Nude TV Ch. 01

Dan Colbert and Janice Washington stood next to each other on the set of the new morning program that they would co-host together. They were listening to the director’s final instructions before the cameras would being rolling. Each had been through hair and make up, and the director was making sure that their hidden ear pieces worked so that they could hear him from the control room. They both nodded in the affirmative as they heard an engineer say “Test 1, 2, 3” in their ear pieces.

“Finally,” Jack Murphy, the director said, “Just relax, have fun, and the next two hours will fly by.” He then left the stage, along with the other stage hands, leaving Dan and Janice with Julie Hayes, the wardrobe assistant. Now her title meant very little because, at present, both Dan and Janice were only wearing white, terry cloth bathrobes.

This was the first day of broadcasting for the new television network, Naked TV. All programming would revolve around naked living. The network executives had decided to begin transmission with the morning show, and after a thorough search, Dan and Janice were picked as the co-hosts.

Dan stood 6′ 2″, with blond hair, parted on the right, and had just turned 30. Janice was 5’6″, with a full mane of deep red hair, would turn 26 in 3 months. Both had worked at regional television stations for about 5 years, and had jumped at the chance for a national program.

There was a call from Jack over the intercom, “Places everyone, we’re live in 1 minute.”

“Good luck you two,” Julie said as Dan and Janice removed their bathrobes, revealing themselves to be completely naked. Each then sat in their assigned seat, and looked towards the cameras. Almost at the same time, they each closed their eyes, took a deep breath to calm their nerves, and waited for their next instruction.

It had been decided to shave the little chest hair that Dan had for lighting purposes; it also helped display his well defined chest. He had previously been instructed not to cross his legs, as that would potentially conceal his 6″ (when flaccid) penis, so he made a conscious effort to put his feet flat on the floor.

Janice had the face of the girl next door, but what everyone knew to be necessary, was the rest of her body. She was slim, without being skinny, and her hips had been well conditioned with plenty of exercise over the past two months. What really got her the job were her fabulous breasts. There were 35 C’s, and seemed almost too big for her frame. She had explained that they were truly hers, and not the result of any cosmetic surgery. They did not sag, and almost followed you as you looked at her from any vantage point.

Each heard in their ears, “20 seconds.”

This was closely followed by Jack’s voice saying “Remember rule #1, ‘No Covering Up’.”

They looked at each other for support, and listened as the engineer counted down “3, 2, 1.”

The red lights on the cameras came on, and Janice began, “I’m Janice Washington, and this is Dan Colbert. We’re your hosts for this brand new program ‘Naked AM’. We hope to get your day off to a great start with news of the day, especially as it involves naked living.”

Dan went on, “It is our goal to give you the news without covering any of the truth up. Therefore, we thought it best if we weren’t covered up either.” Both of them smiled at the camera, and gave the viewers additional information about how the network had been set up, and what kind of programming they could expect for the rest of the day. This was followed by a short commercial break. Following the break, both of them went through a series of topical news and weather stories that lasted another 7 minutes.

During the next commercial break, Jack said over the intercom, “That’s a great start, just keep those smiles, and have fun with your first interview.”

While making small talk with Dan, Janice, as instructed, decided to have some fun. Very nonchalantly, she moved her right hand to her pussy and inserted her middle finger, removing some cunt juice (which had already started to leak out). Then, with a rather stunned Dan looking on, she sucked her finger clean..

At the same time, they again heard the engineer countdown in their ears, “3, 2, 1.”

Dan was suppose to begin this portion of the show, so the cameras were focused on him. Unfortunately, he was still looking at Janice. Dan was awoken from this vision when Jack shouted at him in his ear piece, “DAN, YOUR TURN TO SPEAK.” He jerked his head toward the camera, and began reading from the telepromter.

At this precise moment, his penis began to spring to life. Rather quickly, it grew in both mass and length. In just about 10 seconds, his cock was standing straight up to it’s full 8″. He took perverse pleasure in the fact that their entire audience was now fixating on his erection.

Dan began, “So now it’s time to introduce our very first guest. She is a widely recognized ‘self pleasure specialist’, and we’re glad to welcome, Susan Wilson.”

The cameras panned to the right as Susan walked onto the set. Just as one would imagine, Susan was also naked, not even a pair of flip flops on her feet, although she did carry a small, black purse.

Dan stood to greet her, and realized that at just 5′ tall, she was even shorter than Janice. She gave Janice a quick handshake, and turned to Dan. Rather than shaking his hand, she firmly grabbed his erection with her right hand, and shook it up and down. Not knowing what else to do, Dan reach out, and grabbed her left breast, and shook it too.

Everyone on the set giggled while Susan took her seat between Dan and Janice. “It’s good to see you Susan,” Janice said.

Susan replied, “It’s great to be here, and I’m very excited about you dress code.”

Dan asked, “So what exactly is a self pleasure specialist?”

Susan then gave a quick description of her qualifications while she casually swung her purse in her left hand. Finally, Janice asked, “Susan, I’m sure I speak for everyone why I ask, what’s in the bag?”

“I thought it might be fun if I brought along a demonstration device,” she answered.

Janice learned forward, giving the viewers a wonderful look at her now swaying tits, and said “You now have my complete attention.”

Susan took her time, carefully opening the bag, and removed a small, tubular item made of rubber that fit in the palm of her hand. Upon closer inspection, the outer surface was covered with many small, round bumps. One end of the item was slightly rounded, while the other end had a smooth hook.

Glancing at Dan, and then Janice, Susan said, “It’s called ‘Jenny’s Jubilant Joystick’.”

“It doesn’t look very big,” Janice said, “and I don’t see how you turn it on either.”

A mischievous grin crossed Susan’s face while she placed the joystick in Janice’s hand. She then reached into her purse again, this time bringing out something that resembled a tv remote control, which she gave to Dan.

“This wonderful toy that can be used by a couples as well as by an individual,” Susan said. Pointing at the knob near the bottom of the control panel, she said, “Dan, turn this knob very slowly.”

Carefully, he turned the knob, and the joystick came to life, vibrating in Janice’s palm.

A laugh quickly came from Janice before she said, “It still looks rather small.”

Pointing to another button on the control panel, Susan said, “Dan, now push this one.” Continuing to vibrate, the joystick swelled by doubling its circumference.

Janice stopped laughing, and with an astonished look on her face said, “This could be really fun.”

Indicating another button on the control panel, Susan told Dan, “Now, try this one.” When pushed, this button caused the rounded end to stick out, and slowly rotate.

Janice, in total amazement said, “Susan, this is fucking unbelievable. You’re going to have a thousand orders in minutes.”

Susan then told Dan how to use the control panel to stop the joystick from vibrating, and return it to it’s normal size. She looked at Janice and said, “What you didn’t notice during this demonstration was how quiet it was. You could have it in your cunt while dining with friends or family, and as long as your partner kept the control concealed, no one would be the wiser until you came all over yourself.”

Janice countered, “Yeah, but I’m sure that the damn thing would pop out at the wrong moment.”

Susan answered, “No it wouldn’t. It’s been designed to stay in place until you grab the hook and pull it out.”

Not convinced, Janice shook her head and said “I don’t think that’s possible.”

Rising to the challenge, Susan took the joystick out of Janice’s hand, and without asking, leaned over to Janice, and inserted in her pussy.

Stunned, Janice began, “Now, I’m not sure that this is really a good . . .”, but she stopped when Dan turned the knob to make it vibrate. Janice’s body immediately went stiff, her eyes opened very wide, and her hands clamped down on her armrests.

After a few moments, Janice recovered enough to look at Dan and ask, “Isn’t it time for a commercial break?”

Dan answered, “Nope, we still got plenty of time.”

Susan sat back in her chair and said, “Now let’s show everyone what this little baby can do.” The crew on the set, and probably a few of the viewers were wondering if she was referring to the joystick, or Janice.

Dan went on, “So Susan, this is the button that makes it get bigger, right?” After looking at the control panel, Susan nodded her head and looked back at Janice.

The effect on Janice was instantaneous. She let out a high pitched yelp, gripped the armrests even tighter, and spread her legs wider, so as to give the joystick more access to her pussy. Sweat appeared on her forehead, and in the valley between her breasts. The vibration in her cunt was also being reflected on her now jiggling tits as she tried to maintain a little bit of decorum, by sucking on her lower lip.

Not hearing any complaints from the control room, Dan decided to hit the button that made the end stick out and rotate. When the rotating, vibrating end of the joystick made contact with Janice’s inner walls, she stopped sucking on her lower lip, and started repeating in as pleasant a tone as possible, “fuck that’s good . . . fuck that’s good. . . fuck that’s really good!!” She also began bouncing up and down in her chair.

Now Dan could sense that Janice was close to one magnificent orgasm, but he wanted to stretch it out for as long as possible. He slowly counted to 10, and then used the control knob to gently increased the level of vibration in the joystick.

This caused Janice to slide down in her chair so that she was almost sticking her cunt into the camera. As her hips continued bouncing, she yelled, “MY CUNT’S ON FIRE . . . MY CUNT’S ON FIRE. . . .OH MY GOD, IT”S ABOUT TO BURST!!!!!”

This only took about 15 more seconds, and then her shriek filled the studio as her climax exploded through her body. This continued for an short period of time, until Susan reached over and retrieved the remote control from Dan. She used the necessary buttons, and knobs to turn the joystick off, and let Janice recuperate.

Gradually, Janice’s breath returned to normal, and sat up in her chair. She ran her hands through her hair, then used both of them to fan her face, on which a huge smile had appeared.

Eventually, Susan reached over to pull the joystick from her pussy. After looking the joystick over, Susan calmly licked Janice’s juices off of it. Only at this point did she look at Janice and asked, “Are you now convinced that this would stay in place?”

“Oh God yes,” Janice giggled, “But I’m not sure how my parents would react during Christmas dinner.”

Dan heard in his earpiece that it was now time for a commercial, so he looked at the camera and said, “Susan will be back with us when we return after some words from our sponsors.”

The red lights went off on the cameras, and three makeup people came forward to dry everyone off, and apply a minimal amount of makeup to each of them. Everyone on the set had been taken in by Janice’s performance, especially one of the cameramen, who had unzipped his pants, so that he could easily fondle his rock hard dick.

Very soon, there was again a countdown in Dan’s and Janice’s ears, and the red lights came on again on the cameras.

Janice began, “For all of you viewers who are just tunning in, we’re here with Susan Wilson.” Janice turned to look directly at Susan and continued, “The world’s BEST self-pleasure specialist.”

Susan grinned back at Janice before saying, “It was so wonderful to see you enjoy my little toy,” as she dangled the joystick from the index finger on her right hand.

Janice went on, “I had the most fun with it, but I’m wondering what other kind of uses it might have?”

Susan tilted her head thoughtfully, looked at Dan, first in the face, then moved her eyes so that they focused on his still impressive erection. “Let’s see,” Susan began, “I think that we can have some fun with Dan.”

Susan then handed the remote control to Janice. She then asked Dan, “Are you ready to try this?”

He quickly replied, “I’ve been ready for about the last 15 minutes.” Both of the women laughed at this answer. Dan couldn’t help himself, so he looked at the camera with a horny expression on his face and said, “Folks, we’re about ready for round 2.”

Susan then leaned toward Dan, picked up his balls with one hand, placed the joystick under it, and put both hands on his balls so that the joystick was held firmly in place. “This time,” Susan said, “I can’t promise that this will stay in place all my itself, so I’ll have to help.”

Dan relaxed, put his head back on the head rest, and said, “I’m ready for my closeup.” A closeup is what he got, to the point that his erect cock filled the entire screen.

Janice began by slowly turning the knob to start the joystick vibrating. “Mmmmmmm,” Dan said as his head began to roll from side to side.

It took just about 30 seconds before Susan, and the rest of the viewers could see a small drop of precum appear at the tip of Dan’s dick. “We’re at stage 1,” Susan said.

Dan came back just long enough to say “Janice, why don’t you crank that up a few notches.” Not having to be told twice, Janice rotated the knob.

“OH YEAH,” Dan cried, “That’s fuckin’ good.”

His pleasure level increased to the point where a second drop of precum appeared. This was harder to see because his cock was now twitching in anticipation of the fabulous moment that was not far off.

At this point, Dan began to moan.

“Janice, I think that we just past through stage 2,” Susan said. “Now push the blue button on the right.”

Janice quickly saw the correct button, and asked, “This is the one that will make it bigger, right??”

“You bet,” Susan answered.

“OH FUCK, THAT’S INCREDDDDIBBBBLLLE!!”, Dan shouted as he roared towards his orgasm.

Sensing he had only a few seconds to go, Susan used her right hand to keep the joystick in place, and grabbed Dan’s cock in her left hand. “Let’s see how high he’ll blow,” Susan said, and then gave Dan’s cock two quick jerks.

After the tremendous sexual sensory overload that Dan had experienced so far this morning, this was all it took to send him over the edge. He cried “YYYYYEEEEEESSSSS” as the first of four ropes of cum erupted from his cock. It was estimated that the second rope went the highest, approximately 2 feet in the air.

Susan continued to milk Dan’s cock as it pulsed in her hand, but she did remove the joystick from it’s place under his balls. When his cock finally began to deflate, Susan sat back, and grinned at Janice while she licked the remnants of cum off her fingers.

Janice, giggling at this point, looked back at the camera and said, “I do believe we’ve reached another commercial break.”

The rest of their first show was not as energetic as the first segments, but Dan concluded the last show by thanking the audience, and reminding them that they would be back at the same time the next day.

“See you tomorrow,” Janice said, “you don’t want to miss what we’ve got planned, I promise.”

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