Nude Summer Ch. 01-1

Chapter 1: Laundry Day

I spent a summer once traveling with a good friend of mine. Jeanie and I worked together that previous year as lifeguards at a country club pool complex. We were both sophomores at the local university and decided we needed a road trip to celebrate the end of summer. We had a flirtatious relationship, but nothing beyond that. We would compare notes of our romantic flings with other people, and were a little grabby in the water, but romance or sex never entered the picture. We were just so comfortable around each other and always had a blast together as adventure buddies.

We caught each other in the locker room once or twice, and it really didn’t faze either of us at seeing the other naked. With her parading around in a tight Speedo all the time, there wasn’t much left to imagine. The thin fabric was red, and when it was wet everybody could easily see Jeanie’s areolas and the abundance of dark hair in guard of her neither regions. Much in contrast to another lifeguard though, Sheila was flat as a board on top, but she made up for it by letting her wet Speedo cling to her shaved crotch. She loved showing off for the boys.

It was fun working at that country club aquatic complex. There were three pools to manage, and except for the rugrats running around after school let out, it was pretty quiet. Jeanie and I would sometimes teach a little kid’s swimming class once in awhile, or help out with the towel booth and snack stand. In all, our college-aged lifeguard troop consisted of four guys and six girls. The teasing was continuous and innovative to say the least.

We all loved watching Jeanie though, for her German heritage blessed her with an awesome pair of D-cups that always seemed to dance to their own rhythm. Combine those with a taught body honed from years of competitive swimming, and Jeanie would leave plenty of tented shorts in her wake.

There was an air of competition amongst the Speedo-clad girls, always trying to gain the most attention from us guys. They really needn’t have competed though, each got plenty of attention. But the girls had a little secret game going though. Us guys knew we were being played, but never really knew what for though. It was a blast, especially when we’d get “accidentally” flashed or groped.

As I mentioned before, Jeanie and I had brief glimpses of each other’s naked body, but we didn’t make a big deal out of it. Although, I readily admitted in jest, as to my excitement at seeing her naked. She too admitted her desire to see me fully naked and was even curious about what she had heard about my large size when fully erect.

We revealed our curious desires to each other a few weeks before our summer road trip, which caused the teasing to take on a more “not if, but when” direction. We were beside ourselves with excitement for the upcoming road trip.

The day soon arrived and we headed off for a two-month tour of Colorado. Although being good friends for nearly five years already, we had never actually “lived” together for any more than a couple days at a time. As we prepare for sleep in a hotel on our first night out, I realized the “changing clothes” thing needed to loose its awkward concealment. So, I just casually stripped nude, brushed my teeth and busied myself a bit before slipping into my bed. Jeanie was already in her own bed by this time, but became fully attentive to my naked body and bobbing dick at half erection.

I announced to Jeanie something to the effect that I didn’t want the hassle of hiding anymore just to change clothes, since we were going to be together for the next two months anyways. I waited anxiously for her response, hoping she’d join in the newfound freedom. She did.

Jeanie then excitedly bounded out of her bed and faced me, pride and excitement enveloping her. She smiled and pulled her nightshirt over her head, revealing she hadn’t worn anything underneath. I guess she had planned on this event between us, for she had always worn at least panties under that nightshirt every time before. For the rest of the trip, we were naked whenever we could get away with it.

A couple days later we arrived in Boulder, Colorado and decided to stay a few weeks in an apartment near the University. It was a young crowd and we fit right in.

We had only been living in the apartment for a couple weeks and really didn’t know any neighbors yet. Since we traveled light that summer, we found ourselves doing laundry every few days in the building’s laundry room. There were three washers and two large dryers. The converted basement had plenty of room left for a sink and bench seat against one wall. The laundry room was the only room in the basement, so it was pretty secluded.

The first time I did our laundry, I commented to Jeanie how the secluded laundry room would do nicely for an exhibitionist adventure. And we’d even have an excuse if caught… gotta wash all the clothes ya know.

Most people in the building just toss the clothes in and retreat back upstairs to their apartment, but I thought it would be more exciting to hang out in the laundry room nude while waiting for both cycles. Jeanie was a little reluctant when I mentioned my plan, for only a week earlier was her first exhibitionist adventure in the forest, and this plan would really push her comfort zone.

After a few days of convincing, she finally agreed, but only if a cover-up was within reach and I had to stay with her the entire time. I conceded with her request, but explained it wouldn’t be a true exhibitionist adventure if she had a safety net. I vowed to toss all my clothes in the washer, and be totally nude the entire time, no matter who walked in. I teased that I may even walk back to our apartment in the nude.

So our plan was set for the next day, although I had a few twists planned to make it more interesting. We decided to plan our adventure in the early evening, so as to catch people just getting home from work.

During the afternoon, Jeanie was quiet. No doubt contemplating her feelings about being nude in a public building and the risk of getting caught. I did my best throughout the day to calm her fears and build up her courage to just be proud and confident. When the time arrived, she seemed nervous, but ready.

We headed down the stairs and found the laundry room empty and all the machines free. Without hesitation, I began removing my clothes while she emptied the basket. Jeanie was visibly shaking and somewhat embarrassed at my stripping. I reminded her about just not thinking about it and do it quickly, so as to prevent any doubt from sneaking into her thoughts.

I was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts. After tossing my shirt into the washer, I turned to face Jeanie, and with a naughty smile, I slowly unzipped. She quipped a giggle when my half-erect dick sprang into the open air, unencumbered by any underwear.

So there I stood, naked, leaning up against an empty washer, proudly displayed for Jeanie and anyone else who may enter. All my clothes were now in the washer, forcing my commitment to follow-through on this nude dare. Jeanie stood in relative silence, attempting to avert her gaze while fiddling with the washer controls. I called her on her attempt to back out of the deal, to which she nervously surrendered and began to slowly pull her t-shirt over her head.

Following my lead, she began to toss her shirt into the washer, but quickly stopped when realizing the shirt was going to be her safety cover-up. She then removed her sports bra, letting those perky D-cups spring into the open air, and tossed the bra into the washer.

Heeding my suggestion of stripping quickly, in one fluid motion her shorts ended up on the counter and her panties were in the washer. She stood frozen in shock and embarrassment that I talked her into this. I totally enjoyed the situation and I was proud of her for not backing out. Like a proud bull, I leaned back against the washer, silently taking pleasure in my rapidly growing dick.

After a few minutes standing nude in the apartment laundry room, Jeanie finally began to relax, and somewhat now excited about the situation, she said, “OK, now what?”

I figured we’d get bored quickly, so anticipating this beforehand I suggested to go back up to our apartment and get some drinks and a game or something. I agreed to not leave her alone, but she caved and told me to just hurry about it. I scampered up the steps to our apartment, not seeing another person, but totally enjoying my hard-on swinging wildly.

I quickly grabbed a backgammon set and a couple of sodas. Just as I was getting to the bottom of the stairs on my return trip, I thought I heard a couple voices from above. I told Jeanie that I may have been seen, but I wasn’t sure. She winced at the fear of being caught, but quickly surrendered when I reminded her of the agreement. She admired my confidence and help in her overcoming her fears. She wasn’t to the point yet of getting excited, as I was, about these naked adventures, but she revealed her desire to reach that goal.

We were soon enjoying a cool drink and game of backgammon as we sat naked on the bench against the wall. Shortly though, we both realized how uncomfortable the bench was and looked around for options. The only alternative was on the washing machines. I scooped up the game board and motioned for Jeanie to follow.

I flashed a little grin at her, teasing how she was going to really like the new perch. She was a little confused at my comment, but followed my lead and jumped up on one of the running machines. Although not before carefully spreading out her t-shirt and shorts for a cushion. I took a seat on the only empty machine, and balanced the game board between us. Considering I was sitting bare bunned on hard steel, the washing machine was actually quite comfortable, especially for Jeanie, for she couldn’t stop giggling. She wholeheartedly thanked me for suggesting the new seats, given that hers was vibrating.

We started back into the backgammon game, but I was getting much more enjoyment watching Jeanie squirm, her naked body wriggling into various positions. The look on her face was of gleeful frustration, no doubt searching for that optimal position. It was nice seeing her fully engrossed in her task, as her fear of being naked in public seemed to be quite distant at the moment.

After a couple minutes of trying various positions, she jumped off the machine in desperation, spouting, “Aw, screw it!!!” Jeanie then snatched her makeshift cushion and tossed both her t-shirt and shorts into the washer. She then jumped back up, and sat as far back as she could with her legs dangling over the front.

Her pause and look of wanton plea prompted my nod of support at what I know she was asking. She then spread her legs as wide as the washing machine would allow, and ever so slowly rolled her hips forward. No doubt gently seeking that sweet spot she desperately desired. Her thick bush was apparently providing way too much insulation, so she reached into her crotch and delicately spread the forest so her sensitive parts could come out to play.

I was transfixed, for it was the first time Jeanie had let me see her nether region. Since becoming nudie friends, she was always very careful of the view I was afforded. If a situation were not avoidable, like sitting Indian style at a picnic in the woods, she would cover her crotch with a piece of clothing or something. She caught me sneaking a wanton peek a few times, although I doubt I’d see much anyway, with that thick forest for protection.

In no time, it was obvious from her lustful gaze and unrestrained gasp that her clitoris had finally met hard, vibrating steel. She was happy now, and so was I. Her little show had done wonders for my dick, as I surprisingly noticed it was now at full erection, but painfully still wedged under my leg. As I reached down and freed it, I made sure Jeanie saw what she had done to me. We both laughed at the situation. There we were, naked, in relative public, sitting on washing machines, awaiting somebody to catch us and each about to explode in orgasm.

I said we should probably cool it a little. It was risky enough being caught naked in the laundry room, but if we were masturbating while somebody walked in, we’d be kicked out of the apartment for sure. Agreeing that I was right, a deflated Jeanie closed her legs and attempted her best to concentrate on the backgammon game. It wasn’t that easy for me though, the whole situation was going to keep me hard for a while, which I couldn’t readily hide. All I could do was just tuck it under and shift position so my crotch wasn’t facing the door.

After about ten minutes or so, my attempt to redirect my thoughts didn’t seem to be having any effect on deflating my hard-on. I was contemplating going back to our apartment and relieving a little pressure, when we heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I turned to Jeanie, who was quickly becoming mortified, and told her to be brave, proud and casual. It worked.

Luckily for Jeanie, a woman rounded the corner and of course stopped dead in her tracks at seeing a naked guy and girl sitting on the washing machines playing backgammon. I had seen the woman before and knew she lived on the third floor. She was obviously just returning from work, for she was still wearing a classy business outfit.

She looked in her early thirties and kept herself in pretty good shape. She was always quick with a smile but was always rushing. I didn’t have a clue how she’d react to us, and I was concerned she’d call the cops or something. I figured her for the conservative type, from her style of dress, always very moderate and restrained.

After a few seconds of shock, the woman covered her eyes in reflexive shame and began to sputter an apology while she practically knocked herself out against the doorway in stumbling retreat. A little shocked myself, but wanting her to stay, I playfully said to her, “Wait, wait… it’s ok. We don’t mean to scare you. I hope you’re not offended too much… we just needed to wash all our clothes and we thought it better not to run back upstairs like this.”

The woman stopped her retreat but kept her hand over her eyes, and said, “Well, I won’t tell anybody on you I guess… but ya know, it’s a little bit of a shocker.” She did her best to be cordial as I formally introduced Jeanie and I. She relaxed a little and approached us for handshakes, all the time though with eyes covered. Her name was Erica and said she lived on the third floor with her boyfriend. As we chatted, her hand slowly began to lower, revealing her cute little blush of embarrassment.

Erica was just returning from work and was down checking if a machine was open to do a quick load, but she apologized for the intrusion and said she’d come back later. Jeanie pointed to one washing machine still open and said, “Hey, there’s still one machine open… and really, you wouldn’t bother us at all.” Erica quipped at the irony, for it was her comfort in actual question.

Our casual nature and obvious lack of any shame seemed to put Erica at ease, for she headed back up stairs saying she’d think about it. Jeanie and I broke out in laugh when Erica was out of earshot. We figured she wouldn’t be back.

We returned to our backgammon game, when after a few minutes we heard more footsteps coming down the stairs. We tensed up for the encounter, for we figured the next one probably wouldn’t go as well as the first. Much to our relief though, Erica had returned with basket in hand. She said our nudity didn’t bother her too much and really needed a clean outfit for work the next day.

We all chatted while Erica loaded the one remaining washing machine, but she paused before closing the lid. Jeanie and I both asked if anything was wrong, when Erica replied, “Well, it’s now or never then…. I’ve always wanted to do this and well, if you guys are, I might as well be too.”

Confused, we watched as Erica nervously began removing her staunch business suit and place each item into the washer. I was pleasantly surprised at what she had been hiding all this time. The top came off to reveal a lacy bra, definitely struggling to keep her boobs in check. She then hesitated with the clasp of her skirt, slowly looking towards Jeanie and me in wanton request of our approval. We wholeheartedly nodded in support. I even upped the stakes with an erotic, teasing smile while I opened my legs more, turned towards her and motioned for her to enjoy a look.

Erica took my suggestion and sheepishly gazed down for a quick peek at my nearly deflated but now on the rise dick. It worked. She began to remove her skirt again, but stopped after a few wiggles. The tight skirt was now riding her hips a few inches lower, showing her obvious lack of panties underneath. It looked like she was about to change her mind about stripping, but I guess she just decided to get topless first. She unclasped her bra and shook her boobs free. I estimated them to be on the large side of B-cups, but seemed to defy gravity and stick out like missiles. My dick was now quickly on the rise.

Embarrassed from our stares, Erica quickly slithered out of her skirt and threw everything in the washer. She stood in silence until releasing a big sigh of relief. We welcomed her into the exhibitionist club.

Erica actually became comfortable quite quickly, telling us of her past flashing adventures and how she dared herself to someday be naked in the laundry room and run up to her apartment in the nude. I told her I already did earlier, but I was only on the first floor and not the third like her. It sounded like a fun plan though.

While we chatted, I caught Erica sneaking glances towards my crotch, which excited me to no end. So I thought I’d have a little fun with her shyness. Up to this point, I was struggling to keep a hard on at bay, fearing I would scare her off. But since she was obviously interested, I held back no longer. The two beauties in front of me provided a visual feast, especially Erica.

She was standing across from Jeanie and I, leaning back up against the dryer. I was mesmerized with her bullet boobs, but her neatly-trimmed pubic hair just commanded attention. It was trimmed in a racing-stripe pattern and although her tightly-closed legs restricted further view, it appeared she kept the good stuff clean-shaven.

As my dick started to noticeably rise in full view of both ladies, I had a blast watching Erica squirm and pretend not to notice while she stumbled over her words. When I became fully-erect, Erica finally broke down in frustration, never having once looked straight down at my crotch. She extended her hand out to shield her eyes, and quipped, “Geeze, don’t you have any control over that thing…. I mean there’s a time and place for everything…. have you no shame.”

I said calmly, “No, I guess I don’t. But I figured it was safe here…. You don’t mind, do you? I’m sure you’ve seen a woody before, haven’t you?”

She shamefully responded, “Of course I have….. but under very different circumstances.”

I replied, “Well, now’s your chance to see a naked guy, whom you’ve just met, at full erection without any pretenses…. You’re allowed, and encouraged even. I’d like it very much if you’d take a good look and just enjoy the show… You’re the reason I’m hard anyway.”

With that last compliment, she blushed and dropped her guard. She took a good look at my erection, and even giggled when I gave it a shake. We chatted away like old friends until our laundry was finished, teasing each other the entire time.

Moving around always enables an opportunity for groping and brushing of body parts, so things got interesting when we transferred our clothes to the dryers. I was about half-erect at the time, which is the best state for stupid penis tricks.

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