One Cage to Another Pt. 01

I started writing this as a small one shot encounter, but as I wrote I discovered there was a bit more to their story. More to come!


One of the best things about living in the human realm, Amara decided, was the music. Sure, fae musicians were unrivalled in skill and artistry, but she would take a modern pop band any day over one more round of “so beautiful it drives mortals insane.” Amara pushed her hip-length, lilac hair over her shoulder as she bent forward to press “next” on her playlist. The 5’3″ faery’s hips swayed to the opening strains as she lay back down on her couch, lounging back. She picked up a red bound book and opened it to the dog-eared page, gold eyes flicking down to lose herself in the story.

He walked up to the edge of the yard, eyeing the little house with a determined expression. The runaway had done okay for herself, he thought, using her innate gifts and glamours to fool her landlord into believing she was a simple human. She hid her true appearance on the rare occasions she ventured out into public. According to what he had learned, she had a job as a data-entry clerk who worked from home. That was one advantage the Fae had over human magic; theirs didn’t interfere with modern technology. If he cast so much as a simple illusion, he could take out a cell phone from fifty paces. It was no matter, though. A well prepped wizard would win against most Fae any day. The man grinned in the twilight, the misting rain gathering on his lips as he set off the spell he had hidden in her home over two weeks ago. The lovely little troublemaker had made one of her infrequent trips out, and forgotten to set her wards as she left. He strode forward towards the front door, the lights inside the house flickering as her wards fell.

Inside the house, Amara looked up with confusion in her eyes as her music started malfunctioning. The lights flickered as a set of lyrics eerily repeated themselves. “Darling, I’m hunting you tonight, hunting you tonight, hu-hunting you toni-” and then shut off with a click. “Ugh, ” she muttered, rolling over to look at the computer and see what was wrong, but then she froze. Her pale hand, outstretched towards the screen, clenched into a fist as she whispered, “The wards!” as her front door slammed open and in stepped the wizard.

He kicked the door shut behind him as he stepped further into the living room, eyeing his prey. She clearly had not been expecting company of any sort, as all she was wearing was a frilly pink night top and a pair of white panties. Panties with the sexiest little matching pink bows, not that she knew the effect it had. She stared up at him from the couch she had been lounging on, her face the perfect mixture of confusion and anger. He drew in one last drag on his cigarette before he tossed it to the floor, crushing the smouldering butt with a boot heel. He shrugged off his damp jacket, dumping it unceremoniously on an arm chair as he takes a step towards her.

Amara pressed herself back against the couch, scrambling to get her knees up between her and the stranger. “Get out of here!” she choked out, her pretty face scrunched in anger. “Get out before I-“

“Before you what?” the wizard interrupted with a grin. “Is the runaway faery girl going to call the human police for help?” He chuckled as he moved a step to the left, dodging the red book she’d thrown at his head. “I bet you don’t even know any offensive spells. You’re not a high magic user, trying to hide the way you have been.” His smile widened as her eyes narrowed before she jumped over the back of the couch, attempting to bolt for the backdoor. He laughed as he leapt forwards, grabbing a good handful of her hair. She shrieked as he yanked back, hard. His other hand grabbed her shoulder and flipped her back over the couch, pinning her down by the shoulders. “I’m getting paid a lot of money to bring you back. You won’t be running from me tonight.”

Back? Amara froze, except for her frantic breathing. No, she couldn’t go back. She had been FREE. For three years! She’d abandoned her duties and her people; nothing good would be waiting for her back at the Seelie Court. The shock of the situation started to fade and Amara came back to herself just as the sound of ripping fabric shredded the air. Cold air and then rough hands hit her breasts, causing her to cry out in pain and anger. She wriggled her body fiercely, getting her hands free. She frantically grabbed at his wrists, trying to force his hands off of her. “Stop! Don’t do this-AH!” Her plea got cut off as he pulled a hand free of her slender fingers and slapped her harshly across the face. Amara barely had a moment to blink in shock before he backhanded her hard, leaving her head lolling against the couch cushions. He reached into a pocket of his jeans and brought out a roll of black silken cord, woven through with different colors of thread.

He quickly pulled her wrists together. “So small…so slender and frail,” he thought as he wrapped the cord around them. “Sellar,” her murmured, the cord briefly glowing bright green before returning to its normal black. Amara’s fingers flexed slightly as she slowly blinked. Her cheeks glowed red from the touch of her captor’s hand and her eyes refocused as she realized her hands were bound. She panicked and tried to free herself when the wizard leaned forward and grabbed her chin, fingernails digging into pale skin as he forced her to look up at him. “If I were you,” he breathed, “I’d just sit back and not fight this. I did bring iron cuffs, in case you didn’t like the feel of silk on your skin.” He gently tapped the cord binding her wrists, smiling at the look of fear on her face at the mention of the cuffs. Iron wouldn’t just bind her magic, it would burn her. She had heard the stories, of iron left in contact with a Fae for too long, driving them insane from the pain. The wizard let go of her wrists, her bound hands falling limply to her stomach as he reached up and grabbed a breast, fondling it gently.

“It’s up to you, little Princess, just how painful this has to be,” he said as his fingers found her nipple and pulled tightly. Amara’s eyes squeezed shut tightly as she bit her tongue, trying to endure silently. The fingers holding her face up to his fell, trailing down her neck and across the slope of her other breast. His fingers tightened on both nipples as he pinned her down and twisted harshly, earning a squeal of pain before he let go. He straightened up and stroked himself through his jeans, sighing in anticipation.

“I’m- I’m not the Princess!” Amara cried out. “You have the wrong Fae! Just let me go, please, and-” she was interrupted with a slap to her right tit, and then one to her left. Tears sprung up in her eyes from the stinging pain.

“Don’t mince words. You were the Lady’s replacement, and acting handmaiden. But you ran off, abandoning your King, your Lady, and your duty.” He leaned in, a small grin on his lips. “They are very upset with you.” He breathed a cool breath over her red, tender skin. “And they paid me very well to…teach you how lucky you were, and how ungrateful you were to run off and hide.” Amara shuddered underneath him, closing her eyes and causing a few tears to roll down her flushed cheeks. The wizard leaned in and kissed her tears, licking his lips slowly afterwards. “So I’m going to have some fun tonight. Maybe you’ll even have some, too. I’ve heard you fae bitches like it rough.”

“This isn’t rough!” Amara cried out angrily as she glared at him through her tears. “This is rape! I don’t want any of this!”

“Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it,” he chuckled at her. He grabbed the bottom of his shirt and stretched, pulling it up and over his head, dropping it on the back of the couch. He stretched his left arm and grimaced slightly, but then relaxed at an audible popping sound. “Ahhh. Better.” He reaches down and starts to unbutton his jeans, fingers deftly working the brass buttons. Amara stared. Her life had been fairly sheltered; as a sort of Princess-in-waiting, her purity had been protected, in case she should ever be ‘promoted’ and need to provide legitimate royal heirs. She had never seen this much male before, not up close and pinning her down as he stripped over her. It was disconcerting. He was taller than her, with dark hair and brown eyes that scared her. His lips always seemed to be curved in some sort of laugh or grin at her expense. Broad shoulders led to strong arms, arms that grabbed her and shifted her to a sitting position.

One arm wrapped around her, holding her upright as he ducked his head down to her breasts. He nipped gently at one nipple before biting down hard on a soft mound of her flesh. Amara cried out and squirmed helplessly as the wizard started sucking. His free hand crept to her other tit and began pinching and rolling her other nipple. The smell of his hair in her face, the feel of his teeth digging into her skin and leaving bruises, his fingers digging into her skin and twisting her budded nipple…the sensations and the situation drowned her mind out for a few moments. A small whimper followed by a low moan escaped her mouth, as a heat she had never felt before rushed to her pussy. Her hips twisted just a bit underneath him as he let his mouth slide off her breast, his fingers giving one last, teasing twist to her sore nipple. “Well! I was just joking about you enjoying this, but it looks like you are a little slut!”

Amara shook her head, trying to speak a few times before managing, “Th-that’s not…me. You’re doing a, a spell or something!” Her voice rose angrily. “I won’t let you do this!” In a surprisingly quick motion, she twisted onto her side and rose up, swinging her elbows into the wizard’s cheek. He rocked back, more startled than actually harmed, and Amara rolled onto the ground, trying to get to her feet. The wizard snarled and grabbed at her, tripping her as she stumbled to her feet. He pinned her wrists above her head with one hand and wrapped the other around her neck, and squeezed. Amara choked, kicking weakly at him, and he let go of her throat and used his hand to flip the struggling faery onto her stomach. He let go of her wrists and instead wrapped a handful of her hair around his fist and forced her face to the floor, and started beating her ass with his free hand.

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