Lena Ch. 01-2

“Yeah, go cowgirl.” Says Eddie, taking hold of Lena’s breasts.

Lena closes her eyes and focuses on the fleshly intruder engulfed by her vagina and the fondling hands on her sweat-covered tits. Her pneumatic motions get harder and harder, hoping with each downward motion, the penetration would take a few more inches.

“Oh, fuck, yeah!” Eddie blurts. “You’re making me come again!”

Lena says nothing as she feels her own climax approaching. She opens her eyes to see Eddie’s face as she feels another discharge from his cock. She arches her back as she once again is consumed by another euphoric orgasm. But in those few seconds of bliss, Lena notices a full-length mirror near the bed. In the mirror, her reflection shows a young woman, covered in sweat, hair messed up, humping a strange man in bed like a slut and enjoying it all. This sight triggers a memory of a night with Chad weeks ago.

It was a Friday night at Chad’s home, his parents were out of town, and so Chad and Lena had the mansion to themselves. Chad got a porn movie from one of his friends, which they watched the living room. Even though Lena didn’t much care in Chad’s preference in porn, she devotedly sat with him. Within twenty minutes of the movie, Chad ordered Lena to strip naked and suck his cock. With reluctance, Lena complied and removed her clothes, kneeled on the floor in front of Chad sitting on the couch and orally pleased him. During the blowjob, Chad turned up the volume, Lena heard the load moans of the female porn star in the porno, being simultaneously fucked by two well-hung men. She tells herself that sluts like her may cause Chad’s arousals, but he well always go to her for the gratification he needs. As Chad ejaculated, he orders her to shallow all his spunk so there wouldn’t be cum stains on the couch he was sitting on. Afterward, Lena watched the rest of the movie kneeling on the floor, near Chad. She would occasionally look at Chad sitting on the couch, knowing well that he well always come to her.

Seeing her in the mirror as if she’s looking at the two-dimensional women portrayed in the porno she once saw with her boyfriend, Lena’s lustful zest subsides and falls forward next to Eddie.

“You’re full of surprises.” Eddie states, looking at Lena, lying on her front. “I guess all that private school good girl act is just to cover up what a slut you really are.”

“I’m not a slut.” Offended Lena asserts, raising her head to look at Eddie. “I’m just doing this for Chad.”

“Bullshit, bitch!” Eddie asserts more aggressively. “You just jumped me and went cowgirl like a fucking nympho. And when I just popped your cherry, you loved it like nothing else. Explain all that begging you did when I was fucking you.”

“I…I…it was…”

“At that moment, you weren’t doing it for Chad or me. You were doing it for yourself.”

At a loss for words, Lena rests her head on the bed, facing away from her naked host.

“Truth is, babe, you are a complete slut.” Eddie harshly proclaims.

“I’m not a slut.”

“You fuck like a slut on your first time.”

“Stop it!”

“You like sex. Whether it’s fucking or sucking, you love it. You just don’t want to admit it.”

“I’m not a slut!” asserts Lena as she raises her head again to face Eddie. “I don’t know why I did that, but I am not a fucken slut!”

Eddie pauses for a few second looking his young naked guest. Then he puts a firm hand on her back, keeping her from rolling over as he moves behind her, between her legs.

“Wait! What are you –?”

“Well, you’re if not a slut, then it won’t matter if I fuck your pretty ass a couple of times.”

“Eddie, no!” Lena pleads as she tries to force herself free. “No anal, please! I’ll do anything but that!” As best as she can, Lena turns her upper body to face Eddie. “Please, Eddie! I let you do anything else to me, just not that! Please, Eddie!”

“Anything else?” Eddie inquires. “Promise?”

“Yes, I promise.” Answers Lena.

Eddie then grabs Lena’s hips and pulls her to his still-hard cock. The sensation of the penetration consumes Lena’s body again, moaning from Eddie’s thrusts to her pussy and the stinging slaps on her ass. Lena looks at the mirror again, seeing herself being fiercely ass-fucked by a man she doesn’t love, respect or, given the choice, tolerate.

She feels she’s the porn star in the porn movie, the “complete slut” Eddie labeled her as. She wonders if she has an “inner slut” inside her, which comes to surface during sex, wanting as much pleasure as she can get until the orgasm, returning her to the “private school good girl”.

Lena is awake by the morning sun shining through the bedroom windows. She finds herself cuddled against the sleeping Eddie with his arm around her. Lena tries to slide off the bed as quiet and as slowly as she can without waking her host. But her effort was futile, as Eddie open his eyes.

“Morning, my horny honey.” Says Eddie smiling. “Were you trying to sneak off?”

“No.” answers Lena. “We’re done now, okay?”

Lena gets off the bed to walk to the door and collect her clothes, but Eddie reaches out and grabs Lena by her wrist.

“You really don’t to go right away. Why don’t we take a hot shower together?”

Lena successfully pulls her hand from Eddie’s grip and walks to the door.

“The deal was for the night. I had with sex with you to settle Chad’s gambling debt. The deal is done, got it?”

“Fine, then” Eddie replies, moving himself to sit against the headboard. “I’ll just wait for my next poker game with your boyfriend to get you in my bed again.”

“Chad’s going to stop gambling now, so you’re in for a long wait.” Says Lena who stops at the door and faces Eddie.

“Really?” teasingly inquires Eddie.

“Yeah, Chad promised he’d stop if I agreed to go with you.”

“And you believed him?”


“And what if he doesn’t keep his promise? What if he loses again? He’ll just make you go get fucked by whoever he owes, and that’s his best-case scenario. Worst-case scenario, he gets fucked up.” Eddie watches Lena’s defiance slowly fade and becomes at his mercy. “Unless –”

Lena walks a few steps to the bed.

“Unless what?” Lena calmly asks, trying to hide her desperation.

“Come here.” Eddie commends. Lena walks to the bed and lies next to Eddie, who put one hand on her ass and another on her tit. “I can have it so your boyfriend won’t be invited to any poker games of mine, my friends or their friends. That can help him, right?”

“Yes.” Answers Lena, feeling another knot forming in her stomach again. “What do I have to do?”

To Be Continued…

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