Lena at School

On a rainy Friday morning, Lena walked down the hall awkwardly trying to keep her legs as parted as possible without expelling it. It being the remote controlled egg Liam made her put in her this morning. He promised to randomly turn it in on, throughout the day, when he was bored in the office.

She wasn’t sure exactly what Liam had in mind when he first mentioned needing to see her that morning. Sex and dirty talk for sure, she thought. He had work and she had school that she could not be late for. “You skip a lot don’t you naughty little girl?” Lena tried to ignore that phrase circling in her head all morning; and especially what came after that. She did not want to end up in an awkward school situation and she was seriously pushing her luck as it was.

Liam was a man who was not only determined but insistent that this plan was going to work. So much so that he decided to be late for work to swing by Lena’s house—her parents both long gone for work. When she opened the door with her long blonde hair hanging messily down in deep waves, Liam looked like he was ready to bend her over on her porch step for all her neighbors to see. But in his dark tailored suit that screamed money and power, Lena would’ve let him do anything he wanted—even if it was fucking her in front of her parents.

Instead, he back Lena into her house and shut the door before slamming her against a wall and kissing her.

Lena didn’t mind this as a way to start her day at all. She moaned slightly as he began kissing her neck and dragged his hands under her skirt. “Still no panties,” he tsked. “Dirty girl.” With that he picked Lena up and sat on the couch. Quickly he bent her over the knee and Lena waited in anticipation. But she didn’t get what she expected.

Lena gasped as she felt a large item push into her wet pussy. She tried to turn around and see what the item was that was invading her; but instead this only prompted Liam to plant a hard smack on her ass. Lena cried out in lust and pain as she began to squirm on top of Liam. She needed more. What she didn’t expect was a rumbling deep in her pussy making her shudder before moaning intensely.

Lena couldn’t even get to her clit before Liam began his rough assault on her ass. Planting rhythmic slaps on her ass, Lena only felt more turned on. She wished she could spend all day like this, being used by him and taken wherever he saw fit. Lena let out another cry as Liam smacked her hard again—the vibrating starting to take her there. She just needed her clit touched.

“Please Liam, touch my clit. I need it so bad.” Lena began begging frantically as she continued to squirm all over him.

“Oh I’m gonna do more than touch your clit,” teased as he stopped spanking her. Quickly he pulled out the object deep inside of her commenting on how soaked it was from her ‘slutty little cunt’. Lena then heard Liam taking off his belt and unzipping his pants before he sat her upright in the perfect place—his cock.

In just 10 hours Lena had somehow forgotten just how big he was. As he slammed her down on top of him she let out a loud mixture of a gasp and moan.

Liam wasted no time pounding Lena away as he grunted furiously. Reaching in front of her, he quickly ripped her top open and gripped one of her tits roughly. He palmed away at the two of them as Lena took the lead, riding him. As she bounced quickly she threw her head back moaning as he pinched her nipples hard.

“You don’t know what this uniform does to me.” Liam said before reaching under the long fabric of her skirt and finally giving into what Lena wanted.

“What does it do it do?” She asked breathlessly bouncing. Just then, Liam began rubbing her clit furiously causing her to moan so hard she felt her chest vibrate. As she slammed down again she stopped and began grinding hardly, loving the feeling of him that deep in her.

“It makes me want to start teaching just so I could fuck you daily. Pull you into closets and classrooms and fuck you so hard.” Liam grabbed a hold of Lena’s hips and began moving her up and down again as she took over rubbing her clit.

When she felt herself cumming she couldn’t even find the words to scream it. Lena squeezed her eyes shut hard as she cried out in ecstasy. She could feel herself squirting everywhere and prayed she didn’t stain the couch. This must have been enough for Liam because he began to grunt as he worked her slower on himself filling her up.

When he was done, Lena slowly got up. Her legs wobbled as she felt his cum running down her leg. Mindlessly she reached down catching some before putting them in her mouth. This caused Liam to groan in what sounded like pure frustration.

“I have to get to work soon and if you keep that up I’m going to have to punish you for making me skip work to fuck you.” He warned. Lena could think of a million things far more awful than another day of hot sex with the older man, so she decided to push him.

Daringly, she looked Liam in the eye as she reached down again scooping up as much cum as she could before sucking hard on her fingers as she played with her nipples. When she let her fingers out with a wet “smack” she said, “I don’t mind being punished.”

This caused Liam to smirk as he fastened his belt. “I’ll keep that in mind for tonight,” he said. Before Lena could ask what “tonight” was he was barking for her to go get cleaned up quickly and be presentable.

Lena scurried off to the nearest bathroom trying to get all the cum that was still running down her legs. She was sure that this man could easily knock her up and something about that made it all the hotter. Quickly, she readjusted her uniform and tried to make her pussy as little messy as it could be.

When she returned Liam sat waiting for her on the couch patting for her to lay over his knees again. Lena moaned quietly wanting more of the hot spanking he’d delivered earlier. As she laid over his knee, this was not what she received. Instead, that object was back inside of her—this time it was still. She groaned missing the feeling.

Liam raced Lena to school with the egg vibrating at a pulsing speed inside of her. She could tell he was enjoying watching her squirm in the seat as her hips buckled and she moaned loudly. With only 4 minutes until class Lena was disappointed that Liam wasn’t going to be able make her cum like she desperately needed.

“I’ll pick you up from school at 3:30. Be ready for more than you got this morning slut,” Liam said as he squeezed her tit through her shirt. She moaned loudly as the egg continued pulsing—feeling herself edging. Then suddenly it stopped.

“Have a good day at school,” he smirked knowing he had left Lena in a highly aroused state.

He must’ve not been so bored yet, Lena thought as she settled into her third class of the day. It had been almost 4 hours since she’d gotten any stimulation. While she was happy about this; she was also equally disappointed. Sitting next to her close friend, Emily, they scrolled mindlessly through social media as they waited for the class to start.

When Lena leaned over to show Emily a funny meme, she nearly dropped her phone as her eyes rolled back. Losing herself in the off guard moment of pleasure, she moaned lightly.

“Um…are you okay? Emily awkwardly stared at Lena as Lena shot her eyes back open remembering where she was. Quickly she readjusted herself—trying to ignore the toy that was no doubt going to leave her seat soaked by the end of class.

Kicking her leg a few times Lena said, “Shit sorry, nasty leg cramp.” She wasn’t sure if Emily bought it but as her friend shrugged and went back to scrolling she felt relief. Quickly she sent out a text to Liam.

Lena: What are you doing to me?

Liam: Giving you what I know you want. Besides works slow 🤷🏼♂️

Lena: Well class is about to start and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to sit through English with my pussy on fire.

Liam: Well I guess you’ll have to run to the bathroom and call me for some dirty talk.

Lena slammed her phone down as her teacher walked in. She tried to focus as her class went on about the different forms of poetry and famous poets. Really, all she could think about was the hot before school sex and what Liam possibly has planned for the night. She knew one thing for sure though, she had to be ready for a night of being used.

Lena tried to ignored those thoughts but she felt herself becoming more turned on and aching for the building release. Just as she felt herself about to lose it, she bit her lip hard grinding into her chair as her eyes began to close. She was so close and in that moment she didn’t care who was around. But then it became nothing.

Lena felt her breath become ragged as she tried to slow her heart rate.

Realizing what just almost happened, she nervously looked around her classroom. Just as she thought she was in the clear, a boy stared at her smiling. Lena felt her cheeks heating up as she tried to ignore the fact that this boy was cute. He had sandy brown hair that hung just past his ears, a smile that told you he was not as sweet as the boy next door feeling he gave off, and Lena just knew his cock was probably huge. Sheepishly, Lena returned a smile before turning around and looking down at her paper.

When class ended Lena quickly grabbed her things and bolted out of the classroom. But she didn’t get far before she felt someone tug her arm and pull her into a nearby closet. Liam? She thought before realizing that it was actually the boy from class. Lena stood quietly too scared to say anything.

“Hey my names Andrew, Lena, and I pulled you in here to ask you out. We can hangout get pizza, go to a book store, or Netflix and chill. Whatever you want.” Lena rolled her eyes knowingly exactly what he meant by “Netflix and chill”. Yet even though she was beginning to see the boys her age as just children from her brief time with Liam, she was still becoming a cock hungry slut. The thought of trying out a new dick made Lena excited to see what it was like being wrapped around someone else’s cock.

“You pulled me in here to ask me out?” She folded her arms slightly annoyed. She knew he wasn’t going to be anywhere near as good as Liam; and though she wanted cock, she also wanted real satisfaction. Being horny all day was taking a real toll on her body and mental state.

“Well I may have pulled you in here in case you needed convincing,” he smirked stepping closer to her.

“What’d you have in mind,” she smiled as she brushed her hand down his arm. She knew this was supposed to be a flirting signal and hoped he picked up on it too. It must’ve worked because Andrew immediately grabbed her be her waist and began savagely making out with her. He lifted her skirt, during, and began massaging her ass.

Horny and responsive, Lena played along as she began to stroke his cock through his dress pants causing him groan. As the wind blew over her legs, Lena felt herself becoming soaked and realized that maybe today she should’ve worn panties or at least done something to help with the severe wetness she was facing that day.

Andrew began massaging Lena’s tits through her shirt and she moaned in appreciation at this feeling. Quickly, he broke the kiss and began kissing all over Lena’s neck until he undid her top and began sucking her nipples hard and hungrily. Lena let out a cry as she felt the vibrator shoot back on and she knew she was going to cum any second. She needed to cum.

She gripped Andrews cock harder through his pants. More, she need so much more. Quickly, she propped her leg up on a stoop and began rubbing her clit furiously. She was on the brink of cumming when it all stopped at once. The vibrator stopped again, and Andrew quickly stepped back. Muttering to himself, Andrew quickly readjusted his pants.

Yet Lena was too turned on and tired of all the painful edging she had endured in just the morning alone. She dropped to her knees and stared up at Andrew while rubbing him through his pants again.

“I need cock so bad Andrew,” she pleaded. “I need yours so bad. I need you to fuck me.”

Andrew stared down at her hesitantly. Lena began to really wish it was Liam. He would have had her bent over and crying out by now.

“I don’t know Lena we’ve gone a little too far already,” Andrew said as he grabbed her hand—stopping her from stroking his cock.

“Not far enough,” she pouted. “Besides don’t you want a preview of what Netflix and chilling would be like?”

Lena began unbuckling Andrews belt and pants as she asked. She just had to get his cock in her mouth and they’d be no stopping him from fucking her.

As she slid his pants down, freeing his cock, she gasped. While Andrew may have been less experienced and awkward, his cock was perfect.

“Fuck,” Lena moaned before she took his cock in her mouth. She could feel Andrew relax as she bobbed up and down on his cock. As he put his hands on her head, he began to guide here along his dick—forcing her to choke on it at times.

As time went on she could tell Andrew was getting my aggressive and forceful. His awkward and apprehensive behavior was gone as he began to fuck her throat—making her gag all over his cock.

As Lena pulled her face back for air she looked up at Andrew pleadingly.

“Please fuck me. I need your cock so bad,” she begged. Quickly she pumped his cock as he began to quickly agree.

Lena quickly stood, bending over and about to pull the egg out of her when a sudden rush of air breezed into room followed by light.

“What on earth is going on here?” Mrs. Lutz—a 30 something woman who would be hot if she wasn’t such a shrill raging bitch who constantly nagged girls for looking sexy—screamed as she watched the two fumble around. “Get dressed now!”

Quickly, Andrew pulled his pants back up and forced his cock back in his jeans as Lena remover her fingers from her pussy.

Just as she reached to rebutton her top she jumped as she felt the egg begin to pulse inside of her.

She tried to hold back her moans but after being teased and turned on for so long, she couldn’t hold back.

On her knees, she began to grind hard on the heel of her foot as she moaned loudly. “Ah, ah,” she called out as she felt herself leaking a puddle onto the floor. Quickly, she reached for her clit. It was then that she really lost it and pulled Andrew close as he and Mrs. Lutz stared still.

As Lena continued to orgasm as the egg increased speed, she undid Andrews pants again and took him deep into his mouth. Mrs. Lutz said nothing as she continued to watch.

Unhinged, Lena sucked Andrews cock intensely as the boy began to loudly moan with her. As she took him deeper in her mouth, he finally grabbed her head and began to throat fuck the girl as she gagged intensely on his cock—just barely keeping it all down.

Lena moaned loud against Andrews cock that was still buried in her throat as her second orgasm came. This one was even more intense as her sore pussy began to pulse intensely.

As Andrew continued to throat fuck Lena as he loudly grunted, he began to slow his pace as he came in her mouth—shooting his cum down her throat as she continued to moan around his cock.

Just as Andrew pulled out, the vibrator stopped too. Lena, weak from all the coming, dropped to her ass in the puddle of her cum as she sputtered with the lasts bits of Andrews come in her mouth.

Lena suddenly remembered it wasn’t just the two of them when Mrs. Lutz leaned back against an unsteady box causing it nearly fall.

As she looked past Andrew who was slowly lifting his pants up and buckling his belt, she saw Mrs. Lutz with her skirt slightly hiked up and juice dripping down her leg.

Lena smiles at her and Andrew—knowing this was just the beginning of all the fun they’d be having at school.

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