Lena Ch. 11-1

Chapter Eleven — The “entertainment” of the party

Lena sits quietly between Adrian and Claudia in the limo they’re in. She pulls the black leather trench coat tight around her nude body from the cold of the night air. Lena is grateful to Adrian for giving her the coat and permitting her to wear it on their outing.

Lena looks to Adrian, looking out the window in a tailor-made business suit, then to her mistress Claudia dressed in an elegant dark blue strapless evening dress looking over her palm pilot. Lena knows she cannot simply ask to where they are going or even start a conversation without risking punishment, but Lena needs a distraction from the silence of the long drive. Lena then draws out her smooth and newly-shaven leg from the cover of her coat, hoping Adrian will notice her shapely limb and see what happens next.

Lena feels her inner slut purring inside her. She wants Adrian to take her and fuck her on the limo floor. Sex in a limo. She thinks with erotic anticipation. Lena hopes to have sex with Adrian soon like they did the previous night when Lena declared her acceptance as Adrian’s sex slave.

After waking up late in the afternoon, Adrian permitted Lena to clean herself in his spacious en suite bathroom under the watchful eye of Claudia. Even if Lena was allowed to object, she wouldn’t and honored Adrian’s command.

After days without bathing, Lena relished at the warm waters of the shower chamber spraying over her sweaty body with Claudia, wearing a white silk short robe, silently watching her through the glass door. After the shower, Lena shaved her legs and underarms but Claudia insisted on shaving Lena’s pubic stubbles herself. Seeing it not her place to refuse, Lena sat herself on the bathroom counter and spread her legs for Claudia to apply shaving cream on her pubis.

Watching the shaving razor slide down her pussy, Lena can’t help but feel nervous. The sight of Claudia holding a sharp instrument and using it so close to her sex is unsettling to Lena, which Claudia enjoys somewhat too much. After the shaving, Claudia took her time to thoroughly examine Lena’s pussy for any stray stubble. Finally satisfied, Claudia moved on to blow drying Lena’s hair and tying it up into a bun. Lena remains quiet and still as her Mistress Claudia finishes with applying blush, mascara and lip gloss to her.

Lena feels anxious as the limo finally stops at its destination. The chauffeur opens Adrian’s door, who is the first to get out. Lena follows and walks into a dark back alley lane of a downtown block. Because of the cold night, Lena pulls her coat tight to stop from shivering.

“Hold still.” Claudia orders Lena as she exits the limo. “Go ahead.” She tells Adrian. “I just need to check on her make-up.”

“Don’t take too long.” Adrian suggests, walking to a nearby building.

Claudia takes hold of Lena’s chin as she closely examines Lena’s face for a few seconds.

“You look very pretty, Lena.” Claudia compliment lightens Lena’s spirits a bit. “Like an expensive whore.”

Even though the word whore hurts Lena, she tries to maintain her composure so not to anger Claudia.

“Now what do you say, little whore?” asks Claudia.

“Thanks you, Mistress.” Lena answers. “I love you.”

Claudia reaches into her purse and pulls out a leash. Claudia clamps the leash to Lena’s slave collar and then guides Lena to the building with her.

Claudia and Lena meet up with Adrian standing near a steel door with a slender man dressed in black. The slender gives two sets of two knocks on the steel door. The door opens from the inside by another man in a business suit.

In a low voice, Adrian talks to the man at the door for a minute then is allowed to enter. Claudia and Lena follow Adrian through the door into a dark and narrow corridor. In a few steps, Lena sees light shinning through a door at the end of the hall. She hears sounds from the door but is unable to make them out. As Adrian opens the door, Claudia quickens her pace, forcing Lena to rush out with her.

In the second it takes for Lena’s eyes to adjust to the lights, she finds herself in a large room with people eating at tables. Lena supposes she is in a banquet room or a restaurant. Lena is hopeful to be treated to a fancy meal, but wonders why she had to go through the back door.

“Take off the coat, Lena.” Adrian softly says behind her.

“What?” Lena responds with shock. “With all these people watching?”

“Are you disobeying an order?” inquires Claudia, giving a yank to Lena’s leash.

Lena realizes she invited Claudia to take back her to the basement and go over her slave training again. Not wanting to experience the anguish and humiliation, Lena hurries to undo her coat, Adrian then gently pulls the coat from her, showing the eager dinning patrons her unclothed body wearing only her slave collar and red high-heel shoes.

Lena become uneasy as the chatter slowly turns into silence for a few seconds, then replaced by whispers. Looking around the huge banquet room, Lena figures there’s around twenty tables each sitting eight. It becomes clear to Lena that was taken here for another gang-bang.

The last time Lena had group sex was with Adrian’s friends. A small group compared to her current situation. Surely, Lena wishes to please Adrian, but she begins to worry if she can handle the increased quantity of sex-partners.

“Let’s go, little lamb.” Claudia says with a tug to Lena’s collar. “I have to show you around.”

Lena follows Claudia to the tables.

“Hands to the side.” Claudia orders in a low voice. “If I see you cover your cunt with your hands I’ll paddle them ’til their black and blue.”

Lena obeys and keeps her hands away from her shaved pussy as she and her mistress stop at a table with all men in expensive business suits. Immediately the men at the table look at Lena with lust. Lena wonders if she will have to let these fuck right away.

“Smile.” Claudia whispers.

Lena forces herself to smile.

“Hello gentlemen.” Claudia greets with a friendly smile. “This is the entertainment for tonight.” Claudia presents Lena like a prize in a raffle.

A black-haired man with a widow’s peak sitting near Lena reaches his hand and slowly feels Lena’s ass.

“Very nice.” Says the man groping Lena’s ass. “I’ll enjoy fucking her.”

“Don’t be rude, Lena. Say thank you.” Claudia suggests.

“Thank you.” Lena complies.

“If you’ll excuse us gentlemen, I need to show the others.” Says Claudia as she pulls Lena’s leash, guiding her to another table.

Stopping at a table, Lena would be presented objectively to the men of the table. Each time, Lena would be molested more than the previous, her ass would be grabbed, her tits would be fondled, her nipples would be tweaked or her pussy would be fingered.

Lena’s humiliation would continues and escalate as Lena would be “requested” to show her ass, playful fondle her tits or spread her legs to show her pussy.

Approaching their twelfth table, Lena notices three beautiful women sitting there, a blond, a redhead and an Asian, each one dressed in a red silk cocktail dress and leather collars. Between the redhead and the Asian sits a middle-age balding man. Lena deduces they are sex slaves of this man.

“Good evening all.” Claudia greets.

“Good to see you again, Claudia.” Says the middle-aged balding man. “This must be Lena.”

“Hello Seth.” Claudia says. “I see you’ve brought your special girls with you.”

“They never leave my side.” Says Seth as he lightly brushes his fingers against the cheek of the red-dressed red headed slave. “Isn’t that right, Emma?”

“Yes, Master.” Emma answers with a less than sincere smile.

“Claudia, do you mind if my girls…examine Lena?” Seth inquires.

“Of course not.” Claudia obliges.

“Sarah.” Seth commands without any further instruction.

Immediately, the blond slave stands up from her chair and walks to Lena. Claudia steps aside for Sarah as she walks behind Lena. Sarah reaches around Lena gently takes hold of Lena tits, causing Lena to make a low gasp. But gasps turns into soft moans as Sarah’s fingers caresses Lena’s nipples.

“Kitten.” Seth orders the Asian at his side.

Kitten stands up from the table and walks to Lena. Lena watches the petite Asian slave kneels in front of Lena and moves her mouth to Lena’s defenseless pussy. Lena’s moans becomes slightly louder as she feels Kitten’s mouth sucking and licking her. As many times before, Lena growing need for sex begin to overshadow her modesty, her inhabitations and her feelings of humiliation.

“Emma.” Seth orders Emma.

Like her two sister slaves, Emma rises from her chair and walks to Lena’s side. Emma looks into Lena’s eyes as she strokes Lena’s hair.

“She’s getting aroused.” Emma comments. “She may actually enjoy getting fucked.”

“Oh, definitely.” Claudia states. “Isn’t that right, little lamb?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Lena answers, stilling gazing helplessly in Emma’s eyes.

Emma suddenly forces Lena’s head toward her and in less than a second Lena feels her mouth being violated by Emma’s tongue attacking hers in a forced open-mounted kiss. Lena losses herself in the passion and rising pleasure as her inner slut takes her over.

“Enough.” Orders Seth.

Immediately and simultaneously, Sarah withdraws her hands from Lena’s tits, Kitten pulls her mouth from Lena’s pussy and Emma breaks her kiss from Lena’s lips and releases her head. Then the three red-dressed slaves return to their table.

“I look forward to fucking you, Lena.” Says Seth.

“Be nice to this one, little lamb.” Claudia suggests. “Maybe he’ll let you fuck his slaves. Would you like that?”

“Yes, I would.” Lena softly answers.

“You would to what?” Claudia assertively asks.

“I would like to fuck his slaves.” Lena quickly answers in a low tone.

“Speak up, little lamb.” Claudia commands. “The rest of the room can’t hear you.”

“I want to fuck his slaves.” Lena says for everyone to hear.

“You do, don’t you, you little whore?” Claudia rhetorically asks, pulling Lena close to her with the leash. “Everyone, I think the entertainment of the evening is ready.”

Being pulled by the leash, Lena is guided to the lounge of the restaurant. In the middle of the lounge, Lena sees a round bed covered dark blue satin sheets. Not far from the round bed, Lena sees a wooden X cross, a sex swing stand, as well as a metal tray table with various sized dildos and vibrators. As people begin undressing and gather around, Lena feels her heart beat as she imagines all the men fucking her.

Lena wonders if she can handle this amount of men fucking her. She remembers her history of group sex, starting with Eddie and his friends. Lena’s nipples get hard as she recalls being fucked by five men in a yacht. Once she got over her reluctance, Lena’s first gang-bang was the best sex she had.

Then Lena remembers how Chad practically forced her to have sex with his friends, first in the boys locker room, then the sleazy motel, then the frat house. As much Lena hated Chad for using her like a whore, she enjoyed the physical sensations that come with it.

Lena remembers that night when she was forced into sex with another group of people including Claudia, Teresa, Chad’s dad Leon, and Adrian. Lena recalls when she was fucked for the first time by Adrian, the man she taught was her father at the time and incredible orgasm she got from it.

“So who wants to be first?” Claudia asks.

With her mind at the present, Lena looks around to the naked men surrounding her and Claudia. She then spots Adrian sitting on a sofa chair, still dressed.

“Why don’t you start?” Adrian suggests. “We’ll just watch.”

“Well, then.” Claudia replies. “You can all have her when I’m done.”

Claudia lets go of the leash which allows her to slowly disrobe out of her dress, showing her black lace strapless bra and panties. Leaving the dress on the floor, Claudia walks around as she removes her bra and panties, giving anyone a view of her beautifully nude body. Done with showing herself off, Claudia takes Lena’s leash and walks her to the round bed.

“Bend over.” Mistress Claudia orders Lena.

Lena complies and lowers her torso, securing her hands to the bed showing the crowd of horny men her ass. Mistress Claudia places her hand on Lena’s ass and slowly slides up and down.

“As you may know, I trained this slut to be a good sex slave. Obedient, loving, loyal and most importantly…appreciative.” Mistress Claudia testifies.

Claudia gives a slap to Lena’s ass cheek, causing Lena to wince for a second but keeps still.

“What do you say now?” Mistress Claudia asks, expecting only one response.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Lena replies as trained. “I love you.”

“You see.” Mistress Claudia says to the crowd. “Appreciation.”

Claudia slaps Lena’s ass harder.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Lena says. “I love you.”

Claudia gives Lena’s ass several hard smacks.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Lena says, reeling from the pain. “I love you.”

“Stand up.” Claudia orders as she pulls on Lena’s leash to face her. “What do you know what love is, you stupid, little whore? All you want to do is get laid. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Lena honestly answers.

“On your knees.” Mistress Claudia orders as she pushes Lena down.

Mistress Claudia sits on the edge of the round bed and spreads her thighs, showing Lena her shaved vagina. It become obvious to Lena she has to eat Mistress Claudia’s pussy as she is being pulled by the leash to move closer.

“Show everyone how much you love your mistress.” Order Mistress Claudia, taking Lena by the head and pulls her to her eager pussy.

With immediate devotion, Lena presses her mouth on her mistress’s sex and orally fornicates to the best of her cunt-lapping ability. Lena know her mistress will not tolerate anything less than perfection when it come her tasks as a sex slave and to please her mistress will keep Lena away from Adrian’s sex dungeon for at least a few days.

Lena is please herself as she hears Mistress Claudia begins to hum with satisfaction. The naked men begin to walk towards the cunt-lapping Lena and her beloved mistress. Mistress Claudia sees the naked men with their hard, standing cocks gather close to the round bed and looks forward to watching Lena get gang-fucked like a slut she is.

“That’s it, little lamb.” Mistress Claudia purrs as she feels an orgasm emerging. “I want you to suck me dry, whore.”

With patience, Lena can already taste her mistress’s fluids as she continues sucking and licking. She finds herself eager of not only pleasing her mistress, but the sex she will have with so many men. Lena knows there’s no point denying to herself that she wants to have sex with this large group of men, it’s what Adrian brought her here to do. Although Lena loves Adrian and would engage in group sex to please him, Lena will do it to please urges brought on by her inner slut.

As the naked and horny men come closer, Lena feels the hand of one of them on her back. She tries not to let it distract her from her oral task as she feels the hand slide down her back and stops on her ass. The hands lightly caresses Lena’s ass, then the hand slides between her ass cheeks and goes up to Lena’s moist pussy. Lena feels two strong fingers play with her clit, causing waves of pleasure throughout her naked body.

“OH, FUCK!” Mistress Claudia screams. “I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!”

With her face forced deeper in her mistress’s pussy, Lena slurps up as much of sex juices as she can without passing out. Finally, Mistress Claudia’s body rocks with orgasmic bliss and falls back on the satin sheets.

As Mistress Claudia catches her breath, Lena turns attention to the diddling fingers in her pussy. Lena closes her eyes so not to see the face of the man fingering her sex, she doesn’t want to see any of their faces, she just wants the all men to fuck her and use her for their pleasure, in which will give her immense pleasure. Lena then ponders if she’s using the men just as they will use her.

Without warning, the fondling hand slowly pulls away from Lena’s pussy.

“Stand up, Lena.” Adrian’s voice says from behind Lena.

Lena opens her eyes to see Adrian behind her as they both stand up. Lena smiles at Adrian, presuming Adrian want to be the first of the men to fuck her but then notices that Adrian is still dressed.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Mistress Claudia yells.

Lena looks to her mistress on the round bed and one on the men holding his stiff cock to Claudia’s face, as if he is expecting a blowjob. More of the naked gather around Claudia. Some of the men begin to hold her down to stop her from leaving.

“You’re supposed to be fucking her, not me, you assholes!” Claudia yells.

“Let’s go, Lena.” Adrian commands “We’re leaving.”

Adrian pulls Lena away from the bed as the rest of the naked and horny men hurries pass them. Although confused, Lena goes along with Adrian to the back door, as Adrian drapes her leather overcoat over her.

On the limo ride back home, Lena looks to Adrian, sitting across from her. Tightly clutching her overcoat, Lena tries to deal with her confusion on why Claudia was left to be gang-fucked by a bunch of horny men instead of her. It was obviously to Lena, that Claudia would not enjoy it as much as she would, but why would Adrian do something like that to Claudia.

“Come here, Lena.” Adrian orders. “Leave the coat.”

Lena pulls the overcoat from her nude body and makes her way to Adrian’s side. Lena tries to keep calm and not say anything out of line as Adrian looks to her.

“I suppose you want to know what just happened back there?” asks Adrian.

“Yes, Daddy.” Lena answers.

Adrian reaches for Lena’s dangling leash and gently pulls her closer to him.

“I’ll tell you as you suck my cock.” Says Adrian.

Obeying Adrian, Lena moves to kneel between Adrian’s parted legs

“You see, Lena, your former mistress was disloyal.” Adrian explains.

“Disloyal?” Lena inquires as she reaches over to undo Adrian’s belt and trousers, preparing to give Adrian a blowjob.

“Yes.” Answers Adrian. “When I found out she was giving information about my business to some…competitors, I decided to pay her back for such a betrayal. She was going to fuck me over, I thought I could fuck her over, literary.”

Lena pulls out Adrian’s hard cock and begins to lick the head.

“Does that answer your questions?” Adrian asks, looking down to Lena.

“Yes, Daddy.” Lena replies. “So Claudia won’t be coming back?”

“Not where she’s going.” Adrian retorts with a wicked smile. “Now you tell me something.”

“Any thing, Daddy.” Lena assures, looking up to Adrian.

“Did you really want to get fuck by all those men?” Adrian inquires.

“Yes, Daddy.” Lena answers as she uses her thumb to light stroke the head of the hard cock. “I wanted all of them to use me like a slut.”

Lena hungrily takes Adrian’s hard cock into her eager mouth and sucks fervently.

“Your pussy was so wet.” Adrian says as he leans his head back. “I wish you did be gang-fucked. I would have loved to see you take all those cocks.”

Lena takes the cock out of her mouth and quickly strokes it.

“Daddy, would you please fuck my pussy?” Lena pleads. “I’m so horny and I want you to fuck me.”

Lena kneels over Adrian’s lap, positioning her damp pussy over Adrian hard cock.

“Please, Daddy.” Lena begs. “I can’t wait anymore.”

Adrian’s hands take hold of Lena’s hips, holding her still.

“Beg me again.” Commands Adrian.

“Please fuck me, Daddy.” Lena begs. “Please. I need your cock.”

“Will you always love me?”

“Yes, Daddy, I’ll always love you.”

“Tell me then.”

“I love you, Daddy.”


“I love you, Daddy.”

As Adrian pulls Lena’s hips down to his lap, he feels his hard cock slip into the warm and wet membranes of Lena’s pussy. As Lena feels the penetration of her sex, she closes her eyes and rocks her hips rapidly. Lena arches her back and stretches her arms to Adrian’s shoulders to secure herself.

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