his features. “Oh, they have no idea what a gift they just gave me.”

Amara’s head was spinning. She had just had the most physically thrilling experience of her life, while being raped, and this wizard was blathering on about…what? She trembled as he reached forward and yanked the shreds of her shirt off of her lithe body, using the rags to wipe his hand clean. He reached between her thighs and wiped them, cleaning with one hand while raising her chin up with the other. He waited until her eyes, frightened and wary, flickered over to him, and he smiled. “You, my little runaway, are staying with me. I’ll return the Seelie’s payment. You are worth much more.” His smile widened into a grin at her continued confusion. “See, neither Court has made an official claim to your power. If they had, this wouldn’t be possible. But by leaving you untouched, in all senses of the word, they left your power open for others to claim. And I know the spell for this. All you need is some candles, the right runes, and a pure source of Wyld magic…like a runaway virgin.”

He balled up the shirt and threw it away, taking a moment to wash his hands in the kitchen. He came back into the living room, Amara still shakily sitting where he had left her. He leaned in and kissed her nose, snorting a bit as she flinched. He dropped to one knee, stroking his cock through his underwear with one hand, and her hair with the other. “I’m going to bind you to me, and your magic will be opened to my control. By owning you, I can use magic that few other wizards can.” He smiled. “It’s a good thing your body enjoys what I’ve been doing, because you’re going to want to like this, too. If I’m keeping you around, I’m going to play with you a lot, little pet.” Amara whimpered through the gag as Kiernan got to his feet and went to his coat, rummaging in the pockets. He turned around, pulling a vinyl glove onto one hand and holding a small bottle in the other. She didn’t have much time to wonder about what was in the bottle before he grabbed her hair and pulled her forward with it. “Ass up, Princess. Yes, that’s it. Keep your face on the floor.” He reached down and moved her hair so that he could see her face. It was beautiful, with her lips stretched around the ball gag, tear stains on her cheeks, and fear in her shining golden eyes.

“We’re going to celebrate this happy turn of fortune’s wheel for me. You’ll need some preperation for how I like to celebrate, however.” Amara trembled, not understanding his meaning. She heard the bottle pop open, and the sound of oil being rubbed on a glove. Then she started as she felt several cold drops of oil hit her upturned ass, right on her most exposed spot. She tensed her body up and tried to move away, her begging muffled by the gag into incoherent crying. Kiernan raised his glove hand and landed a heavy smack on her ass, smearing the oil across the reddened skin. Amara yelped, then went limp, sobbing as the wizard glared at her. “If you keep struggling, then I have to keep hitting you. The more I hit you with this hand, the less oil there is for that tight ass of yours.” He dug his fingers into the sensitive skin and Amara choked back a sob and remained still, letting him slap her ass again without pulling away. “Now stop being stupid. You’ll probably like this anyway, considering what else I’ve done to you. Pain sluts are so much fun,” he says, and he slid his gloved middle finger straight into her ass in one smooth motion, all the way to the last knuckle. She screamed, teeth sinking deep into the gag as her virgin ass was so quickly violated.

Kiernan grinned, his eyes dark and intense as Amara whined softly while he slowly withdrew his finger. He leaned in, breathing hot and heavy against her delicately pointed ear. The tip of his middle finger still just inside her ass, gently swirling, occupied her mind as he whispered “I bet we can fit in two,” and shoved his index and middle finger in together. He pinned Amara down as she uncontrollably tried to pull away, her cries muffled and choked as he starts fucking her ass with both fingers. Amara struggled weakly, her yelps and cries mixing with the sound of his fingers abusing her asshole. As she stopped struggling, his hand found his cock and began to stroke it, his breathing harsh as he listened and watched Amara succumb.

She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, couldn’t fight. She had never felt so exposed in her whole life, so completely powerless. But she’d also never felt this sort of pleasure. Her hips moved against the wizard’s hand, taking the fingers in and demanding more from him. Kiernan stretched his thumb forward, and with two fingers buried deeply in her ass, pressed down hard on the faery’s clit. Amara cried out wordlessly, her body tensing up, her ass clenching impossibly tightly on the intruding fingers. Kiernan gave a gentle stroke to her clitoris and she moaned, her entire body shuddering as he slid his fingers out. He stands up and removes the glove as she collapses to the carpet, breathing raggedly.

The wizard’s cock was still rock hard, but he slowed down his strokes and then came to a stop, staring intently at Amara. He moved into the kitchen, throwing away the glove, and came back into the living room, drinking a large glass of ice water. He gazes down at Amara, a deeply satisfied expression on his face. Creamy, pale skin marred with red and purple, marks from his hands, his mouth. That wild lilac hair lying in tangled waves around her curves, and those slender wrists, bound with his magic. Her body made helpless by pleasures he had forced her to feel.

He pulled her up into a sitting position and set her between his knees as he settled back onto the couch. He let her lean against his leg when he let go of her to hold his drink. He was in an exceptionally good mood, he could grant the poor pet a minute to rest.

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