Nudist Family Holiday Ch. 02

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. All characters are over 18 and none of the events described are real. It is not the intention of the author to condone or encourage incestuous activity, this is a work of erotic fiction and should be seen as such. It contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature including incest so if you find such material offensive please do not read any further. Finally this story is based very heavily on a similar one I read some time ago, I don’t remember the name or the story or the author but I hope they forgive me borrowing their premise and re-booting it.




That night they all went to bed early. Everyone was tired after the long journey. Kevin took the opportunity to stroke one out once his sister was asleep, and recalled the naked girls he’d seen the previous day. But most of all, he focused on the image of his cum splattering on his sister’s smooth tanned leg as he stroked his cock and shot his load.

The following morning, he could hear his mom and dad chatting in the bedroom. He couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying; but it seemed they were discussing something concerning them, as he heard his father mentioning “the children” several times. He loved his old man; but he sometimes wished he’d let up on treating them like they were little kids. Beth was listening to music and flicking through a magazine, so was oblivious to what was going on, until their parents emerged from the bedroom and stood in the lounge area.

“Beth, Kevin, there’s something your father and I want to discuss with you.”

Beth sighed, clicked off her mp3 player and dropped her magazine; while Kevin was all ears. Somehow, he had the feeling, this could be something interesting.

“Now, as you know, your father and I have visited this place in the past, and were practicing naturists at the time. Now, your father and I would like to know if it would offend either of you if we were to go nude while we are here. Be honest; and say if you are going to be uncomfortable with the idea.”

Kevin was struggling to process the information. His mom was asking his permission to go naked? She was wearing some shorts and one of her tight vest tops, that accentuated her big boobs and trim waist. The thought that he would get to see her big knockers naked was not something he needed to be asked twice.

“Uh, I don’t mind…”

“Well seeing as you have already gone nude, I presumed you wouldn’t Kevin. It was more your sister I think we’re concerned about. Well Beth?”

Beth had been looking at her dad while her mom was talking, and tore her eyes away. He was clearly uncomfortable about the whole situation, and was avoiding eye contact with his kids. She was glad about this; as it gave her a chance to watch him without being observed. Roger Brentmeier had always been athletic in college; and his career building pools involved plenty of time in the sun, and ensured he kept his physique. In the summer, when Beth’s friends came over and they had a pool party, there seemed to be an unwritten competition between them, to see who could wear the skimpiest outfits and flirt with her dad the most. Roger seemed to take it all in good stead, and no doubt found it flattering to have various teenage girls fluttering their eyelashes at him, and taking every chance to show off their figures. He would sometimes hang out with them and wear his speedos, which not only showed off his athletic build, but also an impossibly huge bulge. On more than one occasion, Beth had heard her friends discussing whether her dad had a pair of socks down his trunks.

She pretended to ignore all her friends behaviour, and told herself how juvenile they all were; but she also had to admit she was jealous, and found herself admiring him more and more often. The idea that she could see her dad naked, when all her friends could only dream about it, made her feel excited. As she looked at him, he was wearing a t-shirt and some running shorts, which showed off his toned chest and muscles, but also a big bulge in his shorts. She could feel her cheeks flushing as she thought about her dad walking around naked.

“I guess that’s okay,” she said, trying to sound as disinterested as she could and looking at her magazine.

“Are you sure Bethany? I don’t want you to feel pressured in anyway. Your mother and I want you to be comfortable.”

Roger sounded surprised at his daughter’s readiness to go along with them being nude.

She looked up from her magazine and smiled.

“Well Kevin’s already joined the party ,so I don’t see why you guys can’t.”

“Well, only if you’re sure. And don’t feel there is any pressure on you to participate if you don’t wish to.”

“I won’t.”

She imagined stripping off in front of her father. She wondered if he would like her body. She took care of her figure. She hadn’t inherited her mom’s huge boobs; but she was proud of her long legs and her shapely butt. Her friends certainly wouldn’t be able to compete with her on this occasion.

“Alright, well, seeing as the weather is so warm, I thought we could eat dinner outside tonight. There’s a store in town that sells some great steaks, so I’ll ride down there on one of the mountain bikes and get some. We can have a barbecue. What do you say?”

“Yeah, sounds great.”

Beth tried to hide her disappointment that her father wasn’t going to get naked yet, but figured they would have plenty more time.

“Okay, well, I’ll get going then.”

Roger headed off outside, and set about dismounting one of the bikes from the back of the RV.

“Good, well, how about I make you a light lunch to be going on with?” Mom smiled.

“Sure, that’d be great,” smiled Beth.

“Are you sure you’re ok with us being nude Beth? I don’t want you to feel that because I do there is any pressure on you.”

“That’s fine, Mom.”

“Alright, well, in that case, I’ll just get changed, and then fix lunch.”

Kevin was doing his best to hide his excitement. By “get changed,” she meant get naked! Fuck! His mom spent a lot of time in the gym and kept her figure looking good, and she always seemed to get plenty of looks when she went out, not least because of her curvy ass and huge boobs. Kevin could hear her moving ’round in the bedroom; and a few moments later heard her padding back out into the galley.

Any attempt to look cool and uninterested went out the window as he saw his mom walking out. He found himself looking at the biggest pair of tits he’d ever seen, not that he’d seen that many. Some of the girls he’d seen around the camp were pretty big; but none of them came close to his mom. Her breasts were big, heavy, and pear-shaped, with oval-shaped aureola and large nipples. As she walked, they bounced and swayed with every step. He was so fascinated with them, he barely took in the dark patch of hair between her legs and was barely aware of his returning erection.

“Ok, how about a ham salad?”

“Thanks Mom,” Beth replied without glancing up from her book.

“Kevin… cat got your tongue?”


“Okay, then.”

Kevin had his laptop open, but was not even looking at it. Right now, there was nothing he could imagine on the internet that could compete with what he was seeing in real life. As his mom fixed them lunch, every movement seemed to cause her huge jugs to bounce and sway. Even when she turned away, he could see the sides of her boobs swaying, and her full rounded ass.

“Okay, clear some space on the counter.”

Kevin closed his laptop and set it aside. Beth put her magazine away as Angela set out some table wear. As she leant over the counter, her boobs hung down and swayed about, as she put out the knives and forks. Kevin’s eyes were practically on stalks. It was all he could do to keep from reaching out and grabbing the huge knockers in front of his face; but he was powerless to control his cock, which had now grown to full hard-on, and was throbbing against his belly. Even Beth couldn’t help admiring her mom’s boobs, and had to admit to feeling jealous that she didn’t inherit them. Then she noticed her brother gawping at them, and could see his cock sticking up above the work surface.

“Mom! Kevin’s staring at your boobs; and he’s got a hard-on!”

“Beth! I’ve told you about making comments like that. And Kevin, I understand you are curious; but it isn’t polite to stare.”

Kevin glared at his sister who glared back in disgust.


“Beth! That’s enough.”

His mom finished fixing them lunch; and Kevin only managed a few more surreptitious glances at his mom’s amazing knockers, thanks to his brat of a sister, as they ate lunch.

His mom cleared the plates, once more giving Kevin a close view of her huge boobs hanging down in front of his face. As she cleared the plates away, she glanced down at his erection, and felt herself flushing with embarrassment. She’d hoped Kevin would have calmed down a little by now. She turned away to clean the plates and put them back.

“Why don’t you two go and explore down at the lake? There are some great swimming spots. Beth, you can wear your swimsuit.”

“Do I have to go with Kevin?”

“Yes you do. You two need to stick together. Go in the back and get changed. Kevin, can you take the trash out for me?”

“Uh yeah, sure.”

He padded ’round and his mom turned to hand him a tied up trash bag, being confronted with her son’s huge erection as he faced her. She held the bag out by the hooks; but he made no move to take it, instead being fixated on her tits. As she waited for him to take it, she was aware it looked like she was going to hang it on his erection. She finally broke the awkward silence.

“Kevin… trash?”

“Oh yeah.”

He finally reached out and took it, heading off outside. Angela relaxed as he left. Some cold water down at the lake would help cool him off. Beth emerged from the bedroom wearing her swimsuit, a little white two-piece number, consisting of 3 triangles covering her boobs and crotch. It was skimpy; but she had the figure to get away with it. Her daughter was a stunning beauty; and she was sure she would have plenty of admirers.

“Here, take some towels with you. Your brother’s already outside. Have fun!”


Kevin disposed of the trash and waited for his sister. He was pretty sure his mom wanted to get rid of him because his brat of a sister had ratted on him; and now he was being denied the chance to watch his mom naked, thanks to her. As Beth skipped out of the RV though, thoughts of anger evaporated, as he took in the sight of his sister in her microscopic bikini. She strolled past him without looking, and from behind she looked naked, apart from the triangle of material that failed to cover her ass.

Kevin’s hard-on gave her a salute as he caught up with her.

“Oh God, are you going to walk next to me with that again?”

“With what?”

“Your boner, you retard! Jeezus! It’s bad enough you perv. at girls in the camp; but now you’re looking at mom as well. You really are a sicko Kev.”

He felt himself flushing with anger at her insults, and for having ratted on him.

“Well I saw you checking Dad out as well. You seemed pretty happy for him to get naked.”

“Shut up you little fucktard!” she snapped.

Her anger surprised him, but confirmed he was right. His sister only got this angry when he caught her out.

“Why don’t you go and beat your meat in the woods thinking about mom.”

“You want me to beat off?”

“Well I don’t want to be seen with you like that. Jeezus, aren’t you embarrassed that people will see you like that? Walking around like some drooling pervert?”

Kevin felt his anger rising at her continued barbs, and decided it was time for some payback. He was struck by a sudden idea.

“Why don’t you do it for me?”

“What??” she stopped and looked at him incredulously.

“Why don’t you jerk me off?”

“You fucking sick perv. I’m telling Dad about this one.”

“That’s fine then, I’ll tell him about your stash of weed in your dresser.”

She stopped dead in her tracks and turned to look at him in shock.

“How did you… Oh my God, you were going through my things! You little son of a bitch!”

“I was looking for my phone charger actually. Turns out I found your stash by accident.”

“Oh… my…God!” She approached him and spoke through gritted teeth she was so angry. “If you breath a word, so help me I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” Kevin cut her off. He’d been waiting for the moment to play this trump card; and now he was going to enjoy it. “You know how Dad is about drugs. He said if he ever caught us with anything, he’d throw us out. When he finds out about this you’ll be out on your ass, or grounded for about the next 1000 years. Either way, you won’t be doing anything to me.”

She stopped and considered what he’d said, and she knew he was right. Dad was a hard ass about a few things; and drugs were one of them. Kevin had her over a barrel and he knew it.

“Alright, what do you want?” she asked warily.

“I told you, help me out,” he glanced at his hard-on that showed no signs of subsiding.

“You’re not serious?!”

“Do I look serious?”

“But I’m your sister!”


“This is sick!”

“Yeah well I’m a sicko and a pervert, remember?”

He stood with his hands on his hips and waited. She regarded him, hoping he would tell her it was just a joke, or that he would have a change of heart; but he simply waited. She considered pleading with him; but she knew that didn’t work with her brother. And she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction.

“God I hate you!”

“You can still hate me while you jerk me off.”

“Oh God! Alright! Just make sure and finish quickly!”

“That’s up to you.”

“Come over here off the path. Just keep an eye out for anyone.”

He waited while she looked around to confirm they were alone. She then glared at him once more, before grabbing his cock and jerking it. She made no effort to be gentle. She gripped it hard and jerked it fast, clearly intent on getting him off as fast as possible. If she had to do this for him, she was going to make it the quickest, most uncomfortable hand-job she could. He didn’t care though. Seeing his mom’s tits and getting jerked off by his sister all in one day was a double treat he’d not expected when he woke up this morning.

His sister was jerking the shaft of his cock rather than the head, so although she was going fast and hard, he wasn’t in danger of cumming just yet. He took the opportunity to admire her tits up close, as they jiggled in time with her pulling on his cock. Whether it was through anger or embarrassment, her nipples seemed to be poking out through the thin material. She was more intent on looking out for any passers by, so he was able to admire her perky boobs with impunity. He wondered what they would feel like. He imagined cupping them and feeling their firmness. He guessed she would be a handful, but no more, not like his mom. He imagined what those huge knockers would feel like. He would need two hands to hold one; and he guessed they were heavy too.

As he continued to ogle his sister’s boobs, she craned her neck to see if anyone was approaching; and her top fell open enough he was able to see down the front, and be rewarded with an unobstructed view of one perfect perky boob with a pink nipple capping it. His dick throbbed at the sight. He’d now seen his mom’s and his sister’s tits in the same morning! Her movement had the unintentional consequence of adjusting her grip on his cock as well. Now, instead of just yanking on his shaft, she was pulling on the head of his cock as well. The sight of his sister’s exposed pert jiggling boob, and her hand gripping on his cock, was proving too much for him; and he could feel his cum rising. She was pulling harder and faster on his dick now. It felt like she was planning on taking it with her as a souvenir; but he didn’t care. He was so hard and turned on right now; anything would feel good. His balls tightened and he felt his cum boiling as he erupted.

His sister was so preoccupied with keeping a look out, she didn’t notice he had started to cum. And such was the violence she was jerking him with, that as he ejaculated his cum sprayed everywhere, some splashing on her stomach and some on her legs. As she felt the warm liquid on her skin, she looked down and released his cock like a hot potato.

“Oh gross!! You got it all over me. Shit, shit, shit!!”

She used the towel to wipe his cum off her belly and legs before cleaning her hand.

“You did that on purpose!”

He stroked the last few dribbles of cum out of his bruised cock, as he watched her wiping his load off her.

“Hey, you were the one holding it.”

“You could have warned me. Anyway, happy now?”

She didn’t wait for an answer as she stalked off towards the lake, with Kevin following with his slowly deflating cock.

Cumming in chapter 3. The family barbecue sees the Brentmeier’s getting ever better acquainted.

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