Lena Ch. 11-2

“Oh, Daddy.” Lena moans.

Lena feels the pleasure build inside her as she bounces on Adrian’s hot spear of flesh. In her mind, Lena imagines Claudia back at the unusual dinner party she and Adrian left, being forced to have sex with all those men. Lena remembers how Claudia would humiliate and degrade her, how she would fuck with Lena’s mind and make Lena declare her love for her mistress only be called a whore or a slut and pushed away like garbage.

“Aaaaaaggghh! I’m cumming!” Growls Adrian.

In her highly-aroused state, Lena’s pleasure accelerates as she feels Adrian’s stiff prick discharge a tidal wave of hot jizz in her wanton womb. The mental image of her former mistress being given her just desserts gives Lena’s upcoming climax all the more gratifying as well as the combined smell of Adrian’s sweat, her sweat and her sex fluids.


Lena arches further back as her body is overcome with the most blissful sensations of an intense orgasm. In the few seconds of her climax, Lena’s senses are electrified with absolute sexual pleasure. More than what she expected at the restaurant.

The joy ends too soon for Lena as the pleasures of the orgasm slowly subside. Completely exhausted, Lena slowly leans herself on Adrian, reeling from his own orgasm. As Lena rests her head on Adrian’s shoulder, she hears her heart beating so hard.

As Lena’s mind clears up, she realizes something about the orgasm she had, how different it felt from the other one she experienced, even from the times she had sex with groups of men. To her it felt more intense, but more intimate. Lena then wonders if she feels this way if she had group sex with all those men.

“Thank you, Daddy.” Lena whispers in Adrian’s ear. “I lov…”

“Clean my cock.” Adrian abruptly orders. “With your mouth.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Lena complies.

Lena feels the soft and spent cock leave her wet pussy as she gently pulls herself away from Adrian. Kneeling between Adrian’s parted legs, Lena takes the once-hard and proud penis into her mouth and gently suck on it, tasting Adrian’s cum and her own sex juices. Lena then lightly strokes the base of the cock and continues pleasing Adrian for a few minutes.

“You know what I wanted?” asks Lena. “I wanted you to be the last man to fuck me.”

“Did you?” asks Adrian asks.

“Yes, Daddy.” Lena replies. “After all the men fuck me, I wanted those three sex slaves to fuck me, and then I wanted you to fuck me in front of everyone.”

Still stroking Adrian’s cock, Lena looks into Adrian’s eyes.

“I know if you fucked me then, I would have had the biggest orgasm ever.” Lena boldly states. “Then everyone would know how much I love you, Daddy.”

As Adrian raises his head, he sees the look of devotion in Lena’s eyes. He realizes Lena would never betray him, at least not the way Claudia tried, and how much in love she is with him. Adrian is then surprised he feels his cock getting hard so soon.

“Daddy, it’s getting hard again.” Lena says.

Lena become surprised as well as aroused as she witnesses Adrian’s cock grow hard and proud once again. Continuing to gently massage the shaft, Lena takes Adrian’s cock into her mouth again.

As Lena sucks on Adrian’s flesh rod, she realizes no other man would get an erection so soon after fucking her without boner pills and deduces the only reason what happened with Adrian.


Lena begins to believe what she said to Adrian had made him fall in love with her so much, he somehow got another hard-on for her, this time out of love instead of lust like before. As Lena continue sucking the cock of the man she loves, she figures with time and more sex to bring them closer together, Lena will grow to be more than Adrian’s sex-slave. She would be his lover, maybe even his wife.

“Oh, fuck. I’m gonna cum again.” Adrian grunts.

Adrian leans his head back as he feels a short burst of cum discharges into Lena’s mouth. Lena is satisfied by her accomplishment, taking her one step closer to the altar. Still orally pleasing Adrian, Lena looks up to Adrian, still with his head leaning back and eyes closed. She hopes Adrian has come to the same realization she had and would declare his love for her as Lena was trained to do.

Lena’s heart beats fast again as Adrian opens his eyes and looks to Lena. Lena holds her thought as she waits for a response from the man she loves.

“You’re being forgetful, Lena.” Adrian sternly says. “What do you say?”

“Thank you, Daddy.” Lena answers, containing her disappointment. “I love you.”

To be continued…

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