Lena Ch. 05-2

“I know.” says Klaus. “But she’s not what I want, Chad.”

“Wait, what are you saying?” ask the confused Chad.

“Klaus is gay, dumb ass.” Isabel states.

“What?” Lena utters as her mouth drops.

“Wait a fucken minute,” growls Chad. “If you’re gay why did you tell me you wanted to fuck Lena?”

“I want to fuck,” says a smiling Klaus, walking to Chad. “But not with Lena.”

Lena looks to Chad and sees fear expressed on his face as Klaus walks closer to him.

“Hey, listen.” Chad asserts. “I’m no fag, so you can just forget about that!”

Lena slowly moves away from Chad as Cyril and Dean charge to him, Chad tries to fight them off, but they overpower him. Firmly holding Chad’s arms, Cyril and Dean force him on his knees.

“Lena!” Chad pleads to Lena. “Get help!”

The shock begins to fade from Lena as she sees Chad, a man she loved and did anything for him, looking all helpless and pathetic.

“Isabel, dear.” Klaus address his wife. “Why don’t you take Lena out for a drink.”

“Come on, sweetie.” Isabel says as she walks beside Lena and guides her away. “The boys need some time alone.”

“Lena! Come back here you fucken cunt!” Chad orders.

Still confused and unsure how to make of what she witnessed, Lena goes with Isabel as Chad continues screaming to her to help.

At distant corner table in the hotel bar, Lena takes a few sips from her Long Island ice tea with Isabel sitting near her with a Vodka Tonic. The only customers before were just a middle-age man in a business suit sitting at a table in the middle of the bar.

“Can I ask you something?” Lena politely requests to Isabel. “How can you married to Klaus…when he’s gay?”

“Well, dear. Klaus and I have nice little arrangement, I play his trophy wife for his friends and business colleagues and I get to live in a big beautiful mansion, wear fantastic clothes and travel the world.”

“Wow.” replies an amazed Lena. “I’m kinda jealous. All that and no obligation to have sex with him.”

“Oh, I have obligations.” Isabel corrects. “I have to be the good wife in dinners and office parties, socialize with the other wives, always smiling and pretending to be happily married. It’s a pain, but afterwards I go to the clubs and sometimes get laid.”

“Now I’m really jealous.” Lena remarks as she takes another sip from her drink.

“Now I get to ask you sometime.” Isabel notifies, moving closer to Lena. “Do you always go to bed with people your boyfriend owes money to?”

There is feeling of awkwardness from Lena for a few seconds.

“Yes.” Lena answers. “Because of Chad I’ve had more sex in the past week than most of my friends in a year.” Lena imbibes more of her drink than before. “But now I’m through with that asshole. I hope Klaus and Dean and Cyril fuck his ass ’til he bleeds. And I hope they’re using boner pills.” Lena fervently swallows the remainder of her drink. “I just want to go home, take a long hot bath to wash off this make-up and then burn this dress.” Lena breathes in deeply. “I look like such a skank in this.”

“I think you look hot.” Isabel says as she places her hand on Lena’s leg. This causes Lena to stop breathing for a moment. “You know, back in our suite, I actually thought Klaus would want fuck you just to see what he’s missing.”

Lena watches Isabel’s hand slide to her inner thigh and then slowly upward.

“What are you doing…?” worries Lena.

“Shhhh, don’t make a scene.” Isabel recommends in a low voice.

“Look, I’m flattered, really.” Says Lena. “But I’m not a lesbian.”

“Neither am I.” Isabel replies. “But sometimes I like to experiment.”

Still watching Isabel’s hand continues up her thigh, Lena feels her heart quicken as she finds herself excited by Isabel’s intentions. Her excitement spikes as she feels Isabel’s caressing her naked sex.

“No panties.” Isabel says, grinning. “And shaved, too.”

“Please stop.” Lena begs in a whisper. “I can’t do this.”

“Why? I thought you said you’re done with your boyfriend.”

“I am. But…well, this something Chad would have push me into.”

“So don’t do it for him, or even me. Do it because you want to. Do it for yourself.”

Lena feels her clit harden with a rush hot blood as it’s discovered by Isabel’s finger.

“Should we go back to your suite?” Lena asks.

“Oh, no.” Isabel dismisses, pulling her hand from Lena’s sex, but still on her leg. “Klaus and the boys may need their privacy.”

“So where then? Lena questions.

“We’re in a hotel, silly.” Isabel retorts. “I’m sure we can get a room for ourselves.”

The suite Isabel paid for is a simple one-room suite with a bathroom, TV, and a queen-size bed. Walking in the suite with Isabel behind her, Lena tries to compose her nervousness from spoiling her evening with Isabel. With her sexual escapades in the past week, the idea of having sex with another woman was something had pondered and consenting to Isabel’s intentions seems like a good opportunity in resolving her curiosity.

If the lesbian sex were not to her liking, to would just be another sexual experience she tried and then move on. If she did like it, it would symbolize the sexual havoc she was subjected to would end on a good note and live the rest of her life normal. And if she really, really likes it, she may give up men entirely and become a lesbian herself, but Lena thinks that particular outcome as highly unlikely.

Lena nears the bed when Isabel grabs her arm and pulls Lena to her. Both their mouths find each other to form a long passionate kiss. Braking from the kiss, Isabel takes hold of Lena’s skirt and slowly pulls it over her head, leaving Lena wearing only her strapless bra and pumps. Lena looks into Isabel’s eyes as she slips her feet from her pumps and removes her bra. Lena stands naked for Isabel to see, who smiles with delight.

“You are absolutely beautiful, Lena.” says Isabel. “Get in bed.”

Lena pulls the blankets on the bed aside and slides under them, covering her body from the waist down. She sees Isabel reach behind her neck to untie her dress and lets it fall to the floor with Lena’s clothes, now only wearing a black lace bra with matching thong and her shoes. As Isabel removes her bra, Lena notices how spectacular Isabel’s breasts are, much bigger than Lena’s. Isabel then slides her thong down her beautiful legs exposing a landing strip of blond hair. Lena heart quickens at the physical beauty of the statuesque woman before her.

“I can’t believe that Klaus never wanted you for sex.” Lena compliments. “Even he should be curious.”

“That’s sweet of you to say.” smiles Isabel, walking to Lena.

Nearing the bed, Isabel pulls the blankets aside, taking away the unclothed Lena’s cover. She mounts the bed and crawls next to Lena. On her hands and knees, Isabel lowers her head to connect her mouth with Lena’s. Their mouths open and their tongues begin a sensual dance. This continues as Isabel caresses Lena’s clit, which causes Lena to break from the tongue kissing to let out sighs of intense pleasure.

“I had no idea your clit is so sensitive.” Says Isabel, continuing her finger play. “Is it always like that when you touch yourself there?”

“I never touch myself there. I never m..m..masturbate.” Lena confesses.

“Really?” mildly surprised Isabel.

“Before I dated Chad, I so hated sex. My dad would fuck any bitch other than my mom and my mom let any loser fuck her, I just wanted to put sex out of my mind.” Explains Lena.

“Not even once?” asks Isabel.

“Wait, I did once.” Corrects Lena, as a memory of her self-pleasing clarifies in her mind over the fog of bliss between her thighs. “Last week, in the shower. My fingers were soapy when they brushed against my clit. So I…I started touching and I then started rubbing it until I came.”

“Do you remember what you were thinking of at the time?” Inquires Isabel, now gently circling Lena’s pussy.

“Yes.” Lena grins. “I thinking of the five men who fucked me the night before. The entire fucken night.”

A finger of Isabel’s hand slides in Lena’s pink slit as the circling gets faster.

“Isabel!” Lena blurts. “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

“Are you gonna cum, honey?”

“Oh, god! Yes! YES! I’M GOING TO CUM!”

The caressing hand goes faster, taking Lena to the edge of an orgasm. Her body slightly arches and screams with relief as she feels the electric charge of a climax consumes her body.

Isabel leans next to Lena, who turns to face her and resume their joining of their caressing mouths.

“Did you enjoy that?” questions Isabel.

“Yes.” Declares Lena, glowing with gratification.

For at least half an hour, the two naked non-lesbians engages in conversation which begins with Lena discuss with detail about the night she fucked five men, all taking blue pills, on a yacht, as requested by Isabel. After which, Lena had to explain how Chad’s gambling problem lead her to lose her virginity to a man other than Chad the night before.

“Was he good?” Isabel asks.

“Oh, yeah.” Answers Lena. “At first, I thought he was an asshole, but now as I look back, he was a gentleman compared to Chad.”

“Think you’ll see him again?”

“I doubt it. After tonight, I may give up sex. At least for a while.”

“Well, then. We better get back to our fun, you don’t want to leave unfulfilled, do you?” Says Isabel as she sits up and takes one on the pillows. “Lift your butt.”

Unsure of Isabel’s request, Lena complies anyway and raises her ass from the bed, Isabel places the pillow under her ass. After Lena lowers her ass on the pillow, Isabel moves herself between Lena’s legs and takes her mouth to Lena’s vagina. Lena closes her eyes and savors the sensations of Isabel’s tongue dancing with her clit, the caressing sucking motions, the fingers gently penetrating her.

“Oh, Isabel.” Moans Lena. “That feels so good.”

“Hasn’t anyone gone down on you before?” Isabel asks.

“No.” answers Lena, between moans. “None of the guys I fuck gave me a blowjob. I gave many, but no one even returned the favor.”

“Not even Chad.”

“No. Oooooooo. That bastard would treat me like such a…(gasp)…a whore, he probably thinks eating me out is (groan) beneath him.”

Isabel presses her mouth hard against Lena’s wet pussy, vigorously sucking and tonguing it for Lena’s pleasure. Lena’s head rocks side-to-side as she lets her desires consume her without restraint. Her body trembles as she feels the sweet release of her climax, sending her mind to euphoria.

As Lena returns to reality, she feels Isabel crawling over her and pressing her magnificent breasts onto hers. The two naked lovers immediately kiss. Lena tastes her juices in Isabel’s mouth and sucks as much of it as she can.

“That…that was…incredible.” Lena pants. “Please…make me cum like that again.”

“I well.” Isabel smiles as she rolls on her back. “But now it’s my turn.” Isabel spreads her thighs apart, showing her blond pussy. “Time to‘return the favor’.”

With a newfound need to please Isabel in return for her two orgasms and hopefully a few more, Lena moves herself between Isabel’s thighs. She gazes at the beautiful pink flower of flesh for a few seconds, admiring the smooth and soft skin and the firm and tight muscles. Lena closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and guides her mouth to the flower.

Lena starts with gentle licks, and then slow and steady sucking followed by inserting a probing finger.

“No fingers.” Instructs Isabel. “Just your mouth.”

Lena complies and moves her hands to the sides of the vagina. She directs her mouth and tongue to play with the clit, hearing faint moans of delight from Isabel.

“Yeah, that’s it.” Says Isabel as her moans intensify.

Lena doubles her oral efforts as she begins to tastes the nectar of Isabel’s pussy on her tongue. Isabel reaches her hand to Lena’s head, at first to stroke her light-brown hair, but as Lena’s mouth pushes her further into an orgasm, Isabel firms her hold on Lena’s head. Lena opens her eyes and looks ahead into Isabel’s eyes.

“Don’t stop!” Isabel commands.

Still focusing on Isabel’s cunt, Lena continues lapping, not wanting it disappoint Isabel, who lets out a shriek as her body convulses and finally climax. From experience, Lena sucks and swallows as much as of the flow of pussy juices from Isabel’s honey pot.

While Isabel lies back to catch her breath, Lena gently licks her pussy, then moves up Isabel’s flushed body, leaving a trail of kisses up from her blond snatch to her beautiful breasts. She tastes Isabel’s sweat while circling her tongue around the nipple before moving up to Isabel’s lips.

With Lena on top, Isabel moves her hands to lightly rub Lena’s ass and lower back.

“Was it good?” Lena asks.

“Yes, it was.” Answers Isabel. “Very good for your first time.”

The two females return to their tongue kissing and caressing for a few minutes until Lena breaks the seal of lips.

“I want to do it again.” Eagerly declares Lena. “Can I?”

Isabel give a wicked grim as she wipes some of her love juices from Lena’s mouth with her thumb.

“Of course, honey.” Isabel consents. “There’s always room for improvement.”

Lena and Isabel lock lips again before Lena moves herself back to Isabel’s sex.

As Lena does another cunt lapping, she remembers what Chad told about her “useful talent” with sex. Maybe it’s true, whether it’s sucking cock or eating pussy. But it won’t soon matter after tonight. With Chad out of her life, Lena can move on for the next guy she’ll date. Someone nicer. Someone who will treat her like a princess and not some whore. Someone who well greatly appreciate her, especially when it comes to sex.

As for Chad, he obviously won’t want anyone to know about how he got raped by three gay men. Even though Lena doesn’t have a videotape of the incident and any other proof, she doesn’t need any, not for the rumor mill in her school.

The thought of having something over Chad, adds to Lena’s stride as she eats Isabel’s pussy.

“Oh, god!” blurts Isabel. “You really have a talent, kid.”

“So I’m told.” Grins Lena.

To be continued…

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