Nude TV Ch. 02-2

Janice was the first one to go. Her’s was a huge climax that caused her butt hole to clamp down on Dan’s cock. This additional pressure generated his orgasm, which caused him to splatter Janice’s insides with cum.

Their shouts of ecstasy set off Beth and Art because they started screaming as their orgasms exploded through their bodies.

It took about a minute for all of them to catch their breath, but none of them seemed to want to move at all. At one point though, Janice looked at Beth and saw that she had the same “just fucked” grin on her face that Janice had. Then, seeming to have the same idea, they leaned toward each other and shared a sloppy, saliva sharing kiss.

Not knowing what else to do, and with their cocks still implanted in ass holes, Art and Dan looked at each other and shook hands.

Dan looked at the camera and said, “Well, I hope all of you got to see everything today.. We’ll be back tomorrow with another great show.”

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