Lena Ch. 02-1

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Lena’s eyes were wide with excitement, sitting on the edge of the loveseat. Her stepfather, Ames, stood to his feet to cheer on his favorite team. He scanned the 72-inch television screen, keeping his sights on the players and the orange ball. It went into the hoop, and he glanced back at his brother, “One hundred dollars.” He held his hand out.

“What the fuck!” Sam stood, glaring at the final score. His brows creased, and he sat back on the couch and shook his head. “No way! How the hell did that just happen?”

“Yes! I told you never to underestimate Golden State. Give up the money!” He shouted in excitement. “I want my money in cash, not that cash app shit either.”

“I’ll give you a dollar. I would barely call that last shot a big win,” Sam sneered.

“We had you all beat in the first half! You caught up in the third and…” Ames shrugged. “Still did not win,” he gave a false pout in taunt of his younger brother.

Sam pulled out his wallet to fetch the money owed. He was just thankful his brother had not asked for the thousands of dollars he owned.

“Lena, Are you seeing this?” Ames smiled at his oldest daughter as Sam placed each 20-dollar bill in his hand.

“Yeah, I can’t believe he’s paying for something. Broke-ass,” Lena rolled her eyes.

Sam grimaced and looked in her direction. What was supposed to be a playful interaction, he took it to heart. Sam enjoyed spending time with his brother, but he did not like his niece. He couldn’t wait to find an apartment of his own and get away from the brat.

Sam had graduated college two years ago and was soon after in the process of getting a promotion at work. He was on the verge of becoming successful until covid kicked his ass and his wallet. Sam moved to the city to find more opportunities; crashing on his brother’s couch was his current situation. Even with his homeless condition, he still felt he had the upper hand over Lena. She was younger than him and needed to show respect.

“Lakers need to be careful this year. We could make it to the championship,” Ames commented.

“Hell no! They ain’t winning shit. They got lucky tonight,” Lena smiled and took a sip of her beer.

“You just want us to lose. You’re a hater,” he smiled back, popping her forehead playfully.

Sam looked at his brother, a little disappointed that he had not scolded his daughter for her use of profanity. Ames was a weak father figure, he thought. If it were his daughter who had mouthed off to him that way, he would handle it more physically. A stern talking to and a few spankings, and she would learn quickly to keep her mouth closed.

“I doubt y’all will go that far, all those failed free throws,” Sam chuckled, shaking off his irritation.

“What! We only missed 3!” Ames shouted, holding up three fingers.

Sam laughed as Ames went into a deep-dive debate on each player’s stats.

Lena listened intently to Ames’s opinions, adding a few comments to the conversation. Her Daddy was so funny and always discussed different topics so passionately. She couldn’t help but bite her lip and take his animated stance. His head almost touched the ceiling fan. He was tall and had an impressive athletic build at 40 years old. Lena could see his thick cock swaying in the jogging pants, enticing her pussy to drip instantly. He was only talking extra loud cause he was drunk.

Ames was always inspired to drink more when his brother was home. She disliked how her uncle pressured him to act sometimes. One time Sam had asked her Daddy to spank her because she refused to give him the proper title. Sam was only 25, five years older than herself, plus it was a ridiculous name.

Lena peered over at Uncle Sam; his brown hair was shaggy and matched his ragged beard. He was a monster of a man, broad and just as tall as her father, but instead of being humble like her Daddy, he was an arrogant ass. She knew Sam wasn’t job hunting like he always told her father. He only sat in the house with his shirt off, playing video games. The sight, she thought, looked a mess; thick brown hair on his breastplate hid a few tattoos. Ink also covered his extended arms and biceps.

Sam took a swig of beer and belched loudly. Lena turned her nose to her creepy uncle; she assumed everyone had one.

Lena focused her attention back on Daddy. She caught his eye and gave him a sly smile. He paused, speaking to bite his lip, and motioned his head for Lena to go upstairs.

Uncle Sam’s mind was on his phone, and he didn’t see the improper interaction. If he did, Lena thought, who cares? This was her house, and once Jr left, she would be her Daddy’s only priority.

Lena lunged up and began running upstairs. She couldn’t wait to get some of Ames’s long cock. He had been working all week at the lumber yard. He would finish his Saturday night with his tongue deep in her pussy.

Sam looked up and rolled his eyes at Lena’s loud footsteps. She acted like an immature child instead of a 20-year-old woman. He figured it was her father’s fault. Had he been spanking her ass, this wouldn’t be the issue.

“Pops would have beat our ass if we ran in the house like that,” Sam commented.

Ames laughed and went to the kitchen for another beer.

“You let that little girl do anything and talk to me like I’m her friend,” Sam added.

“She was just playing around, and she’s an adult.”

“She’s your daughter. You let her talk to you in any type of way. She needs to learn some respect,” he barked.

“Calm down, Sam. it’s not that big of a deal.”

Sam shrugged it off as Ames walked upstairs where he could retreat and relax.

When he opened the door, Lena’s pussy was spread out like a four-course meal. Thick caramel thighs opened wide and showcased a tan pussy with a small rosy clit.

He shut the door fast and grinned.

“What can I do?” He asked and dropped to his knees at the edge of the bed.

Lena smirked, “Just lick my belly.”

He moved his torso up to make wet circles around her soft stomach. Lena’s pussy was already dripping hot honey. She enjoyed having control over him, and it made her feel powerful. She gazed down in lust as his tongue swiveled up and down her stomach.

“Mmm…Yeah, lick my nipples, Daddy,” Lena’s eyes were hooded, her voice husky.

Ames left a wet trail up her ribs toward the soft brown nipple; he sucked gently until it became hard as a pebble. His thick fingers inched down her soft thigh toward her smooth mound.

“No!” She gave a sharp cry. “Suck the other,” Lena giggled.

Daddy adored her pussy, and she loved teasing him with it. His face stayed focused on hers, and she smiled. He lapped over her other boob and popped the nipple into his mouth, moaning slightly.

“Are you hungry, Daddy?”

When she said this, he stood to his feet quickly, his expression one of longing. He removed his shirt, revealing a rigid body, a glint of brown hair covering his chest. His long arms hung at his side, dappled with thick hair strands. It all looked incredible to Lena, and she spread her thighs wide, letting her feet dangle in the air, and placed her finger on her tiny clit.

“Lick right here, Daddy,” she giggled.

Ames took smooth laps at her clitoris, and Lena melted. She needed this after a long week of gazing at him around the house.

Daddy’s tongue was her favorite, but they could only play around on the weekends when Jr, Ames’s real son and Lena’s half brother, was away. Lena did not want anyone to find out about their taboo relationship. But if Ames had his way, he would be sucking Lena’s pussy dry every night. He was genuinely obsessed with his stepdaughter’s sweet taste. Earlier, he had sniffed her crotch in the kitchen as she made dinner. She had to scold him to keep his composure. The humiliating words she used caused his cock to jump,

“You are sick, Daddy; all you want to do is eat my fucking pussy; I should tell your son what a fucking perv you are,” Lena had chastised.

Amez moaned; being governed was what he loved. He protested as he washed his tongue over her panties under her pink sundress.

“If you misbehave, I won’t let you eat it anymore,” Lena had giggled.

The threat of not tasting her sent his heart to break, “I’m sorry, princess.”

Their relationship prevailed; it was a secret, but Lena loved her Daddy and would serve him up some pussy if she felt he deserved it, and he always did.


Sam got a text message and looked down at his phone: U up?

He smiled and then checked his negative bank account and, likewise, his empty wallet. He didn’t have money for the Uber to get to the Tinder match’s house. He thought he had an extra 20.

Sam needed now to go upstairs to his brother’s room to ask for some of that bet money back. He was a bit nervous about asking but paused at the staircase. His brows furrowed; he couldn’t remember if Lena had come down from her father’s room. The shrieks coming from up there sounded like luscious moans of pleasure. He stepped up each step gradually, not wanting to make any rasps. The cries and mumbles sounded too much like his bratty niece, and the thought quickened his heart. His brother couldn’t be fucking his stepdaughter.

“Agh, make me cum, Daddy!”

Sam grimaced and got a bit angry. Lena had lied to him; when asked why she wasn’t dating, she had said she didn’t like boys. When he had tried to entice her to let him cop a feel of her big breasts, she had brushed him off, calling him a creep.

“That little slut,” he smiled.

Sam was at the door, keeping his ear to the wood.

Her voice held a lot of authority, “No! Daddy!”

“You can’t eat until you fuck me right,” she ordered.

Sam rolled his eyes that the little bitch was even in control in the bedroom. He would not have listened to her bullshit, and he would grab her and lick her slick pussy until she cried for him to stop. He listened to a bit more of her raunchy speech. Calling his brother names made him angry, and his cock throbbed to punish her.


“Fuck me harder, Daddy,” Lena panted.

She grabbed the hair on his chest, “Fuck me right, or I’ll tell my brother his dad is a fucking pervert.”

Ames shuttered with desire as she smacked his face and pulled him down for a sloppy kiss.

“Harder, Daddy, mmm, make this pussy squirt!” She boldly requested and lapped at his full lips.

His slow strokes weren’t enough; she wanted Daddy to destroy her pussy. Lena had never had much sex, but she enjoyed it rough; she held onto his shoulders as he pumped.

“Oh…mmm,” Lena gasped as Ames finally started thrusting a bit faster.

Ames was always apprehensive about not being rough with his princess.

Lena moved and got on all fours; Ames followed her lead and gently inserted himself back into her warmth.

He held off his nut, looking up to avoid seeing her plump ass shaking severely on his cock.

“Oh. Fuck, oh, I’m. Going to cum,” he groaned low.

“Not until I tell you,” she panted and gripped the sheets. “Mmm, stick a finger in my ass, Daddy.”

She arched her back, and Ames placed a thick finger inside her asshole.

“Ahh, harder, Daddy, stop being a bitch!”

Ames fought his urge to spray his seed and focused on his finger going in and out of Lena’s pretty asshole. “Ahh…Fuck!” Lena shouted above the Television background noise. She loved the slight discomfort, and the sensation made her cookie tingle. With daddy’s long cock hitting her g spot and his finger deep in her ass, she sprayed her warm pussy juice on the bed.

The warm nut running down her leg hardly held her off; she continued throwing her ass in circles around his cock.

“Deeper, Daddy, fuck!” She ordered, her pussy still pulsing with need.

“Please, Lena,” Ames pleaded. He groaned, keeping his fast pace, his knees becoming weaker as Lena’s pussy muscles clenched his cock.

“I’m com-“

Lena hurriedly moved her position and glared at him and his swollen cock.

“Hands up, I didn’t tell you to cum, Daddy. If you nut, you will not eat me anymore,” Lena warned.

As a lie, she couldn’t and wouldn’t go too long without Daddy’s tongue.

Ames breathed hard and fast, his hands barely in the air; he fought the urge to reach down and finish. But he did not want to disobey his Princess.

“Please, Princess. Just…”

“Stop begging and clean my pussy up.”

He moved between her legs and lapped at her sensitive clit; his tongue trailed down to her asshole.

Her voice was raspy and full of desire, “Eat my ass, Daddy, and finger my pussy.”

Ames obeyed, ignoring his throbbing member; he flicked his tongue faster. He used his middle and index finger to thrust inside her warm hole.

Lena was in total bliss by the double sensations. Her voice was caught in her throat, so lost in her pleasure, “Faster, Daddy, I want you. To lick all my cream up.”

She focused on another spasm closing her eyes; she didn’t have to roll her hips. Daddy knew how to make his Princess cum.

“Good Daddy, oh yes….”

She opened her eyes to look at the wiggle of his wide tongue on her hard clit. She jumped at catching sight of her uncle at the door, she gasped, and her legs fell from the elevated stance.

“Are you okay, baby?” Ames halted his licks.

Her face held a slight irritation, and he thought it might be his fault and went back to licking.

Lena stared at her uncle in hatred and rolled her hips around Daddy’s skillful tongue.

“Mmm, Do you love this pussy?” She asked Ames but kept her sights on her uncle’s disgusted face.

Ames nodded and mumbled his adoration, “I love. It. I love this pussy, Princess.”

Lena gave her peeping tom uncle Sam a smirk and was happy to cum all over his brother’s tongue while he watched on.

“Yes! Ooh, Daddy,” she moaned loudly and raised her hands to pinch her tender nipples.

The door silently closed, and Sam walked away from the entrance to go back downstairs. He would get some of that pussy and discipline her for the nasty shit she did. The little slut had to come down sooner or later.


Lena returned downstairs and walked to her room, and her uncle, thankfully, was passed out on the couch. She got into her bed and wrapped the covers tight around her. Daddy had busted his big nut, but she had lost count around the fifth orgasm. A knock on the door made her cringe, and she waited for another to see if it was only her imagination.


A muffled voice asked, “Can I come in?”

Lena knew it was Uncle Sam.

“I’m sleeping,” she called out and wrapped the sheet back around her head.

The door creaked open, and she grunted, “What the fuck do you want, Sam?”

“Watch your mouth. I can’t believe your fucking your father,” Sam scolded.

He had yet to cut on the light, but she could make out his wide silhouette in the door frame.

“And? What are you going to do about it? You jealous?” Lena challenged him.

She was irritable and exhausted from the tremendous orgasms she had received and only wanted to sleep. If she had her way, it would have been in her Daddy’s big bed.

Sam laughed, “You are a sick little bitch.”

“Get out of my fucking room, bitch.”

“Make me,” Sam snapped and strode closer.

Lena couldn’t see his expression until he was right in her face, his hand covering her mouth. He brought her hands to her side, and his voice rang deep in her ear.

“You are a bratty little bitch, Princess,” he taunted.

Sam tried to twist her around to lay on his lap, but her legs kicked out in panic. She mumbled profanities through his hand.

“Stop fighting me. Does Jr know your fucking his father?” Sam whispered in her ear.

Lena twirled her body, trying to jerk free from his firm grip.

“I should spank your ass for how you talk to your father and me. You need to learn some manners.”

Lena relaxed and breathed through her nose, feeling a massive bulge poking at her stomach. 1…2…3…4.” Sam counted, then spoke in a raspy voice, “You want more?”

The first four sharp slaps shocked Lena, but she couldn’t help but find pleasure in his rough hand.

Sam smirked as her blond curls bobbed up and down. He removed his hand from her mouth and adjusted her on his lap. Her ass cheeks jiggled even before he began.

“Five…six…seven…eight. Be still, nine. Ten.”

Lena shuddered on his lap, her pussy gushing sweet cream, “More, um please,”

“No, Get up. It’s time for bed.”

Sam released his hold, and she tumbled to the ground. Her breathing was ragged, but she leaped up and yelled. “Get out!”

Sam grinned in the dark room and took his time walking back to the door, “You better watch that tone.”

“Fuck you, Sam,” she clapped back and stuck her middle finger out.


Sam closed the door and walked to the couch, spreading the blanket.

Sam’s heart was racing at what he had done. It was a long time coming if you asked him. Discipline was exactly what the bratty woman deserved, and since her father was pussy whipped, he had to do it.


Monday morning, Lena showered and got ready for work. She had found a job down the street at a bakery. The job didn’t pay much, but it was something to make extra money while she was in college. Lena enjoyed making treats, but it wasn’t helping her diet. Her thickness around her hips was something she was working on. She often rode to the gym with Ames, but it always ended with the pair in the locker rooms. She would order Daddy to please her. One time a man had been hiding in the back. She had watched him jack off as Daddy’s tongue was decorated with her sap.

Lena stepped out of her room and rolled her eyes as Sam sat in her father’s recliner. His hands were gripping the sides of a game controller with his headset on his head.

“You need to find a job,” she commented.

He removed the headset and grimaced, “Excuse me?”

“J, O, B, definition, a place you go to make money, so you don’t have to borrow money from your brother,” Lena explained.

He scoffed and glared at her, “You mean money from your Daddy lover?”

“Shut up,” she whispered and looked toward her brother’s door.

Jr had class this morning. Lena knew he was up and getting dressed.

“What! I thought you said you are fucking your-“

“Stop!” She shouted, then changed her tone, “Please…Don’t tell him,” she pleaded.

The tall young man retreated from his room at the loud noise in the living room.

Jr chuckled and lit a cigarette, “Y’all two always arguing for no reason.”

“No smoking in the house,” Lena reprimanded.

“Relax, I’m leaving. Mom,” He snickered.

It was only a taunting name Jr sometimes used when Lena would chastise him.

However, the title caused Sam to laugh out loud. “I guess he already knows.”

“Know what?” Jr asked, puzzled.

Lena’s eyes were wide, and she rambled, “We were… we are going to throw you a surprise party for your birthday, but you know about it.”

“Oh, yeah, Ames already told me. Said I could invite who I want,” he nodded to his uncle. “You coming right, Uncle Sam? It’s going to be a lot of people. I got my girl coming, and she’s bringing all her friends,” Jr chuckled.

Sam smiled at his nephew, “Hell yeah, and your dad wants you to meet his new girlfriend at the party.”

Lena’s heart was beating out of her chest, unsure what her uncle would say next. And not sure what to say to stop him.

“Oh, okay,” Jr shrugged and opened the door.

Sam eyed Lena’s short thick body, “She’s a sexy girl, kinda young, but she’s got a big ass, huge titties.”

Lena scowled, her anger getting the best of her, “Shut up!”

“Alright, I gotta go, and I’ll let y’all fight it out,” Jr laughed.

When the door closed, Lena was fuming, “Why would you fucking say that!”

“Bend over my lap, or I’ll call him back and tell him everything.”

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