Nude TV Ch. 03

Today is the six-month anniversary of the morning show, Naked TV. Janice Washington and Dan Colbert are sitting in their usual seats waiting for the countdown for the show to begin.

Up until this show, they had appeared on camera totally naked; Janice had never even worn ear rings. Today would be a little different. As a means of celebrating the occasion, there had been an online poll of the audience members to determine what type of fashion accessories Dan and Janice would wear for this occasion. No one was even sure that this idea would be accepted by the viewers, but they were pleasantly surprised to see the flood of votes based on suggestions that had also been submitted online.

It had been decided that Dan would wear a collar and bow tie just like the Chippendale dancers were famous for. There wasn’t much material, but it did significantly alter the line of his neck and shoulders.

The choice that had been made for Janice was remarkable. While sitting in her chair, even she had been admiring the knee high, black leather boots, with 3 inch heals she was now wearing. As soon as she’d put them on in her dressing room, and gotten her first glimpse of them in her wall mirror, she’d realized that she’d either have to convince the network to let her keep them, or she’d have to buy some on her own.

Prior to this show, on a lark, Julie Hayes, their personal assistant, had stopped by a local equestrian shop, and purchased a black leather riding crop. When she heard the director call for everyone to take their places, she had scrambled onto the stage, and handed it to Janice. A wicked smile crossed Janice’s face, followed by her mouthing “thank you” to Julie.

Turning to look at Dan, Janice quickly snapped the crop so that it hit her right boot. “Careful today, Mister,” she sternly told Dan, “I’m prepared to keep you in line as never before.”

“I should be a little scared,” Dan replied, “but you look especially sexy this morning.”

They each laughed, but stopped and turned toward the camera when they heard the countdown, “3, 2, 1.”

The red lights came on the cameras, and Dan opened with “Good Morning everyone. We want to thank all of you for joining us on our six-month anniversary.”

“Yes, it is very special for all of us,” Janice said, “that you all have welcomed us into your homes every morning.”

They then explained that the fashion accessories they were wearing were the result of the poll they had been talking about for the last month. Dan said, “I’m not sure that a collar and tie would have been my first choice, but I’m fine with it as long as some many of you requested it.” He went on, “Now I have to say that I’m astonished at how great the boots look on you Janice. It’s almost like I can’t take my eyes off them.”

Janice giggled softly, but regained her composure quickly and said, “Danny boy, it’s quite obvious that these boots have had an effect on you.” With that she used the crop to lightly tap on his very erect cock.

Dan grunted a little and said, “I plead guilty as charged, but I think I can speak for every male in the audience when I say, ‘It’s a pleasure to be in your presence, Mistress Janice’.”

“Well, it’s good to know that we’re going to have some special fun today,” she replied.

They then reverted to the normal business of the news and weather of the day before going to the first commercial break. When the break had finished, the viewers were greeted with another look of Janice swatting Dan’s cock with her crop. It was slightly different this time because she was using a little more force, and after about four swats, Janice tagged his balls with the crop. Dan’s vocal responses were not grunts this time, rather he was almost cooing. It was very apparent to everyone watching that Dan was very excited by this experience, not just by his vocalization, but also because of the droplets of precum that were emerging from his cock.

This continued for a few minutes until both of them realized that no one had informed them that they were back on live tv. Dan was in no condition to talk, so Janice said, “As you all can see, we’re having lots of fun with the new toy I’ve been given today.”

She looked at Dan, who was covered in sweat, but also had a contented smile on his face, and asked, “We’ve been on the air for six months now, and every so often you’ve experienced a little pain with much satisfaction. I’m just curious when this all started?”

“I’m not one of those people who loves being hurt,” he began, “but I have to admit that I can get off on various types of sexual discomfort.” Not hearing any complaints from the control room in his ear piece, he went on to explain how, when he was 10, he had snuck into the house next door, and saw the mother of the family spank his friend, and his friend’s sister for some misdeed. It had taken Dan a few more years before he’d realized why he’d become so hot and bothered by this experience.

When he was finished, Janice said, “Well, that explains a lot Dan. It’s good that you were able to let us see inside you just now.” She then turned to the camera and said, “We’ll be back after these messages from our sponsors.”

Coming back from the break, Dan said, “Our guests today are the day are the winners of our first ‘Best Viewer of the Month’ contest. We were astonished at the number of entries we received, and it took a little longer than we expected to go through all of the essays that were submitted, but the judge’s votes were unanimous. Therefore, please welcome Becky Wilson and Jon Taylor.”

The cameras panned to the right to see Becky and Jon joyfully bound on stage. Becky was a 45-year-old mother of two, who lived in Maine. She stood 5′ 6″ tall with light blond hair that just reached to her shoulders. Jon was a 24-year-old grad student Florida State, who was 6′ 4″ tall, with wavy brown hair. Like all of their guests, both arrived on set without a stitch of clothing on, and big smiles on their faces.

It was evident that Becky didn’t see as much sun as most of the guest because her skin was rather pale. While her breasts were on the small size, her nipples gave away the fact that she was very excited to be on the show. Jon was also very taken with the situation he was in. Janice couldn’t help but stare at his 9″ erection that was waving at her as he approached.

Becky hugged both Janice and Dan. You could almost sense that she wanted to grab Dan’s semi flaccid penis, but she couldn’t work up the nerve at that moment. Jon was so eager to hug Janice, and he lifted her off the floor, and spun her around. Janice was astonished with this move, and just a little unnerved when he set her down because he was still hugging her so tight, that as he lowered her down, his cock almost entered her pussy.

Jon couldn’t help himself, and rather than shake Dan’s hand, he reached his arms around Dan in a big bear hug. The camera man was lucky to be in the right position during this hug, and was able to capture their two cocks knocking against each.

Everyone eventually settled into chairs, with Jon sitting next to Dan, and Becky sitting next to Janice.

“One of the reasons Becky was picked as our female view winner,” Janice began, “was that she had organized viewer parties with some of her neighbors.” Looking at Becky Janice asked, “So Becky, how did it all start?”

“The show had been on for about three weeks,” Becky answered, “and I was having some of my women neighbors over for lunch. The subject of Naked AM came up, and we found out that all of us had become very interested in the topics that were presented every day.” Becky went on, “There were five of us who thought that it would be great if we could watch the show together. We started rotating the host house, but to be honest, it just became easiesr if everyone met at my house. You see, my kids are off to school by the time the show starts, so it’s easier for me to have snacks ready for all of us.”

“You’re able to do this every morning?” Dan inquired.

“Not every day,” she replied, “but at least three or four days a week.”

“What’s the most interesting thing that has come out of your new routine?” Janice asked.

“Well, it wasn’t very long before all of us started shedding our clothes as soon as the show started,” Becky answered, “but what sort of amazed me was how quickly we lost most of our inhibitions.”

“How so?” Dan asked.

“It wasn’t very long before we were masturbating as a group,” Becky said unashamedly, “and before we knew it, everyone started bringing along their own toys.”

Jon, who was not an active participant in this discussion, was none the less enthralled because he was ever so gently fondling his balls.

Janice looked at Becky and said, “Now that we’ve learned a little about you, it’s time for your present.” She looked at the camera and said, “As you all remember, we decided that the winners would be allowed one present, and that they would announce what they wanted during the show. So Becky, what is it you want?”

Becky may have been tentative at the beginning, but that was no longer the case. With a sense of confidence, she stood up, took a step toward Janice before turning around and sitting on Janice’s lap. As she did this, she casually draped her right arm behind Janice’s back, looked Janice right in the eye and said, “I’ve wanted to have some fun with you since the first time I saw you. I’ve been able to play with some of my neighbors recently, and found that it can be very exciting.”

With that, she leaned her head toward Janice, and before Janice really knew what was happening, they shared a very lewd kiss. The director had learned over the course of the last six months that it was very important to get the microphones as close as possible to the set, therefore, it was very easy for all of the viewers to hear the lip smacking fun that Janice and Becky were having.

Finally, Becky broke the kiss and said, “Janice, my breasts have always been very sensitive, so I was wondering if you could suckle a little for me?”

Janice responded immediately, and planted her mouth onto Becky’s right tit. When she began to nibble on her nipple, Becky threw her head back and laughed in erotic glee. “That’s what I’m talking about,” she said through her laughter.

As with their kiss, the microphones picked up Janice’s slurping, as well as Becky’s now prevalent moans.

After about a minute, Janice slid her right hand between Becky’s thighs, toward her pussy. Sensing what was about to happen, Becky spread her thighs enough to allow Janice to snake her middle finger into her cunt. Her finger went in so easily that Janice had to remove her mouth from Becky’s tit and say, “My Lord, this woman’s positively soaking. We’ll have to call for a bucket before too long.”

“Oh, please,” was all Becky could say as she guided Janice back to her tit. As her tit was again being suckled, Becky closed her eyes and started to groan in pleasure. Janice continued to move her finger in Becky’s cunt, while at the same time using her thumb to rub her clit.

“Fuck that feels great,” Becky groaned as she began to twist on Janice’s lap.

This scene was having a dramatic effect on Dan and Jon. While they were both silent, they couldn’t help but stroke their fully erect cocks. Neither of them wanted to cum at this point, but their pleasure levels were both rising.

Becky was now talking in a very passionate voice, “I’m so close, please don’t stop.”

Janice was now pumping her finger in and out of Becky’s cunt as she also increased the velocity of her thumb on Becky’s clit. In addition, she was now almost chewing on Becky’s nipple.

It didn’t take much longer before Becky’s climax tore through her body, and she yelled in orgasmic glee. This lasted for about 20 seconds until even Janice realized that Becky needed the opportunity to calm down. This also gave Dan and Jon the impulse to stop their cock jerking before they both blew their wads.

Dan recovered quicker than Janice, so he turned to the camera and said, “We’ll be back in just a few minutes after a few messages from our sponsors.”

When the show returned, the viewers were greeted to a screen filled with Dan and Jon, both looking too their left. What made this situation different from normal, other than the fact that neither of them acknowledged that they were now live on air, was that Dan had a firm grasp of Jon’s cock, and Jon had his hand firmly attached to Dan’s erection. Both of them were slowly stroking the other up and down.

As the camera panned to the left, it became very apparent as to what had become the focus of their attention. Becky was kneeling on the floor in front of Janice, with her head nestled between her thighs.

While the viewers could not see, they intuitively knew that Becky was pleasuring Janice with a magnificent tongue. It also helped that Janice had leaned all the way back in her chair, was rolling her head back and forth, and was saying in a high-pitched tone, “Fuck does she know how to eat pussy!” Janice also had a big grin on her face, and couldn’t keep herself from giggling.

While watching this erotic event, Dan couldn’t help but realize how good it felt to have his cock stroked, maybe even fondled by a strong hand for the first time. He’d received my hand jobs in the past, but they all been by women. This time his penis was being pleasured by someone who’d had lots more experience with the male organ, and his penis was a very lucky beneficiary. In addition, he was also finding it almost intoxicating to have a firm grasp of Jon’s dick. He’d seen many cocks in all stages of arousal, but actually handling Jon’s erection, feeling it begin to pulse and quiver was causing his own erection to stiffen even more.

As Janice inched closer to her own orgasm, Becky reached up with her right hand, and began massaging Janice’s left breast. Shortly after this, she started to tug and twist her nipple.

Janice was now in her own world, completely oblivious to everything around her. The only thing that was important to her was her impending climax. She was now instructing Becky on how to use her tongue. “Lick up more,” then “over to the right,” followed by “now stick it all the way in!”

Becky knew that there wasn’t much more that Janice could take, so she gently took her clit between her teeth, and began to hum. The response from Janice was marvelous to behold.

She began with a series of chirps that became yelps. Her body started to wiggle, which really made her breasts sway back and forth. Then she started to say “Here it comes . . . HERE it comes . . . FUCK ME, HERE IT COOOMMMMEEEESSSS!” The scream of ecstatic pleasure that then filled the room left no doubt as to the pussy eating expertise Becky had used on Janice.

Fortunately, both Dan and Jon were able to contain themselves during this presentation, although each of them had a large dollop of precum on the tips of their engorged chocks.

Becky leaned back, looked up at Janice and said, “My girlfriends knew that I wanted to taste you so much, I just didn’t think that you’d let me.”

Janice reached out with her right hand to caress Becky’s hair and said, “Honey, you should have known by now that I’ll basically let any guest have their way with me. It’s one of the best perks of my job.” With that, a smile crossed her face the lit up the screen.

Soon enough, Janice looked over at Dan and Jon, and saw that they were still stroking each other. “Looks like we still have a couple of boys in desperate need of attention,” Janice said. Then looking back at Becky and asked, “Are you ready for some more fun?”

Becky chuckled and said, “I was ready for anything as soon as I woke up this morning.”

Janice helped Becky up, and together they walked over to Dan and Jon. The guys, not really knowing what was coming, let go of each other’s cock, and waited for instructions. Janice got behind Jon’s chair and slid it slightly farther away from Dan. She then got both of them to turn then chairs so that they were facing each other. This gave the viewers Dan’s right profile and Jon’s left.

Now ready to continue, Janice said to Becky, “I think you should have Dan, and I’ll take my friend Jon here.”

Following Janice’s lead, Becky moved in front of Dan, turned around so that her backside was facing Dan, and carefully began to sit down. When her pussy lips touched Dan’s cock, she reached between her legs to grab hold of it, and then positioned it so that she could slide slowly down on it. When her cunt had completely swallowed Dan’s cock, she looked to see that Janice had the same ‘fuck me’ grin on her face that she knew was also on hers.

There were contented groans from both Dan and Jon as their chocks became accustomed to the feathery smoothness of the pussies that had enveloped them. At this point Dan said, “It never ceases to amaze me how different each woman’s pussy is. That’s not to say that they’re all not perfect, because they are, it’s just that each one sends me to heaven in a different way.”

“I’m so glad you say that,” Becky replied, “but I hope that I can do things to you that you haven’t felt yet.”

Janice looked over her shoulder, and said to Jon, “I’m hoping that your dick works as much magic on me as I think it can.”

Jon was in such a state of arousal that he really couldn’t say anything.

Slowly but surely, Janice and Becky began to slide up on down on their respective cocks. It didn’t take long for moans and groans to become short phrases like, “oh fuck,” “you’re so tight,” “my god that fuckin’ feels good,” and “don’t stop.” The microphones also picked up that exquisite sucking sound that emanates from a women’s pussy when a cock is sliding in and out of it.

As the fucking became more intense, both Jon and Dan reached around their partner, and started wiggling their fingers on some very agitated clits. This resulted in increased levels of moans and groans. Because of this the girls increased both the speed of their hips, as well as the pressure their vaginal muscles were exerting on the cocks they were holding.

The moans and groans escalated to howls of pleasure, and the cameras were able to pick up the women’s bouncing tits, as well as the glistening of sweat on everyone’s bodies.

Ultimately, Becky was the first one to climax, and her ecstatic howl was the likes of which had never been heard before on this show. Janice’s own orgasm closely followed as she yelled “MOTHERFUCKER, THIS IS GREEAAATTTT.”

Both Jon and Dan came at about the same time, but it was impossible to tell what either one of them was shouting because the girls hadn’t stopped their vocalization at that point either.

As all of them started to return to normal, Becky started to giggle, which soon started all of them laughing with the sensual joy they had just experienced. There did come a point where they stopped laughing, and Janice got Jon to turn his chair so that she was facing the camera (no small chore since she was still impaled on his deflating cock) and said, “Folks, I can only hope that you’ve had as much fun as we did today. Be sure to tune in again tomorrow for another exciting session here on Naked TV.”

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