Nude Summer Ch. 03-2

She then worked her persuasive efforts on Doug, to join the other two nudies in the room. She was excited about getting a double dose of new hard dicks this morning, only expecting one when she knocked on their door this morning. Before Doug could respond to her request, she teasingly glanced down at his shorts. She expected some evidence of an erection, hopefully an out of control one. Bending closer, she let out a pout of disappointment at not finding one. She thought for a moment he was gay or something, for surely a taught naked girl unexpectedly appearing in his apartment would get a rise out of any man.

Jumping up and down like a flustered kid who wasn’t getting her way, Erica playfully whined at his lack of enthusiasm. Not understanding why he wasn’t showing any signs of an erection as she paraded around without any clothes on and even bouncing her tits wildly. Dancing and jiggling around the entire apartment, she even pointed out Bob had a huge boner already, from what she could assume behind his clutched hands.

After a visibly uncomfortable pause, Doug then admitted he was secretly gay. His bold admission seemed to just roll off the shapely, naked back of Erica, but Bob was visible shocked and totally confused at discovering his roommate of two semesters was gay. Doug and Erica both quickly turned toward Bob, catching his hands quickly returning to once again cover his crotch, grabbing even tighter this time. He had pulled them away when gesturing about the shock of hearing Doug was gay.

Bob stuttered excessively as he tried to wrestle with the situation. He was almost to the point of homophobic breakdown, realizing his roommate liked guys. But he then stepped back from the emotion, when realizing Doug had never even hinted at a pass at him and had also never seen him naked.

Quickly defusing the situation, Doug apologized for not speaking up sooner, and assured Bob that he was never even remotely interested in him, admitting that he liked the athletic skinny types, of which Bob was definitely not. Doug continued that it was excessively difficult to get any action, practically giving up even trying, especially that there were only specific circumstances that got him excited.

Erica’s curiosity begged Doug to explain, sympathizing with his plight and hoping she could help this nice guy in some way. Doug explained that he grew up in a very open family environment, and was used to getting constant praise from his sister, brothers and parents about the large size of his dick when erect. His whole family walked around the house naked most of the time, and were constantly teasing each other about body parts, especially casually-erect dicks. There was never any sex between siblings, but plenty of open, frank discussions.

He continued about growing up nudist, explaining that since he had an excessively bigger dick than normal, he was teasingly encouraged to walk around with a constant erection. Since being the middle child, it was one of the few ways he had to gain attention. His sister even brought home friends to see if the rumors were true. But unfortunately, ever since leaving home for college, he realized that he needed to have an admiring audience to get erect at all. He longingly missed his life back home, with its constant parade of naked family members and guests.

And even though Doug said he preferred to date men, he totally got off leering at all the women, who were more than happy to show him their own naked body. He always enjoyed parading around all the naked women and relishing in their fascination with his big dick. But that scene was sorely missed any more, since he left home for college.

Growing up nudists, he explained that his parents had strict rules about bringing friends over or being naked outside the house or backyard. While he and his siblings were still young, any friends they wanted to bring home had to have their parent’s approval first, knowing full well their kids would be in a house of nude people. As usual, the parents reluctantly let their kids visit, but with the promise to keep their own clothes on. The friends always promised profusely that they would, but within a short time of arriving, stripped completely, quickly discovering the freedom of playing in the nude. Doug’s family always kept the secret.

As the friends overcame their fear of being nude in mixed company in a casual setting, they returned to their own homes not caring if their own family members saw them nude. Doug’s family started quite a trend and always had lots of friends parading around the house nude. He fondly recalled his teenage years, realizing those years would probably be the most erotic of his life and not even imaging ever having such a great time ever again.

Erica and Bob were both listening intently by this time, fascinated at hearing about such an incredible life. Before hearing about the teenage years though, Erica felt the need for more involvement, so she motioned for a break to get more comfortable. Surveying the sparse apartment, she found a pillow and sat on the floor leaning back up against the couch. She then demanded Bob sit on the couch behind her, dangling his legs over her shoulders, and for the love of God, to finally remove his hands from his crotch. She pointed out her request was only fair, considering he’d been ogling her nude body for long enough. He sheepishly complied, but became even more nervous because he was now within view of anybody walking by in the hall, and also that his gay roommate was seeing him naked for the first time.

Still not having seen Bob’s erect dick, she grabbed his dangling legs and began grinding his calves into her boobs. She then spread her legs wide, offering Doug a front row view of her cleanly-shaved and already glistening pussy. She could feel Bob leaning forward on the couch, peering over for a better view of her likable pussy. Erica giggled as she felt his erect dick poke the back of her head.

She then told Doug to continue, but not before stripping down himself, adding that she didn’t care what condition his dick was in and that he now had an audience. She wasn’t able to convince him, but he promised he would when the time was right. Doug then said he had told enough of his story for the time being and really had to get off to class anyway. He thanked her for the show, and secretly wondered if this girl was his ticket to a renewed life as an exhibitionist nudist.

Not wanting her erotic high to be over so soon, she realized she had the perfect solution to his plight, Erica excitedly jumped up and told him of the exhibitionist antics already happening on the floors right below him. She was surprised he hadn’t already seen her and the others walk the halls in the nude. Since he needed an audience to get fully hard, she was excited to be able to help, and also see for herself that huge dick he keeps talking about.

Not giving him any choice in the matter, she grabbed his arm and led him out the front door saying she had some friends he just had to meet and there was plenty of time before his class started. She turned back to Bob on the way out, demanding he follow them to an apartment on the first floor, adding that he could put some shorts on if he wanted.

On their way down, Erica told Doug about some of her exhibitionist antics and quest to recruit new members.

I heard a frantic knock at our door, and I swore to give the person a verbal lashing for waking me up so early. But instead, I thought just answering the door naked, sporting a morning erection would be shock value enough. So, on my way through the apartment to the front door, I gave my dick a few good tugs to ensure an impressive show.

I opened the door to a naked Erica with a new guy. She gave me an admiring smile for greeting her properly, naked with erection, and introduced Doug from the fourth floor. She excitedly gave me a quick explanation of his plight and that we now had a new member of our nudie group, and possibly two, if they could convince his roommate to join. I thought it was a good idea, and said we probably wouldn’t have any problem at all supplying an audience of admiring voyeurs. She also mentioned that Doug was gay, and that we would need to try extra hard to find him a few buff jocks for him to ogle.

Standing proudly in the hallway, I asked Doug if he liked what I had, adding that I wasn’t interested in any sex with a guy, but that I didn’t mind putting on a show. He smiled as he spied me up and down, but I interrupted his gaze when I realized my dick had deflated quite a bit, and begged him to give me a minute. I then asked Erica to jiggle her tits again, while I fondled my own dick back to life. Just then, Barbara opened her door, fully nude, wondering what all the commotion was so early in the day. Still barely awake, she was surprised, but definitely not shocked to see Erica jumping up and down, me stroking my dick, and a new guy, fully clothed, and watching it all in delightful wonderment.

Barbara casually leaned against her doorway surveying the scene and waited for an explanation. Soon realizing her nude body was needed for visual stimulation, she turned toward me and began vigorously kneading her voluptuous rack, occasionally nibbling a nipple along the way. The naked, gyrating girls were definitely having their effect on me, getting me fully inflated in short order. Striking a pose, I presented myself for Doug’s approval. He smiled in full appreciation, as Erica noticed he had finally loosened up and seemed to be enjoying himself for the first time that morning.

My dick twitched uncontrollably in response to the complementary leers from the crowd in the hall. I loved being on stage, especially when I’m naked. I called for a group grope in celebration, prompting all four of us to grope our crotches with vigor. Another tenant coming down the stairs almost tripped upon seeing four people down the hall grapping their crotch, three of them naked. We all laughed, but got curiously quiet when Erica began to tell us that besides Doug’s issue about needing an audience to get fully erect, it was freakishly huge when it finally does.

Hearing this just about took Barbara over the edge. All eyes to her, as she shuddered and let out a little gasp from stuffing three fingers quickly up her pussy. She groaned that she has been lusting for a big dick to fill her completely. Being she was big-framed, yet still very toned, she revealed to us that her vagina must be bigger than normal, since it’s never been filled to her satisfaction yet. And her imagination just let loose hearing Doug had a monster dick. We left her to her fantasy, and kept quiet about Doug being gay… although, I’m sure we could convince him to give Barbara a courtesy fuck one day. With us all watching of course.

Erica realized Bob hadn’t come downstairs yet, and also Doug was still wearing clothes. She told Barbara and me about the Bob situation, so we decided to all take a trek up to the fourth floor, thinking that he would finally join the nudie club if we bombarded his senses with a whole room of nude co-eds. And Doug finally relented to Erica’s prodding, agreeing to strip before we all headed upstairs.

I went back in my apartment to arouse still-sleeping Jeanie for a naked mission on the fourth floor. As we step out into the hall, both our jaws drop, joining Erica’s and Barbara’s dropped jaws, in utter awe of Doug’s exposed dick. Our small audience must have been enough for him to get almost halfway inflated, for his dick was pointing down at about a 45-degree dangle, and already at least eight inches long. It wasn’t very thick around, like mine gets, but a sight worthy of staring in amazement. Especially when he held his hand more than a foot in front of him, after a request from the girls to show them how long it gets when fully engorged.

I felt slightly jealous that I was suddenly knocked off my pedestal, as sporting the biggest dick walking the halls of the building. So I quickly broke the stare fest, and grabbing the nearest two girls by their boobs, led the group down the hall on our mission to surprise Bob.

We walked right into Bob’s apartment through the already-open front door. Erica motioned for the rest of us to keep quiet, as she peeked around the apartment and found Bob nervously pacing around inside his bedroom, fully naked. No doubt agonizing about the situation and trying to build the courage to face naked Erica again and how to deal with his newly-exposed gay roommate.

Erica backed away quietly from the bedroom, and joined the rest of us posing in the front room. Bob emerged from his room after hearing Doug’s announcement he’d returned. Bob froze dead in his tracks upon seeing five naked people, three of them women, in the middle of his living room. Totally overwhelmed, he just threw up his arms in surrender. Our plan worked, as for the rest of the summer, Bob and Doug joined a few of our exhibitionist adventures.

During the couple weeks leading up to the nude hike, we planned the methods we’d use in creating a comfortable nudist experience for the group, and set some ground rules for the hike. We explored all the different options and possible scenarios we’d encounter. As each person would definitely have their own demons to quench and method they’d feel more comfortable stripping for the first time.

The day finally arrived. Jeanie and Barbara joined me for the half-hour ride to the secluded trailhead. A few cars were already in the parking lot. Luckily, they all belonged to our group, making it that much easier to strip in the lot without any concern about offending other people just out for a morning stroll.

Nervousness was the norm amongst the group, as we mulled around the parking lot waiting for the last of the invitees to arrive. A few small groups formed from people who already knew each other. I could hear them quietly talking, about what they got themselves into and seeking that shared group courage to go through with it.

I was surprised that everybody who agreed to join us actually showed up, as I totally expected a few to chicken out. I then gathered the group together, with Jeanie, Barbara, Sabine and Erica flanking me as we addressed the rest of the group to explain the exhibitionist adventure we were all about to begin.

But that’s a story for another time.

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