Nudist Family Holiday Ch. 03-2

“Mom, some of my friends were saying that if you want to avoid getting pregnant you need to know how to give a good blowjob. Is that true?”

Roger made a small strangled noise, but said nothing; and Angela smiled before answering.

“Well, if you know how to please a man with your mouth, he is less likely to pressure you into sex, although you should never let any man do that.”

“So how do you do it? I mean, learn to be good at it?”

“Well it’s largely a question of noticing what your partner enjoys: sucking, licking, sometimes even biting. Every man has his own likes and dislikes; and every woman has her own way of doing it.”

“So…what do you do?”

“Well I can’t really explain it sweetie. I’d need to show you and I’m not sure…”

“Oh please!! Please! Please!” I really want to know how to do it…”

Beth was still stroking her dad’s rock-hard erection as she pleaded with her mother; and Roger was barely conscious of what was being said, but realised enough to know his daughter was asking his wife to perform oral sex on him. He weakly tried to protest; but Angela simply ignored him as she knelt by the side of his chair.

“Here, squat down here so you can see. Now, it’s good to start out slowly, a little licking often helps.”

Beth reluctantly released her dad’s erection, feeling a pang of jealousy as Angela took hold of it. Angela started running her tongue over the head of her husband’s cock, the salty pre-cum forming a strand between her tongue and his cock-head, before licking down the sides of the shaft and bathing his cock with her saliva. She then opened her lips and drew the giant thick veiny member into her mouth, slurping as she did. Kevin sat transfixed, watching his naked mom and sister kneeling either side of his dad, sucking his cock, like 2 harem girls attending to an eastern potentate. By now he was stroking his own cock, not that anyone was paying him any attention.

Beth watched fascinated as her mom’s lips descended down the shaft of her father’s cock, taking a seemingly impossible amount of it, before sliding back up the shaft and repeating the process, occasionally withdrawing all-together and licking around the head. Roger’s balls seemed to be dancing, they were moving around so much in response to Angela’s ministrations, who was clearly enjoying herself. She loved sucking her husband’s cock, and prided herself on her skills. After a few moments, she remembered she was supposed to be demonstrating, and withdrew her mouth, pausing to look at her daughter.

“Well, there sweetie. That gives you an idea.”

“Wow Mom, that was awesome! Could I try?”

“Angela, for God’s sake” Roger weakly croaked.

Angela knew this was wrong but couldn’t deny how erotic it looked at seeing her young daughter worshipping her husband’s huge cock, and for all Roger’s increasingly weak protestations his giant pulsing erection told Angela all she needed to know as to what her husband thought.

“Roger, Beth needs to learn this from someone; or would you rather she ends up getting pregnant?” she said maintaining as best a motherly tone as she could.

Roger was clearly past being able to speak or think and made no further objections, so Angela simply smiled and nodded her encouragement at Beth, who took hold of her father’s cock and began eagerly slurping on it. At first she tried to emulate her mother and take it deep, but nearly choked herself in the process, and withdrew in a coughing fit.

“Easy sweetie, don’t try to take it all, just as much as you can. Take it slow and work your way up to it.”

Beth started licking around the great plum-like head, before opening her lips and taking it in her mouth, continuing to lick it as she sucked, then beginning to bob her head and take a couple of inches of the shaft as well. As her mouth began to get used to the size of her dad’s cock, she found she was able to start experimenting more, varying the length and speed of her strokes, letting her tongue explore the sensitive areas of his cock-head, and feeling his dick respond by swelling and pulsing.

Angela watched her daughter with a strange sense of pride. She was clearly a natural at this, and judging from Roger’s reaction, his excitement was increasing.

After a few minutes Roger croaked, “Beth stop, I can’t take any more. Please honey, stop.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I think your father is getting close to having an orgasm dear.”

“Cool, you mean he’s going to cum?”

“Yes dear.”

“Can I taste it?”

“No, no I can’t do that. I can’t cum in my little girl’s mouth! Angela, please, that’s too much.”

There was something in Roger’s voice that told her he really meant it; and Angela didn’t argue this time. Beth tried to hide her disappointment.

“Mom, one of the girls at school said she likes to finish her boyfriend off with her tits. What does she mean?”

“Well, is this friend of yours rather, um, busty?”

“Yes, she has huge ones. Well, not as big as yours; but she’s the biggest in my school.”

“Well sometimes men like to put their penis between a girl’s breasts; and the girl can make them have an orgasm that way.”

Beth looked puzzled.

“I don’t understand.”

Angela lifted her boobs and squeezed them together.

The girl holds them like this and the man puts his penis between them, you see?

Beth looked down at her own tits in disappointment.

“Mine are too small for that, aren’t they?”

“Don’t look sad dear. Trust me, having to carry these around all the time isn’t always a lot of fun. Look, why don’t you use mine.”

Angela knelt up closer to Roger and let her breasts hang over his cock.

“Now put your father’s penis between them and squeeze them together.”

Beth did as she was told. Touching her mom’s boobs felt weird. They were so much bigger and softer than her own; and she struggled to hold them. They were so large, they overflowed her hands. Eventually, she managed, pushing them together and watching her father’s huge cock almost disappear from view.

“That’s it, squeeze harder. Now bounce them up and down.”

Beth pushed her mom’s big heavy boobs together harder, and bounced them up and down on her dad’s cock, watching in fascination as they bounced like two water balloons, up and down, with her father’s cock emerging and disappearing from in between them.

“That’s it, sweetie,” Her mom smiled encouragingly, as Beth continued to slide her mom’s big tits up and down her father’s cock. Roger let out a moan.

“Oh God, I can’t hold it any longer!”

“It’s ok Beth, keep going,” Angela smiled, her face flushed.

Roger went rigid in his chair, and thrust his hips up to meet his wife’s tits, the shiny purple dome emerging from between the huge boobs, as a geyser of cum erupted from the head. Beth let out a little shriek of surprise, but continued to bounce her mom’s tits, as another eruption shot from her father’s cock, jet after jet of cum spurting from his cock, and showering her and her mom with cum, splashing on her mom’s tits, on Beth’s hands, in her hair, covering both of them. By the time his orgasm abated, the two of them were covered in thick white cum, neither of them noticing Kevin shooting his own load onto the ground, as he watched the pornographic display his mom and sister were putting on. Beth and Angela looked at one another with cum dripping from them, and collapsed in giggles, while Roger remained slumped in his chair exhausted.

Cumming in Chapter 4, Beth continues to practice her oral skills and is keen to swallow her dad’s cum, Roger is reluctant but she and her mom devise a plan while Bobby has some questions about the facts of life he wants answered as well.M.U<

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