“You like Alain, don’t you?” Aine was enjoying herself, smiling wickedly, not breaking eye contact with Cee. “Wouldn’t mind a little fun?”

“Look,” Cee said, her discomfort becoming increasingly apparent. “I didn’t know Alain and you were… I mean, I didn’t even know there was a you.”

“Please,” Aine said, “I’m sorry.” She offered a warmer smile. “I don’t own Alain, and it isn’t a trick question.”

Sparr grinned at Aine. From the moment he told Aine a somewhat abridged version of his encounter with the assassins, it hadn’t taken her five minutes to start asking about Cee. When he had freely admitted how Cee flirted with him, Aine’s eyes had sparkled.

He leaned close behind Cee, brushed a spill of unruly hair out of the way, and whispered into her ear. “She’s asking if you want to fuck me.” His hand moved up her thigh.

Cee held Aine’s gaze, either unfazed or covering it well. “I do,” she said, simply. “Is this an offer?”

“It is, after a fashion.” Aine reclined, taking a long sip of wine. “Do you mind if I watch?”

Sparr felt Cee twitch with surprise. “This is why we’re here, not back at my cottage.”

“From what Alain says it’s charming but… cramped?”

“It’s cozy,” Cee countered. “You only want to watch?”

“Mmm,” Aine said as if considering Cee’s implied offer. “For now, although I might need to give Alain direction. You know how men are when they’re left unsupervised.”

Cee smiled, settling into her unexpected role. “So… how, exactly is this going to work?”

“My bedroom is nice.” The conversation now was entirely between the two women.

“Show me the way.”

Aine stood and walked to the base of the stairs. “Bring him.”

“You know I’m right here?” Sparr shook his head, but couldn’t hold back a smile. Aine had hinted at how she would approach the situation.

“Follow her,” Aine said, not bothering to look his way. “We need that magnificent cock upstairs.”

“‘Magnificent’?” Cee followed Aine to the second floor but looked over her shoulder to Sparr. “This afternoon is getting better and better.”

The house wasn’t large. By Earth standards, at least in the States, it would have been marketed as a “Starter House”. In Santi, however, it was quite spacious. Here houses ran small, constrained not just by the geographic boundaries of the town, but also the same scarcity of building materials that Sparr had observed elsewhere. The home that Aine shared with her sister and father was beautiful, constructed from the same gorgeous and redolent timber he and Aine harvested at their inland camp, but it had been sized to blend in with its neighbors.

Regardless, the fixtures, to Cee, must have seemed even more exotic than the wood. She ran her hands along the intricately carved banister, cut-glass door handles, and a gleaming clothing stand made from horn.

“Family timber business,” Aine said, noting Cee’s wide eyes. “We travel a good bit, and people are always giving Dad gifts.”

Sparr followed Cee and Aine into the bedroom. Like the sitting room below, Aine had taken the liberty of setting out several of the same scented candles, closing the shade, and turning back the covers.

Cee smiled. “Optimistic, were we?”

“Perhaps,” Aine said. “But this bed is getting a workout today either way. If you hadn’t wanted to fuck him, I certainly would have. Now,” she continued before Cee could break in, “I don’t know about you, but I’d like to see him naked.”

“Yes,” Cee agreed. She pressed a finger against her chin in a caricature of a thoughtful pose. “I’ve been curious.”

The two women were now clearly on the same team, each eyeing Sparr like a piece of meat. He hardly cared. His mission to Kaybe was in tatters and the planet itself was a hazardous, dysfunctional wreck. But at no point on Earth had two women so blithely ordered him into their bedroom, making small talk over the imminent erotic encounter. He tugged off his shirt.

Aine slunk over, stepping behind Sparr, but maintaining eye contact with Cee. “He’s quite strong,” she said, running her hands across his shoulders, over his deltoids, and down his biceps.

“Strength is good, of course.” Cee was still pretending to assess him, as if she wouldn’t jump Sparr the first chance she got. “But, endurance is more important, don’t you think?”

“Agreed,” Aine said. She gave Sparr’s ass a hard slap before turning to fetch something from a side table. It was the same twenty-minute timer she had brought to their first several sessions. “Twenty minutes most days.”

Cee nodded. “That should do, but twenty minutes of what, exactly?”

“Of this.” Aine loosened the fastener on Sparr’s trousers and tugged his cock free.

“Shit!” Cee dropped the character she had been playing, gazing stupidly at Sparr’s swollen organ.

Aine laughed, low and sweet. “Mind if I get him ready for you?”

Cee just shook her head.

Aine sat on the edge of the bed. Sparr, his trousers still hanging at his knees, obediently stood before her, his cock at mouth level. The brunette tugged him close, swirled her tongue around the head, then popped him past her lips.

“Mmm,” Sparr groaned.

“Yeah,” Aine said, briefly releasing him to glance at Cee. “It’s fat, but you can do it.” She resumed her work, plunging him past her lips, working into a rhythm.

Sparr was hard in no time, testing Aine’s limits, but not slowing her. She had proven herself more than capable of handling him, both in her mouth and pussy. Aine pulled back with a gasp as Sparr’s cock sprung free, glistening with saliva, and crossed with popping veins.

“I think he’s ready,” Aine giggled, addressing Cee once more. “You aren’t though.” Nudging Sparr aside, the brunette rose to stand behind her new friend. “Let me help,” she whispered before she began to unbutton Cee’s blouse.

“Oh,” Cee said. She tore her eyes from Sparr’s proud cock to the sight of Aine opening her top. The younger woman’s hands deftly released one button after another, her fingers brushing and teasing Cee’s skin. She gave a small shudder when Aine popped the last button.

“She’s a little shy, Alain.” Aine slowly tugged back the sides of Cee’s blouse, exposing first her belly then breasts. The fabric slipped away with a whisper.

Like Aine, Cee had full breasts, but the resemblance ended there. Cee’s skin was paler, her nipples more pink than Aine’s chestnut brown aureolae. They hung heavy and soft, with a sprinkling of freckles that spread toward her collarbone. Sparr wanted to lift and knead them, sucking each nipple in turn until she moaned.

Aine must have been just as intrigued as he was. She cupped and raised Cee’s breasts, letting her fingers brush the nipples as they slipped free. “They’re nice, Alain. Now, get on your back, big fella.”

Sparr happily complied, kicking his trousers free, then flopping back onto the bed. The air disturbed one of the candles, sending its scented plume of smoke away into a twist.

“So, Cee,” Aine said, “ride or be ridden?”

The fair-skinned woman had let her eyes slip shut while Aine touched her. Now she opened them once more, taking in the sight of Sparr reclined and ready on the bed. “Ride,” she said, with just a touch of hoarseness finding its way into her voice. “Need to control how much I get of that thing.”

Aine smiled and stepped back, her fingers trailing across Cee’s flanks.

The scene was evolving. Aine pulled a chair into a good viewing spot, then sank into it, ready for the show. Cee unfastened her trousers and stepped free of them, all the while keeping her eyes fixed on Sparr. Her backside was just as round and ample as her breasts, her skin creamy.

“Take as much as you like,” Aine said breezily.

Sparr met Cee’s eyes. From the moment they had entered her home, Aine had controlled the narrative, playing the two guests off of each other, off of her. Now it was down to just him and Cee.

She straddled him, placing her hands on his chest, pressing her slit against his shaft. She wriggled slightly, parting her folds. “I’m wet.”

“I’m hard,” Sparr replied, grinning.

“I can tell.” Cee slid very slightly forward along his shaft, then back, some of her wetness reaching him. “I watched her suck you, remember?”

“She does know what she’s doing.”

Cee’s motions were growing bolder, her slickness coating more and more of his cock. “Is she your girlfriend?”

Sparr groaned. “Why, you interested in the job?”

“Mmm,” Cee said. “Well, I’m not sure yet, need to try you out some more.” She was sliding ever farther forward, her slit now grinding against the head of his cock, but not quite accepting it. “Either way, I might like this part-time arrangement.”

“You’ll need to discuss that with Aine, make sure she, ahhh!” Cee had, at last, worked Sparr into her slit, the jolt of bliss derailing his train of thought.

“Yes,” Cee said softly. She worked the head in, pulled back, then wriggled down again, burying the head and the narrowest part of the shaft. “Yeah, that thing is fat,” she moaned. Her heavy breasts swung forward and back.

“Your tits are nice and fat,” Sparr countered. He grabbed one breast, curling his fingers under and to both sides. He tugged gently, letting his thumb brush across the nipple.

Cee groaned, working Sparr’s cock ever deeper. “Yeah, squeeze ’em. Fuck.”

“Ride my cock. Take it all, like Aine said.”

“Unh, yeah.” With a final, slick push, Cee impaled herself on Sparr’s cock. With a gasp she collapsed on top of him, panting.

“That’s good,” Sparr grunted. He stroked her hair gently, content for the moment just to hold Cee’s warm body against his. For a dozen heartbeats he held her, then a dozen more. At last, she stirred, shifting forward to put a breast within reach. Sparr obliged, tugging soft flesh forward, circling a nipple with his tongue.

“Yes,” Cee moaned. She began to grind against him, working his rigid shaft deep, then shallow. She pressed her nub against the base of his cock. Too soft for Aine to decipher she said, “So good.”

“Really nice,” Sparr agreed. “Thanks for saving my life, by the way.”

Cee chuckled. “Oh yeah?”

“Mmmm, yeah. Thanks for warning me about the killers.”

“You’re welcome,” she said, now freely sliding along his cock, picking up the pace.

“And giving me a place to hide.” Cee had slid too far away for him to reach her breasts with his mouth, but he could still caress them.

“My pleasure, and thanks for fucking me. Thanks for letting me ride that fat cock.”

“Unh,” Sparr grunted. He let himself slide slowly away from the playful talk. Cee’s skin was soft and warm against him, her breasts full and sensitive in his hands. Untamed brown hair teased his chest. All else apart from the sweet coupling with his new lover faded. Scented smoke teased him.

Cee must have been enjoying herself much the same. Apart from a few soft, almost inaudible, sounds, she said nothing. She ground against him, head raised, eyes closed, and slick with desire. Her breath became rough.

Time and sensation slipped past and around them, accompanying the pair on their journey to ecstasy. Aine must be watching, but Sparr hardly had a thought for her. She wanted him here, coupling with Cee, putting on a show for her. How long had Cee ridden him, how long would she? Sparr got his answer not a minute later.

“Gawd,” she groaned, collapsing against Sparr’s chest.

“Fuck.” Aine spoke at last, a low, appreciative sound.

Sparr turned to her. The brunette sat, legs spread and facing them, fingers at her slit. For a heartbeat the two shared the moment, Aine openly taking her own pleasure as he had taken his. If there was a spark of jealousy or possessiveness in the woman, Sparr had yet to encounter it.

“I think she’s tired, Alain. Time for you to do the work.”

Nodding mutely, Cee pulled herself free. Before Sparr could wonder what would happen next, the brown-haired woman knelt, then leaned forward, offering herself doggy. “Hard,” she panted. “Finish me hard.”

“Oh,” Aine said, a note of surprise coloring her voice. “Turn a bit though. I want to watch both of you cum.”

It took Cee a moment to realize what Aine was asking. She stared for several heartbeats, vacantly, as if watching from a great distance. Then, finally comprehending, she pivoted to face Aine. The two met each other’s eyes.

Beyond ready, Sparr positioned himself behind Cee and took her. “Yeah,” he grunted, quickly establishing a fast, hard pace. Any thought that the short break the two had taken would delay his orgasm was quickly dispelled. Pumping into Cee would swiftly take him over the edge.

“Yes Alain, work it. Work it hard.”

Sparr did as he was asked, pistoning into Cee’s welcoming gash. He watched hypnotized as ripples of soft, female flesh spread across her ass cheeks and down her thighs. Brown hair tossed as Cee clutched at the sheets. She held Aine’s gaze but had yielded herself entirely to Sparr’s intruding cock.

At some point, Aine had half-undressed herself. The brunette’s top was open, spilling her breasts into view. One of her hands pinched and teased a brown nipple while the other worked, unseen, within her loose trousers. “Fuck her Alain! She wants it hard.”

“Hunh, yeah.” Sparr’s gaze switched between Cee’s soft body laid out passively before him, and Aine’s hungry eyes. His hips slapped rhythmically.

“Ohhh, so good.” Cee’s voice was ragged, her body trembling.

Through eyes little more than slits, Aine watched the couple as their bodies intersected and moved. She had been the one to suggest to Sparr that he invite Cee for an afternoon session. Now she drank in the scene, alternating between the two impromptu partners. Sparr knew from experience that she was nearing release, recognized the telltale shape of her mouth, the quiver of her thigh.

Nor was he far. Sparr slowed, trying to stretch out the moment, but he was nearing his limit. Aine had bragged about his staying power, but the erotically charged scene was quickly sweeping him along. He dug his hands into Cee’s hips. “Oh, I’m close,” he gasped.

“Yes,” she groaned. Cee’s tremble had turned into a shudder. A finger danced across her slit. “Oh Alain, fill me. Fill me with, fill me with, ah, fuuuuuuh!” Her pussy clenched tight against his cock. She was cumming.

Sparr joined her, roaring into an orgasm that he could no longer hold at bay. He let out a long, groaning exhalation, raw with ecstasy. A pulse of hot seed raced into Cee’s depths, followed by another. He held himself deep, hips bucking as he delivered the payload, while Cee dug at the sheets, shuddering through her own ecstasy.

“So hot!” Aine cried out, twisting in her chair. Her voluptuous body went stiff, her eyes clamped shut, and her head snapped to one side. “Oooh!”

Cee moaned and ground against Sparr like the two were a single being. Thick cum sluiced into her slit. Barely in control, Sparr looked up to admire Aine, made even more beautiful in ecstasy.

The afternoon swallowed them.


Question 19: A Kaybe day is how many minutes different than an Earth day?

  1. Twelve minutes longer
  2. They are the same
  3. Twenty-One minutes shorter
  4. Twelve minutes shorter

Boredom gnawing at him, Sparr selected ‘4’ on the screen of his tablet. No one looked forward to the weekly lecture/quiz. That the Alliance training and preparation team chose to test them on material so elementary was a frustration.

Question 20: Which of the following is not the responsibility of the Orbital Operations team?

  1. Deploying satellites
  2. Surveying orbital space for debris and colonist artifacts
  3. Identifying/evaluating landing sites
  4. Lander launch/recover logistics

To Sparr’s relief, question twenty was the last. He selected ‘3’ on his screen, then folded it away. Around him, the rest of the assembled crew did the same.

Kevin grumbled to his right. “Number five, the orbital operations team is not responsible for bothering to set foot on a planet they’ve spent two years traveling to.”

The sour security specialist had a point. To Sparr, dedicating years of his life to pursuing a potentially history-altering trove of alien DNA was a trade-off well worth risking. But it was difficult to see the appeal for someone whose work wouldn’t be that different from orbiting Earth or Mars. He shrugged. Plenty of Odysseus crew had responsibilities he would have been ill-suited for, or completely uninterested in. Not for the first time, he noted that Kevin was an inherently unhappy person who was best avoided.

Regardless, the two remained in the same social orbit. For reasons that Sparr had difficulty understanding, Calista remained close to Kevin. Sparr wasn’t jealous, but he couldn’t help but notice that the pair frequently found time to be alone together.

“It’s Rask’s second law of attraction,” Tracee explained to him once over coffee. The two happened to observe Calista and Kevin in deep conversation in one of the small, sound-insulated collaboration rooms.

“Oh?” Sparr had grown no less fond of the medical specialist and her unpredictable sense of humor.

“Yes,” Tracee said confidently. The compact brunette pushed her coffee tumbler out of the way. “Please don’t tell me you’ve forgotten Rask’s first rule of attraction already.”

“That two bodies in motion will stay in motion. Until one of them cums?”

“No, stupe!” She kicked him under the table. “That once Calista figured out we had done the deed she’d suddenly become interested in Planet Alain.”

“Hey, it wasn’t sudden!” he objected. “We went kayaking once first. It was very romantic!”

“Ooooh, kayaking,” Tracee repeated with a grotesquely exaggerated eye roll. “You still owe me, by the way.” She was referring to the fact that it was only after she and Sparr had slept together that Calista had shown interest in him.

“Fine, but you never said what I owe you, and you never said what the second rule is.”

“Second rule I’m getting to if you will only shut up. What you owe me is yet to be determined.”

“How about a signed photo of me holding one of my famous molds or spores?”

She ignored him. “Second rule is, to keep you interested, she has to keep some competition around.”

“This sounds like an after-school special.”

“We’re all middle-schoolers at heart, Alain.”

Tracee leaned back, draining the last of her coffee. For several minutes the two sat quietly, confident friends with little care about silences. Suddenly, she spoke up. “What do you think we’ll find there? What’s the worst you’ve imagined?”

Sparr noticed the sudden change in mood. Tracee was staring across the common area blankly, as if afraid to meet his eyes. “The worst?” The warm veil of shame brushed against him. In fact, Sparr had given little thought to the original colonists. He worried that they might have irreparably damaged Kaybe’s ecosystem with introduced species, or that, against all evidence, the planet had been barren to begin with. In that case, it hardly mattered. There would be no value in Earth DNA from just four hundred years earlier. Making a round trip to Kaybe and back wouldn’t make corn any more interesting.

“The worst I’ve imagined is that they didn’t survive, I suppose.” He needed to be careful here. Tracee was a medical specialist, presumably more focused on the human cost of a failed expedition than he was. “That something happened early on.”

“There were the early reports though. Everything sounded good.”

She was right of course. The Ark mission to colonize Kaybe had been four hundred years earlier, but the historical record showed that after reaching the planet, the colonists had sent back promising reports. The planet had welcomed them.

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