“You want me,” he grunted. “You want to be taken here, in the temple. This morning you were a princess. Tonight you shall be my queen!” Sparr tore off his wrap. His eager cock swung back and forth, like a wolf sniffing for prey.

“Nooooooooo!” Liette gasped, but subtly parted her legs.

Sparr poised himself to take her, his cock hanging ready. Liette flicked him a hungry glance before turning aside. “Yes,” he grunted. Was he playing a character, or was that character his true self? He had no time for such philosophizing. Sparr pounced.

“Fuuuuuuuck!” Liette arched away, half twisting her voluptuous body. This for sure was no act. The look of surprise and pain was immediate and real. “Ow, oh.”

Sparr half impaled the priestess, his cock parting her slick flesh mercilessly. Liette’s hands flung forward, uselessly swatting at Sparr’s arms and shoulders. Uncaring, he pulled almost entirely free before driving forward once more. This time he buried his cock to the hilt.

“Owwwwww,” she cried out, her brow knitted in pain. “You’re taking me, you bastard, you animal!”

There it was, thought Sparr. Liette twisted beneath him, bathed in ecstasy, made wet and ready by her fantasy of being forcefully used by a brutish man. His cock was hurting her, he was sure, but whatever discomfort the priestess felt only fueled her fantasy. “Take it, princess, take my barbarian cock.” Playing the character was liberating, in a way. Sparr was rock hard, and more than happy to indulge Liette. “Your guards aren’t here to save you,” he grunted. “Your kingdom is fallen.” Another cruel thrust. “I’ll conquer your pussy, too.”

“Please,” she gasped. “Noooooo. Your fat cock, you’re tearing me in two.”

And so their encounter went. His role as brute established, Sparr was free to use Liette as roughly as he wished. Clutching and pawing at her flesh, he bit and sucked her nipples, locked her arms in place as he pumped her, and whispered obscenities into her ear. “I’m going to fill you with my seed,” he grunted, “make you my slave. You will beg for my cock!”

“I’ll never beg!” Liette thrashed and fought against him, but never vigorously enough to interrupt her lover. She cried out for mercy, clutched at his arms, and pushed weakly against his chest. All the while, Sparr drove his shaft as roughly and deeply as he pleased. He began to near release.

“I will finish you there,” Sparr grunted. He pulled free, swung from the couch, and grabbed Liette by the hair. “Your own bed.” Half dragging the priestess, he pushed aside the curtain to her bed chamber.

The room was even more sumptuous than the outer chamber, the walls hung with tapestries much like the one Sparr had seen at the fabric shop. Fine, sheer curtains hung around a massive, carved bed. The covers had been turned down, a pitcher of water placed nearby, and a delicate oil lamp left burning. Perforated panels at the top of the walls allowed in fresh air, which mingled with the lamp’s scented oil. It was a lady’s chamber throughout.

“Oh god, not in my own bed, please!” Liette’s objection seemed more than just an act, but she nonetheless let Sparr lead her into the room. He flung her onto the bed.

“Turn over,” he grunted. “I’m going to fuck you like an animal.”

The priestess whimpered, but complied. As Sparr watched impatiently, she crawled to the middle of the bed and assumed doggy, offering her ass to him. She was trembling.

“Good,” Sparr said. In a heartbeat he joined her, then took her, planting his cock deep yet again.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” Liette groaned. She dropped her head, pressing it against the pristine sheets in shame. She moved a hand to her slit.

“I’ll use your body how I wish,” Sparr said. His orgasm had backed off as he dragged Liette to her room, but now approached again. “Wherever I want.”

The priestess was close, too. Liette’s hand stroked and flicked her clit as Sparr pumped. Her hair lay in a blonde tangle across the bed. About them, the gauzy, sheer curtains rippled and floated. “You’re dirty,” she gasped.

“A dirty animal,” Sparr agreed. “A dirty animal violating your royal pussy.” He drove hard. “Taking it, using it.” He neared the edge. “Cumming in it!”

Liette came, shrieking in ecstasy. The orgasmic wave crested, turning her tremble into a spasm. The priestess clutched frantically at the sheets. She tossed her head wildly. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Nnnnnah,” Sparr grunted. “Nnnh, oh, fuuuuuuuuck!” His balls ejected a shot of hot cum into Liette’s dripping gash.

“Nooooooo,” she cried out. Held in place by Sparr, the priestess could do little but writhe helplessly as another spurt of cum blasted her depths. Her pussy clamped and released as she came.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhh!” Sparr howled in ecstasy. Liette’s dark fantasy turned him on more than he had expected. The line between Alain Sparr and Animal blurred and frayed. He was cumming with Liette; he was defiling a princess.

“Ahhhhhh,” Liette gasped. Her orgasm slowly subsided, leaving her spent. She sagged to the bed, panting. Seconds later, his own energies depleted, Sparr collapsed on top of her. For several minutes the two lay together, bodies entwined. Both slowly caught their breath.

Sparr roused himself. Her fantasy having run its course, Liette no doubt would wish him gone. He tugged his softening cock free, leaving a trail of cum and the priestess’s own slickness across her thigh. Sparr smiled to himself. Not only had he thoroughly enjoyed their session, he was sure Liette had as well. The way she had allowed her fantasy to consume her, and the power of her orgasm said as much. If fucking her properly was necessary to secure an invitation to the pilgrimage, surely he had succeeded. He stood, and turned to leave.

Something out of place caught Sparr’s eye. Near the door, atop a curio cabinet, lay his communicator. Although he had pocketed the medicine and the survival blanket earlier, Liette had kept the communicator. Whether on purpose or not, he couldn’t tell. Now here it was, a needed stroke of luck. He glanced at Liette. The priestess was peering at him through slitted eyes, either admiring him or looking to see what he would do. Uncaring, Sparr picked up the device.

“All-knowing cube,” he said, grinning. “How hard did I fuck the princess tonight?”

The communicator, wisely, had no reply.

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