Nudist Family Holiday Ch. 04-2

“OK, I’m nearly there.”

She could feel his cock getting bigger and his body tensing, and recognised them as the signs of imminent climax. So she slowed her pace and sucking, withdrawing her mouth from his cock and licking the shaft instead.

“Mmm…is that right?”

“Oh yeah!” Kevin gasped. “Now, in a minute, you can start working me up again; but it won’t take as long this time, so don’t go too fast.”

Beth studiously followed his instructions; and after a couple of minutes began sucking him again, being careful not to go too deep or too fast at first, building the pace gradually. This time she was able to read his body better. She could feel his arousal building and tell he was getting closer. She built her pace gradually; being careful not to take him there too soon. She gauged her timing perfectly. Just as he was about to tell her he couldn’t hold it any longer, she slowed her sucking and withdrew from his cock once more.

“Was that right?”

“Oh fuck! Yeah, that was perfect!” He panted.

“Do guys really like this?” she asked, licking his cock and watching him.

“Uh, well, it drives us crazy; but it makes it amazing when we do cum. I do it when I jerk off sometimes, just keep edging myself until I can’t stand it any longer.”

“How long for?”

“A few hours.”

“A few hours?! Wow!”

She stroked his cock and sucked it for a few moments before pausing to ask, “Wouldn’t a guy get pissed if a girl kept him on the edge like that for that long?”

“Uhhh…oh God. Well, I guess if he knows he’s going to get to cum at the end of it, he doesn’t mind.”

Beth considered the information, and then went back to sucking Kevin’s cock. She wondered how long her dad could take this before his resolve would crack and he’d let her swallow his cum. The thought made her tingle. She realised it was teasing for her as much for him, and her curiosity about what his cum would taste like and how it would feel. Would she even be able to take it all? She then returned her attention to the task in hand, or mouth rather, as she felt Kevin’s cock throbbing and the glans swelling. She waited until the last minute before withdrawing, watching his cock throbbing on the brink of climax; and Kevin gasped and twitched.

She giggled at first, but then realised she was being cruel.

“Sorry little…I mean BIG brother. Was that pretty close that time?”

“Very,” he gasped. “You really do learn fast!”

“Thanks! Can you take a little more?”

“Yeah I guess I can stand a little.”

“Thanks for letting me practice on you like this.”

“It’s ok. My pleasure!”

He smiled as she went back to work on him again with long slow strokes, taking his cock deeper than she had before and surrendered himself to her mouth. There was no doubt that with or without his advice, his sister was becoming a master cocksucker, or whatever the highest qualification was. She clearly loved sucking his dick, and seemed to have an instinct for what would please him and tease him the most. She was going easy on him; but by now he was so hard and turned on he couldn’t stand a lot. After a few minutes she noticed the tell-tale signs of his climax mounting; and timed it to the last second before she withdrew her mouth. Kevin let out a cry as his dick throbbed helplessly in the air, inches from his sister’s beautiful mouth, so close to release, yet so far.

“Ohhh shiiittttt!!”

“Shhhhhhh! Someone will hear!”

Beth looked nervously toward the path.

“Uhhh sorry, I don’t think I can take much more, Beth. If I don’t cum soon I think my dick will explode!”

“Well we don’t want that!” Beth giggled.

“Sorry, but you can have some more practice later if you want.”

“Thanks, but I’m hoping to be doing that on Dad, no offence.”

“None taken, You’d better be ready to take a monster load as well then, if last night was anything to go by.”

“Mmmm, I am! Are you going to help me practice for that as well?”

“God yes! I need to cum so much right now and it’s going to be a lot, I know.”

“Mmmmm good! I’m hungry!”

Jeez, his sister’s new slutty attitude and love of cock sucking was something he’d not seen coming; but he certainly wasn’t going to complain. He didn’t mind being the cock-test-dummy she practiced on, just so long as she got him off.

She went back to sucking him again with short bobbing motions, licking around his head and teasing him towards a climax. He could feel his orgasm mounting and knew this had to be the one. If he didn’t cum now he thought he’d do himself a serious injury.

“Oh God, here it cuuuummmmss!”

Beth appreciated the warning; but by now she knew he was about to cum almost before he did. She felt the familiar swelling of his cock as his climax neared; but instead of slowing or stopping she sped up, bringing him to the brink and then through to the other side. His dick pulsed and erupted in her mouth, blast after blast of cum spurting out. Some hit the back of her throat and she nearly gagged, as the rest continued to spew out, filling her mouth with salty thick cum. She gulped some down to make room, but allowed her mouth to fill with the rest. As his orgasm subsided, she nursed the last few drops from his cock, before finally withdrawing. She sat up, letting the thick tangy liquid sit in her mouth in a great pool, swirling it about with her tongue like mouth wash to get used to the taste and feel.

“Did you swallow?”

Beth couldn’t speak; so she simply opened her mouth to show Kevin the thick white pool of cum she was still savouring like some new exotic dish.

“Shit, I knew I came a lot! Are you going to swallow it? Guys like that.”

Beth swished the load around in her mouth for a few more moments like a wine connoisseur sampling a new vintage, before she gulped it down. She felt herself struggling, her gag reflex kicking in, but managed to get it all in two gulps.

“Wow, that was a lot. It actually tasted ok. I wonder if Dad’s is the same?”

“Uh, I don’t know. I hear it depends on the guy’s diet. You did a pretty amazing job, Beth.”

“Thanks bro. You’re a pretty good teacher. C’mon, let’s go down to the lake and take a swim. Maybe I can help you out too..”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I’ve seen you staring at mom’s big knockers with your eyes on stalks. Maybe it’s time you got better acquainted with them?”

They wandered off together towards the lake in conversation, as they cooked up their plot for the evening’s events.

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