Lena Ch. 04

Chapter 4: The Locker Room Slut

In the afternoon of Monday, Lena is guided to the boy’s locker room by her boyfriend Chad as many times before. This has been the routine for Lena nearly everyday Chad takes her to their usual spot for oral sex. Lena feels that now she is comfortable having sex with Chad, like she did the previous day, she wouldn’t have sneak in the locker room to give Chad the blowjobs he needs. But as Chad reminds her, her beautiful body constantly arouses him and how she’s obligated to relieve him of his physical lust of her. Also, doing it in a public place with a chance of getting caught must excite Chad because Lena finds it exciting as well.

Lena is pressed between a wall of lockers and her amorous boyfriend, sharing a series of deep-thong kisses. Chad’s hands slide down from Lena’s waist and pulls up her blue skirt, his hand then take a take hold of her bare ass.

“Not wearing panties today.” Chad says.

“As you requested.” Lena replies with a naughty smile.

Lena takes Chad’s hand and guides it between her thighs.

“I shaved it this morning.” Lena says.

“That’s my little slut.” Chad smiles.

Chad then pulls his hand from Lena’s thighs and sit on a nearby bench.

“Get naked.” Chad commands.

Lena complies with Chad’s order with a smile and a slow, seductive dance as she strips off her clothes. First removing her blazer and drops on the floor, then her blouse, following with her bra. Lena provocatively sways her hips as she turn her back to Chad and bends forward to pull down her skirt down to her ankles. Lena playfully wiggles her exposed ass to Chad. Leaving on only her white socks, Lena walks to Chad and sits on his lap facing him. Lena and Chad resume their passionate kissing for a minute.

“Honey, I have an idea.” Lena says. “Since it’s last period and I have study hall and you obviously want to skip, why don’t we…”

Lena’s sentence is cut short as she notice a small group of young men walk approaching. In a reaction of startled modesty, Lena jumps from Chad’s lap, instinctively cupping her breasts. On her feet, she tries to reach her discard clothes on the floor, but she only takes a single step as she sees in front of her another gathering of young men. Frantically looking, Lena is surrounded by at least ten male schoolmates, looking like a pack of wolves cornering a lone gazelle.

“What the fuck is all this?” Lena turns to Chad.

“I thought you’d like another gang-bang, babe.” Explains Chad walking to her.

“I told you it was just one time.” Lena says in a low tone.

“You said that you’re my slut.” Chad replies in a low tone as well. “Which means you fuck who I want you to fuck.”

“I meant just you. No one else.”

Chad moves to whisper in Lena’s ear.

“You are going to do this for me.” Chad assertively but calmly commands. “You’re going to fuck all my friends. You either do this willingly or we hold you down.”

Chad looks into Lena’s eyes and sees her defiance and her will fade, completely surrendering to him.

“So who’s first?” Chad announces.

“Me.” Says a voice from behind Lena. Lena turns to the direction of the voice and Cory, Chad’s best friend walking to her unzipping his pants. Lena never liked Cory, always coming on to her like a drunken sailor, even in front of Chad.

“On your knees, bitch.” Cory orders as he pulls out his erected cock. Seeing no other options, Lena kneels in front of Cory. She closes her eyes and takes the cock in her mouth.The sooner I do this, the sooner it’ll be over. Lena tells herself, slowly bobbing her head and stroking the base. Then she quicken her pace, hoping Cory wants the blowjob to be fast. Lena hears catcalls and growls of her surrounding audience as she sucks Cory’s cock with such dedication. She tastes a drop of cum on her tongue and doubles her efforts.

“Fuck! She’s good!” exclaims Cory. “My girlfriend isn’t as good as her.”

As the cheers get loader, Lena tries to focus the task of her cock-sucking.I’m not going to get horny. She thinks.I’ll fuck all of them, but I won’t get horny.

“Gonna blow! I’m gonna blow!” Cory yells and growls as he feels his penis ejaculate in Lena’s caressing mouth. Lena easily swallows all the discharged jizz.

Lena pulls away from Cory’s spent cock and finger-wipes any cum off her lips, trying shallow the tastes of semen in her mouth. She looks up to Chad about ask for some water when she notices Kevin, one of Chad’s friends, with a camcorder.

Not again?

“Brent, you’re next.” Chad says.

“Chad.” Lena calls, still on her knees. “Can I get something to drink?”

“Later.” Chad replies.

Brent, another friend of Chad’s produce his hard cock in Lena’s face. Once again, Lena takes the cock in her mouth and begins to please it. As the catcalls starts again, Lena tries to mentally keep herself in check, but her mind begins to think of her first gang-bang with Eddie and his friends. Circumstances aside, she enjoyed the sex she experienced. When Chad asked how many times she climax, she couldn’t tell him the truth in his volatile state so she said two or three times. Telling Chad she had twelve incredible, mind numbing, body trembling, toe-curling orgasms would just send him over the edge.

“That’s it, ya whore.” Brent blurts. “You don’t stop until I say so. Got that, whore.”

Lena ignores Brent degrading comment and continues on sucking his cock. Suddenly, Brent’s hands grabs hold of her head and roughly and forcibly guides her head to take his cock deeper and faster, pulling and pushing her head. As discomforting and humiliating as it is for Lena, the only action she can take is to suck Brent’s cock harder than before. She uses her tongue to caress the shift until finally she tastes semen shoot in her mouth.

As Brent releases Lena from his rough hold, she stands from the cold floor and sits on the bench.

“Good blowjob, Lena.” Brent says to Lena, zipping up his pants. Lena notices how Brent calls her by her name and not whore. “I really got my money’s worth.”

“Lena, turn over here.” Says Kevin, standing at the end of the bench aiming his camcorder at her. Lena contains her negative feelings of being recorded and looks to Kevin with a small smile.

“Lets see your pussy.” Kevin states. Going along as before, Lena slides her legs to Kevin and spends them to give Kevin a view of her pussy. “You got the makings of a porn star.”

“I’m next guys.” Says Ken, walking to Lena as naked as she is. As Lena sees Ken naked for the first time, she feels her pussy getting moist. She secretly thought if she and Chad broke up, Ken would catch her on the rebound, but she would just use him for sex. Despite her allure to Ken’s wonderfully muscular body, Lena tries to push her lust inside.

“Show me your ass.” Ken commands.

Figuring Ken wants to anally fuck her, Lena gets on her hands and knees on the edge of the bench. Lena then feels Ken’s strong hand securely holds her by her hips, she inhales to prepare herself for the anal penetration. As Ken’s hard cock plunges is Lena’s sphincter, she gives a slight groan for the pain, but keeps her discomfort contained. The slapping sound of Ken pounding against her ass and the cheers of the boys fill Lena’s ears as she feels her ass being violated with every hard and fast thrust.

“Your mouth’s still free, shank.” Says a nearby male voice. “You gonna suck me off.”

Lena recognizes the voice of Pat, the biggest creep in school. She sees Pat walking to her as he opens his pants.

“Hey, you were not invited, loser.” Asserts Chad.

“Come on, Chad. I said I’d pay when I can. I’m good for it.” Replies Pat.

“Brent, get him out of here.” Chad orders.

Brent grabs Pat by the back of the neck and guides him away from Lena. As she watches Brent manhandle Pat, she becomes relived that an asshole like Pat won’t be fucking her. Lena then recalls what Pat said.

They’re paying Chad to fuck me. To fuck me.

The thought of Chad having his friends giving him money and then forcing her to let them fuck her, as if she was a hooker floods her mind with confusion as she feels her will, her self-respect and her very soul deteriorate into nothing.

Lena’s attention goes back to Ken humping on her ass harder than before as he approaches his climax. Ken gives Lena a hard, stinging slap to her ass, braking Lena’s metal hold over the pain, causing her to moan loud. Several thrusts after that, Lena’s ass is slapped again by Ken. In the mist of pain inside her, Lena feels a small entity of pleasure slowly growing inside her. She then feels a tiny, wet drop of her fluids slowly trickle down her thigh. Her orgasm is coming. But then, the slapping sounds stop and Ken groans as he finally climax. As Lena feels his semen flow in her, she feels her orgasm subsiding.

Both Lena and Ken quickly catch their breathes as Lena slides her ass from Ken’s cock. She sits up on the bench and takes several deep breathes, keeping her legs together so no one will her damp pussy. Chad holds out a plastic bottle of water, Lena accepts it without looking to him, not wanting him to see the look of betrayal in her eyes.

For an entire minute, she remains quiet taking slips from her water bottle. Then she hears another boy approaching her.Back at it.

Lena sees Jeff completely naked sitting down on the bench near her and lays on her back. Lena always thought of Jeff and his friend Daryl as nice, respectful guys, but they are boys.

“So I got to be on top.” Says Lena, please with the situation crawls over Jeff.

“No, you get to be in the middle.” A voice behind Lena says.

Lena turns her head and to Larry standing near naked as well. Lena realizes they both want to fuck her, not surprising since Jeff and Larry are both known to be figuratively joined to the hip. To Lena it makes sense for them to double-penetrate her.

Lena lowers her pussy to consume Jeff’s cock, she then holds still for Larry as he slowly pushes his cock in Lena’s ass. Feeling both cocks in her, Lena feels a frenzy of pleasure and pain stir inside her. She gyrates her hips to please the two cocks in her orifices. Her arousal increases by the smell of her sweat and beating of her heart. Of all the sex positions she did with Eddie’s friends, double-penetration gave her most pleasing orgasms.

Lena would never admit this to Chad, even though she resents Chad for arranging this gang-bang, she still loves Chad enough to omit the truth so he won’t feel inadequate, so logically, she shouldn’t orgasm.

But as the DP continues Lena’s reasoning and inhibitions fade away is left with her sexual animal instincts.

“Oh, that’s it, guys.” Lena appeals. “Keeping fucking me.”

Still trusting his cock is her ass, Larry’s hands move under Lena’s arm and cups her breasts and fondles them to her delight. Lena cups her hands on Larry’ hands.

“You like my tits, Larry?” Lena asks. “Do they feel nice?”

“Oh, fuck yeah.” Larry answers between groans.

“You like my ass too, Larry? Your cock likes my ass.” Teases Lena. “And my ass really likes your cock.”

Lena turns her head to Larry and press lips against his lips. Lena forces her tongue in Larry’s mouth. By instinct, Larry’s tongue meets Lena’s and begins a deep tongue kiss. Lena brakes from Larry’s mouth and looks to Jeff beneath her.

“Do you like my pussy, Jeff?” Lena asks. “Is it soft enough? …Is it warm enough? …Is it wet enough? …Is it tight enough?”

Jeff is unable to answer as Lena’s words centers his mind on his penis engulfed in her pussy.

“Come on, guys.” Lena pleads again. “I want to cum. I WANT TO CUM NOW!”

Lena feels the beginning sensations of her imminent orgasm in her wet pussy.

“I GONNA CUM!” Lena yells. “KEEP GOING!”

“Lena, babe. I gonna cum too.” Says Jeff.

“No. Not before me.” Lena demands.

“Oh, god!” yells Larry, still trusting Lena’s ass. “I gonna blow.. AAAGGHH!”

In less than a few seconds, Lena feels a jet stream of hot sperm shoot in her ass, her body trembles as her senses are at the peak of utter bliss. She continues to motion her ass to please Larry and Jeff as she feels Jeff’s cock discharging in her sex. As all three climax, Lena looks to Chad, he doesn’t seem to enjoy watching her fuck two guys like his friends are.

For a second, Lena ponders perhaps his ego can’t take the fact that his girlfriend needs two guys to have an acceptable orgasm or that his friends now know.

A second after that, Lena doesn’t care.

You want a whore, you got one.

After the double-penetration, most of the guys had left the locker room. There were three guys and Chad left. The one after Jeff and Larry fucked Lena missionary, nothing special just very brief. The one after that did the same thing. Kevin was next for Lena, they started off missionary and ended with Lena on top.

Without a word to Chad, Lena walks to the showers.

With no soap to find, Lena has only the warm water from the shower to clean the sweat and sperm from her wet body. She lets the showerhead spray down warm water on her face.

“Did you like it?” says Chad’s voice from behind her asks.

Startled but not surprised, Lena turns face Chad. Chad stands near Lena naked as she is. She sees Chad’s erected cock and notices some pre-cum on the tip.

“I can’t believe you would do this to me.” Lena says. “Why did you do that?”

Chad makes no reply.

“Do you know what’s going to happen now?” Lena asks. “Tomorrow everyone in school will know what happened. Everyone will say I’m a slut.”

“Baby, I told the guys to keep all this a secret. No one’s going to know.” Chad states as he walks to Lena.

“How much do they pay you? Don’t lie to me.”

“Hundred bucks each.”

“Why? Why make me the school whore?”

“I lost a lot of money at the poker game, remember?”

“So you decided to be my pimp?”

“Hey, I thought wanted to help me recover from that night.”

As Chad walks closer to Lena, Lena backs into the tiled wall behind her.

“Lets not fight about this, babe.” Chad says, standing close to Lena. Lena looks down and see Chad hard, stiff cock as close her pussy. “You know how horny I am right now? Seeing you fuck those guys, I know liked it.”

Chad takes holds of Lena’s face and gives her a tongue kiss. As her resentment to Chad fades, Lena willingly surrenders and embraces Chad with absolute passion as he presses her against the tiled wall. The two slide down to the wet tiled floor. Lena is on her back as her spreads her legs, Chad hovers above her and slowly inserts his stiff prick in Lena inviting pussy and immediately thrusts in her.

Lena’s pussy surges with pleasure once again, but it feels different for her. Better than before. Already she feels another orgasm coming. She wonders if watching her have sex with his friends added more blood to his penis, if so, will Chad insist on more of this in the future. Can she handle any more group sex? Does she love Chad enough to get gang-banged?

She forgets the questions in her mind as she feels her climax close by.

“Oh, Chad. Fuck me.” Lena pleads. “I want to cum. Please make me cum.”

Chad thrusts Lena’s pussy hard as he can, feeling his orgasm nearing. To Lena’s surprise, her orgasm hits her like never before. Lena screams as her sexual climax becomes as intense as her DP with Jeff and Larry. If not more.

As her bliss begins to fade away, she feels Chad’s hot and hard cock ejaculate in her. She looks at Chad’s face as he experiences his orgasm. She looks at the handsome face of the man she loves more than anything. She thinks her orgasm was special because Chad loved her enough to give her one, causing Lena to love Chad despite what he did to her.

Lena begins passionately kissing Chad, who kissed her back just as well.

“I love you Chad.” Lena says. “I love you so much.”

“I know, babe.” Chad replies as he rolls off Lena and lays on his back.

Lena crawls on to Chad and resumes kissing.

“Do you love me?” Lena asks.

“You know I do.” Chad answers.

Lena smiles and rests her head on Chad’s chest. Although the whole gang-bang situation started off unpleasantly for Lena, it did lead to the best one-on-one sex with Chad and figure it wasn’t such a bad experience after all. To Lena, this would something for her to think back on when she and Chad are married with kids.

A wonderful memory.


To be continued…

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