Nude Summer Ch. 02-1

We ended chapter 1 of our exhibitionist summer adventure with Jeanie and I bumping into our neighbor Barbara as we returned from doing our laundry, naked. As expected, she was shocked to see her neighbors of two weeks, walking down the hall bare ass naked carrying bundles of clothes and a backgammon board. Barbara was an interesting sort, and even after hanging out with her since we arrived, I hadn’t quite figured her out yet.

Barbara was a music major, so as typical was very liberal and interesting to talk with. She was tall, and even though not a skinny girl, she held it well. As the typical co-ed, she usually wore baggy clothes, but I could tell there were some nice curves underneath. Her easy demeanor made it easy to approach any subject. Even though it made Jeanie a little uncomfortable at times, I openly told Barbara about the relationship between Jeanie and I. That we weren’t having sex, but were very comfortable being nude around each other and enjoyed sexually teasing each other.

We even told Barbara about our nudist hiking in the mountains. This intrigued Barbara, but she never took us up on our invitations. Although she was constantly asking questions of us and there was no doubt that if I kept working on her, she’d eventually get nude with us. Jeanie was excited about the possibilities too, finally having a girl buddy on our nudist adventures.

The excitement was enhanced greatly though with the added benefit of Barbara being a fan of the white powder, of which I was totally into. Jeanie had never taken a sniff herself over the previous years, but with all the new adventures she’d been experiencing that summer, thanks to me, she seemed ready to at least try it once. I was a veteran of many Hollywood parties and I was salivating at the possibility of introducing both Jeanie and Barbara to the experience of body blows.

We devised a plan to get Barbara nude, which generally involved having Barbara over our apartment one night for dinner and a movie as Jeanie and I get “more comfortable” as the night wore on. Each time we lost a piece of clothing, we’d act like it was normal. Our confidence would overwhelm Barbara, quenching any complaints and hopefully building her confidence to get nude with us.

The shock and awe technique has worked well for me over the years and Jeanie felt comfortable with the plan. As a lead-in to the big night, we’d answer our door hastily adjusting our clothes as to appear to Barbara that we always ran around our apartment in the nude. Which wasn’t far from the truth.

Our planned big night though was preempted by Barbara catching us nude in the hall returning from Erica’s, laundry in hand. Jeanie let out a quick yelp at being caught, but I just confidently greeted Barbara and started chatting with her, as if nothing was out of the ordinary. It was fun, finally exposing myself to our co-ed neighbor. Something I had desperately wanted to do since moving in. Unfortunately though, my bundle of clothes hid my growing erection, and I didn’t want to reveal my crotch in any kind of obvious way, hence she think me a total pervert. So I just chatted away, enjoying the feeling of my dick engorge and the sight of Barbara’s uncomfortable squirming.

After an uncomfortable “hello” to Barbara, Jeanie quickly retreated into our apartment leaving me naked in the hall chatting it up with our neighbor, still totally unconcerned if somebody else happened by.

I reminded Barbara about our night’s plan to have her over for dinner and a movie. She nodded that she would and also asked if we minded if she brought a friend. Of course I said a friend was fine, outwardly unconcerned if it was a guy or girl. Hoping it was a girl though, and an open-minded one at that.

Sensing she was about to ask if Jeanie and I were going to stay nude, I asked if she could score a little coke for the evening. The deflection to a more serious subject worked, and she soon forgot about the nudity and said she’d see what she could do. I conveyed my enthusiasm and turned tail into my apartment, feeling Barbara’s eyes drilled into my departing naked ass, of which I get plenty comments, naked or not.

Jeanie was excited that Barbara was still coming over and that we’d now get our chance to enact our plan. I told her that Barbara might score some coke, but that there would be no pressure to join in. Secretly though, I was confident that I’d convince Jeanie to try the magic powder. She had asked me about it previously, especially what the effects were. I explained how it made me feel super-confident and chatty, but not that it gets everybody super horny. I kept that card in reserve, knowing the surprise effect would come in handy someday. And I would play it successfully to my devious advantage that night.

Jeanie and I hit the grocery store and video rental store in preparation for a night with Barbara. We picked an erotic thriller for the movie, with an interesting twist to how Jeanie picked it from the shelf. There were probably ten people in the store, all college students. Jeanie was still feeling a little excited from the earlier laundry adventure, and obviously still felt the need for a quick public flash.

She was down the isle from me when she found the perfect movie. And from the corner of my glance, I saw her pull up her t-shirt and bra and maneuver her bare boobs into the shelf. I couldn’t tell what she was doing at first, but she was soon walking towards me with the VHS box nestled tightly between her fully-displayed boobs as she squeezed them with her arms. I was pleasantly surprised at this novel trick, as were a few other people nearby. She walked up close to me and asked if I liked her movie selection. Thoroughly distracted, I deliriously agreed, not even having noticed the movie title.

We then both walked up to the checkout counter, catching stares from the entire store. Jeanie had lowered her shirt a little to cover her nipples, but those boobs held the box firmly until the shocked checkout clerk gingerly pulled it free. Jeanie then put herself back together, as cheers rang through the entire store. An older guy already at the counter easily convinced the clerk that our rental should be free after that show. He stuttered something illegible, which we interpreted as our free rental and promptly walked out, laughing all the way.

Jeanie had definitely started a trend though, because as we turned around the side of the video store, we saw through the window a teenage girl at the checkout counter looking for her own free rental. Her shirt was pulled up high with a VHS box snuggled between her bare boobs, her friend visibly frustrated that her own lack of cleavage meant she’d have to pay for her rental.

It was turning into one very interesting night, indeed.

Jeanie and I were about half way through dinner preparation when Barbara knocked. She let out a muffled sigh of relief at seeing Jeanie and I dressed, although not in much. I was wearing loose hiking shorts, with nothing underneath, and t-shirt. Jeanie was wearing about the same, and her sheer yellow bra that I liked so much.

Barbara joined in the prep work and mentioned her friend Sabine might drop by with more coke, although she already brought enough for us all to start. I was excited that Sabine might drop by. Barbara’s Dutch friend stopped men in their tracks with an athletic body and blond mermaid hair cascading around her gorgeous face. The evening was getting better by the moment, for I was sure Sabine wouldn’t have any problem stripping down, from all her talk about co-ed nude saunas in Holland.

Barbara wore her usual thick sweatshirt and knee-length shorts. But this time though I didn’t notice any bra or panty lines. A guy can tell these things rather quickly. Hmmm, I see she might be having some amorous thoughts herself tonight.

With all three of us working in such a small kitchen, I seized the opportunity and brushed up against the good parts of both girls whenever I could. Jeanie and I were even getting quite grabby and verbally teasing each other. I suspected Barbara had already sniffed a few lines already, for she started getting into the teasing. She even flashed me a wicked smile when I “accidentally” brushed a boob through her thick sweatshirt. She was bent over getting something out of a lower drawer, while of course I needed something out of the same drawer. I happily verified my previous observation that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

We usually all sat on big pillows on the floor for our socializing around the TV, but always ate at a table. That night though, I convinced everybody we should eat on the floor pillows, as I thought it would provide better opportunities to continue our little flashing game. But before settling into our circle on the floor, I asked Barbara to cut a few lines of coke. Jeanie was full of questions, so Barbara and I explained the technique as we went. I also explained about keeping our prep out of direct sight of the front door or living room, lest prying eyes see what’s really going on.

It was exciting to cut the lines and show Jeanie something new and very taboo. Although I really wasn’t expecting her to join in, at least not the first session. I took the first lines with Barbara to follow. Jeanie then surprised us both, and nervously asked if she could try it. We explained the special technique and Jeanie then sniffed her first two lines of coke. She said that with all that had happened to her that day already, she might as well.

Barbara and I welcomed Jeanie into the club, but of course were also monitoring her for any bad reactions. She didn’t feel any different at first, but we all noticed how she wouldn’t stop talking during dinner.

Barbara and I related our own experiences on coke and some of the crazy things we’d done. Barbara started, and told of a few wild parties and how the coke made her blab about her innermost thoughts, of which I would without doubt exploit throughout the evening. I definitely trumped her though when I went into a long story about all the Hollywood parties I crashed in the eighties. When upon arriving, I was handed a personal straw for the evening and then led into the back room where a kilo was adorning a glass table.

This party tale allowed me to easily transition into my ultimate goal for the evening, body blows, and how it was such a highlight of those Hollywood parties. Neither girl had heard of body blows, so I explained that it involved sniffing lines of coke off body parts; usually covered parts that is. And after the straw gets most of the power, there’s always some residue left that needs to be licked up. I hinted at what usually follows from there.

I boasted how it was considered rude at the Hollywood parties to refuse a body blow request, which meant plenty of willing participants were always available. The party guests were all pretty high already, so it wasn’t a big deal for a girl to pop out a boob or ass cheek for a body blow. I told of how some of the prettier, or just voluptuous, girls were asked so frequently, they just stayed topless the entire night. On occasion, the more wasted ones even sprawled out naked on the bar, offering their bodies as a substitute mirror.

The rumor of a big dick also made it around to all the women at the party. A few times I saw a guy walk around the party with a huge erection jutting out from his fly, adding that I only whipped mine out when properly asked. Barbara’s squirming and look of curious interest belayed her thoughts about trying it herself. Jeanie was also extremely curious, and asked me if it was fair game to request “any part.” I passionately nodded in the affirm and flashed a wanton wink while I surveyed both girls’ chests.

I also got a little twitch in my dick as I remembered Sabine was dropping by, and there was an excellent possibility for body blows from that tight body. Jeanie woke me from my erotic daydream when she asked if I had done body blows with any famous celebrities.

I was reluctant to gossip at first, save any embarrassments, but I finally succumbed, figuring it might also challenge the girls to do something a celeb did. Like a proud Peacock, I boasted of one party where I finally convinced the attending megastar to offer up her voluptuous boobs for me. Every guy, and a few women, were trying all night, but I was the one who finally won out… must’ve been my charm, and determination. By this time in the story, Jeanie and Barbara were pleading for me to tell. I grinned, “Well, let’s just say that not only was she a ‘Wonder Woman’ on TV, but her tits were ‘wonderful’ too!”

In a fit of giggling amazement, both girls looked down at their own chests and asked how they compared to the Wonder Woman. I teasingly said that Jeanie and her D-cups definitely compare favorably, but with a wink, I said I couldn’t tell about Barbara without actually seeing the goods. Barbara held her arms tightly against the front of her sweatshirt in embarrassment, while also sporting a shy erotic grin. I thought to myself I’d be seeing those puppies any minute now.

A little game started between Barbara and I during my Hollywood stories. I started the flashing game by purposely positioning my body so Barbara could see up my loose shorts, offering a somewhat-shaded view of my package. Of course I was all casual about it and made like I didn’t know I was exposed, but Barbara returned the volley after hearing the Wonder Woman story and no doubt pondering how she compared.

She was sitting upright on her pillow, when she changed position so she was laying on her stomach eating off her plate perched on the pillow. She had slid down the pillow from the top, which caught her sweatshirt, rolling it up towards her neck. By the time she settled in, her sweatshirt had pulled up enough that the bottom of her right boob was on display for me. The sweatshirt still covered her nipple, but from what I could see, she had been hiding a well-sized rack this whole time.

Jeanie couldn’t see what was happening, but she obviously suspected something was up when I smiled at Barbara while taking a good hard stare in her direction. Hmmm, a little jealousy forming I gathered. No doubt an opportunity that I could use to my advantage.

I steered the conversation towards the earlier situation when Barbara met Jeanie and I naked in the hall. We told of our laundry adventure and how Erica from the third floor joined us naked in the laundry room and talked us into a naked dash to her apartment.

Jeanie had started cleaning up the plates by this time and was already making a mess in the sink. That girl just always seemed to be getting wet. Barbara and I couldn’t see the kitchen sink from the living room, so we didn’t see Jeanie strip off her now wet t-shirt. She returned for more plates wearing just her shorts and that sheer yellow bra. I teased that we could see right through it already, so she might as well just take it off. Jeanie just shrugged off my suggestion and headed back into the kitchen with more plates.

After a couple minutes though, I saw her head down the hall to the bedrooms, wet t-shirt in hand and asking us for a couple more lines of coke. We eagerly agreed with that plan. I motioned for Barbara to join me in the kitchen, as I intently watched her rise from the floor. Fully aware I was staring, and hoping her boobs popped free, she very gracefully turned away from me as she got up. As she walked away from me towards the kitchen, mid-drift all exposed, she reached up to the hem of her sweatshirt. I expected her to yank the sweatshirt down, but instead she pulled the hem fully up to her neck.

In a playful manner, she looked over her shoulder at me with a teasing smile, as she flashed her boobs to an empty kitchen. I got up quickly, practically running, but she recovered her boobs before I could catch up.

I was eagerly anticipating Jeanie’s return from the bedroom, topless this time. Because our plan to get Barbara nude involved Jeanie getting nude, well at least topless, long before me, in the hopes of easing Barbara’s fears. But I soon heard dresser drawers moving, which I took to be a search for another t-shirt. This led me to assume she wasn’t going to go through with our plan just yet. But I was surprised at what did transpire.

I was now standing closely behind Barbara as she prepared lines for all three of us. She offered me first choice of lines, and with hands shaking nervously, handed me the straw. I asked what was up, when she said to me in a quiet and anxious tone, “Body blows, huh. That sounds like fun, but…” as she trailed off.

As I bend down over the counter, anticipating the rush of the magic white powder, I returned, “Yup, it’s a blast… and I’m ready when you are girl, just say the word, any word. I’ll take any one you got, really!” Barbara giggled at my “any word” comment while I took the line of coke, but she stopped abruptly at the same time I heard Jeanie’s bare feet enter the kitchen. I arose from the counter, curious as to what was up. I turned to see Jeanie standing there, shoulders back, hands on hips, blatantly posing her fully-nude body for us.

It wasn’t in the plan for her to get fully nude all at once, but to get everybody topless first. I wasn’t complaining though. The coke must’ve been doing a good number on her already.

Barbara was just standing there, frozen, jaw agape and transfixed on Jeanie’s nude form. It was as if she’d never seen a nude woman before. I nodded at Jeanie in wholehearted approval, and said, “Well, it looks like you got a little more comfortable there girl. Can I be the first then to ask for a body blow, can I, huh?”

Jeanie nodded enthusiastically and announced, “By all means. That’s why I got naked in the first place. So tell me, what part do you want first, big boy?” She turned to the still frozen Barbara and coyed, “And I do mean, ‘big boy’ too!”

Jeanie eagerly complied with my request to drape herself over one of the big pillows, boobs up high. I take the coke mirror with me and follow Jeanie’s swishing ass into the living room. She settles into a comfortable position, draped naked over a pillow, as I begin building rings of coke on the perimeter of each areola. Her nipples weren’t erect yet, but I’d have them ready to party in no time.

I was way excited by this time, feeling almost fully erect under my very loose shorts. I wouldn’t be able to hide that from Barbara, not that I wanted to anyway. Rising up on my knees, I admired my creation and searched for the straw. I soon realized that I’d left it in the kitchen, with the still frozen Barbara. After a couple tries, I finally got Barbara’s attention to bring me the straw. She shook her head and motioned she’d rather stay where she was. I told her she was being silly and prudish and that she should come and watch. Even reminding her of her curiosity about body blows didn’t seem to get her moving.

Jeanie acted flustered and yelled to Barbara, “Hey, you were the one so curious about this earlier, and don’t whine that you didn’t see this coming. It’s no big deal, girl… and you’ve no doubt seen plenty of naked women. I’m proud of my body and I really don’t care who sees me naked… Now get over here… or we may just do something more drastic, embarrassing you even further.”

The threat seemed to do the trick. Barbara reluctantly brought me the straw and sat on the other side of Jeanie from me. I thanked her and told her to enjoy the show. This was also a first for Jeanie and I. We had been nude together lots of times, but agreed a long time beforehand not to risk our friendship with all the emotional sex stuff. We’d tease each other a lot, but we hadn’t had sex or even touchy foreplay. But my dick was now fully-erect in anticipation of finally touching and possibly licking Jeanie’s nipples.

Just before I leaned over for my first body blow off Jeanie’s firm boobs, I forcibly gained Barbara’s attention and announced in a erotic hoarse tone, “Exciting, huh? Look what it’s doing to me already.” As I rose up on my knees and thrust my hips out towards Barbara to display the large tent in my shorts. She was obviously beside herself at the display from us both and giggled uncontrollably in nervous sexual anxiety.

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