Nude TV Ch. 02-1

Dan Colbert and Janice Washington were beginning their second month as co-hosts of Naked AM, a morning talk show for the Naked Television Network. Their show was developed to use news stories, and guests, to allow their viewers to become more comfortable living a clothes free life.

Dan and Janice had accepted their job responsibilities, mainly that they had to appeared nude during their show with a little trepidation at the beginning, but in just one month they had become so at ease with their nudity that neither of them wore their bathrobes to the set before the show. Each of them would undress in their ‘dressing rooms’, proceed to the hair and makeup area before going directly to the set.

In fact, as a result of their new found confidence, some of the crew involved in the show had also begun working in the nude. Julie Hayes, their former wardrobe assistant, had become their personnel assistant because she no longer had to collect their bathrobes, and could be seen most mornings scurrying around the set with coffee, donuts, or bagels, naked as the day she was born. The camera men took special interest because her tits seemed to be in constant motion.

“Alright, places everyone,” Jack Murphy, the director said over the speaker system. Jack continued, “We’re live in 90 seconds, and thanks to Janice, we’ve got something special today.” Following these instruction, Dan and Janice took their seats while the rest of the crew took their assigned positions.

This show began as normal, with Janice greeting the viewers, and some simple small talk between the two of them. After their first commercial break, they went through the first news reports of the day, and gave an overview of the national weather scene. Once this had been accomplished, Janice looked to the camera and said, “We’ll be back in a few minutes with two very special guests.”

Following the commercial break, Janice’s wonderfully naked body filled the screen and said, “We’ve been receiving lots of mail from all of you, and we thought that since this is the beginning of our second month on the air, now would be a good time to answer some of your questions.” She went on, “One topic that is coming up in many of your emails concerns how our families are reacting to our on air appearance. So I thought that it would be fun to have my parents show up as our first guests today.”

At this point, both Dan and Janice stood to greet her parents, Art and Beth Washington, who to no one’s surprise were also naked. Art was just a little shorter than Dan, while Janice was almost exactly the same height as her mother. It could quickly be noticed that Janice got her deep red hair from both of her parents, although her father’s hair was starting to turn grey around his ears. It was also clearly apparent to all of the viewers that Janice had also received her magnificent breasts from her mother. Beth had just tuned 50, and while her breasts sagged a little, they would still cause many a man to stop and stare.

Even though both Janice and Dan had been expecting her parents to be nude, it still made the greeting a little awkward as Beth approached Janice to give her a quick hug, and kiss on the cheek. This did not bother the camera man who caught two sets of breasts knocking into each other, and Janice’s left hand giving her mother’s right butt cheek a quick squeeze.

Art followed his wife by giving Janice a quick hug too. This time the camera man was able to get a look a Janice’s face as she looked down at her father’s penis, and then gave him a wry smile as she tried not to let her pussy make contact with it when she hugged him. Beth and Art shook Dan’s hand, who then directed them to their seats.

Once everyone was seated, Janice looked at her parents then at the camera and said, “Folks, I’d like to introduce you to my parents, Art and Beth Washington.” With smiles on everyone’s faces, Janice went on, “So how does it feel to be in a state of undress in front of a national audience?”

Beth answered, “Well now that you mention it, I thought that it would be quite unnerving, but now that I’m here, it’s really very refreshing.”

Art followed her by saying, “Janice, there was a moment just before we got to the stage that I almost turned around, but seeing both you and Dan changed my mind in an instant, and I can now say that I’m glad to be here.” Art looked at his wife, who was grinning at him and said, “I also have to say that I’m proud that everyone in the audience gets to see how beautiful my wife is.”

Dan joined the conversation, which centered around the Washington family and how Janice grew up. Both of her parents explained that while they were a little nervous about the job their daughter had taken, they were now very comfortable with her decision because she was the confident, successful person they had always thought she could be.

When Dan questioned them about how the show had changed their daily routine, Beth answered, “We’re now up by 7:00 to see the start of the show. Also, we find that we don’t wear anything for most of the morning either.”

At this point Janice said, “I have to admit that I never thought about this before, but both of you are missing your pubic hair.” The cameras then focused on Art’s cock, and Beth’s pussy to reveal to the viewers that both areas were cleanly shaven.

Art replied, “As a matter of fact, we saw the show two weeks ago, and decided to try shaving each other. It was fun, and we’ve decided to keep ourselves bare for the foreseeable future.” The cameras lingered on this view for a few seconds before returning to the normal wide shot of the set.

Dan then asked Janice, “One of the questions that the viewers have been asking is this, which one of you parents gave you the facts of life speech?”

“Well, I guess I could say that neither of them actually gave me a talk, but both of them helped with my education.” Janice continued, “You see, my bedroom was right next to theirs, and I could hear them going at it a couple of nights each week.”

She looked reassuringly at both of them and said, “Don’t worry, I never snuck a peak, but between the squeaking bed, and your moans of pleasure, I knew what was going on. In fact, by the time I was 14, I was masturbating right along with you, and most nights could pace myself so that I came at the same time you did.”

With a slightly embarrassed look on his face, Art patted his Janice on her shoulder and said, “I guess we’re glad that we could help.”

Janice looked back at him and said, “That you did. Now we have a commercial break, but you’ll be with us afterward, right?” Both of her parents grinned and nodded.

After the commercial break, Janice asked, “Mom, besides shaving pubic hair, have you tried anything else as a result of our show?”

“Well, we hadn’t planned on how far we would let the conversation go,” Beth said, “but I guess that we can’t start hiding things now.” She looked at her husband, who gave an assuring nod of his head, and then said, “The show last Tuesday about spicing up your sex life got us thinking. We decided that there were still things that we hadn’t tried yet, so we thought ‘why not go for it’.”

Dan then asked, “So what did you try?”

Art replied, “I suggested that Beth go first, so she said something about how much she liked my butt, but had never worked up the courage to voice her fantasy.”

“Mom,” Janice said, “what did you ask him?”

“Simple,” Beth replied, “I just told him that I thought that it’d look real cute with a little more color. So I asked him if he’d let me spank him.”

Before Janice could say anything, Art said, “Of course, I couldn’t deny her fantasy, I just said that if it was fun for her, that she should let me try tanning her ass too.”

Janice had seen and heard a lot over the course of the last month on the air, but this had stumped her completely. Seeing that she was at a loss for words, Dan said, “I’m assuming that everything went well, right?”

Beth replied, “You are correct. In fact, it’s been so much fun that we’ve traded sides every day since then. The only reason we haven’t done it today is that we had to get to the studio so early this morning.”

Dan said, “We don’t want to be the reason that you don’t have fun today. I think everyone in the audience, let alone every member of the crew, would like to see how you do it.”

“I’m up for it,” Beth replied, “but we have to get an ok from Art because it’s his turn to be the spankee.” Everyone looked at Art, who shrugged his shoulders, slid out of his chair, and over Beth’s lap.

At this point, Beth put her right hand on the small of Art’s back, and lightly rubbed his butt with her left hand. She then looked at Janice, who had not said anything for a few minutes, and was currently biting her lower lip. Beth asked her, “Is this ok with you, honey?”

Janice thought for just a moment, tilted her head, and said, “Sure, whatever floats your boat is ok with me.”

Now having the go ahead from all parties, Beth began spanking Art. None of the spanks looked to be terribly painful, but you could hear from the sound that was resulting from the swats that there was a little effort being exerted on Beth’s part. After 10 spanks, she stopped and said to Janice, “We don’t aim for pain, but it should sting just a little.” Then she gave Art another 10 spanks.

Stopping at this point, Beth said, “Really this is about all it takes to produce some interesting results. I’m sure that everyone can plainly see that after just this little action, both of my nipples are hard as pebbles.” The cameras quickly focused on her breasts, and confirmed that they had assumed a very aroused condition.

Beth then helped Art to stand up. He put his hands gently on his ass cheeks to sooth the heat from the spanking. Beth went on, “And you can also see that you father is now sporting a stiff woody.” Again, the cameras zoomed in to show that Art’s cock was solid as a board, and pointing straight at his navel.”

“What you can’t see,” Beth said, “is that I’m now leaking like the Titanic.” She then stuck the index finger of her left hand into her cunt, removed some of her juice, and then lifted her hand up to Art’s mouth so that he could lick the juice off of her finger.

A wicked grin now crossed Janice’s face. She looked at Dan and said, “I don’t know about you, but that really looked like fun.” She then saw that his cock was swelling out and said, “I think you’d like to see how it feels, huh?”

Dan looked at her sheepishly, and nodded his head. As he got out of his seat, and walked toward Janice he said, “Just remember that this is a first for me, so don’t hit too hard.” Then he knelt down, and positioned himself over Janice’s lap.

Janice looked at the camera and said, “One thing you viewers have come to know about us is that we’re always ready to try something new.” She then softly rubbed Dan’s butt cheeks before asking him, “Are you ready?”

Dan’s affirmative response was slightly muffled due to the fact that his head was now near the floor. The wicked grin then reemerged on Janice’s face, and she began spanking Dan. She stopped after 10 swats, but with no resistance from Dan she quickly started again, for another 10 swats. The cameras were able to capture both Janice’s hand striking Dan’s butt, as well as her breasts jiggling as her upper body moved to deliver the spanks.

“There, that should be enough for your first time,” Janice said. She then helped Dan off her lap so that she could stand beside her.

At this point Beth returned to the conversation by pointing at Dan’s now fully erect penis and said, “See, Dan really got into this.” Then she pointed at her daughter’s breasts and said, “And your nipples are as hard as mine.”

Janice, following the cue from her mother said, “I too am leaking like the Titanic.” She then stuck her right middle finger into her cunt to swipe out a load of juice. She positioned her hand towards the camera so that it could see how much liquid she had gathered. She then moved her hand back to her mouth so that she lick her finger clean.

Dan, who was still rubbing his slightly stinging ass, looked to the camera and said, “I do believe that it’s time for another commercial break, but don’t worry, Art and Beth will still be here when you get back.”

Following the commercials, the show continued. Everyone was once again seated in their chairs, and all had happy grins on their faces. It was also evident that some rather racy talk had taken place during the break because both Dan and Art were still sporting full erections.

“So Art,” Dan began, “Just a little earlier we learned about your wife’s fantasy; we even tried it out. I’m just curious if you were able to fulfill your fantasy?”

“We gave it a few days, mainly because we were having so much fun with the spanking, but eventually Beth asked me what I wanted to do,” Art replied. He then looked at Beth, who gave him a knowing nod, before he went on, “I too have fantasized about her ass, but until then, I didn’t have the courage to ask her.”

Janice said, “So Daddy, I can’t believe I’m asking you this, but what did you want to do?”

He replied, “Little girl, I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but I’d always wanted to plow her back acre.”

This caused instant laughter all over the set. It took about a minute for everyone to settle down, but eventually Beth was able to say, “I was a little nervous at first, after all, your Dad has a pretty big hardon, but since he’d been so accommodating to me, I realized that I’d have to try for him.”

“I knew that I didn’t want to hurt her,” Art said, “and we didn’t have any of that ‘personal lube’ in the house. So we looked around the kitchen and decided to use some lard.”

Mystified, all Janice could say was, “And that worked?”

“It worked well enough,” Beth replied with a devilish grin on her face. “I told him to go slow at first, and after a some discomfort at the beginning, it got real good, real soon.” She then smiled at Art and said, “It seems that after just a few minutes we were yelling so loud that we might have woken the neighbors.”

Dan took this opportunity to interject, “We’ve already had one demonstration, and I’m wondering if you two would like to try again.”

Seeing agreement on both Art and Beth’s faces, Dan said, “Julie, do we have any of the KY jelly left from last week.”

As quickly as he asked, Julie appeared on camera to hand the jelly to Art. She then waved both her hands, and her tits at the camera before hopping off the set. Dan then said, “That was our personal assistant, Julie Hayes, everyone. We couldn’t make this show happen without her.”

By the time that Dan looked back at Art, he had opened the tube of lube, and was squeezing some jelly into the palm of his right hand. He then coated the entire length of his cock with the jelly.

“Before we let them get started,” Dan said, “I have a question for Janice.”

Janice, kind of guessing what she was going to be asked, looked at Dan with a little trepidation.

“I let you demonstrate on my ass,” Dan said, “and I’m now wondering if you’ll take one for the team too.”

Janice thought for a moment before replying, “I guess fair is fair.”

Dan then reached for the tube, and before Janice could reconsider, he was smearing the jelly onto his stiff cock. At this point everyone stood up, and Janice reached out to take her mother’s hand for support.

Both Beth and Janice walked behind their chairs, leaned over so that their stomachs rested on the back rests, and took hold of the arm rests. Looking at her mother, Janice asked, “Betcha didn’t think you’d be in this position when you woke up this morning, huh mom?”

“Nope,” Beth excitedly replied, “But I can’t wait for what’s going to happen next.”

At this precise moment, Janice couldn’t help but think that of all the things that she thought might happen on this show, bending over a chair next to her mother, while each of them was fucked in the ass had never occurred to her.

Dan followed Art so that they were standing behind the women. Dan squirted a little more jelly on his right index finger, then passed the tube to Art. He used his left hand to spread Janice’s cheeks apart and said, “Just thought you’d like to know, this is my finger.”

Janice looked over her shoulder and said, “Please be gentle; I REALLY haven’t tried anything like this before.”

Dan then eased his lubed finger into Janice’s rear hole and carefully spread the jelly all around the opening. This caused Janice to wince and say, “That feels really slimy.”

Art was performing the same preparation on his wife after setting the tube of lube on the floor. “Honey,” he said, “This looks like it’ll work much better than the lard.”

After both Art and Dan had finished the preparations, they looked at each other, and Dan said, “Let’s roll.” They each concentrated on the ass in front of them, used one hand to again separate the cheeks, and the other hand to guide the tip of their greased cock to the hole of their partner.

Both Beth and Janice had the same reaction, their eyes squeezed shut, and they took long slow breathes. Art and Dan each slowly worked their cocks all the way in, then just as slowly pulled them back out.

The second trip in was just a little quicker, and when each had completely stuffed their dicks into their respective ass holes, Art looked at Dan and said, “Now just move up, down, and around a little so that your dick gets to touch everything inside.” He didn’t even stop to think that he was instructing a relative stranger how to fuck his daughter’s ass.

As each man began this little dance, the sexual pleasure level increased dramatically for both of the women. Beth moaned pleasantly, while Janice gave a quick shutter as she experienced a small, but sharp orgasm.

Continuing the rotation of his cock in Beth’s ass, Art leaned forward so that his chest just touched her back. He then reached around with both hands to tweak and pull her nipples. Very shortly, Beth’s body jolted as she too experienced an intense climax.

Art then stood up, and began a regular in and out motion with his hips as he almost tenderly fucked Beth’s ass. Dan copied this action, and was immediately aware of the tremendous feeling of pleasure he was now experiencing as his penis rubbed against the opening of Beth’s rectum.

All four of them were moaning, totally oblivious of the cameras. Each them had a rather glazed look on their face, but all also had smiles that revealed the intense erotic feelings they were now experiencing. Their skin also gleamed due to the fact that the sweat that had appeared on all of them was now reflecting in the lights.

Almost at the same instant, both Art and Dan reached around with their right hands to diddle with Beth’s and Janice’s pussies. This caused Beth to purr in ecstasy, while Janice said, “Oh Danny boy . . . that’s fuckin’ good.”

Very quickly, both women started grunting, almost in unison, as they approached their second orgasms. Both women’s breasts swayed on camera in an obscene manner. This time Beth beat Janice to the punch. She said, “FUCK ME”, as her body climaxed. Janice was just a few beats behind, and her shriek of true bliss echoed throughout the stage, as her orgasm traveled through her body.

Now Art and Dan began fucking more forcefully. They continued to play with Beth’s and Janice’s pussies, but they were now really ramming their cocks into their ass holes too. Sensing the needs of their partners, the women responded by moving their hips. They paced themselves so that as the men moved forward, they moved back so that they could get the cocks as far up their asses as possible.

All four of them were keenly aware of their impending orgasms. Grunts and groans were occasionally interrupted by words like “fuck me”, “harder”, “cock” and “ass hole”, but it was nearly impossible to tell who was saying what.

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