Nudist Family Holiday Ch. 01-2

Beth stood too shocked to move at first, before becoming aware of the warm wet sensation trickling down her thigh.

“Oh…my…God! Kevin!! Oh Jesus, that’s gross! Oh God, you got it on my leg!!”

She reached down to wipe his cum of her leg, then realized she now had it on her fingers as well.

“Oh gross, gross, gross!!”

He couldn’t help laughing. She looked like she was performing a dance, as she hopped about in the middle of the path trying to get rid of his sperm, frantically looking around for something to wipe it off with.

“You little fucker! You did that on purpose!! I’m so telling Mom and Dad when we get back!”

Finally he took pity on her.

“Here, use these.”

He handed her some leaves from a bush and she wiped the cum from her leg and fingers onto it.

“It was an accident, honest!”

“You’re sick! You did it on purpose! Dad’s going to kick your butt for this!”

“I swear it was an accident. I didn’t realize it would shoot that far! Guess I was a little backed up.”

She finished wiping the cum off as best she could, and began stalking back towards the camp with the shopping. He caught up with her, feeling guilty now that his libido was abated.

“Wait up! Beth, I’m sorry, honest! It really was an accident; and I’m sorry I grossed you out. I just get really horny, you know?”

She said nothing; but her pace slowed a little. He couldn’t help from eying her perky boobs jiggling in her tube top, her nipples still looking hard despite the heat.

“How about I let you borrow my lap top tonight?”

She slowed and looked at him.

“All night?”

“Ok,” he sighed.

“Oh, alright.”

She flounced off, still trying to look pissed off, but clearly mollified by the prospect of being able to catch up with her friends on the internet, and find out what the latest gossip was.

Kevin followed just behind her, his still impressive dick now soft, at least for the time being. He figured going without his porn movies for an evening was a price worth paying to keep his sister happy; and somehow the experience of cumming on her leg was hotter than the thought of watching his movies. As they headed back to the RV, he noticed with a sick little thrill a small patch of dried cum on her thigh she’d missed. He hoped Mom and Dad didn’t notice it; but, at the same time, he looked forward to jerking off over the thought later, when everyone was asleep, and wondered what other opportunities the next few days might hold.

Cumming in Chapter 2. The family start to shed their clothes and inhibitions.

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