Nude TV Ch. 04-1

Janice Washington and Dan Colbert were sitting in their chairs anxiously awaiting the start of a very special edition of Naked AM. The show they had been co-hosting on Naked TV was celebrating its first anniversary, and because of the large audience they had attracted, as well as the ever-increasing advertising revenue, the network executives had decided to allow Janice and Dan to have a prime time edition of their show.

Over the course of their first year, both Janice and Dan had become much more comfortable with their show, and had also become very at ease with the fact that they did their shows entirely in the nude. The audience considered them special friends who always seemed to have fun with their work, and did whatever they could to make sure that their viewers could have as much fun as they did everyday.

The only real physical difference for either of them since the show began was that Janice had allowed her deep red hair to grow out even more. She was careful to make sure that her hair fell down her back, but in the few instances when it did fall forward, it now reached the top of the areolas on her breasts.

The cameras came to life precisely at 8:00 pm, and both Dan and Janice greeted the viewers with big smiles on their glowing faces. As the picture enlarged so that the audience could see them in their naked glory, regular viewers could see that this was going to be a special show.

Janice’s breasts appeared to be especially swollen with very erect nipples. Her barely contained excitement was causing her breasts to jiggle just enough to captivate all of the male viewers. Dan’s stiff cock looked bigger than normal, and while he was able to refrain from stroking it, he couldn’t keep from using his left hand to slowly massage his balls.

“We’re so happy to see all of you tonight,” Janice began. “This last year had flown past so quickly that this anniversary show came before we knew it.”

“You’re so right Janice,” Dan continued, “tonight we’re planning on presenting a show that truly pleases all of you wonderful viewers.”

Janice said, “We’re honored that the executives of our network have given us the opportunity and freedom to do whatever we wanted to do, so let us start right now.”

“Actually we felt that the only place to start,” Dan said, “was to bring out ‘our girl Friday’, Julie Hayes.”

Julie had been hired as the wardrobe assistant for both Dan and Janice, but as each of them basically became nudists on the set after the first week, Julie had been promoted to their personal assistant. Just like Dan and Janice, Julie too shed her clothes while on the set, and had also become a regular on-air helper for them. Due to her bubbly personality, and fabulous body, both men and women had come to enjoy the time that Julie appeared on the show.

Julie almost pranced onto the set. She stopped next to Janice, and when they faced each other, both of them stuck their chests out, swung their breasts back and forth so that their tits bounced off each other. This caused both of them to laugh, then they hugged and shared a lip-smacking kiss.

She then almost jumped into Dan’s arms to give him a big hug and kiss as well. When Dan eventually let her down, she grabbed onto Dan’s hardon to steady herself. His eyes fluttered just a little as his cock experienced the wonderful feeling of being enveloped in Julie’s soft hand.

Quickly though, she let go and all of them sat between Dan and Janice. “I’m so excited that I almost can’t think straight,” Julie said.

“You’re not the only one,” Janice said, “I’m having trouble keeping my thoughts together too.”

Taking charge of this situation, Dan said, “Julie, you’ve become a part of our little family, so much so that you even get fan mail. Did you envision that answering fan mail would be part of your job?”

“Well to be perfectly honest,” Julie replied, “I thought I might have to help you and Janice with your mail, but I never thought that I’d be getting some of my own.”

“Speaking of that,” Janice said, “What types of questions do you get to answer?”

“Like everyone would expect,” Julie said, “people want to know how they might get tickets to the show. I’ve told them that right now, it’s a closed set, but there is lots of interest in tickets.”

“I can imagine that lots of viewers would like to get a first-hand look at what goes on here,” Dan said, “but right now the executives don’t think that that would be such a good idea.”

Going on, Julie said, “What amazes me is how many viewers want to know if each of you climax everyday, or if you end up faking it some of the time.”

Looking at the camera with a very serious expression, Janice said, “Folks, listen to me . . . we cum ALL THE TIME.” She couldn’t keep this up very long. Very quickly she broke out in laughter that spread to both Julie and Dan.

Dan said, “She’s absolutely right. You viewers don’t know that we had to buy new chairs for her with a special cover because her cunt juice kept ruining the fabric on the original one.”

Nodding in agreement, Janice said, “Some people can’t help their snoring, I ooze from my pussy anytime we talk about a sexual subject. And because of the type of show we have, that happens everyday.”

Julie then went on, “Many of our viewers are also curious how all of the cameramen, and engineers can perform the jobs so well with all the fucking that goes on everyday.”

Looking at the camera, Dan said, “That’s because we have professionals on our show who are able to conduct themselves appropriately when they’re working.”

Janice, with a grin on her face then said, “And they know that if they’re really in need, Julie will be more than happy to help them out.” She then patted Julie on the shoulder and said, “Many has been the time that we’ve gone to a commercial break only to see her on her knees with someone’s cock in her mouth just as it spurts pecker snot.”

“I think it’s only fair,” Julie said, “I’m just helping a friend in need. Also, there are times when my pussy needs relief, and all of the boys will fuck me silly, you know, as a favor.”

Dan couldn’t help himself, “Well, lets be completely honest now, Julie also helps out the female engineers too. Why it was only last week that I saw you disappear under someone’s dress after our demonstration of new toys.”

“Again,” Julie said in an innocent girl’s voice, “it’s like this, ‘do unto others as you would have others do unto you’.”

This time you could even hear chuckles from off camera as everyone on the set laughed.

“Time for our first break,” Janice said, ” but don’t leave because we have some very special guests up next.”

When the show returned from the commercial break, Janice began, “Welcome back everyone. We’ve been talking about the viewer mail we’ve all been receiving over the past year, and one topic that keeps coming up is this: What are our bosses really like?”

“We tell everyone who asks,” Dan continued, “that our management team treats us very well, but it seemed only fitting for this anniversary show that we introduced you to some of them. So without waiting any longer, please welcome our Chief Operating Officer, Ralph Channing, and our Vice President of Programming, Paula Walsh.”

Dan, Janice and Julie all stood to welcome both Ralph and Paula. What was interesting about both of them was that they were the first guests of the show to appear wearing clothes. Paula was wearing a stunningly exquisite powder blue, strapless evening gown. Her blond hair was held up in a tight French braid, and her makeup was flawless. It would have been hard to imagine that she was a month away from her 55th birthday.

Ralph Channing too was formally dressed in a black tuxedo with a carnation in his lapel. His dark hair had wisps of silver, but he still looked a relatively young 60.

As they approached Janice, Julie and Dan, it was apparent that neither Paula nor Ralph were totally at ease with the situation they now found themselves in. Hugs were exchanged by all of them, and quickly they were all seated. At this point Janice said, “We’ve sort of pulled a fast one on these two. We told them that we were all going out to Elaine’s after the show which explains why they’re dressed the way they are.”

“Honestly,” Ralph said, “we should have caught on much sooner than this because of all the looks we were getting ever since we got into the building. I really should have expected some shenanigans out of you three after what you’ve done this past year.”

“Gee Mr. Channing,” Julie said coyly, “You always use such big words that sometimes I have a hard time understanding you.” Once again there was much laughter heard from off camera.

Janice said, “Don’t worry you two, we don’t have anything truly embarrassing planned for either of you.” She then went on, “But now that I think about it, don’t each of you feel rather overdressed for the occasion?”

Paula’s reaction was more pronounced than Ralph’s; a look somewhere between shock and fear quickly crossed her face. This was followed by a resolute look that she would have to lose her clothes very soon. Ralph followed her lead, and stood up. Paula said, “We’ll be right back after we’ve had a chance to undress.”

Julie popped out of her chair, and while hurrying over to Paula said, “Really, you don’t have to leave. Here I’ll help you with your dress.”

Before Paula knew it, Julie was behind her and was lowering the zipper of her dress. Instinct took over, and Paula held her dress up by the material covering her breasts. When Julie had the zipper completely down, Paula slowly lowered her dress. Her champagne shaped breasts immediately came into view, followed by the sight of her purple colored, silk panties.

Julie handed the dress to one of the sound engineers, and then knelt in front of Paula to help her out of her shoes. Not waiting to be asked, Julie then gripped Paula’s panties at the sides, and pulled them down too. The audience was then able to see the small tuft of blond pubic hair that surrounded her pussy.

At this time, Paula looked over at Ralph, and saw that he was taking longer to undress than she was. After a few moments, she giggled slightly as he lowered his pants because she could now see his bright red boxer shorts, as well as the protrusion in them that his swelling dick was making.

A quick yelp escaped Paula’s lips because upon seeing her bosses’ pussy, Julie couldn’t help but blow on it softly. Upon hearing this, Julie looked up at her boss and giggled.

Now that everyone was naked, they took their seats, and proceeded with the show. Paula had to slightly adjust herself to find a truly comfortable spot in her chair. Ralph just couldn’t help himself, and gave his erect dick a couple of strokes with his left hand. This caused him to close his eyes and smile.

Seeing this, Julie said, “Does that feel good, Mr. Channing?”

“You have no idea how wonderful it feels,” he replied.

Taking charge of the situation, Janice asked Paula, “So how does it feel to be naked in front of the entire nation?”

“I’ve taken great pleasure in the past,” Paula said, “in being naked outdoors, but this really does take me to heights I’ve never been to before.” The audience was then treated to the sight of Paula’s now blossoming clit.

“When you two told us that we could do anything on this show,” Dan began, “we weren’t sure if you meant it. But now that we’re here, we’re going to be able to find out if you really meant what you said.”

“I am both slightly terrified and excited at the same time,” Paula said. “What do the three of you have in mind?”

“Well I can see that there’s no time to waste,” Janice said.

She then stood up, and gestured for Paula to do the same. Then taking Paula by the hand, Janice led her to a bed that had been placed just to the left of the chairs. “I need you to lie in the middle of the bed,” Janice said. Sensing just a bit of reluctance from Paula, Janice then said, “Don’t worry, this really is going to be fun.”

Once Paula was in the right position, Janice sat down on the right side of the bed, took hold of Paula’s right hand and positioned it in the upper corner of the bed. With her left hand she grabbed hold of a cleverly concealed velvet restraint, and wrapped it around Paula’s right hand. Then she scurried around the bed, and placed Paula’s left hand in a similar restraint.

A worried look crossed Paula’s face, but before she could say anything Janice said, “You said as long as we didn’t hurt anyone, we could do as we pleased.” Still not sure of what she was in for, Paula decided to play along.

In just a few short moments, Janice had placed both of Paula’s feet in identical restraints so that Paula was not in a very vulnerable position. Janice then knelt at the foot of the bed. Paula raised her head and asked, “What now?”

Janice replied, “A little birdie told me that you like to be tickled.”

Paula’s head fell back on the bed, and a low groan emanated from her mouth. She was now about to show the world what she loved to do in private. Being head of programming at the network required her to make decisions that affected the lives of many. While she knew that she was the right person to make these decisions, she relished the opportunity to completely give up total control and have another person determine what would happen to her.

With slow, yet deliberate motions, Janice placed her hands very near the soles of Paula’s feet. Then she used her fingernails to lightly glide across Paula’s ticklish feet.

The response was quick. Paula started with a giggle that became a cackle, and finally a full-throated laugh. Janice kept this up for about 20 seconds, then stopped and let Paula calm down. Janice then looked over her shoulder at the camera and with a big grin on her face said, “I guess the little birdie was right.”

Paula could only think to herself, “I can’t believe that this is happening to me, but I really can’t wait for her to continue.”

Janice then stood up, and walked around the right side of the bed. She then sat on the bed and looked down at Paula. Still not sure what was going to happen next, Paula was now much more excited than scared.

At this time, Janice got a whiff of that unmistakable odor that comes from an excited pussy. She then bent over so that her face was directly over Paula’s pussy. Without thinking, Janice licked Paula’s pussy from bottom to top.

Paula squealed in pleasure. Janice sat back up and said, “This really gets you hot and bothered, huh?”

Paula answered, “You have no idea what this does to me. But when you start again, please don’t stop till I’m done.”

“Oh, I haven’t finished with you yet,” Janice said with a mischievous grin on her face.

Janice then bent over again, but this time she reached under the bed. When she sat up again, there was a large ostrich feather in her right hand. Upon seeing the feather, Paula groaned again, but there was still a look of anticipation on her face.

Janice began by slowly stroking the feather over Paula’s mid section, between her breasts and her pussy. This caused Paula’s cackle to start again. Eventually, Janice moved the feather so that she tickled Paula’s left armpit, then her right one. As she went from one to the other, Paula laughed harder and harder.

The bed was now shaking as a result of the rocking Paula’s body was now doing. At the same time, Janice couldn’t help but notice that Paula’s entire body turning a light shade of red, just like she was blushing all over. She thought to herself, “she really does get off on this.”

Finally, Janice decided to try a new place, and slowly dragged the feather over Paula’s pussy lips. Paula quickly stopped laughing and started grunting. Amazed at this result, Janice kept tickling Paula’s pussy.

For about a minute, Paula’s body went through what can only be described as pre-orgasmic motions. Sweat appeared on her forehead, and caused her body to glisten in the lights on the set. Then her body stiffened, and she screamed as her climax ravished her body.

What happened next was totally unanticipated. She peed. Her bladder let loose, and an arc of urine sprouted out of her and landed at the foot of the bed. This lasted for about 10 seconds. The sound that her urine made was the only thing heard as everyone on the set watched what was happening.

When her bladder finally emptied, Paula looked at Janice and said, “That was truly amazing.”

“You can say that again,” was all Janice to think to say. Then she looked a the camera and said, “Yet another first for Naked AM.”

It was at this point that Janice realized that what she had just witnessed was causing her pussy to tingle in a way that it never had before. Without thinking, she climbed up on the bed, and positioned herself so that her cunt was directly over Paula’s mouth. Then she eased herself down, and Paula immediately began to lap at her lips and clit.

“Mmmmmm,” Janice said as she slowly rotated her pussy around Paula’s mouth. She was able to direct Paula’s tongue just where she wanted to be licked. There came a time when Paula was able to lick deep in Janice’s cunt, and at the same time urgently breathe on her clit through her nose. Janice screamed, “OH MY GOD . . . THAT IS FUCKIN’ GREAT!”

The viewers could only see what was going on from Janice’s back. Her hands initially took hold of her thighs, but as her pleasure increased, they worked their way up her sides until it was obvious that Janice was kneading her breasts.

Soon though, everyone could hear Janice grunting and groaning as she approached her own orgasm. Finally, Janice threw her arms straight out, raised her head toward the ceiling and screamed “FFFUUUUCCCCKKK MMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” as her orgasm exploded through her body.

It took about a minute, then rather casually Janice looked over her shoulder and said, “I now think that it’s time for a commercial break.”

This break took longer than normal, mainly because a new bed had to be placed on the set. But when the show continued, the viewers were treated to the sight of Julie sitting between Dan and Ralph, holding onto their very erect dicks. Both Dan and Ralph had that slightly stupid look on their faces due to the pleasure they were receiving from Julie.

Janice and Paula too were still coming down from the sexual high, but Janice was able to say, “It’s now time to play with Ralph.”

Ralph replied, “I don’t know quite what you have in mind, but after what I just saw, I can safely say that I’m game for whatever you have in store.”

“That’s good to hear,” Dan said. Looking at the camera, he continued, “We’ve all been in Ralph’s office, and have heard many of his favorite stories about his college days. He was one of the leaders of his fraternity, and when he graduated, they gave him his own fraternity paddle.” Glancing back at Ralph, Dan said, “It usually hangs in his office, but we thought that it would be fun if we could use it tonight.”

With a big grin on her face, Julie jumped out of her seat, and dashed over to the bed. She then picked up the paddle and walked back to the others.

“Mr. Channing,” Julie began, “we’ve all heard how you use to use this on some of the other members of your fraternity, but we think that it would be a good time to see how you’d do as the spankee instead of the spanker.”

Glumly resolving himself to the situation before him, Ralph stood up, and walked in front of Julie. He then bent over slightly, put his hands on his knees and said, “Miss Julie, do as you please.”

Julie didn’t wait to be asked again. She took hold of the paddle in both hands; raise it up and using her experience as a softball player swung at Ralph’s ass.

SMACK! “Thank you Miss Hayes, may I have another?”

SMACK! “Thank you Miss Hayes, may I have another?”

SMACK! “Thank you Miss Hayes, may I have another?”

SMACK! “Thank you Miss Hayes, may I have another?”

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