Lena Ch. 03

Chapter 3: The Slut Girlfriend

On an early Sunday morning, Lena sits in the passenger seat of Eddie’s car as it drives into the city. She’s dressed in her clothes from Friday, which she felt it more appropriate than the skanky bikini she wore last night.

“You sure you don’t want to have breakfast?” Eddie asks.

“No.” Lena answers. “I just want to go home and take a long shower.”

“You can shower at my place.” Eddie smiles. “The weekend’s not over yet.”

“No thanks.” Lena answers, not amused. There is silence for a few minutes.

“What are you going to tell Chad?” Eddie inquires.

Lena is unable to answer. She doesn’t know how she’ll explain why she spent yesterday with Eddie and his friends. Why she allowed herself to be used by them. Lena agreed to have sex with Eddie last Friday to settle the enormous debt Chad owed him. It was supposed to be one night with Eddie, but Lena wanted to keep Chad from further gambling with Eddie and his gambling associates, so she made a new deal with Eddie, which led her to get gang-banged by Eddie and his four friends on a yacht.

Lena recalls with shame how she gave them her young body willing. Only days ago, the thought of her fucking a group of men would disgust her, but on that night she became an out of control slut. The blowjobs, the ass fucks, the double-pentatrations, the various positions she didn’t about until then and that creepy Pete with his camcorder recording every moment.

After a brief morning swim, Lena, being the only one awake, sneaked to the sleeping/passed out Pete and stealthily takes the videotape from him. She then wakes up Eddie with a blow job and asks him to take her home before the others wake up.

Keeping the tape concealed under her jacket, Lena sees familiar surrounding near her neighborhood.

“Drop me off here.” Lena tells. “I can walk the rest of the way.”

Eddie pulls over to the side of the street.

“You’ll understand when I say I hope to never see you again?” Lena states, unfastening her seat belt.

“What? You’re saying you didn’t have a good time?” Eddie asks. Lena decides not to answer as she opens the passenger side door. Eddie grabs Lena’s arm, stopping her from leaving.

“Let go.” Calmly demands Lena.

“Why didn’t you admit that you enjoyed what happened?”

“It doesn’t matter if I liked it or not. I’m not doing this again.”

“You think your loser boyfriend can get you off like last night…or the night before?”

“Chad’s not a loser.”

“Believe me, Chad’s a loser. He may have a cool car, he may live in a mansion and has a girlfriend with great ass, but he’s a loser.”

“If you don’t let go of me now I’ll scream.”

Eddie releases his grip on Lena’s arm, allowing her to leave the car.

“When you get tired of amateur hour with Chad, come over to the restaurant.” Eddie bellows. Lena replies by slamming the car door and walks away

* * * * *

Lena jumps in the shower as she returns home, hoping to clean away the sins she commented. Her soapy hands runs through every inch of her nude body to rid herself of the stains still on her after her nude swim. She starts with the sweat and semen on her face and hair from her blow jobs, lower down to her breasts when most of Eddie’s friends licked and sucked, which Lena somewhat enjoyed, she moves only one hand down to her stomach, leaving the another hand caressing the hard puffed-up nipple of her breast.

Gently rubbing her stomach, Lena’s mind takes her back to the yacht, to the sensations she felt when she was double-fucked by Eddie and Todd. Reliving the moment, she remembers pleasure of the double-penetration, the sound of her moans, the loud beating of her heart, the smell her sweat, the taste of Eddie’s sweat, and then the gratification of the orgasm.

Lena’s hand slides down from her stomach to her pussy. Two of her soapy fingers slip in her wet sex. Fingering her clit, she instinctively knows it’s wet from her arousal and not from the water. Lena then recalls being on her back getting fucked by Pete while sucking Victor’s cock, then when Eddie fucked her ass while she sucked Todd’s cock, when Lena was double-penetrated with Victor beneath her and Todd above her as she suck Eddie’s cock. Finally Lena recalls Harris sucking on her nipple while finger-fucking her. Lena’s soapy fingers go deeper in her pussy and fuck it hard as Harris did. Lena thought Harris to be vulgar, but she remembers Harris’s strong, thick fingers in her pussy and his slick tongue caressing her nipple until her orgasm. An orgasm she remembers more clearly than the other orgasms that night.

Lena moans as she replay the sex with Harris again and again until she feels her fingers covered with her fluids as she orgasms again.

Lena pulls her fingers out as she regains her senses. Suddenly she feels guilt and shame overwhelming her, causing her to cry. She sits on the tub, curled up as the shower sprays water down, unable to wash away her sins.

What’s wrong with me? Lena thinks.

* * * * *

Wearing only a towel wrapped around her, Lena lays on her bed in her room. She contemplates on the orgasm she just gave herself in the shower. Lena had never masturbated before; she always felt it was wrong for anyone to gratify himself or herself like that.

Lena sees the bikini top on her bed, next to the…

Wait a minute.

Lena quickly sits up to seejust the bikini top on her bed. But she remembers leaving the g-string and the videotape on her bed before taking her shower.

Someone took the tape. She thinks. Lena dashes from her room, on her way the living room, in case someone is playing the tape on the VCR. As she hurries down the stairs, Lena thinks of the possible suspects who would have the nerve to go in her room and just take videotape. Maybe her fathers back from his business trip, but he wouldn’t just go in her room. To her recollection, Lena’s father never went to her room. Or her mother’s back from wherever pleasure trip she had. No reason for her to enter Lena’s room. Maybe it’s Teresa, the Filipina maid, she could have went in her room to pick up laundry and find the tape. But Teresa usually sleeps in on Sundays.

Lena finally enters the living room and to her shock sees on the TV the image of herself doing a reverse-cowgirl on Victor while sucking the cock of a man standing in front of her, the screen doesn’t show the face of the man and Lena can’t recall who it was considering she was in that particular position two or three times. Standing near the TV was Chad; Lena’s feels her stomach sink as he turns to face her.

“Don’t even try to explain this.” Says Chad with an assertive scowl.

“You won’t suppose to see that.” Lena states best as she can.

“What kind of slut are you?” Chad asserts. “I told you to fuck Eddie and you wind up fucking a bunch of guys!”

“I had to.” Lena pleads, walking to Chad. “After I had sex with Eddie, he wanted me to go with him to his friend’s yacht and fuck his friends. He wouldn’t forgive your debt if I didn’t.” Lena states, omitting her deal with Eddie. “I did all this for you. For us.”

Lena stands in front of Chad, fearing that her boyfriend can’t love someone who can have sex with five strangers in a reckless manner.

“Say something.” Lena pleads.

Chad holds out the red g-string in front of Lena.

“Did Eddie buy this for you?”

“Yes.” Lena humbly answers.

“Did you like it?” Chad asks.

“No.” Lena humbly answers again. “I don’t like the way people were looking at me wearing that…

“I meant the fucking, you dumb whore!” Chad asserts, throwing the g-sting to the floor between them. “Do you like getting fucked by those guys?”

“No.” Lena quickly replies.

“Did you cum?” Chad asks.

“Chad, that doesn’t–“

“DID YOU CUM?” Chad loudly asks.

“Yes.” Lena blurts.

“How many?”

“I don’t know, maybe two or three times.”

“So you did like it, you slut!”

Lena takes a few steps to Chad, putting her right in front of him. Chad faces away from Lena.

“I know you’re hurt, but you know would not cheat on you like this.” Lena appeals. “And there’s some good from all this, I can finally please you like you want me to.”

Chad looks in Lena’s desperate eyes. Lena pulls her towel from her and lets it drop on the floor, revealing her naked body.

“Fuck me, Chad.” Says Lena. “Take me now. I know how to have sex. I can be the girlfriend you deserve. Fuck me right here and now.”

In seconds, Lena is pulled to her boyfriend and gets a deep thong kiss for half a minute. She then finds herself carried over Chad’s shoulder as he walks from the living room. As Chad carries Lena up the stairs, she feels a hard, stinging slap on her ass.

“You want to fuck, you slut? I’ll give you a fucking you won’t forget.” Says Chad.

Lena’s ass is slapped again. It hurts her but as much as her fear of Chad’s anger. She hopes the sex with calm him down and enable him to remember why she was on that yacht to begin with.

In Lena’s room, Chad drops her on her bed and hurryingly takes his clothes off. Laying flat on her bed, Lena looks to Chad undressing until he is as naked as her. With a hard erected penis, Chad walks to the bed.

“I love you.” Lena says looking in Chad’s eyes.

Chad says nothing as he crawls over Lena and lower his cock into her pussy. Lena closes her eyes and takes a deep breath as she welcomes her boyfriend member in her. As the pelvic motion begins, Chad grabs Lena’s wrists. The motions get harder and faster.

“Chad, I love you.” Lena says again.

“Then why did I have to wait four months to fuck you?” Chad surly asks, still thrusting his cock in his girlfriend.

“I told you I wasn’t ready.” Lena answers.

“But you were ready to go to a stranger’s house and let yourself get gang-banged.” Chad’s grips on Lena’s wrists tighten.

“Chad, you’re hurting me.” Lena pleads.

“Is it because you didn’t think I was good enough?” The thrusts get harder.

“No, Chad. I told you I wanted you as my first.”

Suddenly, Chad pulls his cock from Lena. He grabs one on her legs to forcibly turn Lena on to her front. This reminds Lena of her first anal sex with Todd and the pain she felt, followed by the pleasure. She feels the pain again as Chad rams his cock in her ass, causing her to growl in pain.

“You’re just a slut, aren’t you, Lena?” Chad yells.

Once again, Lena feels a growing sensation of sexual bliss taking over her very being, ceasing her inhibitions.

“YES! GOD DAMMIT, FUCK ME!” Lena screeches.

Chad’s thrusts get harder and harder, until he ejaculates in Lena’s ass. The thrusts slows down to a steady pace for half a minute until Chad pulls his cock out and lays down next to Lena.

Lena’s room is in silence except for the deep breathing of the teenage lovers. Lena looks at Chad, lying on her bed, resting his eyes. Even though she didn’t orgasm herself, she feels happy that Chad did, relieving him from his sexual frustration. Sexual frustration she caused.

“Did you like it?” Lena softly asks.

“Yeah.” Chad answers. “You have a really tight ass.”

Lena ignores Chad last statement and crawls closer to him. As Lena lays on her side next her boyfriend, Chad opens his eyes and looks at her. Chad smiles.

“Do you want to do it again?” Lena asks.

“Fuck, yeah. You’re gonna show me everything you learned.”

“Why don’t you rest for a few minutes? I’m going to the pool to cool off.”

“Sure. I’ll be there in a few.”

As Lena hopes off her bed, she reach for her robe, but decide not to bother. She finds it rousing to walk around her home naked.

Making her way back to the living room, Lena takes the videotape from the VCR. She knows no good well come from anyone watching this tape. Lena hurries the kitchen with the tape, there she smashes the tape against the counter and feeds the remains in the garbage disposal. As she hears the grinding and crushing sounds of the incriminating tape being destroys, she gives a sigh of relief.

Feeling thirsty, Lena walks the fridge to retrieve a soda. Opening the door, she spots a bottle of champagne. Thinking as a way to celebrate a new stage in relationship with Chad, she takes the champagne. As she shuts the fridge door, the sight of a petite Flipina startles Lena in her early twenties, dressed in a maid’s outfit.

“Jesus, Teresa!” Lena blurts. “You fucking scared me!”

“Why are you walking around like that?” Teresa criticizes. “And where have you been all of yesterday?”

“None of your business.” Lena harshly answers.

“Your father will want to know. You think you can tell him it’s none of his business?”

“Do you even know how to contact him? My dad pays you clean the house, sort the mail, do the laundry and when Mom’s not around, suck his cock.”

Teresa’s mouth drop at Lena’s accusing words.

“Don’t deny it.” Lena continues. “Even if you tell my dad, I’ll just play innocent and mention I’ve seen you drinking his liquor cabinet. He’ll figure you’re too much trouble to have, so he’ll fire you and maybe even deport you. What do you think about that?”

Teresa says nothing for a few seconds.

“Fine, then.” Teresa says, giving in.

“Good. Now go to your room and stay there. I don’t want my boyfriend to see you.”

Lena smugly watches Teresa leave, she feels good over her victory over the slut letting herself be fucked by her father.What kind of woman would fuck a married man? Lena asks herself. She hopes Teresa will obey her and stay in her room, having that shamelessly promiscuous Flipina in her home with her boyfriend enough cause for concern.

* * * * *

Slowly treading water with her arms and legs, Lena feels the liberating sensations of floating naked in the water of the pool in the backyard. She never swam in the pool without a swimsuit before, but plans to do so far now on.

Her bliss ceases by a huge splash near her. Treading water upright, she sees Chad emerging from the water, still naked as well. Lena begins to tread water as she positions herself in the middle of the pool.

“Are you ready for more?” Lena playfully asks.

“You know I am.” Chad replies. “Come over here.”

“No. You want me, you’ll have to get.” Lena swims away from Chad, who swims to her in pursuit. Lena leads Chad to the shallow end of the pool. With her feet on the tiled floor, Lena stops and waits for Chad to take her in the romantic fashion she fantasized one time.

With Lena in arms-reach, Chad stands on the tiled floor. His hands embrace Lena’s hips and pulls her to him, Chad’s open mouth presses against Lena’s and forces his tongue inside, which Lena surrenders her mouth and her body to him. Chad’s hands move down from Lena’s hips to her ass, she feels the hands caressing and squeeze her firm ass. Lena wraps her arms around Chad as she feels his stiff prick brushing against her.

“Have me here.” Lena pleads after breaking the open-mouth kiss. “I want you to fuck me in the pool.”

Responding to Lena’s plea, Chad lowers his hands from Lena’s ass to the back of her legs and firmly takes hold of them, then he pulls her legs to him. As Lena obligingly wraps her legs around Chad’s waist, she feels Chad’s cock taken in by her pussy.

Lena secures her position by wrapping her arms around Chad’s shoulders as she motions her hips to please Chad’s cock. Her pussy is excited once again, craving for another tinkling surge of bliss as before. But Lena feels it well be different this time, not like in the yacht with five horny men who only wanted her for sex. Hot, sweaty, constantly climaxing sex. Lena didn’t love any of them as she loves Chad, so on a more intimate level, the sex well be better.

Still in intercourse, Lena closes her eyes and focus on the growing pleasure emanating from her sex. She eagerly waits for her body to receive the approaching orgasm.

“AAAAGGGHHHH!” Chad’s scream brakes Lena’s focus, she then feels Chad’s cock ejaculating in her from his orgasm. The sensation from the penetrating penis begins to dwindle for Lena, leaving unfulfilled.

Chad release Lena, allowing her to stand. With her feet back on the pool floor, Lena embraces him, keeping her disappointment to herself.

“I love you, Chad.” Lena says mostly to remind herself.

“Love you too, babe.” Chad replies. “

“I fantasize about having my first time to be in this pool. With you.” Lena says.

“Just me? Not with five other guys?”

Offended, Lena pulls away from Chad.

“That’s not funny.” Says Lena. “Do you want to know why I wanted to wait? The real reason?”

“You kept telling me you weren’t ready.”

“And I wasn’t.” Lena explains. “I was afraid I would do it wrong and then you’d leave me for someone else. When you wanted me to fuck Eddie, I didn’t care anything about him, so I disappointed him in bed he would just do his business and then ask me to leave.”

“Well, you seem really good at it now.” Chad bluntly states.

“Yes, now I am.” Lena admits, walking to Chad. “Chad, I love you. Only you. That thing with Eddie and his friends was just a one-time thing. I’m never going to do anything like that again.”

“So you think you can stop being a slut, like that?” Chad asks.

“Maybe.” Answers Lena, pressing her nude against his, smiling. “Or maybe I can just be your slut. Yours and yours only.”


“Yes. Now that you’ll stop gambling, like you promised, we can spend our time together fucking.”

“I like the sound of that.” Chad grins.

“I knew you would.” Lena smiles.

The two begin to kiss passionately for a few minutes. Afterwards, Lena and Chad swim to the champagne Lena left at the edge of the pool. As the lovers drink to celebrate their first of many sexual encounters, Lena ponders the past few nights and realizes it wasn’t all so bad. Since Chad’s gambling was the cause of his stress, he can treat Lena better now that Chad will stop. She did enjoy the sex with Eddie and his friends, but only on a physical level and now she can be the slut girlfriend Chad wants.

Slut. Lena thinks.Such a degrading word.

To be continued…

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