Lena Ch. 06-1

Chapter 6 – The Fallen Diva

Lena wakes up from the gentle kiss on her lips. Opening her eyes, Lena sees the smiling face of the beautiful blond woman she had lesbian sex with above her. Their lips meet again, then their tongues entwine. Their kiss lasts for at least a minute.

“So, did you enjoy yourself?” ask Isabel, kneeling up.

“I enjoyed you.” Lena replies with a smile. “You really know how to please a girl for someone who says she isn’t a lesbian.”

“Thank you.” Says Isabel. “Same can be said for you.”

Lena moves herself off the bed and reaches for her dress and bra on the floor.

“Going now?” ask Isabel.

“Yeah, I think I should.” Answers Lena, putting on her bra. “I really had a great time, but I need to go home and put this week behind me.”

“Sure.” Says Isabel, sitting on the bed to face Lena. “Don’t you want to take a shower first?”

“No.” Lena slips her dress on. “When I get home, I’m going to get the stuff Chad left in my room and I’m going to burn them, along with this dress. I’m going to dance around the fire naked in celebration of my newly found freedom from Chad, then swim in the pool to cool off, then shower and finally masturbate myself to sleep.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Isabel comments.

“Like to come with?” invites Lena. “My parents aren’t home. You can see where I live.”

“I don’t think so.” Replies Isabel. “We should just part company here and now.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Another thing,” says Isabel, standing up from the bed and stands in front of the fully dressed Lena. “Don’t burn the dress.”

“Why?” Lena inquires. “I look like a slut in this.”

“You did.” Says Isabel, gliding her hands up Lena’s arms and to her face. “But now you look like a woman in charge of her sexuality. Not a slut but a sex diva.”

As Lena’s face is gently pulled to Isabel, their lips meet to form another open-mouth kiss. Lena feels empowered by Isabel’s words as their tongues dance in their joined mouths. Feeling Isabel’s round breasts pressed against hers, Lena puts her hand on the hips of the still naked Isabel and slides them down to her ass.

Lena breaks the kiss and slowly guides Isabel backward to the bed.

“Lie down.” Instructs Lena.

Isabel sits on the edge of the bed and reclines. Lena kneels between Isabel’s spread thighs. Moving to Isabel’s pussy, Lena wets her lips and presses them to the welcoming clit.


On the cab ride from the hotel, Lena thinks of how she gave Isabel the best job of their time together. The first four was just practice, something to learn from. The last cunnilingus was her reward to Isabel. The only person she had sex with who did not make her feel like a trashy slut.

Sex diva. Lena thinks.Sounds better than slut or whore.

Lena looks away from the passing streets outside the cab and to the cab driver. From the passing street lights, Lena makes out the driver’s appearance as an average looking dirty blond haired man in his late-twenties. She ponders if instead of paying him with the money Isabel gave her, she could just pay him with a blowjob.

It wouldn’t be like before with Chad pushing her, Lena would be in control. She would give the cab driver a choice, money or sex. Most likely, he would want sex. Assuming he’s straight that is.

Lena wonders what if instead of a blowjob, she could let him fuck her on the hood of the cab, missionary or anal. Or she could invite him in her house and fuck him in her bedroom. Or in her parents’ bedroom.

Lena’s sexually erratic imagination suddenly ceases as she feels a tiny tickle of her fluids quietly ooze from her excited pussy. She presses her thighs closer together, hoping to contain it.

Focusing her mind to the present, Lena decides not to proposition the cab driver with sex and just pay him.


Entering through the front door, Lena notice the house lights are still on this late at night. Figuring the maid, Teresa, passed out before turning off the lights, which Lena decides is not her problem.

“So you’re finally home.” A female says.

Lena turns to see a tall raven-black haired woman dressed in white silk blouse with a black skirt down to her knees. Lena immediately recognizes her as Claudia, her father’s assistant/slut.

“Claudia.” Says the surprised Lena. “Why are you here?”

Claudia sternly walks to Lena and takes her by the arm.

“Your father wants to speak to you.” States Claudia.

Lena is unable to pull her arm from Claudia’s strong grip as she is guided down the hall to the living room. Upon entering, her attention turns to the group of men scattered around the wide spaced room, she notices Teresa serving drinks to the guests. Then her sights center on auburn haired, man with a husky built in his early fifties dressed in a dark gray business suit sitting on a white couch.

“Dad.” Lena addresses the man. “When did you get back?”

“Sit down, Lena.” Lena’s father says in a stern tone, patting his hand on the couch, gesturing for her to sit next to him.

An uneasy feeling goes over Lena and settles in her stomach. It was a familiar feeling as she notices all the men gazing at her. Despite this sudden unsettling feeling, Lena walks to her father and sits on the couch by her father. One of the men, a tall and slender whitish blond haired man also in his early fifties sits down next to Lena.

“Your daughter is very lovely, Adrian.” Says the blond man.

“Lena, you’ve met Leon?” asks Adrian. “Chad’s father.”

Lena stops breathing for a few seconds. She recalls several occasions she met the father of her recently ex-boyfriend, a man she left at a hotel suite with three gay men hours ago. The encounters with Leon were brief but a bit unsettling.

Lena remembers her first meeting Leon early in her relationship with Chad. She was at Chad’s home one afternoon, swimming in the pool with him. Lena remembers the pink bikini she wore and how it hard it made Chad. When Chad went to the bathroom, Lena was in the pool alone for a few minutes. She gets out of the pool when she becomes aware of Chad’s father standing nearby, watching her. Leon greeted Lena in a friendly manner, but Lena noticed how he was looking at her body. Lena tried to return the friendliness despite the awkwardness she felt with polite small talk until Chad walked in. Lena always wondered how long he watched her until she spotted him.

Lena resumes her breathing and tries to compose a calm demeanor as she faces Adrian.

“I didn’t know you and Dad knew each other.” Lena says trying to be social but still finds the situation uneasy. “Are you all having a business meeting?” inquires Lena, seeing an opportunity to leave. “Should I go?”

“Of course not, Lena” answers Adrian. “Actually, this meeting is about you.”

Lena notices the men slowly coming closer toward her.

“What’s this about?” ask Lena as worry begins to take hold.

“Do you know what happened to my son, Lena?” asks Leon. “Do you know what he has been through?”

Lena tries to find the words to respond but is unable to.

“Lena.” Asserts Adrian. “Answer him.”

“Is Chad okay?” asks Lena.

“No. It’s seems Chad and his gambling got him in some trouble. Actually it was more trouble than any father would expect.”

“Where is he now?” inquires Lena.

“Right now, on his way to military school.” Leon answers. “Maybe that will help him with his gambling problem.”

“So he’s okay then?” Lena asks.

Leon pauses for a few seconds.

“Like your father said, Lena.” Says Leon, gently placing his hand on Lena’s leg. “This is about you.”

Lena feels her heart beating faster as Leon’s hand slowly moves up her leg. In an effort of defense, Lena quickly uses both of her hands to restrain the invading hand from proceeding further upward. But in a second later, she finds her waist in the strong gasp of her father’s hands and pulled up.

“Daddy, what are you doing?” Lena pleads. “Please make him stop.”

Shocked and confused by her father’s betrayal, Lena watches Leon’s hand move up under her skirt and feels two fingers push in her vagina. Lena feels a small twinge of pleasure from this digital violation, but enough for her to forget her current ordeal.

“She’s not wearing any panties.” Leon says with a grin. “Your daughter has certainly become quite the little tramp.”

“Just like her mother.” Says Adrian.

Lena efforts to pull herself from her father’s grip are futile as Leon’s probing finger continues to dance inside her sex.

With Lena’s wrists still in his hold, Adrian stands up from the coach, pulling the helpless Lena to her feet. Leon stands as well and pulls Lena’s mini-dress down her body, her strapless bra is next to go, now wearing only her shoes.

“Daddy, why are you letting him do this?” Lena pleads.

“Shut up and get on your knees.” Orders Adrian.

As Lena is forced to kneel on the carpet floor, she sees Claudia standing near the TV, holding three VCR tapes.

Oh, no.

“Everyone get comfortable.” Adrian announces. “We all get to see Lena’s extra curricular work.”

Crossing her arms to cover her exposed breasts, Lena watches Claudia slips one of the tapes in the VCR and feels certain humiliation pending. The TV immediately displays the image of an 18-year-old girl doing a striptease for her boyfriend in the boys locker room. That girl was Lena. Lena remembers how she let herself be used by Chad, how he made her get fucked by his over-sexed friends, and how she told herself to let it happen for Chad.

All through the tape, Lena is painfully reminded of that day as she watches herself fucking the men in the tape like some porn star. Occasionally, she would look around to see the reactions of those watching. Some of the guests whisper among themselves as they enjoy the amateurish but still appealing home porn movie, as well as Leon and her father. At a far corner of the living room, Lena sees Claudia leaning against the wall with a glass of white whine, standing near her is Teresa, whose eyes connects to Lena’s, looking to at her boss’s naked daughter with a smug smile.

When the tape ended, the male guests gives applause to Lena. Lena only feels further degrading humiliation from the clapping and cheers. Her anguish seems to have no end as Lena sees Claudia put another tape in the VCR. She mentally braces herself for further embarrassment, as she sees herself doing another striptease for a bunch of guys in a motel room. This tape had many close-ups of Lena, mostly of her bouncing tits and her heart-shaped ass. The nude dancing went on longer than Lena remembered, but no one seems to mind. Then the sex scenes begin, Lena feels her pussy get moist. She realizes she’s getting aroused by all this attention and tries to contain the growing lust in her. Lena begins to worry if anyone has notice her emerging desire, but then she reminds herself that she’s naked on the floor, watching sex tapes of herself with her father and his friends and wonders if it would make any difference for her.

After the second sex tape ends, it is replaced by a third one. She tries to recall which night the tape would cause her to relive.

The three guys in the van? The clothing store? Oh, god, the frat house.

Looking intensely at the TV screen, she sees an image of her in a bright red bikini.

But I only wore that in…in…

Completely surprised, Lena watches herself on that Saturday she was on a yacht with Eddie’s friends. Starting her taking off the bikini, then dancing naked and finishing with fucking all five men. All from a tape she destroyed the day after.

Or so she thought.

Lena rewinds the day she sent the yacht tape to the garbage disposal when she retrieved the tape from the VCR after she had sex with Chad and allowed him to forcibly ass-fuck her in order to calm him from his nearly enraged state after seeing the tape of was her first gang-bang while Lena hurried to the living room from her bed room when she discovered the tape and her g-string was missing after masturbating in the shower after Eddie drove her home after she discreetly takes the tape from…

Lena resets her mental inquire back to the moment she destroyed the tape. At the time the only people in the house was herself, Chad…and Teresa.

Lena looks to Teresa and sees her still grinning with absolute self-righteousness. This sight stirs feelings of rage in Lena, causing her to run to Teresa the second she stood up from the floor, forgetting that she’s naked. Teresa tries to defend herself as she sees Lena charging to her, but is unable to stop Lena’s hands from clutching her long black hair.

“You fucken bitch!” Lena yells. “You switched the tapes, didn’t you?”

Lena pulls Teresa from the wall in effort to throw her on the floor but the maid proved more agile as she lunges toward Lena, causing her to fall backwards on the floor with Teresa falling on her. Immediately, Teresa pins Lena’s arms to the floor to hold her down like a professional wrestler.

Lena hears the cheers from the male guests as she struggles to brake herself free.

“Yeah, bitch. I switched the tapes.” Teresa states, maintaining her dominance over Lena. “You destroyed the tape I record my soup operas with.”

“You goddamn whore! I should kill you for this!” Lena threatens.

Less than a second after, Teresa swiftly lower her head to Lena’s and forces a kiss on Lena’s lips. In the few short seconds, the cheers and catcalls get louder until Lena breaks the kiss by turning her head away.

“C’mon, daddy’s girl.” Says Teresa, with an evil grin. “Lets give these guys a private show.”

“Fuck you!” Lena replies with rage and defiance.

Teresa briefly laughs as she links Lena’s wrists to secure them with one hand. Still facing away, she see from the corner of her eye Teresa lowers her head to hers again. Lena closes her eyes for what good it does as she feels Teresa’s tongue slide across her cheek.

Suddenly, Lena feels a hand cupping her pussy. Lena gives a soft whimper as one of the fingers brush against her clit.

“Stop it.” Pleads Lena.

Lena then feels two fingers forced in her sex, causing her to groan from the pleasure it causes. Lena tries to resist the sensations, but feel her will fading.

“She’s getting turned on.” Teresa announces to the guests. “Her snatch is getting wet.”

Lena opens her eyes and sees her father in her sight, still sitting on the couch. She notices how he smiles with amusement.

“Daddy, make her stop. Please make her stop.” Lena implores.

“You don’t want me to stop.” States Teresa. “You can act all high and mighty with your friends but everyone knows what a closet slut you really are. I can see it in your eyes, especially when you judge me for fucking your dad.”

Teresa’s finger motions gets quicker as Lena feels her body crying for more.

“You’re just an shameless, amoral slut who well fucks anyone without any consequence.” Snaps Lena, trying to focus on her contempt for Teresa to distract herself from a growing pleasure rising between her thighs.

“Jealous?” teases Teresa.

Lena closes her eyes again as the physical pleasure of the violating fingers in her sex continues to grow. She knows if she climax, it well put her in a sexual situation she has been before, but she feels an orgasm coming and know she can’t resist.

“You’re gonna cum, aren’t you?” says Teresa.

To stop her from answering, Lena tries to keep her tongue still, but her moans give her away.

“AAAGGHHHHHH!!!” Lena loudly groans, as her orgasm overrides her failed defiance. “I’M CUMMING!!!”

For a few seconds, Lena forgets about Teresa’s forced hand job and the group of men watching her be violated and humiliated in front of her father and savor her bliss.

Done with Lena, Teresa rises herself off the naked teen and walks away. With her eyes still closed, Lena feels strong male hands take hold of her wrists and pulls her up to her feet. Opening her eyes, she sees Leon in front of her, holding her arm above her.

Leon says nothing, but as Lena sees the look of lust in his eyes, he doesn’t have to.


With her arms held by Leon and Claudia, Lena is taken to the stairway leading to the basement. Lena remembers her parents telling her never to go in the basement, even when she was curious, the door to the basement was locked. Walking bare-foot on the cold cement floor of the basement, the still naked Lena is led into a dimly lit room and is guided to a queen-size bed with tarnished brass posts and headboard and no bed sheets.

Leon pushes Lena on the bed and she falls on her front. She smells a slight odor from the bare mattress and is not sure if she wants to know the cause of it.

“After what happened to my son, I’m gonna enjoy fucking your pretty little ass.” Leon utters.

Still on her front, Lena looks to Leon and watches him eagerly undress until he is completely naked. She then sees the other guests entering and quickly looks away. Lena doesn’t want to know how many men she has to fuck or even what they look like, she knows she can’t refuse them after what Teresa did to her, after what they saw on the sex tapes, after it was discover she wasn’t wearing panties.

As she hears the men undressing, Lena blames herself for being so naïve to what Isabel told her.A woman in charge of her sexuality. A sex diva. She knows now she has no control of her sex life and her time with Isabel was at best a brief victory.

Lena feels Leon approaching her as he mounts the bed and prepares herself for another gang-bang.

Without a word, Leon forces his hard member into Lena’s ass, causing her to groan loudly. As Leon begins to ram the whole cock in the sphincter of his son’s whore of an ex-friend, Lena arches her back to accommodate him as she finds herself in the same sex position she was in with Chad only hours ago.

“You like it, don’t you, Lena?” asks Leon. “You like getting fuck up the ass. You like being a slut.”

Lena delays her reply for a few seconds to ponder a response to appeal to Leon.

“Yes.” Says Lena. “Yes. I like sex.”

“You’re as much as a slut as you’re mother.” Says Leon. “Now she couldn’t get enough fucking.”

“What..? My mom?” Lena blurts, confused by Leon’s statement.

“You think you’re the first girl we all fucked in this room?” says Leon, continuing thrusting his hard cock in Lena’s ass. “Your mom, Claudia, Teresa to name a few, were all gang-banged here.”

“And now you’re next lamb to the slaughter.” Adds Claudia, walking in Lena sight, wearing only a black lace garter belt. Claudia sits on the bed near Lena, looking at her with a small smile.


Lena feels the release of Leon’s hot jizz shoot in her ass, she’s relieved the first horny man is done with her and can move on to the next horny man. After Leon lifts himself off Lena, Leon gives a hard slap on her ass and moves off the bed.

Two men mount the bed from both sides; one of them pulls her by her legs to the middle of the bed and turns her on her back. Lena avoids looking at the faces of the men, thinking it’s unnecessary when she’s just to fuck them, she doesn’t need to know what they look like.

One man takes Lena’s legs and plunges his cock in her pussy. As Lena feels rhythmic thrusts in her sex, the other man kneels near her head and takes hold of it, guiding her mouth to his erect cock. Lena immediately begins sucking the cock and hears the men fucking her hum with satisfaction.

A third man mounts the bed and kneels near Lena. Lena feels her head guided to another cock and gently strokes it. She then moves her mouth to the second cock and sucks on it while stroking the previous one with her hand. While Lena switches cocks, the man between her legs is nearing his ejaculation, but instead of cumming in her, he pulls his cock out and strokes it until the discharge of semen sprays on Lena’s stomach. Soon after, the two men getting oral sex from Lena stroke their cock over Lena’s face. As both men ejaculate, Lena closes her eyes and feels the warm wet spunk on her face. Lena is disgusted and ashamed by this.

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