Lena Comes to Stay-1

I’m Lena. I’m 45 years old, and I’m here in Northern California visiting my Mom, Kristy, and her husband, Devin. Devin’s a little younger than Mom … mid- to late-50s. I live in Montana … or, rather, I lived in Montana. I’m not sure where we’ll live now.

My husband, Cory, and my two beginning-college boys are still in Montana. I’m in California because my oldest, Mia, and her husband, ex-husband, are newly divorced. And Mia doesn’t want to live in Montana if she isn’t married to some guy in Montana.

So, we’re in California, checking out colleges for Mia to finish her Bachelor’s degree. My Mom and Devin’s place made better sense than staying with my Dad … who lives in an isolated spot on the coast, and has no guest rooms.

Mia’s 22, and she’s known Devin most of her life. Mom and Dad split up when she was a little girl. We all love Devin. He’s fun and friendly, and he’s made Mom so happy. Happier than Mom was with Dad, for sure.

We’re comfortable at Mom’s, where there’s lots of space, but we have to walk down the hall from the guest rooms to the bathroom, past the door to Devin’s home office. And Mia has become an exhibitionist since her divorce. She has a need for approval.

“Mia, you shouldn’t walk around the house like that,” I said. She had on a light robe, but it wasn’t fastened, so it hid little.

“Why not?” said Mia. “I’m comfortable like this, and we’re all family.”

“What if Devin saw you like that?” I asked. “Wouldn’t that embarrass you?”

“I guess not,” said Mia. “He has seen me like this.”

“What? When? Just now?” I demanded.

“Yes, plus two or three other times,” said Mia.

“Is it accidental, or does he stare?” I asked.

“It was accidental, but he stared when I stopped to talk with him,” said Mia.

“You stopped to talk with him?” I asked. “Did you close your robe, at least?”

“No,” said Mia. “I took it off. I guess that’s why he was staring.”

“You took it off! Why? What did you talk about?” I asked, a little crazed.

“I asked him if I was pretty,” said Mia. “I turned around to give him a good look at all of me, and asked him if I was pretty.”

“Oh, my God, Mia!” I cried. “Are you so insecure since the divorce?”

“He said I was pretty, attractive,” smiled Mia. “Voluptuous and sexy, he said.”

Mia is shapely, not like me. More like my Mom, but fuller-figured than her, and with curves in all the right places.

“You mustn’t flirt with Devin!” I insisted. “It’s not right, not fair.”

“I wasn’t flirting,” said Mia. “Besides, he’s not interested in me, although he liked looking.”

“He’s interested in you!” I said. “He’s a man, and you’re gorgeous, you were naked in front of him, and you’re staying in his house! You’re available!”

“I asked him if he liked what he saw,” said Mia. “He said he did … but said it made him think of you.”

“That’s ridiculous,” I replied. “You’re young and sexy. I’m old, short and fat.”

“He likes you, Mom,” said Mia. “He told me so. And you’re staying in his house – available – too.” She left to get dressed.

I had to talk to Devin, now. He was sitting in his office, at his computer, typing away.

“Hey, Devin,” I said. “Do you have a minute?”

“Sure, Lena,” said Devin, looking up from his computer monitor. “What’s up?”

“Well, I want to apologize to you for Mia,” I said. “The way she’s behaving since the divorce, the way she dresses, or doesn’t, around the house. I don’t want you offended, or getting the wrong idea.”

“I’m not offended,” said Devin. “A little surprised, and a little turned on, to have a naked young woman confronting me. But I’m not interested in doing anything with Mia.”

“You don’t find Mia sexy?” I asked. “If you say ‘no’ I won’t believe you.”

“She’s an attractive young woman,” Devin said. “But not my type.”

“Mia said looking at her made you think of me!” I laughed.

Devin blushed. “She makes me think of you. You’re her mother.”

“But I don’t look that way, sexy, like Mia,” I said. “I’m short and round and getting old. Nobody would ever give me a second look.”

“I would,” said Devin.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“Don’t get mad, Lena,” said Devin. “I’m trying to be clear, and stop your worrying about Mia. I’m in love with your mother, but even she’s aware that I enjoy imagining things about … let’s say, other mature women.”

“Imagining things, like fantasies,” I said. “About women like me?”

“Don’t worry, Lena,” said Devin. “I mean this in the most flattering way: I have fantasized about you.”

“Like, sex fantasized?” I asked.

“Only mild ones,” blushed Devin.

“When you’re with my mother?” Unbelievable.

“More when I’m by myself,” said Devin. “But your Mom laughs at me … the way I like that old quilt of yours, the blue one, on your bed. She told me you and Cory made love on it, on the floor, before you got married. She says that’s why I like it.”

“I remember that quilt,” I said. “Wait, you’re saying you touch yourself – masturbate? – when you’re fantasizing about me?”

“Geez, this is embarrassing. I can’t believe we’re talking about this!” said Devin.

“But you do … it … imagining things about … me?” I persisted.

“Rarely, Lena,” said Devin. “More since you came to stay, I’ll admit that. I guess that’s the influence Mia’s flaunting herself has had on me.”

“I’m not ready to talk about this,” I said. “I’m sorry about Mia, but now this seems weird.”

“I’m sorry, too, Lena,” said Devin. “Please, just feel flattered, and let it go.”

I left Devin’s office and sat down in the living room. For at least 30 minutes. Mia had gone out. Mom was running errands. And I couldn’t stop thinking about what Devin had said. And I decided I needed more details, somehow. Back to his office doorway.

“I need to interrupt you again,” I said. Devin stood up to talk with me. “I want to understand a man … men … OK, you, better. What do you imagine … about me … when you …?”

“Since you asked, I’ll be honest,” said Devin. “It’s not heavy-duty. Just you watching me, that’s what I imagine. You watching me and you excited that I’m thinking about you … that way.”

“You imagine me watching you, do that, to yourself?” I asked. “I’m not doing anything? I’m not naked, touching myself or something? I’m just watching?”

“You smile and watch, and that encourages me,” said Devin. “You seem aroused yourself.”

“You’re saying you can get off, just thinking about me watching you?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yes,” said Devin. “I don’t do it all the time, Lena. I’m not a pervert!”

“I can’t believe you,” I said. “I can’t believe any man would get hard and get off just imagining me watching him.”

“Well … ” said Devin, sitting down. “I think our talking about it is making a bigger deal than it needs to be. We should let it go.”

Sometimes I’m very decisive. And I was fixating on this idea.

“OK, prove it, show me!” I said. “I’m watching you now. Show me! I dare you!”

“You want me to masturbate for you, right now?” asked Devin, with great surprise.

“Yes,” I said. “I want to watch you masturbate, with you knowing it’s me, Lena, watching you do it. Otherwise, I don’t believe you.”

“I’m not doing this, Lena,” said Devin.

“This is your big chance, Devin,” I said. “To live out your fantasy … and no risk. I don’t want to hurt you or make fun of you, but I want you to prove … what you say.”

“Really? You want me to do this?” asked Devin. “And you’ll not get angry or upset?”

“I want to watch you, Devin,” I said. “That’s all. That’s your fantasy, right?”

Devin blushed. “I’m a little self-conscious, taking down my trousers in front of you, now, Lena, even if it is my fantasy.”

“How about if I do this?” I asked, pulling my sweatshirt off over my head, and letting my long dark hair fall over my shoulders. I still had on my bra, not that I needed a bra. “Does this middle-aged flab excite you? Because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t excite anyone.”

“Yes, it excites me, and remember, you challenged me,” said Devin. “OK.” He lifted his butt off the seat of his office chair and pulled off his loose trousers and underpants in one motion. Then sat back down.

Devin was uncircumcised and hard, modest in length and girth, and standing up out of his reddish pubic hair. Devin grasped himself with his right hand.

“That’s just because you’re thinking about Mia,” I said, suddenly short of breath, nodding at his erection.

“This is because you’re standing there, looking at me holding myself, and you’re not wearing a shirt,” said Devin. “And you don’t seem to mind … looking.”

“Are you going to do it?” I asked.

“You want me to? You’re not just having me on?” asked Devin.

“Start, at least,” I said. “I’m making you hard? Me, middle-aged Lena, looking at you with your erection in your hand? That gets you off?”

“Yes,” said Devin. “You asking me to do this, watching me do it.” He rubbed with his right hand, up and down. “Wanting me to do this? You want to watch me do it?”

I nodded. And, so help me, I stood there and watched him do it. Watched Devin, my mother’s nice husband, masturbate, and I watched him looking me over while he did it. I was glowing with a sense of sexiness, more than I had any right to feel, when Devin groaned, and ejaculated into his hand.

I picked up my sweatshirt and tossed it to him. “You can use this to clean up,” I said.

Devin wiped his right hand clean on my sweatshirts, carefully dabbed at his softening erection, then held up the shirt. “Should I wash this?” he asked.

“I’ll take it,” I said. I gave the sweatshirt a sniff, and pulled it back on. Devin stared at me.

“Thank you, Lena,” he said. “That’s a fantasy I never expected to make real. I can’t believe it.”

“That was easy,” I said flippantly, “I could even do it again, sometime, maybe.” And I left him, looking goggle-eyed at me as I walked away.

Two mornings later, Mom at a Zumba class, me checking email on my phone, slopping around in just sweatshirt and sweatpants. Mia came back from the shower, under-dressed, as usual.

“I’m going onto campus today,” Mia said, as she got dressed. “Checking out enrollment and stuff.”

“Here in town?” I asked. “I didn’t know you were interested in the local school.”

“It would sure be easy,” said Mia. “I could stay here.”

“Did you let Devin see you again?” I asked suspiciously.

“He doesn’t even look, now,” shrugged Mia. “Just says ‘good morning’ and keeps right on working at his computer. I’ll bet he was dreaming of you!”

“Huh,” I said, focusing on my phone screen but thinking about something else. I love my Mom, and Devin, we’re all cool together. But now, Mia being naked all the time, and Devin letting me watch him … all this sexiness was confusing things.

When they first got together, and my Mom was so giddy-happy, I thought about Mom and Devin having sex. How could I not? When I visited and sat on the sofa, I imagined them doing it there. Or on that old blue quilt of mine, now on my guest room bed, holding a memory of love-making on the living room floor.

More than once, when Cory and I had sex, I’d thought about Mom and Devin. And a little when I touched myself … all years ago. But now I felt – infatuated – that Devin, my mother’s loving, lovely, kind and funny husband, could be interested in me, interested in me watching him, and liking it. Crazy, crazy, and yet so exciting.

I couldn’t let go, yet, this I-fantasize-about-older-women-like-Lena thing. It made me feel – desirable – for the first time in ages. And with Devin … no real danger, right? Only a fantasy … OK, just once more.

After Mia left, I went down the hall to find Devin in his office.

“Hi, Devin,” I said. He looked up and smiled. I smiled back. We looked at one another.

“Hey,” he said. “What can I do for you, Lena?”

I rubbed my eyes, looked Devin in the eyes again.

“About the other day,” I said.

“I’m sorry about that, Lena,” said Devin. “We never need to talk about that again.”

“You didn’t like it?” I asked.

“You know I did,” said Devin. “You watched me.”

“You’re my Mom’s husband,” I said.

“Yes,” said Devin, cautiously.

“And you’re a good guy,” I said. “A nice guy. I trust you. You love my Mom.”

“I do,” said Devin.

“I love my Mom,” I said.

“And she loves you,” said Devin. “She’d do anything for you. So would I.”

“I know, you guys are the best,” I said.

“Thanks, Lena,” said Devin, smiling.

I smiled back. “So, I hope this is OK,” I said.

Devin gave me a curious look.

“So, I can’t stop thinking about you looking at Mia naked,” I said.

“There’s nothing to worry about there,” said Devin. “I told you. I showed you.”

“I’m thinking of you looking at Mia, but imagining me, in that way,” I said,

“Imagining isn’t bad, Lena,” said Devin. “I wish you could feel flattered instead of anxious.”

“And I’m imagining you and Mom having sex, together, in every room of this house,” I said.

“Well, not every day,” Devin laughed lightly.

“And it makes me feel a little excited,” I said.

“Excited?” asked Devin. “Excited how?”

“I liked watching you,” I said. “And I liked you looking at me. Please, look at me,” I said.

I pulled my sweatshirt off over my head. No bra this time. My breasts aren’t large. They’re more small and softly-saggy. brown-pink nipples that harden to little nubs sometimes, like now. My tummy is pretty big, that and my short fat legs are why I look so round.

“What are you …?” Devin began.

“If it’s OK, I’d like to watch you, again,” I said. blushing. “Just one more time, maybe?”

“Oh…” he said.

“Only if you want to,” I said. “Only if you like what you see.”

Devin grinned and nodded.

I admit it. I was flattered. I felt sexy.

Devin quickly removed his trousers and underpants, and began to rub his hardness.

“Do you like what you see?” I asked. “You like me watching you?”

“Yes, yes,” said Devin.

“That’s nice,” I smiled. This was amazingly arousing.

“Would you, maybe, squeeze your breasts?” asked Devin.

He didn’t have to ask twice. My hands were quickly kneading my modest breasts. I pinched and pulled the nipples. And I kept watching Devin’s hand at work.

“Does this make you … I don’t know, want something yourself?” asked Devin.

“Myself?” I gasped.

“I thought you might feel aroused, yourself,” said Devin.

Well, I sure did feel aroused myself. So, I nodded, as I watched Devin rubbing himself and watching me.

“Join me, if you like,” said Devin.

“Join you?” I asked. “You mean, like, touch myself?”

“If it isn’t too icky an idea,” said Devin.

“Not icky,” I said. “I hadn’t thought about it.”

“Ever?” asked Devin.

“Touching myself, thinking of you? Well, not in years,” I answered. “I admitted that I thought about you and Mom doing it – at least when you first got together.”

“You thought about us, me and Kristy, your Mom, making love?” asked Devin.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“When you and Cory were making love?”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“And other times, by yourself?” he asked.

“Maybe once or twice,” I said. “Maybe I did.”

“You touched yourself, imagining me and your Mom?” asked Devin.

“By myself, sometimes, I did,” I said. This was making me feel very warm.

“So, you can sort of imagine touching yourself, looking at me, touching myself?” asked Devin.

“I can,” I said. “I can imagine it.”

“So, if you like … ” said Devin.

I looked at him, then slid my hand inside my sweatpants and panties, sliding a finger into the moist place between my thighs.

“Better than any fantasy,” Devin sighed, rubbing himself, up and down. His pace picked up, as did mine, and we came, together, watching one another. Knowing we both appreciated what we saw. Knowing that we could arouse one another, so easily.

We were both quiet for a moment, but still holding eye contact.

“We’re so far beyond my fantasies,” said Devin.

“Mine, too,” I said.

“I have to talk to Kristy about something,” said Devin, wiping himself with tissue from a box on his desk, then pulling his underpants and trousers back on.

“What?” I asked.

“Mia has asked her about living here for college, maybe,” said Devin. “Your Mom has seen how Mia is around the house, and suggested that it might be ‘uncomfortable’ for me, with such a sexy young thing parading around.”

“So, you need to reassure her,” I said, nodding.

“Yes,” said Devin. “She said having her sexy daughter and grand-daughter here might be too much temptation for me.”

“She didn’t say I was sexy,” I said.

“She did,” said Devin. “Your Mom adores you, and she knows I love you, too. And she said ‘my sexy daughter’ … “

“What are you going to tell her?” I asked. “When are you going to tell her?”

“I’ll talk to her tonight,” said Devin. “I’ll explain that I’ve seen Mia parading, and that I’m not interested, and I’ll tell her we’ve already talked about that, you and I, and I’ve reassured you, and that you’re OK with me, and, that’s it … I guess.”

“You want me to talk to her, too?” I asked. “We’re going for a hike tomorrow afternoon, I could kind of reinforce things to make it OK for Mia to stay here, if she wants.”

“That would be great,” said Devin. “I don’t think you need to tell her about touching yourself, liking to watch me.” He laughed.

“That doesn’t need to happen again,” I said.

“But I wish it would,” said Devin.

We hiked across the dam, up by the reservoir, my Mom Kristy and me. It was a pretty day, and we really enjoy one another’s company. Mom is 66 and fit. She works out a lot, and is slimmer and bustier than Mia … lots slimmer and bustier, and taller, than me.

After some general chit-chat, Mom brought up the subject I knew was coming.

“Mia has asked me about maybe living with us for college, if she gets in here,” said Mom.

“I think that would be great, if you’re OK with it,” I said. “She could use a change of scenery, and a supportive place to live.”

“I’d love to have her, and we have the room,” said Mom. “I was a little worried about how she flaunts herself, but I think that’s OK, too.”

“Flaunts herself?” I asked. “How do you mean?”

“Well, she’s a good-looking girl,” said Mom. “And she doesn’t always cover herself around the house. I’m worried about Devin.”

“That he might be offended?” I asked.

“That he might be enticed,” said Mom. “But he told me last night he’d already talked to Mia and you about that.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I was worried, a few days ago, so I asked him. But we’re cool.”

“I asked Mia, too,” said Mom, surprising me. “Mia says Devin isn’t interested in her. Mia says he’s more interested in you.”

“Ha! She said that?” I asked. “That’s silly. Why would he be interested in me?”

“He’s always been interested in you, Sweetie,” said Mom. “Not in any dangerous way. But he’s always talked about spending more time with you – which I want myself, so it’s super-great you’re here, now – and I think he’s always been a little … titillated, I guess … that I have an older daughter, with me being older than him. There’s this old quilt, you know … “

“I know, Mom,” I interrupted, thinking to re-direct things. “We’ve laughed about that old quilt, and me and Cory, and Devin liking it.”

“He likes us to lie on that quilt, sometimes,” laughed Mom. “Fantasizing, I guess.”

I laughed, too. And I had wild, sexy images float through my mind. Lust on the floor, on the blue quilt, me and Devin … and Mom. Oh, my God.

“I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable around Devin, Lena,” said Mom. “I don’t want things to get too weird, for you to avoid us.”

“I’m absolutely NOT uncomfortable around Devin, Mom,” I said. “I think Devin’s great. That he might fantasize about me is – sort of flattering.”

“I’m sure he has fantasies about you,” said Mom. “And I wouldn’t be surprised if he – pleasures himself – maybe, thinking about you, sometimes. I’m a little nervous you might come upon him doing it sometime!” She laughed. “That would be so awful!”

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