Nudist Family Holiday Ch. 04-1

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. All characters are over 18 and none of the events described are real. It is not the intention of the author to condone or encourage incestuous activity, this is a work of erotic fiction and should be seen as such. It contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature including incest so if you find such material offensive please do not read any further. Finally this story is based very heavily on a similar one I read some time ago, I don’t remember the name or the story or the author but I hope they forgive me borrowing their premise and re-booting it.


Beth and Angela left together to clean themselves off, while Kevin and Roger sat slumped in their chairs, their wilting erections the only movement. Neither of them spoke. There wasn’t anything to really say. Eventually, Roger swigged the last of his beer and rose from his chair.

“I’m hitting the hay.”

“Sure, I’ll come in too.”

Kevin followed his father into the RV, shutting the door behind him. His dad headed back to the bedroom; while Kevin settled down on the bunk next to his sister. She was lying with her back to him and the covers pulled over her; so he wasn’t sure if she was asleep. He wished she didn’t have the sheets over her; as he wanted to check out her ass some more. He remembered seeing her stripping off, and walking around naked, and how hot she looked. He also remembered the sight of her pretty mouth stretched ’round his dad’s huge dick. Fuck, he wished he could get some of that right now. So far, all he’d had was a hand-job; and that was a reluctant one.

He felt himself getting hard once more as he imagined his sister practicing her skills on his dick. He closed his eyes and began stroking himself, as he pictured his sister slurping on his cock. He imagined cupping her perky tits. Then he wondered what it would be like if his mom demonstrated on him as she had with his dad. He thought about feeling both their mouths on him as they competed to see who could suck him the best, competing with each other as he groped their tits, his mom’s huge melons contrasting with his sister’s perky little titties.

“I suppose you think I’m a sicko now?”

His sister’s voice shocked him. She’d been awake the whole time. He covered himself up hastily and tried to act casual.

“Um, no… why?”

“Why??? Because I just blew Dad in front of you and Mom, that’s why!” she said, turning to him.

“No, I thought it was pretty hot actually.”

“You did?”

“Yeah, I mean, you look really smoking anyway, and seeing you and mMm sucking on him, well, yeah, that was really hot.”

“You don’t think I’m some kind of pervert?”

“Well, I guess if you are I must be too; and so must Mom and Dad be, since they both enjoyed it.”

“Yeah, I guess I hadn’t thought of it that way.”

He could see his sister was responding to his acceptance, so he plunged ahead.

”I mean, I don’t blame you. Dad has a pretty amazing dick. I thought I was big; but he’s huge.”

“Well you’re not so bad, even if you can’t control it!” Beth chuckled as she looked at the tent Kevin was pitching under the covers.

There was a pause as they both reflected on the events of the evening. Finally, Beth broke the silence.

“You can carry on if you want. I don’t mind.”

“Carry on?”

“Jerking off. I could hear you after you came in.”

She continued watching him expectantly.

“But I thought you said it was gross.”

“Well, it is, sort of, because you’re my brother I mean; but I guess it’s also kind of hot, seeing you hard and shooting off. You can look at me while you do it if you want.”

She pulled back the covers, letting him see her naked body once more. Fuck! That was all the encouragement he needed. He pulled down the covers and began stroking his cock as he admired her tits. As he watched, she began playing with her nipples, making the little nubs hard, before slipping her hand between her legs and rubbing herself.

The truth was, much as she acted grossed out, she did enjoy seeing Kevin stroking himself; but she just hadn’t wanted to let him realise. Right now though, she also needed to get off herself, and watching Kevin jerking while she remembered her dad’s huge dick in her mouth was just the right visual stimulation.

“You know you did a pretty amazing job of sucking Dad’s dick,” Kevin whispered as he whacked off.

“You think so?”

“I know so. I could tell he was going to blow his wad any moment.”

“But he wouldn’t, at least not in my mouth.”

“Well, I figure he wanted to.”

“You do?”

“Oh yeah!”

They were both stroking and rubbing themselves faster now.

“You know, you could practice on me too, if you wanted, that is?”

Kevin stopped stroking his cock and held it up for her inspection. She had to admit it was a nice dick. Not as big as her dad’s, but still bigger than most and nicely shaped, curved up to a plum-like head. Beth actually found herself licking her lips as she looked at it.

“Maybe tomorrow I might. For now let’s just get ourselves off. Let me see you shoot.”

Shit, she was going to practice on him? He stroked himself faster now, bringing his orgasm closer. He knew it wouldn’t be as big as earlier since he’d already cum; but he figured he would have enough to put on a show. Beth watched silently, as her brother stroked his dick faster and faster, before thrusting it up, his body going rigid before shooting a rope of cum into the air, which splattered back onto his chest before being followed by another, and another. She rubbed her clit as her own orgasm washed over her. Kevin got out of bed and cleaned himself with some paper towels from the kitchen; and by the time he returned, Beth was sleeping softly.

The following morning Kevin was awoken by the sound of his mom and sister fixing breakfast. He could hear them in a hushed conversation; and as he blearily opened his eyes, he was happy to see they were both still naked.

“Do you think it will really work?” Beth asked in an excited tone.

“Trust me sweetie, I know your father, if you just… morning Tiger! Ready for some breakfast?”

“Uh yeah, great.” He pulled back the covers and stood up, not even bothering to hide his morning glory erection. His sister turned to look at him; and he put his hands on his hips and turned sideways to show it off to her. She turned away, but not before she grinned at him.

“Set the table, you two.”

Kevin and Beth cleared away the bunks and set out the plates and cutlery, Kevin taking every chance to check out his sister’s body, especially when she bent over and he was afforded a view of her pink puffy little pussy. He managed to brush up against her a couple of times, and rubbed his cock on her arm and her butt cheeks. She showed no reaction; but he noticed she didn’t pull away either. Maybe she really was going to make good on her promise of a blowjob later.

They’d just finished putting the plates out when Roger emerged from the bedroom, looking a little sheepish. He was clearly embarrassed about last night; but Beth’s eyes lit up as she saw him.

“Morning Dad!”

“Um, good morning Beth. Um, now, about last night I…”

“Thank you so much!”

“What for?”

“For helping me out of course!”

“That wasn’t really what I was going to say.” He moved closer, standing by the table now, his dick at eye level with Beth, who took the opportunity to admire the huge veiny slab of meat at close quarters.

“Dad, you don’t know how much it means to me that you let me practice on you, so I know what to do.”

“Well I err… what’s for breakfast?” he asked, clearly uncomfortable and wanting to change the subject.

“I know what I’m having!” Beth couldn’t resist the sight of her dad’s huge dick and balls, and lifted her plate so they lay on it, his huge balls resting either side of his cock. “Sausage and eggs!”

Beth giggled; and Kevin couldn’t help himself from laughing at the sight of his dad’s cock and balls laid out like breakfast on the plate. Angela looked round and chuckled at the sight. Roger looked down in shock initially; but seeing the rest of his family enjoying the joke, he eventually smiled as the ice was broken from last night.

As they watched, Roger’s cock began to lengthen and harden on the plate, before lifting up and bobbing in the air as he grew to full erection.

“Wow, it looks like I just got super-sized!” Beth laughed, putting the plate down.

“Daddy, do you think I could practice again? I really want to get good at it.”

“Beth, I don’t know, I mean… at the breakfast table…”

“Oh pleeeeeease! I don’t want to end up getting pregnant and I learned so much. Can I just practice for a little while?”

“Breakfast won’t be ready for a few minutes yet sweetie. I’m sure your father doesn’t mind, do you Roger?” Angela gave her husband a knowing smile and Roger gulped.

Beth didn’t wait for an answer, and took hold of her dad’s huge erection in one hand, pulling the skin all the way back so she could expose the head, before opening her mouth and engulfing it.

“Oh Jesus!” Roger gasped.

“Mmmmffff, did I hurt you daddy? Am I doing it right.”

“No you didn’t hurt me sweetie. I just wasn’t quite ready for that.”

“Oh, sorry. I’ll go a little slower. Oh, and tell me if you need me to stop, you know, if you’re going shoot and you don’t want to do it in my mouth. Mmmmmmmm.”

Beth took the giant cock in her mouth again and began drawing it in more slowly this time. Roger stood powerless to object as he felt his beautiful teenage daughter’s lips and tongue doing amazing things to his cock. He found it hard to believe she was as inexperienced as she claimed, as her tongue teased and caressed his bloated cock head, while her lips tenderly nursed on his thick shaft.

She worked on taking him a little deeper now, being careful not to choke on the huge dick, and keeping her teeth from scraping him, varying her technique between long, slow strokes up and down his shaft, and short bobbing motions where she focused on just the head of his cock. Sure enough, after a few minutes she could feel his dick beginning to swell and his balls drawing up, and withdrew from his cock.

“Do you need me to stop for a while?”

“Huh? What sweetie?”

“Do you need a break? You seemed like you were getting pretty excited there; and I know you don’t want to cum in my mouth.”

“Oh, yeah honey, maybe you should stop.”

“Ok, I wanted to practice sucking balls too!”

She lifted his giant dick out of the way so she could get at his low hanging balls, drawing the left one into her mouth so she could suck on it. She wished she could do it with both; but there was no way they would both fit. So she had to content herself with first one then the other, giving her Dad a few minutes respite before turning her attention back to his cock once more, sucking and slurping on it like it was the most delicious food ever invented, which, as far as Beth was concerned, it was.

After a few more minutes of this Roger, could feel his cum beginning to rise once mor,e and exercised all his self-restraint to warn his daughter.

“Honey, I think you’d better stop now. I don’t think I can take much more right now.”

“Mmmmm. Ok Dad, that’s fine. I can practice again later.”

“Uhhh, well, I…” Roger was like a zombie. Clearly, he needed to cum badly; but filling his little girl’s mouth with his sperm, the sperm that had made her, was just more than he could bring himself to do. No matter, he resolved that once breakfast was over, he would take Angela into the bedroom and give her the fucking of her life.

“Ok breakfast is ready!”

Angela broke the silence placing the food on the table. Kevin and Roger were both massively erect, and mainly concerned with wanting to get their respective rocks off, so wolfed their food down as fast as they could, while Beth and Angela took their time enjoying breakfast and coffee. Eventually when they had finished, Beth helped Angela clear the table.

“So what do you two have planned for the day?”

“I thought we might go down to the lake. It’s a nice day for a swim; and I could do with some practice on my technique, swimming that is.” Beth gave Kevin a sly smile at the latter comment; and his dick did some press ups at the implication.

“What a good idea. Kevin, why don’t you get the towels?”

As they finished clearing away, Angela handed Roger a note.

“Here you are dear. Can you pick this up for me please? We’re out of almost all of these.”

“But I thought, I mean you and me…”

“You and me?”

“I mean with Beth and Kevin at the lake…” Roger nodded towards the bedroom; but Angela feigned total innocence.

“Yes dear, Kevin and Beth are going to the lake; and you are going to the store for some supplies.”

“But, I can’t go like this!” he hissed, gesturing at his cock which was still rock hard and hoping to get some relief from his wife.

“A good walk will help to get rid of that,” Angela smiled and turned back to the kitchen. “I’ve got a ton of laundry to get done; and now is a good time, seeing as no one needs their clothes.

Roger took the note and headed dejectedly out the door, his cock leading the way. Kevin noticed Beth and his mom exchanging a look and smiling. They were obviously hatching something up; and he intended to find out what.

“Okay, you two get going and stay together!”

“We will,” Beth smiled at Kevin; and this time he felt his cock throb at the thought of some of his sister’s new found oral skills coming his way. They left carrying their towels; and Kevin noticed Beth was walking alongside him for once, and not stalking off ahead.

“Ok, so what’s the deal?”


“You and Mom, what are you cooking up?”

“What do you mean?”

“I heard you talking this morning.”

“Were you eavesdropping?”

“No, I wasn’t! I just woke up when you were talking; but I could see the looks you were giving each other. I’m not being a snitch, maybe I can help.”

She eyed him suspiciously, but could see no sign of malice or dishonesty.

“Well, if you promise not to say.”

“I promise!”

“Well, I was asking Mom about Dad, you know, not wanting to cum in my mouth, so we cooked up this idea where I’ll keep practicing on him every chance I get; and she’ll make sure he doesn’t get to cum in between. That way he’ll get so desperate he won’t be able to resist.”

“He looked like he was almost there this morning.”


“Yeah! I could see he nearly lost it. You were doing an amazing job on him.”

“You think?” Beth was blushing with pride that she had such an effect on her dad.

“Trust me, guys can tell, you had him on the ropes.”

“But I can’t take it deep like Mom.”

“Well, deep isn’t everything. I mean, the fact that you look like you really enjoy it is a big turn on.”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Yeah, but that’s a good thing. If a guy thinks the girl is really enjoying blowing him, it’s a big compliment.”

They fell silent for a while.

“You know, maybe you should get some practice at swallowing too. I mean, if you’re planning on taking Dad’s load that’s a lot for a first time.”

“What makes you think it’s my first time?”

“Well, is it?”


“Well, you don’t want to end up choking on it and making a mess, do you?”


“Well you could practice on me if you want.”

“I seem to recall you saying something about that last night,” She smiled coyly at him. Seeing he was still erect, she reached down and held his cock with her hand.

“Why don’t we find a quiet spot?”

She led him off the path by his dick into a shaded area of the woods where they wouldn’t be seen from the path; and they spread the towels on the ground.

“You know, I wouldn’t have really told Dad about your stash; and I’m sorry I made you jerk me off yesterday.”

“It’s ok, I sort of enjoyed it. I was just mad at you at the same time. I guess I’m sorry I gave you a hard time about looking at Mom. I suppose I just get jealous because all the guys look at her tits, even you.”

“You know you’ve got nice tits as well; and a lot of guys like the small ones too.”

“Yeah, right!”

“Seriously! I mean, they look so perky; and you know what they say about a mouthful.”

She looked puzzled.

“More than a mouthful is a waste.”

She giggled and looked down at her boobs, the pink nipples hard in the cool morning air.

“Well I’m definitely not wasteful!”

He reached out his hand and cupped her boob, feeling how firm it was, the soft warm mound fitting his palm perfectly. She quietly watched as he cupped her other boob, as if comparing them, gently squeezing and pushing them together, before leaning forward and drawing them into his mouth.

She gasped at the sensation, as his lips enveloped her sensitive nipple; and she felt his tongue flicking around it. He drew most of her breast into his mouth, feasting on the delicate morsel, before turning his attention to its twin and paying it equal attention. He greedily sucked on her tits for several minutes. Beth could feel herself growing more aroused at the attention and reached down, finding Kevin’s hard cock and stroking it. He moaned at the feel of her touch, and the knowledge he was going to get some of the attention his father had been receiving; but he was enjoying his sister’s perky little tits too much to release them just yet.

After a few more minutes of sucking, she gently eased him away from her breasts and pushed him back on the towel.

“Why don’t you let me suck on something for a while, little brother?”

“Little brother? We’re twins remember?”

“I was born 10 minutes before you; so that makes you my little brother!” she smirked up at him as she leaned over and held his cock up so she could look at it properly. “Although I somehow don’t think that I can call you that anymore.”

His dick was smaller than her dad’s; but it was still huge. And she decided it was actually prettier, with a banana shaped curve, smooth skin and a pink, plum-like head. She stroked it a couple of times before leaning down to lick it, discovering it actually tasted pretty nice too. She swirled her tongue around the head, teasing him and getting it moist; so she could open her lips and slide easily over his bloated head. The thought struck her that this would be the second cock she had sucked this morning; and they both belonged to her family. She felt both excited and briefly freaked out at the same time; but the throbbing cock in her mouth was clearly demanding her attention, so she focused on that once more.

She remembered her mom’s advice and varied her approach, making her strokes long and slow, before bobbing on the head, or withdrawing completely to lick around it. She found herself getting more turned on and moaning as she sucked him. Kevin sat up so he could watch her, and feel her amazing mouth and tongue working their magic at the same time.

“Mmmmmm, I think I may have to call you big brother when we’re alone from now on,” Beth giggled, licking his cock. “You do have a really nice dick.”

“Uh thanks. And you are really good at sucking it. You sure do learn fast.”

“Really? I hope Dad thinks so too.”

“He does, but if you want to make him really bust a nut in your mouth, you need to edge him.”

“What’s that?”

She looked confused.

“It’s when you get a guy so he’s really close to cumming, and then keep him on the edge. Iit drives guys nuts; but they love it. And he’ll be desperate to cum if you do that.”

“Can you show me?”

“Yeah, sure, just go a little faster for a while.”

Beth followed his instructions and began slurping on his cock, taking him as deep as she could, and letting her lips slide up and down his cock quicker, so she could feel his body tense and his cock grow harder.

“Shit, that’s it. Okay, now keep it going; and when I start getting close, just slow down and take it easy.”

Beth continued slurping and sucking on his cock, until he could feel his cum start to rise and knew he was close.

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