Nude Summer Ch. 01-2

If I’m too soft, there’s not enough mass for swinging, it doesn’t jut out far enough to brush up against something, or someone, and of course the girls assume I’m just a small fry. On the other extreme, if I’m fully erect, it’s too stiff and won’t slap against my skin when I swing my hips, a trick I dearly love to do for an audience. Additionally, it sticks out front so far that it hurts when I bump into something, although the girls don’t seem to mind when I bump into their butt. So, I try my best to keep a constant half-erection, for two reasons. It’s ready for any tricks that may come along and the girls are impressed with the fully-shaped helmet, realizing that it’ll get real big.

Taking the wet clothes out of the washer of course gave me the opportunity to mingle my dick within the bundle, giving it the physical touch it had been aching for. This also got my whole crotch wet. And needing to properly dry the area, I drew the attention of the girls to watch my toweling session.

The girls also got an eyeful of my dangling dick and balls when I bent over for something in the dryer. I purposely stood a little wider and wiggled deliberately so as to offer a unique rear view of my animated package.

Both Jeanie and Erica put on a little show also. Waving their boobs with purposeful movements and holding the clothes tight and high, uplifting and creating massive cleavage. Both girls faked dropping an item of clothing, flashing me a beaver shot as they bent over to pick it up. Erica even caught her left boob with the dryer door. Faining that she’s not used to them so unrestrained and poking out in front of her so far. We all got a chuckle out of that one.

By the end of our clothes transfer flashing session, my dick was nearly at full erection. And since Erica by this point seemed almost fully comfortable being naked in the apartment laundry room, I started into my candid discussion routine. I really enjoy talking with new nudists about how they feel and encouraging frank discussions about their freshly displayed bodies.

I began by getting a chuckle from the girls about my erection and then moving on to direct questions to Erica about her body. Every woman has their likes and dislikes, so it’s an easy way to get them talking. Erica was no different, and she was soon revealing her innermost thoughts about her vagina. With me of course prompting a little show with all that tell. Needless to say, I was rewarded, which kept my dick erect throughout the entire discussion.

The clothes were soon dry, which prompted another physical teasing session as we folded. But the tension grew when it was time to get dressed and head back to our apartments. We were all so comfortable, we hated the thought of getting dressed. Erica then reminded us of her secret dare again, to run back to her apartment fully naked. We all shrugged and said, “What the hell… let’s do it!”

Erica then asked if we’d like to join her and her boyfriend for dinner. She always has dinner waiting for him, as he gets home late. Jeanie and I accepted her invite and said we’d be up as soon as we dropped off our laundry and got dressed. An evil grin enveloped Erica as she said, “No, just come with me right now. A naked dash to my place… It’ll be fun, and my boyfriend won’t be home for another hour…. Join me?”

Jeanie and I couldn’t say no to that dare, so all three of us, still naked, followed Erica up the stairs to her third floor apartment. We laughed loudly and groped each other’s fun parts all the way up, but didn’t bump into any other people. The girls were relieved at not getting caught, but I was a little disappointed though. We all crashed in a fit of laughter upon finally entering Erica’s apartment, relieved and excited at completing our risky adventure.

Jeanie and I stayed with Erica for a bit while she prepared dinner for her boyfriend. We all totally enjoyed the freedom and excitement of hanging with friends in the altogether. Erica was hooked, and vowed to shed her clothes at every opportunity. We invited her to hang with us anytime, especially if she arrived at our door naked or brought a friend.

Caught up in the excitement, Erica soon realized it might not have been such a good idea after all if her boyfriend walked into a room full of nude dinner guests. She also really wanted to stay nude for the rest of the night, so everybody getting dressed was out then too. Hence, we all agreed to try a nude dinner some other night. That way, she could also prepare her boyfriend and get his agreement first. Maybe even shedding his clothes too.

We made plans for later that week. Jeanie and I then left just before Erica’s boyfriend was due. We left Erica to greet her man in the nude, as we headed back downstairs to our apartment, still nude ourselves. This time though, we did happen upon another tenant, our co-ed neighbor Barbara. But that’s another story.

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