Lena Ch. 02-2

“Fuck no.”

“I’m going to spank that ass for all your disrespect this past month.”

Lena scoffed and took her exit. Lena spent the day a bit disgruntled; dealing with her uncle was hard enough without him knowing her secrets. Everything seemed to be a mess at work. She dropped a whole batch of brownies, and then later that day, a shelf knocked over, and powdered sugar ended up on her head. By the time she got the place closed and cleaned up her many messes, it was almost 10:30.

When she entered the house, it was quiet; Ames was asleep in his chair. She assumed Jr was in his room; his car had been parked outside.

“Daddy? You need to go to bed,” Lena nudged his shoulder.

He opened his eyes, nodding his head in agreement.

“I must have fallen asleep.”

Ames looked at her messy apron; a few white specks dotted her dark roots, but she looked good.

“Can I eat it tonight?”

“No, Daddy,” she whispered, motioning her head toward her brother’s room.

Lena walked to her room and got ready for bed as Ames walked upstairs. She was in the midst of her nighttime routine and cringed at the knock on the door around midnight.

Her fingers lodged in her pussy, and she quickly removed them.

“What?” She groaned at being interrupted.

“Wake up and unlock this door.”


The knob jerked, and she groaned, “Go away, Sam, fucking perv.”

Her fingers returned to her sticky clit, and she found her rhythm. When she heard her brother and Sam talking, she quickly stopped, got out of bed, and unlocked the door.

“It’s too late for hallway conversations,” Lena groaned.

“My bad, I was getting ready to go,” Jr replied.


“Jr is a grown man. You really do act like his mother; sometimes, you might as well sleep upstairs with his daddy,” Sam folded his arms.

“I know, right,” Jr groaned and grabbed his bag to walk toward the door.

“Sorry, Jr,” Lena rolled her eyes at Sam.

When the front door shut, Lena quickly took off toward the steps up to her daddy’s room. Sam lunged at her. Holding her mouth closed, and brought her back into her bedroom before closing the door behind them.

“You need another spanking?”

“Fuck you, Sam. that shot didn’t even hurt.”

Lena’s face was red with fury as she glared at his thick torso.

Sam looked down at her short frame with curiosity, “You like pain?”

“You can’t hurt me,” she smirked.

“Don’t make it 20,” he threatened.

Lena’s clit was thumbing at the thought of another spanking, but she didn’t want to let him know.

Sam took a seat on her small bed

“Bend over,” he ordered.

“Make me.”

Sam grabbed her arm, pulling her down onto his lap. The first whack made a low groan escape her lips. She braced and clenched her wall muscles as juice saturated her pussy lips.

“2…3…4…5…6,” he began.

Lena’s head flew up and interrupted the stern spanking, “Harder, please.”

“Shut up!”

“You, shut up,” she shot back.

“7…8, 9,10,” he sneered and peered down at her flushed ass cheeks.

“More, mmm.”

He gave her ass ten consecutive smacks, “I’m done with you. Go to work.”

Lena stood up. She bit her lip and touched his shoulder.

“No. I don’t want to fuck you. You needed a spanking.”

She pouted.

“Plus, I heard you in there. You can’t take dick.”

“I bet I could take your little dick,” she rolled her eyes.

He chuckled; he had never seen a cock as big as his, maybe in a porno. Sam’s cock would destroy her little pussy lips.

“I’ve got more than your daddy,” he glanced at her.

“Prove it.”

Sam gave a head shake that sent Lena to sour her expression.

“Whatever, get out then.”

“You’ll get ten more tomorrow,” he informed her before closing the door.

The following day Lena called in sick to work with a minor excuse, promising she would return tomorrow. She waited until Jr left and came out into the living area.

Sam had his headset on, and his thumbs were busy. He looked very relaxed until he saw his niece.

“Good Morning, Lena.”

He was hoping for an appropriate greeting and that his discipline was working.

“Hey, Asshole,” Lena laughed.

Sam glared her way and dropped the controller, “Bend over.”

His eyes held slight darkness to them, and Lena’s heart fluttered.

“No,” she said plainly and watched as he became angrier.

“You are very good at pissing me off,” he noted. “Do I need to get a belt?”

She smirked, “You won’t do it.”

He lunged up, and Lena moaned as he grasped her waist and brought her up. They were face to face, his arms wrapped around her body.

“Stop it!” He shouted, sending chills down her spine.

“Spank me.”

He gave her ten continuous slaps, no counting required.

“More…please,” Lena was almost out of breath with desire.


He dropped her to her feet, and Lena frowned in disappointment, “It didn’t hurt.”

“Next time, I’ll spank your little pussy,” he warned.

“Do it now,” she pouted and pushed his chest.

“No, ma’am, you have to earn that privilege.”

“You stay in my house and eat my food and drink my Daddy’s liquor; you owe me!”

“I owe your father, not you.” He took a seat on the recliner.

“Get up off his chair then!”

“Make me.”

Lena lunged toward him and pushed his chest; he caught her by the arm and brought her to his lap. His rough fingers pulled at her cotton underwear.

The fabric was around her thighs, and she rubbed her ass on his lap, giving up on his toughness.

“You like it rough, don’t you, bitch.”

Lena moaned as his other hand kneaded her breast, “Yess.”

He chuckled and released his hold, “Get off me.”

“No!” Lena whined, “I want a spanking.”

“I’m not your father; that doesn’t work on me,” he smiled, shaking his head.

He picked up his controller, and she knocked it down to the floor.

“Fuck you!”

“You will never get my dick, not acting like that.”

Lena smirked, “I don’t want it.”

“Yes, you do; you’re a slut,” he noted and let his thumbs go back to work.

“I am not!”

“Are too.”


“Shh,” he laughed and placed his finger to his lips. “Be quiet and go to your room.”

“Why? so you can jack your little dick.”

He smirked and released his monster cock with a huge glossy tip. It was hard and ready to play.

Lena’s mouth dropped and watered as vastly as her pussy,

“It’s so big,” she swallowed.

“And it’s not for you.” He chuckled and put it back into his boxers.

“You can’t use it.”

“You’ll never find out.”

Lena’s eyes softened; she wanted some of the fat cock.

“I’m sorry, Sam.”

“No, you’re not; I told you that shit doesn’t work on me,” he explained, keeping his eyes on the screen.

“I am. Uncle Sam,” Lena whined.

“Go away, your fucking up my concentration.”

“Can I play?”


Lena walked over and rubbed his shoulder; he shifted and waved her away.

“I’ll tell.”

Sam scoffed and glanced toward her petite frame. The oversized T-shirt hung down to her knees. She didn’t have makeup on, but her plump rosy lips pouted in despair. He pressed pause on the controller.

“If you behave, I’ll let you taste it.”

She nodded and kept her eyes on the crotch of his pants.

“I’ll be good, I promise.” Lena tried straddling his lap, but he pushed her narrow shoulders to get on her knees.

“Lick it.”

She clasped his kneecaps and settled herself between his legs. When he unleashed the oddity, she shuddered in delight. Her eyes were wide with excitement, a cock that big would stretch her open to deliver what she craved.

“Don’t bite it.” Sam eyed her with uncertainty.

He placed the tip on her tongue, brushing it around her small taste buds. She let her tongue lap over the head, slurping at his rich cream.

“It’s good?” He smiled.

Lena nodded; it was the sweetest dick she had ever had. The shaft was so thick and veiny as it throbbed against her soft tongue.

“Could you put it inside me?” She asked, stroking the shaft decorated in her drool.

He shook his head, “You aren’t ready for me.”

Lena didn’t look up, talking instead to the thick head of his dick, “I am….”

She glanced up, “Please, uncle sam, I can try.”

“Stop begging and finish licking me.”

Lena nodded, licking and sucking up his delicious cock. Her mouth was packed, and she hummed and moaned, letting her hand roam over her breast and down her stomach. She knew if she sucked good enough, that dick would be hers. Her fingers traveled down, lifting the T-shirt to rub her pulsing clit.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, mouth full of cock.

“Slow down. You’re going to choke.”

Lena rolled her eyes. She wanted the cock in her throat and had an idea to bite it; maybe then he would be so angry, he would spank her pussy with fire. But his cock was too good, and she didn’t want to let it go just yet.

“What are you doing?” Sam asked, noticing her hands busy at work underneath the oversized shirt.

Lena only moaned louder, keeping her pace, sucking greedily, trying to take as much of the shaft as possible. She removed the dick from her mouth and pleaded, “please fuck me.”

Lena looked up, her mouth opened as her fingertips swiped harder against her hard clit.

“Please….mmm, please.”

“Are you going to cum?” Sam asked.

Her fingers were sticky, and she had already had one orgasm. She nodded and continued manipulating the tender bead. She wanted his rough fingers to do it. Lena stood up and grabbed his hand, “Please, Uncle Sam,” she begged.

Sam smirked and shook his head, removing his hand away from her weak clasp.

“Do it!” Lena shouted.

“No, I told you to stop begging. You’re lucky I let you taste this sweet cock.”

Lena pushed his hard chest and gasped as his hands grabbed her waist. He gave her a sharp slap to the ass, “Behave!”

“I want to be fucked,” she whined, grinding her pussy on his kneecap.

He looked at her, amused as she swirled her hips.

“Ooh,” she breathed.

Lena noticed his face becoming more irritated, but she needed to cum on his hard body. She rolled her hips and moved her hair out of her face. Grasping his shoulder to balance, rocking faster as her hand caressed his enormous cock.

“Ooh, fuck, spank my ass Uncle Sam,” she pleaded.

He entertained her and patted her ass playfully.

“Harder, please, I want-“

Sam counted out six smacks of her tender flesh while she humped harder.


“Ahh, God, mmm.” The pain and pleasure caused her eyes to roll, and she finished her orgasm over his hairy knee.

Lena gave her uncle a lazy smile and bit her lip. He pushed her off of him to stand.

“You are a bad girl, getting me worked up,” he explained.

“I always get what I want.”

Lena smirked and walked back to her room. She turned at the door, “I want more spankings tomorrow.”

“Do it yourself,” he rolled his eyes and focused back on the screen.

Sam sighed; he thought he could discipline his niece, but she was a pain slut and enjoyed it too much. He wondered just how far she would go for a spanking.

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