One Cage to Another Pt. 02

The first strike brought a scream out as she bucked, trying to get free. The wizard continued his onslaught with a grim expression and Amara’s struggles weakened with each hit. She cried quietly, but with the occasional yelp as a a blow landed roughly. After twenty-five heavy-handed smacks, she felt his body rise off hers and move away. Her arms ached as she tried to move her wrists, still above her head where the wizard had left them. She tried to sit up, shakily, but stopped cold as she heard the sound of metal clanking behind her. The iron cuffs…he said he had iron cuffs!

He watched as her mouth opened to cry, to beg, to plead with him not to, and he cut her off by popping the ball of a ball gag in between her perfect lips. “Good, you’re cooperating now!” he said cheerily, teasing her. The joke made her eyes flash with anger that instantly dulled when he dangled a set of heavy iron cuffs in front of her. “Keep being a good slut, and I’ll leave these off.” He dropped the manacles to the floor where Amara eyed them. They sat, looking rough and ominous and threatening.

He moved behind her and tightened the gag, pulling the strap tight. He gave a gentle tug to make sure it was in place, then yanked her head back forcefully, using the gag, his eyes darkening at her muffled cry of pain. “But if you ever even think of hitting me again, you little bitch, I will slap those cuffs on you and beat that sweet ass till you pass out. You’ll wake, chained and in a puddle of cum, and it won’t all be mine.” He made eye contact with the terrified girl. “You’d sell for quite a bit, pretty as you are. Piss me off enough, and I’ll sell you to human slavers instead of sending you back home.”

Amara whimpered. She had just realized her options only contained futures low on happiness and high in nightmares. She’d spent her life hidden in the Court, her status making her hated and protected. The Lady, who she was supposed to act as a handmaiden towards, hated Amara’s existence. No one likes their potential replacement, afterall. So she had escaped, made a quiet life for herself in the human realm. She’d had three years of freedom, and now it was all gone. Torn away by a human monster. Said monster was staring at her with those dark eyes. She had never thought brown eyes could be so frightening, but his were so unreadable. Something about this wizard terrified her…”Good. You understand how this is going to go, then,” he said, as an easy-going smile graced his face. It was a smile that could charm girls into giving him their kisses, phone numbers, and even more. Unfortunately it was wasted on Amara as he picked her up and pulled her into a sitting position. She winced as her sore, red ass was pressed down onto her feet and ankles.

Her body shook as she cried, tears soaking into the silk of the gag’s binding cloth. The wizard leaned back and relaxed into the couch, kicking his boots off. The thuds startled Amara, who closed her eyes and flinched. The wizard reached forward and trailed and finger down her face, running his thumb over her bottom lip. “How rude of me. You’ve got that lovely shoe rack over there, and I didn’t even use it. I bet I tracked dirt through your carpet.” He ruffled the hair on top of her head as he got to his feet, picking his boots up and putting them away properly.

“By the way, my name is Kiernan O’Ryan. Tonight though, you can call me whatever you want.” He chuckled at her look of disbelief. He thought she was worried about her carpet? Or that she cared about his name? And how the hell was she supposed to call him anything? He’d gagged her! Nothing was getting out of her mouth, except for the damn drool the gag was causing. Kiernan’s eyes focused on the the line of spit that trailed from between her bottom lip and the ball gag. He sighed heavily, color rising in his cheeks.

“Such a pretty toy to play with,” he murmured, doing a hip shrug and sliding his jeans off. He stroked his very obvious erection through the black cloth of his boxer-briefs, looking down at Amara with a possessiveness that frightened her. He knelt down and forced her legs apart at the knee, sliding one hand up her slender thigh. “But is the toy ready to be played with?” He pressed two fingers to the damp spot on her white panties, a grin like a shark painting his face as she turned her head away, a furious blush rising up in her cheeks to join the flush left from his earlier punishments. “Oh, yes. You’ve been LOVING this,” he whispered, rubbing his fingers in a gentle circle. Amara made muffled sounds of protest as her hips twitched helplessly. Part of her wanted to thrust forward, to press against those maddening fingers. The rest of her was screaming to pull away, to stop this violation. The wizard’s earlier lessons had left their mark, both figuratively and literally, and Amara struggled to remain still, scared of moving and risking his anger.

“Soaked right through your panties, you slut,” he breathed, and he pulled the wet fabric aside and shoved two fingers into her hot, slick cunt. Amara gasped, her eyes flying open in shock as his shut tight, relishing in the scent and heat and wetness of his captive. “I’ve bet you’ve never felt this before,” his fingers pumping in and out of her as he slides his thumb over her clitoris. A loud, muffled moan rewards his effort as Amara’s eyes fall shut, her hair flying as she shook her head desperately.

“This shouldn’t feel this amazing,” she thought. She was being raped, punished for running away…but it seemed like every touch from this wizard gave her pleasure, even while he was hurting her. She had never experienced anything like this in her 20 years. That pleasurable heat was building up again, and she moaned while his fingers played her most sensitive parts. The whimpers got higher pitched as her breathing quickened, and then there was a loud cry, loud even through the gag. Her back arched as her eyes squeezed shut, her first orgasm tightening her entire body to a perfect tautness.

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